Act IV

Back at Major Crimes that evening, Jim, Blair, and Simon met again. “Rock Oldman was killed by a .38 fired from about five feet away,” Jim said. “Jamie Williams owns a .38 Smith & Wesson he bought two years ago.”

Blair interrupted. “So? What does that mean? Even I know that a .38 caliber handgun is the most common handgun in the world.”

Simon ignored Blair’s outburst. “What do we have for motive? Why would he go after Oldman?”

Jim tapped the files. “Revenge. He figured Rock killed Roy.”

Blair was pissed. Couldn’t these two make up their minds? “Oh, revenge, huh? First you got Jamie killing Roy in a crime of passion, right?”

Jim mentally cringed. Blair was on a roll now. “It's a theory, Blair. But…”

Blair interrupted and began pacing, “Now, you got Jamie killing Rock for killing Roy. Well, guess what, man? You don't get to have it both ways, Jim.”

Jim held up his hands to stop Blair’s pacing. “Calm down, Chief. This kid barely gives you the time of day. Why are you so determined to defend him?”

Blair stilled and looked into Jim’s eyes. “He's got an attitude, yes. However, since when does an attitude make someone a killer? And you talk about me not taking this personal.”

Simon cut in, “It’s the evidence, Blair. In both cases, Jamie Williams had motive and opportunity. Plus, in the case of Roy, we have the blood evidence. Jim, I want this kid off the street before any more bodies show up.” Simon watched as Blair started moving rapidly back and forth in front of his desk again.

Jim was watching Blair as well. “We got a surveillance team at his house. We're also checking out friends and known hangouts.”

Blair stopped pacing and shouted out, “Jamie Williams didn't kill anybody! I mean, what about this Billy Atlas? Where the hell is his cane? When the hell are you guys going to listen to me?”

Simon ignored Blair and spoke to Jim. “Let me know when you get a line on Williams.”

Taking a side look at a seething Blair, Jim replied, “Yes, sir.”

Blair pulled his hands back through his hair and restated his plea, “Why the hell won’t anybody listen to me?” Blair looked at his friend and was only met by silence. Giving up on even getting a response, Blair knew that he would be on his own. He had to get Jamie out of this. He had to do it for Roy. When Jim went to leave the room, Blair followed.

Simon didn’t let Blair get very far, “Sandburg! You stay." Jim left, and Simon addressed Blair, “Shut the door. We need to talk." Blair complied and came to stand quietly in front of his desk.

“What the hell is going on with you, Blair? I understand Roy was your friend, but you've been around long enough to know that police work is objective, not personal. You have to pull yourself together.”

Blair held his breath for a moment to help calm his boiling emotions. “Simon, I work my ass off for you, and I think I have helped you put together a pretty good string of heavy convictions here. And if you ask me, I think I've conducted myself the same, if not better, than any rookie out there. I’ve already helped on this case too. Who do you think found the information on Oldman?”

Simon took a breath of his own. “Is that what's going on here? Nobody denies your contribution, Blair. You’ve given us all the help we’ve asked for and more.”

Blair choked out, “Then how come the only thing I hear is ‘Hey, Sandburg, get out of the way. Hey, Sandburg, you're not a cop.’ It’s beginning to sound like an old record.”

Simon stood up and walked around his desk to Blair. “Because you aren't a cop, but that doesn't take away from your contribution, Blair.”

Blair looked up into Simon’s brown eyes, “Then why the hell don't you ever say it?” Blair felt his eyes water. He didn’t like how this was affecting him so deeply. His mother’s idea of ‘detaching with love’ was starting to sound inviting

Simon stuttered out, “Because I run a police department here, not some damn encounter group.” This was not the conversation he wanted to have. He cared about Blair; he just didn’t want to appear too softhearted.

Blair sighed and walked towards the door. “Good answer, sir. It’s great to feel validated.” Blair felt dead inside. His friends didn’t believe in him, and now, Simon resented his presence here. Blair only wanted to fit in and bring a piece of himself to the table. Blair’s hand was on the doorknob when Simon spoke up.

“Sandburg. Look, I don't know what demons you have dancing in your head, but let's clear up my end.” Simon put his hands on Blair’s shoulders and forced Blair to look him in the eye. “If for any reason I have given you the impression that I do not appreciate and value the contribution that you give to this department...I apologize.”

Blair saw the honesty in Simon’s eyes. He was telling the truth. “You mean that?”

Simon said back, “Yeah, Blair, I do.”

A smile slowly dawned on Blair’s lips. “Thank you. That means a lot to me.”

Simon removed his hands. “We okay?”

Blair opened the door to the office. “Yeah. Yeah, we're good.”

Simon went back to his desk to sit down. “All right. Go on and get out of here.” Simon watched through his office window as Blair joined Jim at his desk.

Jim was hanging up his phone when Blair joined him. “That was Rafe. Sharita was on her way to a bank about ten minutes ago where she got 300 bucks out of an ATM machine. Now she's headed towards the marina.”

Blair followed Jim out to the hallway. “You figure she's going to meet Jamie?”

Jim replied, “I’m counting on it. Let's find out.”

Sharita was terrified. She didn’t know what to do. Roy was dead, and Jamie was pulling away from her. She loved Jamie, and she wanted to help him. He had been rejecting her, but she could prove her love now. Jamie had called up needing money, and she had removed some from her account. She was going to meet him at an apartment building downtown. She went inside, up a flight of stairs, and called out, “Jamie. Jamie?”

Jamie watched Sharita approach his hiding place. He stepped out when she came even with him; “I'm right here.” Jamie wasn’t expecting it when Sharita hugged him hard. He gently pushed her away, “You got the money?”

