Cascade International Airport – Four Weeks Later

A weary Steven Ellison was more than grateful for the warning telephone call. He silently promised himself to do something nice for Blair. At the very least, I can reimburse him for the cost of the call. Calling me aboard that flight couldn't have been cheap!

Overnight bag slung over one shoulder, he walked along the connecting hallway from the plane to the terminal. Inside the terminal, he joined the other passengers as they walked towards the main terminal where their friends and loved ones waited.

Forcing back a smile, Steven knew if he hadn't been warned, he would have probably dropped to the floor with a heart attack or thought that something had happened to Sally.

//They say time is a healer. And my wounds are not the same. We'd have to sit right down and talk it over.//

Steven stopped outside the secured area and smiled at the two men waiting for him. "Hi, Jim. Hi, Dad." He saw Jim's head tilt to one side and hoped his voice projected the correct amount of surprise.

"Hello, Steven." William's voice was somewhat hesitant. "Would you like to join us for dinner?"

The End


Act IV