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by Regina Moore aka Charlotte Frost

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Of all the peripheral "extras" available in TS fandom (beyond the episodes and fanfic) the two-hour "Media Tour" tape is one my favorites, because it's so long and has such wonderful interaction between Burgi and Maggart.  I have no idea how the tape got into fandom.  From what's stated in the tape itself, I do know that it took place on April 1, 1996, after "The Switchman" and "Siege" had aired and they were up to filming "Love and Guns".  (They referred to being on the "seventh" episode but apparently, whenever they spoke of episode numbers, they weren't including the pilot.)

The tape presents Burgi and Maggart sitting side by side on plush chairs in a studio. They're taking calls (via their earpieces) from what I presume to be entertainment journalists (perhaps specifically for radio), as they spend most of the time explaining what "The Sentinel" is about. The viewer can't hear the callers, but it's usually obvious what the questions are from the guys' answers.  There's also a few segments where the guys spend time doing station call letters for various UPN stations.

The transcript can only give the words of what they say, and I think anyone who only reads the transcript and never sees the tape is missing a large chunk of the "Media Tour" experience.  (Copies of the tape are still being offered by a few fans via the monthly "Senstuff" listings on various TS lists.)  Just as an aside, RB looks pretty much the same as on the series (except he laughs and grins a lot), but Maggart looks quite different from Blair.  From looking at him head-on with his hair pulled back, it looks like he has short hair and he has thicker-framed glasses.  It's quite a reminder of how much effort, both internal and external, goes in to the creation of a character.

Both of the guys are suffering some degree of discomfort.  It's obvious early on that GM has to pee and he isn't allowed to go for nearly an hour. RB has a bad cold and there's a couple of times when he looks like he's about to fade out completely.  But they both are really great at rallying each other and finding ways to keep themselves amused while doing the repetitive task of explaining over and over what "The Sentinel" is about (to say nothing of the repetition of the station call letters).

For the sake of readability, I focused on the complete words, and left out a lot of uhhs, stutters, and false starts.  With a few exceptions, I don't try to characterize their gestures or tone of voice.  They did spend a lot of time looking at each other.  GM, in particular, seemed to look at Burgi a lot when he spoke, as though seeking agreement for what he was saying.  (I do think it's apparent in a few spots that he had a fair degree of insecurity about Blair's importance on the show.)  There's a couple of spots where GM is self-deprecating, and RB can be rather sweet in how he tries to counter it.   (RB also deadpans a few jokes at GM's expense.)

Also, the transcript doesn't relay how both guys have trouble sitting still for any length of time.  GM's hands, in particular, seem to move almost non-stop (he was doing a lot of fiddling with jewelry on his hands), and RB did a lot of stretching and yawning and shifting in his seat.


In between callers, the video would go to a "black screen", which was a title screen.  The black screens would last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.  Usually, there wasn't any sound when a black screen was up.  But sometimes there was audio and that's included in the transcript.  Before each black screen notation, I've put how many minutes and seconds it is from the beginning of the tape.  That was intended for my own purposes, but I've kept the time notations in, in case anyone else finds it useful.

"OC" refers to off-camera; ie, usually studio people (which was mostly one particular guy).  When they're talking to callers, assume all the statements from RB and GM are directed at the caller, unless I've indicated otherwise.  When they're doing the station call letters, assume all statements are directed at the camera or at the studio people OC, unless I've indicated otherwise.  When they're presumably reading or quoting from the teleprompter, I've put that in quotes.

When I couldn't understand what was being said, I've made the notation "unclear".

Thanks to Sandy and Sandy (two different people) for proofreading.


[comes up garbled]

GM:  ...trying to convince him to use this, in his profession as a police officer.  It's an invaluable gift to have.

RB [after listening an extended moment, still garbled] :  Ah... I'm recently, you know, divorced.  And the ex-wife doesn't know.  We really don't....  Yeah, we don't really talk about it.  But so there's all sorts of interesting times where, I guess I was enough of a pain in the ass in the first place to really get her goat and, uh,....  [to GM] We can say ass, right?  It's a donkey.  [GM laughs and RB gives him a look.]  

GM [laughing]: Oh, man.

RB [after listening briefly]:  Uh, yeah, yeah.  Not this type.  I mean, this is more of a straight-laced version of a detective.  And Garett's got more of the, you know, squirrelly attitude that uh

GM [toughly to RB]:  Who you calling squirrelly?

RB:  That I like to play with as well.  [to GM]  Well, you know, sort of ferrety, or, you know, marmoty. [listening]  Garett, his character, Blair, has the scientific reins on the sentinel's kind of uncontrolled senses.  And the times... he's - Sandburg has been trying to assist Ellison in uh

GM:  Honing.

RB:  Yeah, using his senses to his advantage, as opposed to, you know, having them be, you know
GM:  Burden.

RB:  Yeah.  Having them go haywire.

GM [after listening]:  The zone-out factor.

RB:  Yeah.  Oh, sure.  Yeah, you know, [laughing] he can hear things he doesn't want to hear.  Smell things you don't want to smell.  Speaking of which - No.

GM [pointing to himself like "Me?"]:  Oh.  Sorry.  [listening]  Oh, yeah.  Very excited about it.  I mean it's a dream come true to be able to be a working actor and, you know, be able to support yourself via your passion.  And especially with a show like this, I mean it's a great venue to explore what you're capable of doing, you know.  [Listening.]  No, thank *you*.

RB: Stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

GM [listening]: Maggart.  (He and Burgi laugh.)  A-R-T.   [They both look at each other, laughing, as they continue to listen.]

RB:  Thank you.

GM:  Thank you.  Bye-bye.

3:30 - Black screen.