Sharita pulled herself together and replied, “Yeah. I got it right here.” Sharita dug into her jeans and removed a wad of cash. “I hope that's enough.”

Jamie wished that their lives had gone differently. He loved her so much; “It's going to have to be.”

Sharita questioned Jamie about his plans. “Where are you going to go?”

Jamie replied, “Rock gave me the keys to his place in the mountains but after that, I don't know.” Jamie looked down. He was going to Miss Sharita.

Sharita tried to meet Jamie’s eyes. “Look, if you run, it's like saying that you did it. Why don't you just turn yourself in?” Sharita wanted Jamie to be around a long time. Running would just take him out of her life.

Jamie’s head shot up, steel in his eyes. “Don't you understand? The cops found Roy's blood in the back of my car. They think I did it. I'm going straight to jail if I turn myself in.”

Sharita grasped at straws, “What about Roy's friend? Blair, wasn’t it? Why don't you at least call him?”

Jamie snorted. “Oh, please, he doesn't give a damn about me. He’s with them cops. Nobody gives a damn about me.”

Sharita looked up with tears trailing down her cheeks. “I do, Jamie.”

Jamie sneered. “Oh, yeah? That's why you did me the way you did, huh? With my own brother.”

Sharita grabbed the front of Jamie’s jacket. “Oh, no, Jamie. Not that again. How many times do I have to tell you? There was nothing between us. Nothing!” Sharita said emphatically.

Jamie shouted back, “I heard you two on the phone, okay? I saw you two sneaking off together. What was up with that? You can’t tell me there wasn’t anything going on.”

Sharita responded just as loudly, starting to cry, “Damn it, Jamie. Roy wanted to buy you a trip for your birthday. He wanted to surprise you, and he asked me to help.”

Jamie felt tears seeping down his cheeks. “You’re lying. You better tell me that you’re lying.”

Sharita stood back from Jamie, “I'm not. Roy loved you. I love you. How could you think we would do anything to hurt you? Don’t you know us?”

Jamie pulled Sharita into his arms fiercely. “I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry, I...I just didn't know, that's all. I just didn't know, okay?”

Jim entered the building Sharita had disappeared into and motioned Blair to stay back. He wanted his friend away from danger. Jamie was in a desperate situation and could hurt Blair if given a chance. “Stay right behind and be quiet,” he whispered to Blair

Blair stayed behind Jim, but he was constantly looking about. Jamie was in here somewhere, and he wanted to be ready if he got a chance. Jamie needed all the help he could get, but he didn’t have a lot of people willing to give it to him.

Jim listened to find Jamie and Sharita before he motioned Blair forward. He wanted them to be able to come to a resolution before Jamie had to be brought in. Jim entered the hallway and called out to Jamie,

“Jamie. We'd like you to come to the precinct and answer some questions.”

Jamie pushed Sharita behind him and pulled his gun. “I ain't going nowhere with you, man.”

Sharita tried to pull Jamie back. “Jamie, no! Don’t do this.”

Jim made sure he was positioned in front of Blair. He didn’t want Blair hurt. He was surprised when Blair let him. “Just put the gun down, please.”

Jamie called back, never lowering the gun. “No way. I'm not going to jail. You understand?”

Sharita kept trying to stop Jamie, “Jamie. Forget this. Stop! We can work this out.”

Jim replied, “Listen to Sharita, Jamie. Nobody's taking you to jail. Now just put the gun down.”

Jamie had a gun. Blair could understand the anger and distrust, but he couldn’t believe Jamie would do this. He had to help. There was no way he would let Roy’s little brother get hurt. “We can't help you if you don't let us.”

Jamie raised the gun towards Blair. “Just keep away from me. Just keep away.”

Jim tried repositioning his body in front of Blair. “Put the gun down. This place is surrounded by cops, and there's no way for you to get out of here.”

Jamie could barely keep the gun steady in his shaking hand. “Look, I'm warning you.” Jamie swallowed against the lump in his throat, “Don’t come near me because I swear to God I'm going to waste you.”

Blair removed himself from Jim’s protection and took a step towards Jamie. “Listen to me. Trust us, man. If you're innocent, we can help you, all right? But if you try to go out with that gun, they're going to shoot you, Jamie.”

Jamie kept the gun on Blair. “I don't believe you, man.”

Blair continued forward. “You have to trust me, all right? I'll go out with you. If I go out with you, they'll have to shoot me, too. Roy wouldn’t want you to do this.”

The situation was too volatile, and Jim didn’t want to risk Blair. “ Sandburg, get back here!”

Jamie replied, “You better listen to him, man. Just get away, man! Get back!”

Jim held his arms up and wished Blair would get back. “Settle down. Nothing’s going to happen.”

Blair moved back to stand next to Jim. “All right, Jamie. I moved back." He felt Jim pull him backwards, and he found himself once again shielded by his sentinel.

Sharita cried out, “Jamie, please! Stop it! He’s right. Roy wouldn’t want you to do this.”

Jamie pushed past his tormentors and ran down the stairs. He hit the front door and heard Blair calling after him, “Jamie, no! Come back.”

Sharita cry joined Blair’s, “Jamie!”

Jim didn’t bother to call out; Jamie had dug his own hole. Jim concentrated on keeping Blair and Sharita from following. The gunshots heard from outside stilled the two people he had to protect. Jim led them down the steps at a slow pace, so they wouldn’t become a casualty of police fire.

Sharita knelt next to a wounded Jamie. “Oh, my god. Jamie!” She pulled him up to her. “Oh, god.”

Blair stood guard over the pair as Jim called out, “Let's get an ambulance here. Come on. Move it!”


Act V