Dream A Little Dream


By Lyn


Jim stifled a yawn and tried to concentrate on the witness's words. The pert
blonde prostitute leaned forward, adjusting her tiny skirt and fixed her
enormous blue eyes on him. Jim blinked. Surely eyes couldn't be that color

"Okay, then what happened?" Jim asked, tearing his gaze away from her blonde
locks, the color so dazzling it hurt his eyes.

"Well..." A tiny frown appeared between Nola Smith's eyes. "I don't know. I
mean, my attention wasn't exactly on what was happening across the street,
if you get my drift." A lewd smile upturned her mouth.

Jim fixed the woman with his best pissed-off cop glare. "You told the
patrolman you saw everything."

"I did!" she protested. "It's just..." She leaned forward even more and her
breasts strained at the fabric of her shirt. "There's this problem I have.
See, there's this outstanding warrant. Silly, really, I mean isn't it
entrapment for a cop to ask you for sex?" One perfectly manicured finger
slipped into her mouth and she sucked on it daintily, smiling demurely
around the digit.

Blair's mouth hadn't sucked on him delicately that morning. His appetite for
Jim had been voracious and Jim had almost come immediately when he looked
down at Blair, where he knelt in the shower. Water cascaded down his body,
making his skin gleam. His wet hair curled in riotous tendrils around his
face and that mouth... that beautiful, luscious mouth had taken Jim in, had
sucked and teased him, had explored every inch of his aching erection and
balls, had tasted Jim's seed when he came, whispering Blair's name.

Jim couldn't wait to get home, to kiss that mouth, to hear his own name
moaned while he gave Blair the same exquisite pleasure he'd received that
morning, to kiss, lick, taste... explore....


The shrill screech of her voice in his ear brought him back to the present
with a start. Hastily, he adjusted himself beneath the cover of the desk,
pulling his sweater down to hide the evidence of his lustful daydream. He
stood, looked at the clock. Four PM. Blair would just be getting home. He
looked down at the blonde, who gave him a sly, knowing smile that said, "I
know what you've been thinking" and he smiled back, knowing she didn't.

"Brown!" Gesturing Henri over to his desk, he introduced him to Nola. "If
you give Detective Brown your *full *statement, I'm sure he can look into
that outstanding warrant."

She grinned at him and cracked her gum, then added a wink. "Sure, I can do
that." She turned her attention on Brown then. "Hi there, handsome. If I'd
known there were so many goodlooking officers around, I might have joined
the force myself."

Henri looked pleadingly at Jim. "Why me?"

"Sorry. Got something I need to finish up. It ah... won't wait." Jim gave Nola
a wink of his own, saluted the hapless Brown and left, already salivating at
the thought of the evening that lay ahead.