4:40 - [Sound Only]

Unidentified Male Voice:  Hey, hey.  Hey, hey.

6:45 - [Sound Only]

OC Male:  How are you doing on your water there?  You want some more?

GM:  Actually, I'm probably not going to have anymore before I go to the restroom. [laughs]  BOOM!

[silence for a few seconds, then unclear female voice re: episodes]

GM:  I don't want to talk about that one.

6:10 - [sound gone, still black screen]

9:10 - Video and audio returns.

RB:  Good morning, Victor.

GM:  Morning, Victor.  [listens]  Great.  How about yourself?

RB [holding out his hands while listening]:  My cousin lives in Cherry Hills. Hi, Pat, Steve.  My sister lives in [unclear].  Hi, Suze.  [to GM]  They're probably not watching TV.  [Looks at his watch.]

RB:  Good.  Good.  Yeah.  

GM: Maggart.  Maggart.  [listens].  No problem.  [listens].  Yeah.  From Darien.   Very good.

RB [chuckling]:  Where are you from, Victor? [listens]  Are you really?  [listens]  Sure.  [listens]  All right.  Beautiful.

GM:  Okay.  [listens]  UPN.

RB:  United Paramount Network.  

GM:  United Paramount Network.  You're on the ball.

[both listen a long time]

RB:  Good morning.

GM:  Good morning, Victor, how are you?

RB [listening]:  Yeah.

GM:  As a matter of fact we are.

RB:  New Jersey.  [Gestures to GM].  Connecticut.

GM:  Connecticut.  Darien.  Hello.

RB:  Hi Suze.  Hi Pat.  [listens a long moment]  Yeah, we aim to please.

GM:  I'm glad you like it.

RB:  Yeah, each we hope to take the viewers on one hell of a ride.

[GM laughs and both listen a long time.]

RB:  Uh, the simplicity.  The amount of action, you know. The amount of inertia that as a man is fun to play.  I think a toned-down humor and one who's really trying his best to overcome obstacles in order to serve justice and do good.  [listens]  Oh, yeah, yeah.  This is a really demanding role.  It's just a really strenuous endeavor, week after week, which is fun, but it's also taxing.  [listens]   You know, we wake up usually at the crack of dawn, unless we've been working until the crack of dawn, which sometimes happens because each day gets longer and longer, and then we start later and later and have to go longer and longer, but uhh

GM [to RB, laughing]:  I don't think that made any sense at all.

RB [laughing]:  I mean, you know, sometimes, like today, if this was a typical day, we'd, you know, start at six AM on Monday morning, and by Friday we're sometimes starting at six PM.

GM:  But we're talking with you, Victor

RB [talking at the same time as GM]:  ... and we'll sometimes get done at six AM in the morning.  You know, a typical day is running, running after trains, crawling under them

GM:  Diving on top of cars and trucks.

RB:  Yeah, cars, buses

GM:  Hanging out of buildings, handcuffs.

RB:  Uh...

GM:  Getting bombed, jumping, getting shot at.

RB:  Yeah and I listen to him chatter all day like a parrot I don't have a cracker for.

[GM makes a eek-eek chatterbox hand motion in RB's face.  RB laughs.]

GM:  Yes, sir.  [listens a long moment]  Uh... unwillingly.  Unwillingly my character does.  My character is in the search of his doctorate, and he wants to write about and help Richard understand what's going on with him, so... I sort of become his tagalong, and instructor tutor, so to speak, and so him being a police officer, he... He's in these situations all the time, so I'm unwillingly there...  I mean, I'm willingly there to study him.  But every episode, you know, I get handcuffed, and bound and gagged and thrown away, and I don't think a college student is too into that.

[both listen a long moment]

GM:  A beautiful woman.  [listens a moment]  Oh, yeah, definitely.  I've lived in LA for the last eight years  I went to high school, I graduated high school in Darien.  Darien High School.  And then I moved out to Los Angeles, and then to come up here was actually almost somewhat of a throwback to the east coast because it's a little bit colder and it's rainier and there's snow and so it took me a little while to adjust but it's beautiful up here.  In Vancouver.  This is where we're shooting.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  I don't think we've talked about that.

RB [stretching]:  Oh, well, gosh, it's a long way from New Jersey but umm

GM:  Yeah, that's a stretch.

RB:  It's actually really similar.  It's very verdant.  And beautiful.  And, you know, there's a really great community - film community - up here.  I don't miss Los Angeles one bit.  I could see moving up to the Pacific Northwest and I feel really grateful to be doing what I'm doing right now, you know.

GM [after listening]:  Oh, yeah.

RB:  Except for when we're in the studio and, you know, day after day of being indoors with a lot of smoke on the set.  [chuckles]  You've got to find your pockets, you know, and fortunately we live really close to this incredible park.

GM:  Uh-huh.

RB:  It's really beautiful up here.  [Listens]  Yeah, Danny and Paul and I have done a couple of projects together and we're actually going to do a couple more.  I'm really enjoy working with them and feel really honored that they enjoy my work, and so we've had a really good relationship as far as that's concerned.  [listens]  Stay tuned.

GM:  Bye-bye.

RB:  Thank *you*.

GM:  Thank you.

RB:  Yeah, God bless.  All right.  [reaches for cup]


16:10 - Goes to black screen but sound stays up.

RB [drinking]:  I don't know if these people, if they know it...  you know... check, check it out, you know

GM:  Okay.

RB:  And enjoy the ride.

OC Male:  We've got [unclear] on our IDs

GM [amongst background voices]:  Wait, I'm sorry?

RB: ... invitation... you know what I mean?  You know what I mean?  ... and then...  

