By Lyn


Response to the 60 Second Challenge - " Michael Buble's song - Sway"

Jim stood, transfixed in the doorway to the apartment by the sight in front
of him. The strains of one of Jim's favorite old jazz songs resonated from
the CD player, the earthy tones of Ella Fitzgerald drawing him in.

But it was Blair who stole his attention. His lover stood in the living
room, swaying to the hypnotic, soulful rhythm. Jim had to smile at the
choice of music. Blair had only recently begun to search through Jim's CD
collection, pulling out old favorites of Jim's to play on nights when they
both needed to wind down from the events of the day.

Today had been ordinary in the extreme and to come home to this was more
than a pleasure.

Blair was gloriously, unashamedly naked. His hair shone with tones of
burnished copper, fanned about his shoulders, his skin looked golden in the
reflected glow from the fire. His sturdy, muscular body danced a slow rhythm
to the music, setting a fire within Jim. His eyes were closed and he seemed
to not be aware of Jim's presence.

Jim smiled, drinking in the view, appreciating this moment for himself. His
hips began to sway of their own accord as he took in the cadence of the
music, letting it suffuse him with its soulful rhythm.

His eyes though could not get enough of the man before him and he stepped
forward finally, moving to stand in front of Blair, tapping him on the
shoulder. Blair opened his eyes and smiled at him.

"Mind if I cut in?" Jim asked.

Blair turned and folded into Jim's arms, the fit of him making Jim wonder if
that's where he'd always been meant to be.

"My pleasure," Blair whispered.

Jim drew Blair to him and swept them away on the swell of the song.