By: Lyn


Jim smiled as he watched his lover squirm on the bed beside him. Sunlight from the skylight above bathed Blair's body with a golden glow, the sweat on his back glistening, his muscles quivering as he struggled to hold himself still for Jim's ministrations. "Easy, baby," he crooned as he shifted positions and knelt at Blair's head. "You're gonna hurt something."

"I'm gonna hurt you if you don't do something with that thing," Blair managed through gritted teeth.

Jim snorted and bent over Blair's curled back, allowing his broad hands to glide down the length before coming to rest on the upturned ass cheeks. "Thing is," he replied nonchalantly, "I'm not sure if you want this," he wrapped a hand around the base of the large dildo protruding from Blair's ass and pushed it in and out slowly a couple of times, licking his lips when Blair moaned and writhed on the toy, trying to get it in deeper, "or this." He leaned back and tipped Blair's head back by cupping his chin. Canting his hips forward, he rubbed his erect and weeping cock along Blair's lips.

Blair gasped and the tip of his tongue flicked out, snaking over the head of Jim's penis to taste the precum that pearled on the tip.

Jim moaned and went completely still. "Shit!"

Blair's head shot up. "What?" Even as he spoke, he heard the tapping on the front door. Resting his forehead on the bed, he growled deep in his throat. "Fuck!" He raised hopeful eyes to his lover. "Ignore them, maybe they'll go away."

But Jim was already climbing off the bed. "It's your mother." His brow creased as he concentrated for a moment on the visitors. "And someone else, but... " He shook his head and reached out to gently pull the dildo from Blair's ass. "Come on, Chief. I'll give you a rain check for tonight."

"Oh man, that is so unfair." Blair accepted the towel from Jim and wiped the surplus lube from his body. "This is the first time we've had a chance to try this new one out. Maybe if we're really quiet, she'll leave."

Jim could already hear the scrape of the key in the lock. "You gave her a key, remember, Darwin?" He tossed Blair's shirt and shorts to him. "Go down there and stall her while I get rid of the evidence."

Blair complied with alacrity as the front door swung open and his mother's cheerful voice rang out in greeting. "All right." He turned a mutinous look on his lover. "But you had better make up for it tonight, man."

"Dildo and blow job, Chief? You're getting greedy."

Blair flipped him the bird and hurried downstairs, still zipping up his pants. He stopped in surprise halfway down when he spied their visitors. Naomi was smiling up at him, her red hair perfectly brushed, dressed in her usual flowing caftan. Standing beside her, attached to a leash was a medium sized golden retriever. Blair crossed over and wrapped his arms around his mother, then reached down to pat the dog's head. "Hey, mom. This is a surprise. And who's this guy?" He smiled as the dog licked his fingers and graced him with a doggy grin.

"This is Rocky." Naomi unsnapped the leash from the dog's collar. Rocky immediately wandered off to explore the unfamiliar territory. Blair smirked when Rocky smeared his wet nose over the pristine glass of the balcony door. 'Jim is gonna love this.'

"Personally I think that's a silly name for a dog," Naomi continued. "Why not Peaches or Rainbow."

Blair took a quick look to be sure. "Uh, mom, Rocky there is a boy dog. I don't think he'd appreciate being called Rainbow or Peaches."

Naomi shrugged. "Well, Abraham or Titan," she continued blithely. "Something noble." She grinned and leaned in for another hug, then ran her hands down Blair's arms. "You look gorgeous. Have you been working out with Jim?"

Blair tried to stop his face from flaming. "Yeah, something like that. You want some tea?" He hurried into the kitchen and put water onto boil. "So," he said as he pulled out teabags and cups. "You still haven't explained why you're here and what you're doing with... Rocky."

Naomi slid into a seat at the dining room table. "Martha and Gerry have gone on vacation. I offered to house and dog sit. Rocky and I were going to the park and I realized we were just around the corner from here. I'm leaving on Friday for Hawaii, as soon as they get back, so I thought I'd call in, say hi, bye, all that." She accepted her cup with a smile, then gazed around the loft. "Jim not in?"

"Yeah, he's, uh, upstairs, cleaning up a little." Blair grimaced when his words ended in a squeak, and took a quick gulp of his tea.

Naomi reached out toward him, catching his arm. "Are you okay? You're not coming down with a cold, are you?" She stood and walked over to the couch, picking up her bag and rummaging through it. "I think I've got some Echinacea in here."

"Mom, I'm fine..."

"Naomi! Nice of you to drop by... and bring your friend."

Blair looked up in relief as Jim stepped off the stairs and walked over to give Naomi a kiss.

"Jim, I'm so glad I caught you two at home. Goodness knows when I'll get back to see you again. Hawaii's gorgeous at this time of year." She blinked her luminous green eyes and wrapped her arm possessively around Jim's nearest one, escorting him to the table. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

"Not at all." Blair couldn't help smiling when Jim's reply came out in a squeak very similar to his own. Jim glared at him and cleared his throat. "We're always pleased to see you, and anyone else you want to bring along."