GM:  Man, you're eyes are so bloodshot.  

RB:  Are they really?

GM:  Yeah.

RB:  I have --  my whole - [very quietly] I have fucking green shit coming out of my nose, man, it's really awful.  All back here it's really infected.  

GM:  Uh-huh.

RB:  I just don't want it to go down here.

GM:  Lower, yeah, no you don't.

RB:  I hate taking antibiotics, man.

GM:  I know.  They're so harsh on your system.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  They're so harsh on your system.

RB:  'm fucked.


17:00 - Video comes back up

RB:  Morning, Scott.

GM:  Good morning, Scott.

RB:  Good.

GM:  Great, how about yourself?  [listens]  All right.

[both listen]

RB: Uh, the general premise of The Sentinel is a character that has spent time in the wilderness who was born with these senses, and due to this exposure to the wilderness, these senses were heightened and he was marooned with his Special Forces unit, then goes, after he's done with his military tour of duty, to work as a cop in Cascade, Wisconsin uh -

GM [laughing]: Washington.

RB [laughing]: Washington.  Those W words always trip me up.  And, as these senses kick in and run amok within him and he doesn't know what to do and he checks himself into a hospital, meets a young anthropologist who is doing his life's work on this very subject and they start helping each other solve crimes.  [listens]  No, I don't consider him a super hero I consider him like a regular guy who happens to [someone sneezes OC] God bless you, a regular guy who's got a little bit more of a genetic advantage due to something that I think we're all born with, you know.

GM: Definitely.

RB:  And I've got the physical and Garett's character, Blair, has the cerebral point of view on this whole thing.

GM:  I can mix it up every once in a while though, huh?  Come on.

RB [amused]:  Yeah, he gets in there and takes care of business.

GM [punching with his fists]:  I get in there... help you....

RB: Yeah, so we're regular... you know...

[GM feigns disappointment at the lack of macho recognition]:  Yeah.

RB:  A regular schmuck who's just trying to take care of business and sometimes, you know, the senses are, a blessing and sometimes they're a curse.

[both listen]

RB [whispering]:  Yes.

GM [after looking at RB and smiling]:  Uh, yes, actually I did.  Just after I'd heard that I got the part, I actually went out to the local library and a couple of bookstores and purchased a few books and rented a few books just so I could familiarize myself with certain terminologies and a few leading people in those fields.  Uh, prior to that, just in school, just in like high school and college, just the basic human development sort of studies that, you know, you retain and you can call upon at certain times when you're working.  Yeah.  [listens]  Uh, well, a lot of it - especially with it being an action adventure police show, what I think is the hook is with the way things are going now with, say, like holistic medicine and things like that, something like this, with the five senses, is not so far-fetched.  I mean, there are people out there that have one or two hyperactive senses that, as I said in the pilot, in the pilot episode, that work for coffee and perfume companies, so the idea of someone having all five of these I don't think is too far fetched, to tell you the truth.  So I think that's going to appeal to a large audience of people who sort of have that train of thought, that don't want to restrict themselves to thinking that "I can't - that there's no way I can ever be capable of doing something like that", you know...

[They both listen and RB laughs.]

RB:  Yeah.  [Looks at GM, who gestures like "Go ahead."  Then, to GM]:  Oh, I thought they were referring to you.

GM [laughing]:  Oh, yes.

RB:  Yeah.  Uh, yeah.

GM [laughing]:  I mean as the vixen [unclear].

RB:  Yes, there's the requisite [stretching], there's the requisite... beauties that are going to be around to... give us a thrill.  [Chuckles.]  And the audience as well.

GM:  Yeah. [listening]  Oh, it's great.  It's beautiful up here.

RB:  Yeah.  

GM:  Scenically it's just wonderful to be able to take a walk five minutes from where you live and be out in the middle of nowhere in the woods is a dream, you know.  One night when you do have some time off.  And you just need to get used to the rain.  And then you're fine.  But it's great.  I've adjusted very well.

RB:  There's a lot of Canadians.

GM [laughs]:  Yeah, a couple.

RB:  There seems to be, I don't know.

[They both listen a while.]

RB:  I would love to.  You know, actually we've talked about that.

GM:  Starting something up here.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  Like on a hiatus or something like that.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  Yeah, keep the juices flowing.  Keep rehearsing.

RB:  Yeah, I've always got that in mind.  So, yeah, I mean, I've got a million things that I'd like, that I'd consider doing in the off time.

GM:  But basically we end up on a couch in front of the television.  [laughs]

RB:  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Oh, yeah.  I mean, you know, there's all kinds of possibilities.  And we've both just started playing music again.  I play the drums, Garett plays the guitar.  And uh - No,actually not yet.

GM:  We've thought about it.  We got to start doing that.

RB:  I've played with a couple of people up here.  Actually, Jimi Hendrix's cousin lives up here and is on the show

GM:  Henri Brown.

RB:  once in a while, so I've played with he and his band, and I have Buddy Miles' old drum set.

GM [to RB]:  I sang with his band that night.

RB: Yeah, Garett sang with the band, so yeah, yeah, there's a great vibe up here.

GM:  Yeah, it's a lot of fun.
RB:  It was in the States we were playing actually... We were playing in the States.  Northern Washington.

[both listen for a long moment]

GM:  Oh, it's great.

RB:  Intense.

GM [laughing]:  We fight all the time.

RB:  It's awful.

