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NEW!: A Snowball's Chance In Hell

            The Care And Treatment Of An Injured Guide



Hard Promises - Updated.

Jim discovers that some promises cannot be kept.

A feast for the senses

Blair thinks he has nothing for Jim for Christmas but Jim knows better.

About last night

Just what it says.


Jim and Blair fight bigotry within the ranks as they try to track down the murderer of a past acquaintance, using revolutionary new techniques.

The Replacement Guide

Response to a plot bunny. Jim has an admirer who's itching to take Blair's place.

Key to my soul

Jim Ellison, detective meets Blair Sandburg, anthropologist in an AU drama. Jim finds himself drawn to the young man he rescues from slavers.

Kisses for Blair

An answer to a challenge on the Plot bunny 101 list.


Jim loves Sundays, and something else. Just a PWP for a challenge.

Bait and Tackle

A challenge response from the Aussie TS weekend.

Same But Different

On a day filled with fear of loss, a friend muses about Jim and Blair.

Happy New Year to Us

New Year's Eve. Blair's home alone.


Blair is Jim-watching.

Tainted Love

An ex-lover of Jim's returns to Cascade causing unrest and chaos. Originally published in Angel of my Mind 9.

We Are Family
New Year's Blues Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter
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Home and Hearth Double Jeopardy
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Mixed Messages
Sacrifices Secrets
Turn, turn, turn I Only Want To Be With You
Wishes Laundry Day
Obfuscations The Ride
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Sacred Ground

Crossover with Aussie cop show - Stingers. Jim and Blair travel to Australia to assist in the investigation of a serial killer after Blair almost becomes his final victim.

Hour of Lead

Jim is missing and Blair lies criticially injured. An old foe is back for revenge and money.

Wasted Time

Blair balks at Jim's overtures of beginning a relationship but a life-threatening injury has him rethinking his feelings.

Not Without Hope

In the middle of an important case, Jim and Blair struggle to keep their new relationship afloat.

Past the Guilt

A shocking accident splinters Jim and Blair's new relationship. Can they get past the guilt in order to get on with their lives?

Worried About Sandburg

Jim's worried about Blair. Duh!

Fear and Love

A short snippet based on the challenge - "When were you most afraid?"

Told You So!

Challenge fic written for the word prompt - Diet.

Hanging Out

Written for the 60second Fanfic Challenge and Thin Blue Line August Shorts.



Blair makes a sacrifice for all the right reasons. Written for Thin Blue Line August Shorts.

Dream a Little Dream

Written for the 60 Second Fanfic Challenge: Lust.

Bond of Life

AU first meeting. When Blair Sandburg meets Jim Ellison, Sentinel, little does he realize just what's in store for them both.

Find Our Way Home

A devastating occurrence forces Jim to admit his true feelings for Blair.

A Ruined Evening

60 Second FanFic Challenge: These are the delicacies of a ruined evening.


60 Second Fanfic Challenge: Once when no one was looking.

Final Truths

AU meeting. Jim and Blair meet during a crime case. Is Blair as innocent as he seems?

Three Things My Father Told Me

Written for the 60 Second Fanfic Challenge list.

Lessons Learned

Written for the 60 Second Fanfic challenge - "Write about a time you changed your mind’ and "At least I'm walking out of this alive."


Someone from Jim's past brings danger to both men and Jim and Blair must establish a connection to each other in order to survive.

Black Gold

Co-written with Saul. What if Blair's whole life had been a lie?

Sibling Rivalry

Blair gets to know Jim's brother a little better - and discovers a new Ellison secret in the process.

At the End of the Day - 1

Jim's in need of some TLC.

At the End of the Day - 2

Blair's turn for some TLC.

Relaxation Techniques

Jim's way too tense, Blair finds a cure.


Jim comes home to a pleasant surprise.

Dead Mel

A not-so Mary Sue Mary Sue tale.

Communication Breakdown

Previously published in The Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair 2 - MME.

Number Six

Blair has been missing for three months. When he returns, he's not the man he used to be,

Previously published in SenTwo Slash. Available from Requiem Publications.

A Christmas By Blair Sandburg

It was like Blair was hiding something… or someone. Jim didn’t like where his thoughts were leading. Was Blair having an affair?


A Snowball's Chance In Hell

It was just a little snowball fight...



Seasons of the heart

Seasons of the Heart

A misunderstanding forces Jim and Blair apart, and leads Blair into danger.

Demons fought

Jim and Blair try to cope with the legacy of Ferretti's attack.Sequel to 'Seasons of the heart.'

Chasing shadows

Ghosts return to haunt Blair. Sequel to 'Demons fought.'


Circle of love

It takes an argument and hurt feelings before Jim and Blair can admit their love for each other.

Lover's cross

Jim and Blair experience bigotry when their relationship becomes known. Sequel to 'Circle of love.'



Packing up

Epilogue to TSbyBS


Epilogue for TS by BS.

Between the lines

Missing scenes for BMB and Night Shift and epilogue for Night Shift.

Comfort's Touch

Epilogue for Prisoner X.

Therapy for the Soul

Slash version of the novella.

The Matrix of Friendship

TS by BS from Blair's PoV, with a twist in the tail. Moonridge 2003 Auction story.

Small Sacrifices

Following TS By BS, Jim and Blair struggle to regain their love for each other amidst the horror of a crime that brings back terrifying nightmares for Blair. (Originally published in CTYS 25)

A Grief Observed

In the days following TSbyBS, Jim really sees Blair for the first time.

Full Circle

After TSbyBS, Blair disappears from Jim's life, just when Jim gets the courage to admit his true feelings. (Originally appeared in Tabula Rasa)


AU first meeting. What if Kincaid had taken Blair with him in the chopper?

Previously published in Cascade Visions zine.


TS Ficathon - Sensing Cliches Challenge.

Why Sandburg Wears Flannel

Blair goes to the Academy and Jim... copes though the rest of Major Crime doesn't...


Epilogue to SenToo. Jim and Blair deal with memories from the past and present.

Time in a Bottle

Unresolved issues cause Blair's emotional state to buckle under the strain.

A Reason to Stay

Post TSbyBS, Blair manages to save something from the dissertation mess and thinks that, maybe, it's time to move on. Will Jim get aboard the clue bus before he does?

In Matters Of Life And Love

Jim and Blair both struggle to cope after Blair's abduction by Lash.


Watching For Life

Missing scenes for SenToo 1 & 2.

The Care And Treatment Of An Injured Guide

Following Survival, Blair struggles to recover from his injury and deal with a sentinel in nursemaid mode.