"That's Rocky," Blair informed him as he handed Jim a cup of tea. "Mom's house and dog sitting."

"Ah." Jim watched the dog warily as it sniffed at the couch and seemed to look longingly at the plump cushions. The detective frowned. "Um, Naomi... "

"Relax, Jim," Naomi soothed. "Martha assures me Rocky's a very well-trained dog." The three watched as Rocky aborted his idea of a comfy snooze and headed for the stairs.

"I really don't think it's a good idea if he goes up there," Jim muttered. "I just cleaned... "

"He's housetrained," Naomi said. "He's just checking out his territory."

"He'd better be housetrained," Jim threatened in a low voice. "If he does anything up there, you're cleaning it up, Chief."

Blair grinned at his mother. "Jim's just very 'house-proud.'" He ignored the murderous look from his partner.

'Anal,' Naomi mouthed, and Blair suppressed a laugh as he agreed silently with a nod of his head and a glint of amusement in his eyes.

"I've always wanted a dog," Blair said, trying to steer the conversation away from Rocky's explorations and Jim's Martha Stewart tendencies.

"You always did," Naomi sighed. "He was so sweet, Jim. 'Momma, please can I have a puppy?' he'd say. 'I promise I'll clean up all the doggy doo on my own,' but we never stayed in one place long enough, and I always worried about him getting that sweet little face bitten and scarred..."

Jim didn't appear to be listening. His eyes were fixed firmly on the stairs. Blair swiveled his head around to see... "Oh God." Both Sandburgs spoke at the same time. Blair was sure his eyes were going to pop out of his head. He felt sweat break out on his forehead, didn't know whether to laugh, cry or puke. For a brief, terrible moment, he thought it might be all three.

Blair watched in mortified silence as Naomi stood slowly and walked over to Rocky, who stood at the foot of the stairs, tail wagging furiously. Firmly clamped in his jaws was Blair's dildo; Blair's very large, very new dildo, that they had just been... that Jim had just...

Naomi reached out and gently, gingerly tugged the toy from Rocky's mouth. Rocky gave a small playful growl and lunged for his new plaything but Naomi held it up out of reach, clutching the plastic cockhead in her fingertips. Blair closed his eyes. Jim was suddenly galvanized into action and hurried over, plucking it from her hand and hurrying back up the stairs with it.

Blair's mother turned huge eyes on her son. "Blair?" Her voice gave out with a squeak. "Is that... "

Blair slumped into a chair. "It's mine," he admitted, staring at his hands as though his confession was written there. "I thought we could spice up our love-life a little."

"Jim?" Naomi's voice went up another notch. "He lets you... He puts that... " She sank into the seat beside her son and suddenly began to laugh.

Blair stared at her in shock. "Mom? You're not disgusted or anything?"

"Oh, honey." Naomi wiped at her eyes and gathered Blair into a hug. "Don't be embarrassed. I'd never be disgusted by anything you do, and I was so pleased when you and Jim got together. I always knew you would. I could see it in your auras. It's just that I find it really hard to imagine Jim... Detective Anal Retentive If I Smile I Might Crack My Jaw Ellison, having fun, and with a sex toy, no less. He strikes me more as the type who'd throw you on the bed and frisk you."

Blair chuckled. "You have no idea, mom, just how much fun Jim can be." And you wouldn't believe how often we play cops and robbers, he thought.

Naomi gave him another squeeze before she stood and beckoned to Rocky. "I think it's time I took Rocky for his walk before he finds something else." She pecked Blair on the cheek and ruffled his hair. "If Jim ever shows his face again, tell him I said goodbye."

Blair waited for her to leave before climbing the stairs to the bedroom. Jim was seated on the edge of the bed, turning the dildo over in his hands. "She's gone?"

Blair nodded and sat down beside his lover.

"And the hound from hell, I hope," Jim added fervently.

Blair placed his hands over Jim's. "Come on, man. It's not that bad. In fact, Naomi thought it was kind of funny."

Jim groaned, slumped back onto the bed and closed his eyes. "Great. Just wait till everyone else finds out about this."

"No one's gonna find out." Blair leaned down, blanketing Jim's body with his own, nipping lightly at his lover's chin. "She also thinks it's pretty cool that you're into sex play. "

Jim opened one eye and regarded his partner thoughtfully, then quickly rolled, so that Blair was beneath him. Arching his hips, he ground their awakening cocks together. One hand snaked out to find the dildo as he bent his head and kissed Blair deeply. "Want to give this thing another shot? Practice makes perfect." He rubbed the molded plastic over Blair's erection.

Blair screwed his face up in mock disgust. "Eeew! No way, man! Rocky had that in his mouth! No way are you putting it in my ass!"

"Hmm." Jim looked thoughtful for a moment, then clicked his fingers. "Then maybe I'd better find something else to put in there," he whispered as he descended again on his lover's lush mouth.