GM:  You know, we... He's got a bigger trailer than me, so we.... You know, it's awful.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  No, everybody gets along great, I would say.  You know, to be on a -this is my first time around on a television series, so to be taken in on an ensemble where there's no real egos, except for Richard's, uh [RB laughs]... to work with that, it's wonderful.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  As a regular, yes. Yeah.  [listens]  Oh, yeah, it took a lot of a adjusting, you know, adjusting to the hours, especially when it's not a studio thing where, you know, you rehearse for a little while and you go home and the writer's go and write.  But this - I mean we're on the set for fourteen, sixteen hours a day, it's really relaxing to be around people who care about making good product and a good show and that really want, want it be the best that it could be and I think that's really evident with what's being shown.  [listens]  Thank you very much.

RB:  Thank you.  Stay tuned.  It's a great ride, week after week.

GM:  It's a lot of fun.

RB:  Yeah.  

GM:  All right, take care.

RB:  God bless.

24:30 - Goes to black screen


24:40 - Sound and video come back up.

RB:  Beautiful name.

GM:  Lovely name.

RB:  Hello, Yolanda.  [listens]  Good.

GM:  Very well, thank you, how about yourself?

RB:  What are you wearing?  [listens]  Very good.

GM:  All right.  [to RB] "What are you wearing?"  [laughs]

RB [to GM]:  I'm just trying to get a mental picture.  [listens a long moment]  Uh, I think a level of vulnerability and confusion sometimes because of, you know, the senses.  Just kind of a regular guy who's blessed and cursed at the same time with hyperactive, heightened senses.  And, you know, I think a vulnerability in that it's unique but not, you know, real macho kind of a

GM: Oh, I'm macho.

RB:  Oh, except for Garett.

GM [laughing]:  *I* am macho.  Don't tell me I'm not macho.

RB:  Oh, yeah, I was referring to the rest of the people on the show.  Garett, you know, the machismo factor... you know, the meter [makes his arm like a needle point, leaning toward GM]

GM:  Yeah, the meter.

RB:  The meter is way up there and uh.... [listens]

GM:  Great stuff.  [listens]  Oh, without a doubt it adds to the show.  It adds to everything about it.  I mean, we're making a movie a week.  The only thing it doesn't add to is my sleep.  Because, you know, it takes a lot of extra time to make such a... critical shots.  I mean, I didn't know the extent of what, what's involved in making shots like, like some of the explosions and the gun fire and the rocket launchers that go off and then the rides on top of cars and he rides under trains and the fights on top of planes.  It's unreal.

RB [to GM]:  You realize

GM:  It's great.

RB [to GM]: that it's just a distraction because you look like such a dork.

GM [to RB]:  Oh, very good.  [grinning].  Good.

RB [to GM]:  'Kay?

GM [nodding at RB]:  Good.  [listens].  No, I don't.  I think it teeters right on the edge, which I think makes for good television.  

RB:  Yeah, I think all the circumstances are believable.

GM:  Yeah.

RB:  And possible.

GM:  Without a doubt.

RB:  Yeah.  [listens a long moment]  Yeah.

GM:  Yeah.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  Yeah.

RB:  I feel, I think we're both happy to be aboard a network that's taking chances and, you know, wanting to kind of press the envelope.  

GM:  Uh-hm.

RB [after listening]:  Well, uh....

GM:  What did you hear about me?  Is there anything about me?

RB [laughing]:  Well, it's better than being recycle, reconstituted seventies....

GM [waving his hand at RB while looking away]:  Get out of here.  You're getting all the press.

RB [after laughing and very gently to GM]:  No, you will.  You will.  

[GM is gazing at him with a smile.]

GM [suddenly putting a hand to his ear]:  What?  I'm sorry, I didn't hear that.  What, I'm sorry?  [listens]  Uh, yes that's what I - I'm the faithful companion.

RB [affectionately]:  Yeah.

GM:  And I - I help him with his - figuring out how to work this and how to handle it and bring - you know, bring in the reins, so to speak.  

RB:  Yeah.

GM [after listening]:  Huge.

RB:  Well, it's more, you know, kind of a seat-of-the-pants type of film, it's not a very sedentary experience and, you know, we're hoping to, you know, get people really entertained.  That's all we're doing.  [listens]  Uh, yeah.

GM:  Yeah, I dropped out of college a few times.

RB:  Uh -

GM [to RB]:  Go ahead, please.

RB:  Yeah, I researched Garett's character very, you know, very deeply.  [GM laughs]  And I try to perform it accordingly.  And, yeah, Garett tells me what to do pretty much.  So, it's a good relationship.  Yeah.    

GM:  Me?  Yes, actually I did.  I wanted to familiarize myself with some of the basic anthropological - I play an anthropology student working on his doctorate and so I wanted - I didn't want to have to act, you know.  I wanted to at least be able to tell a story so I went out and bought a lot of books on just basic terminology and the fundamental concepts behind certain anthropological people's theories and stuff just so I could be there a little bit more.

RB:  Charlotte's Web.

GM:  Yeah, that was a really nice book.

RB:  Yeah.  [listens]  Eight to ten days.  Beaucoup hours a day.

GM:  A lot of hours.  

RB:  Oh, yeah.

GM:  And usually there's a second unit going for a couple of days.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  And inevitably there's always shots that - like little inserts - little close shots that they've missed that we need to get like while we're shooting the next episode, so sometimes you're working on two to three different episodes at once.  It's [listens]  Work.  [laughs]

RB:  Yeah, work and, you know, the adventure and I think the thrill of doing kind of hair raising stunts

GM:  Yeah.

RB:  And taking risks every week.  It's pretty hairy.

GM:  The first episode I was hanging out a seven story building, and I was really hanging out a building.  I mean, there was a window washer cart underneath me, but it was still, you know, I was hanging out a window, and the wind hits, you're hanging out a seven story building and so [listens]  Oh, great.

RB:  Thank you.

GM:  Thank you very much.  Keep watching.

RB:  God bless.   [to GM]  Now you can stop working as a window washer.

GM [to RB]:  Yeah.


30:50 - Black screen for a few seconds.  When it comes back up, RB's arm is behind GM's chair.

RB:  Morning, Emily.

GM:  Good morning, Emily.  [listens]  Very well, thank you.

RB:  Very well.

GM [listens]:  So ask us a different one.  [both laugh]  All right.

RB [sighs after listening]:  Well, why don't you tell us about yourself, Emily?  [listens, then chuckles]

GM:  Beautiful.

RB:  Very good start.

GM [gestures to RB]:  Please.

RB:  The show is about a cop with heightened senses that he was born with that actually started to take over his life after he'd come back from being marooned in Peru, in the Special Forces, the sole survivor, and his relationship with an anthropology student who is doing his life's work, his dissertation, on this very subject, that is actually depicted in anthropology and science: it's every culture had what they called a scout and that's

GM:  A sentinel.

RB:  essentially what I am.  Yeah, a sentinel.  Yeah.

GM:  That's the definition.

RB:  Somebody who monitors game, monitors movement of enemies and weather and so forth.

GM:  Uh-huh.

RB:  And so he's the science section and I'm sort of like the uh

GM:  The brawn, the muscle.

RB:  No, uh, the, you know, Popular Mechanics.  

GM:  Right.

RB:  No, that won't do it.

GM:  No.

RB:  Something like that.

GM:  You're handy with cars.

RB [laughing while listening]  Oh, that's it.  He's the science section, I'm the murder-mystery section.  What sets us apart is, you know, just the amount action, the amount of special effects, the reality-based fantasy.

GM:  Definitely.  [to RB]  That was nice.  Reality-based fantasy.  I like that.  [listens]  Oh, a lot of computer-generated special effects, adding onto explosions and blue screens and hanging underneath trains and hanging from helicopters and lots of guns going off.  I mean, [amused] we don't really stop at much of anything.  [laughs]  Nothing's too big to blow up.  

RB [laughs]:  Yeah, we'd like to come to your town and blow some stuff up.

GM:  "Blow it up!"

RB:  We've blown everything up here, so... we're taking a blow-up road tour.

GM:  It's not bad.

RB:  Oh, uh, wow, you know ... just living.  I mean, you know... Because there's so many different things that we tackle day in and day out that, you know, that the various jobs we've had and I think we both are - are students of film and *life* you know basically.

GM:  And this is just sort of taking it to the extreme, the every day life experiences have just sort of been amplified.

RB:  Right.

GM:  And been blown up, so to speak.  [RB laughs]  Another blow-up plug.  [listens]  Uh, I don't think, I don't know [to RB]  You had a lot more soap experience than I did.  I was only on for a little while, so....

RB:  I really like this environment.  The hours are kind of crazy.  I love working on soaps, I just love working period.  But this is really a great group of people that we're working with and we

GM:  We get a lot of exterior shots, which I think is great, because we're allowed... I mean we get to be out on actual sets, like outside, and you're not in, not in a soundstage.

RB:  Yeah, there's a lot of movement and it's very kinetic so it's it's very alive, you know.  Yeah.

GM [after listening]:  Phew! Six.  Six in the morning.  

RB:  Yeah, you know, get driven over to the beach by our chauffeur and sun bathe for a while.

GM [fanning with his hands]:  And that fan thing is nice.

RB:  The fan thing and having your feet rubbed by a couple of different people.

GM:  It was nice, you know, that mud bath they gave me the other week, that was nice.

RB:  Yeah.  We each have our own Jacuzzis in our trailers.  And you know.

GM:  Actually, it consists of getting up at six o'clock in the morning, six or seven o'clock in the morning, working for twelve to fifteen hours, sixteen hours

RB:  Sometimes eighteen.

GM:  going home, sleeping, waking up and doing it again.

RB:  Yeah.  It's a grind.

GM:  Weekends are spent sleeping and studying and

RB:  If you have a weekend.

GM:  Yeah, sometimes we don't.

RB:  Sometimes and

GM:  But it's a blast.

RB:  Yeah, not that we're complaining.

GM [amused]:  I mean, we're not upset or anything

RB:  Yeah, it takes it toll.  It really does take its toll.  And you've got to really

GM:  But it's worth it when you see the final product

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  that comes out.  I mean, that's what I'm in this business for and I'm pretty sure I could speak for Richard there.  You know, is to go up those hills and work some things out that you get to work out doing a show and to actually see the final product and be proud of it.  It's amazing.  I think.  It's a dream come true.  [listens and Richard laughs]  Thank you.  You make it sound like so much fun.

RB:  Thank you, it was, we enjoyed being with you this morning.

GM:  Bye-bye.

36:10 - Black screen


37:10 - Sound and video are back up.  Studio people are standing between GM and RB and the camera, applying makeup to RB.

RB [putting away Kleenex]:  Is there a garbage right there?

OC Male:  Yeah, there is.

[various talking on the set]

RB [putting away the Kleenex again]:  No, that's all right.  Thank you.  [the other people leave]

OC Male:  Here we go.

RB [filling his cup]:  Morning, Kyle.

GM:  Morning, Kyle.  [listens and RB chuckles]  Great.

RB:  Good morning.

GM [making the gesture from "Siege"]:  Boom!  Banging at my bladder.  [both guys laugh, then GM says sarcastically] Thanks a lot, Kyle.
[both guys listen a long time]

RB: Uhhh

GM:  It becomes a permanent relationship.  Yeah.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  Uh, sort of a teacher/student but both ways.  I teach him how to hone in his senses and he - cause all of my knowledge about it comes from books and stuff and so to actually see it in person could shatter all of my beliefs... or not.  I'm learning just as much from him as I'm teaching him.  Did that come out right?  [laughing]

RB:  You teach what you most need to learn.  

GM:  Yes.

RB:  Something like that.  Yeah, he - we eventually get to be close and respectful of each other's processes.  Albeit there's constant tension because of, you know, various ways we look at things and deal with things, generationally speaking.

GM:  I think we both...

RB:  And also just in terms of what we do, you know.  

GM:  Right.

RB:  Being a cop, I've got a point of view that's one way - and as a scientist he has a point of view that's another way.  So...

GM:  There's that hippy grunge

RB:  Yeah, I mean we both need each other so it's sort of a symbiotic relationship there.

GM:  I think we both have the same, you know, the same goals, it's just that we go about them differently.  [listens, then throws his hand up toward RB in a blocking gesture.]

RB:  Hate him.  [GM laughs]  Hate him.

GM:  It's awful.

RB:  Love --

GM:  Nah, he's great man.

RB:  Love him.  Came to my wedding.

GM:  I flew out to his wedding in Hawaii.  It was beautiful.  It was just... his whole family is wonderful

RB:  Made a fool out of himself.

GM:  I did.  I fell over.

RB [laughing]:  Nah.

GM:  I ran up while they were taking their vows and I tackled him, I was so happy.  No, yeah, I love Richard, man, he's a great guy.

RB:  And I love Garett.  And I'm really grateful to be working with him.  Yeah.

GM:  Right.

RB [covers his face and feigns bursting into tears]:  Oh, man, that's so good.  [GM reacts likewise.]  Man, oh, man.          

GM [in a high-pitched voice]:  Where's the love man?  [gets serious]  Yeah, uh, it's a movie every week.  Yeah.  Uhh... yeah.

RB:  No.  [GM laughs.]  No.  Because in film you have more breadth to like do a scene and to play with the minutia of, you know, the drama.  This is, you know, we come in

GM:  Eight pages a day.

RB:  Yeah, we're really jamming.
GM:  You know, on film, you do one page a day or what I hear--  [self-deprecatingly] I've never actually done a film

RB [to GM]:  You will, my child.

GM:  But I've heard - he's told me a lot about it.

RB [self-deprecatingly]:  Yeah, I've done so many.

GM [after listening]:  It's beautiful.  It's beautiful.  And yeah we still sort of feel like -- *I* still sort of feel like a visitor but I think that even adds to it because it's more of a - I mean, scenically up here it's gorgeous and so being a visitor it makes me want to get out more, and get out in the woods and walk around and it's wonderful.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  Take hikes and

RB:  I never spent this much time in the Pacific northwest and it's absolutely spectacular.  There's some really beautiful places up here.  

[both listen for a long time]

GM:  Uhm...

RB:  I guess you really have to divorce yourself from the outcome, you know

GM:  Definitely.

RB:  So I really just bless each day as much as possible and try and stay, you know

GM:  In the now.

RB:  In the now and just be present and trust that what we're doing is good.  And in the event that people have a problem with it or it doesn't do what it's set out to do I know the producers and the people that are involved in it are doing

GM:  Are very pleased.

RB:  what they want to be doing and are enjoying themselves and so, you know, there's been a lot of times in the past with movies having been critically acclaimed and certain people like them and then they just sort of fall by the wayside, but we're hoping that this reaches a broader spectrum of people.  And has something to offer for everybody, but we're just having a great time and enjoying it as we are.

GM:  Uhh.  [listens a long time]  Oh, yeah.  Without a doubt.  I don't think - we're on the seventh show right now and it's sort of unfolding and [self-conscious amusement] hopefully it'll unfold for a couple of years.  But we're just sort of tapping into what the capabilities of what Richard's particular situation is and how I can help him out and different ways for me to help him out.  If I'm going to suggest meditation or there's going to be other things for him to be able to tone down his hyper senses.  I mean, I mean it's just the tip of the iceberg.  And as far as the action adventure goes, I mean

RB:  We can blow up anything.

GM [laughing]:  We can blow up whatever you want.  I mean, you know...  [listens]  Great.  Thank you.

RB:   Thanks very much.  God bless.

43:25 - Black screen.


43:45 - Video and sound come back up.

GM:  Hi, John.

RB:  Nice to be here.

GM:  Great.

RB [after listening]:  My character is a cop who was marooned with his Special Forces unit while he was in the service in Peru.  And developed... he had sensorial experiences that he was actually born with, but the senses kicked in due to long periods of time in the wilderness, so he comes back to fight crime and, you know, all his senses run amok and checks himself in and meets an anthropology student who is doing his thesis on this very subject.  And they kind of team up, reluctantly at first, and then we slowly develop a relationship that's a scientist and, you know, sort of an anomaly, a scientific anomaly, you know.  Because there are people like this that exist, and that have existed.  But [listens, then he and GM look at each other]

GM:  Wow, that's quite a compliment

RB:  Quite a compliment.

GM:  to be said in the same said in the same sentence with that, thank you very much.  Uh, yeah, Richard's very, very easy to work with, and we get along off the set as well as we do on the set, and you know, to be the rookie in this business and to come into this and be blessed with working with such a great co-star as Richard here, you know, I couldn't have asked for anything better.  [listens for a long time]  Oh, yeah, I couldn't have asked for a better format to be brought into this business.  I mean, I'd done other things before but nothing of this scale.  And the show's just great.  And to be involved with a show that's involved with this much special effects and the great writing and the character development that they're, that they're working on and the great cast and the great scenery up here in Vancouver.  It's just beautiful.  I mean, I couldn't have asked for anything else.

RB:  Yeah.

[both listen and GM gestures to RB to speak]

RB:  Uh, well, the air is really clean.  [they both laugh]  And the mountains are very beautiful, the people are very nice.  I love working the States.  I love working anywhere

GM:  Uh-hm.

RB:  I think I can speak for both of us that we just like working period.  But as far as just working on this show, we have a lot of different choices in this area, so far as the scenery is concerned.

GM:  Lots of great woods and stuff up here.

RB:  Woods, yeah.

GM:  In the pilot episode, there was a rain forest and there was an actual rain forest up here.  It was just it -- not a tropical rain forest, but it was -- there's endless possibilities of where you can shoot. Yeah, it's gorgeous.  [listens for a long time]  Uh-hm.

RB:  Yeah, the people they've got working are really top shelf.

GM:  Bob Bailey, the special effects...

RB:  Bob Bailey and Michael [unclear], they're all really wonderful people and very creative, as well.  Danny and Paul have got great imaginations and

GM:  That's the key.

RB:  Yeah, and trying to really coalesce, you know, humor and I think a sense of darkness, you know, that most cop dramas are about, and levity as well, and, you know, it's a trip to really put something on that people are going to get different feelings from and react to in various ways, as opposed to something monochromatic and one way.  

GM [after listening]  Uh-hm.  Oh, yeah, that's going to be constantly coming into play cause I don't think the sentinel will completely master the zone-out factor, and I *hope* the zone-out factor sticks around because that means that I have to be in the show.  [nervous laugh]   Because the principle of the zone-out factor is that

[RB tosses a Kleenex toward the trash then clicks his finger while GM watches.]

GM:  while he's zoning out he becomes vulnerable to injury, because he basically zones out.  Like if he's looking at something, he can't hear, or feel anything coming at him, so then that's sort of when my character comes in too - I in turn become sort of a guard also because I'm guarding *him* while he's working his deal so... yeah, the zone-out factor comes into play a lot.

RB:  He's the sentinel's sentinel.

GM:  Yeah, we work on it and we work on it a few different ways.  A couple of scripts I suggest meditation and different herbs and stuff as sort of a more holistic way of dealing with the body and the mind and making it work as one.  [Reacts to his own words, laughing]  Where was that from?  [RB grins at him and they both listen.]  Yes.

RB:  Yeah, it's a good ride.

GM:  It's a lot of fun.  Please watch.

[They both sit quietly for a moment, and GM looks presumably at the teleprompter OC.]

GM:  I'm sorry... Gabbert?  Thank you.  [after a moment]   "Hi, this is Garett Maggart and this is John Gabbert's"

RB:  "Hi, this is Richard Burgi's... day on Video Vision.  Welcome. Thanks for watching."  [listens]  Thank you.

GM:  Thanks a lot.

RB:  God Bless.  [to OC and gesturing toward the trash can]  Hey, thanks for the tip in there, buddy.  I'm a little off today, man.  [feigns throwing toward the trash]


46:45 - Goes to black screen for about fifteen seconds.  When it comes back up, they're each looking OC at (presumably) teleprompters to one side of each other, so they're each looking toward each other but not at each other.

RB:  Hello, New Jersey.

GM:  Hi, New Jersey.

RB:  Hello, hello, New... Jersey.  Chuck Lemkin, Lamkin.  Chucky.  Chucky boy-oy.  

GM;  Hello, hello, hello.

RB:  Hello.  Check.  Check one-two. Check.  Hello-test.

GM:  Hi, Mr. Lamkin?

RB:  Hello Chucky.

GM:  Chuck Lamkin.  Is that how you pronounce it?  Lamkin?  [to RB]  Is that how you would pronounce that?

RB:  I don't... find out when

GM [hand near is ear]:  No, I'm not hearing anything.

RB:  No.  [takes a drink from his cup]

GM [low voice while picking up his cup]:  I don't know why I'm doing this. [he drinks]     

RB:  You what?

[both sit quietly for a long moment, watching activity in the studio]

RB:  Yeah.  Okay.

GM [to RB]:  Well, the sentinel's about...

RB [grins while GB laughs, then listens, then points to GM]:  Connecticut.  

[more sitting quietly.  GM takes off his glasses and cleans them with his shirttail.]

RB [looking behind him and grabbing a Kleenex, which he wads up; to OC]:  My shots a little off today, buddy.

GM [holding out his hand to RB]:  Give it up.  Give it here.

RB: [grimacing and tossing it toward the trash]:  You kidding?  [He tosses and obviously misses. Sounds of an OC groan.  GM looks at RB in exasperation.]
RB [to OC]:  Thanks for the tip, buddy.

GM:  Yes, I hear something.

[RB applies lip gloss and offers some to GM who shows no interest.  More sitting quietly.]

GM:  I hear some-    I'm hearing a commercial and Wendy.

RB:  We're hearing a phone commercial.

GM:  Bell system commercial.  [more waiting and GM says to OC]  Yes.    

RB [after another moment]:  Hello, New Jersey.

GM:  Hello, New Jersey.  [listens]  Wa-hoo.

RB: [after listening for a long moment, says softly to GM]:  Good-natured.  [Another long moment of listening]  Hi, how are you?

GM:  How you doing?

RB:  [after listening a long moment]:  Yeah, they're blowing up bigger and better than they've ever done on television here.  You know, each week it's a seat-of-the-pants thrill so, you know, it's gotten wackier and more wonderful than you've ever seen.  [listens a long moment]  Well, it takes us on a train where we're, you know, running around and, you know, trying to catch bad guys, crawling underneath trains, and running on top of buses and planes.  You know, we're going to be doing a thing on the stealth bomber.  We're pretty mobile in terms of where we're going to, you know

GM:  Nothing's too big.

RB:  Yeah, to blow up or fight crime on.  [listens]  Well, I'm the policeman and he's

GM:  I'm the anthropological student.

RB:  He's becoming a fairly good, uh

GM [to RB]:  Cop.

RB:  Cop.

GM:  Police officer.  Rookie, so to speak.  

RB:  Yeah, science dick.  [GM nods]  And uh...   [listens, then laughs]:  Yeah.  Well, we're on our seventh right now, out of thirteen, and we're, yeah, and Garett's character is kind of the one trying to help my character harness my senses.  [listens]

GM:  Uhh... [to RB]  You want to say it?

RB: Well, initially my character was uh... when he was in Special Forces he was marooned in Peru and was the sole survivor of his unit, came back to Cascade, Washington to work as a cop and these sensorial experiences started running amok with him, and he couldn't figure out what was going on so he checks into the hospital, meets an anthropology student who's doing his dissertation on this very subject and, you know, he starts helping me out to try to figure out and harness these senses, which I was born with, and that everybody's born with.   But just, you know, certain times and certain things really hone them in, like exposure to the wilderness.

GM [listens]:  Yeah!  [he and RB laugh]

RB [gesturing to GM]:  And that's where he comes in.

GM:  Right.  [listens, then puts his hand to his ear.]  Hello?

RB:  Can't hear you.  [listens]  Oh.  [listens long moment]  Channel nine.  Oh, good.  God bless.  

GM:  Thank you.

RB:  Have a fun time.  It's a good ride.

GM:  It's a good show.  Definitely.  [listens, then looks OC]:  I'm good?

OC Male:  Okay, Garett.

GM [hopefully]:  Am I clear?  

OC Male:  You can go.

[GM groans with relief and starts to get up and the black screen comes up with the sound still on]

OC Male:  No, don't get up.  Sit down and unplug you and you can go.  [pause]  Okay, take this -

56:40 - sound goes off from the black screen.


59:50 - sound only comes back up.

[Studio noise.]

GM: "Every day is packed with action on UPN.  You are watching UPN 57."

RB:  Oh, very good.  Fourteen, huh?

OC Male:  Yeah.

GM:  Fourteen out of twenty-two.  [silence, then in a low voice, obviously to RB]:  I feel so much better.  [laughs]

RB:  How much time do we have?

OC Male:  How much time do we have before our next one?  [pause, then unclear]

GM:  Looks like you're going to have to sweat it out like I did, pal.

OC Male:  Can you hold on?

RB:  Yeah.

OC Male:  No problem, he can hold on.

GM [with amusement]:  Oh, he gets *asked*; I get *told* I gotta stay here.  [playfully mocking voce]  Number one star.

RB [quietly]:  Yeah, how does that work?

[studio noise]

GM:  Yeah.  Yeah, yeah.  [pause]  What was my...  What am I supposed to be -

RB [very low]:  "From the edge of your seat, to the edge of your senses"

GM:  It says something with Garett up there.

[studio noise]

GM:  Yeah, I'd like to take a look at it.  I'm dyslexic so it takes me a second to read things.

RB:  "From the edge of your seat, to the edge of your senses."  [pause]  Why don't you say "From the edge of your seat"  

GM:  "From the edge of your seat"?

RB:  So you can, so you don't have to -

GM:  Well, no, there was something up there that had my name on it.  I saw my name on it.

[RB sighs]

OC Male:  Richard, you read this whole first paragraph, and then you alternate lines.  Alternate.  On this one, you alternate lines.   

GM:  Okay.  "From the edge of your seat."

RB:  "To the edge of your senses."

GM:  "Don't miss The Sentinel.  Wednesdays."

RB:  Uhhh.  Cock-um.  Cock-um.  Sorry.  [amused].  I know.    

GM [amused]:  Cock-a-boo?

RB:  Juuust kidding.

GM:  "Don't miss The Sentinel."

RB:  "Wednesdays at seven on KOCB-TV 34."

55:45 - Visual comes back up.

GM:  Okay. [looking at monitor]   Where's the other one?

OC Male:  Next one up.

GM: [looking at monitor, then to OC]  Well, I'd just like to take a look at the next one, because I need to read it real quick because I'm

OC Male:  What we'll do is read this one, then we'll go to the next one, and then you can read it over, and then we'll do that one and

RB [quietly to GM]:  Well, I'll tell you what it is, honey.

OC Male:  So, we'll do this one first?

RB:  Okay.

GM [to RB]:  No, that's not a problem about telling me where it is.  [reading]  "From the edge of your seat."

RB:  "To the edge of your senses."

GM:  "Don't miss The Sentinel."

RB:  "Wednesday at seven, on KOCB TV-34."

OC Male:  Now we'll get a two shot of it.  We're going to do it on the two shot, so [unclear re: monitors being on the side].

GM:  Well, I can *remember* my lines. [snorts, then laughs]

RB:  I'm - I'm... We're okay.

GM:  "From the edge of your seat."

OC Male:  Okay, they got it.  Here we go.  Three-two-one.

GM:  "From the edge of your seat."

RB:  "To the edge of your senses."

GM:  "Don't miss The Sentinel."

RB:  "Wednesday at seven on KOCB TV-34."

OC Male:  Now, with a little more *enthusiasm*.

RB [grinning]  Okay.

GM [laughing]:  More injection.

OC Male:  Here we go.  And three-

GM [almost yelling]:  "From the edge of your seat."

OC Male: Here we go.  Three-two-one.

GM:  "From the edge of your seat."

RB:  "To the edge of your senses."

GM:  "Don't miss The Sentinel."

RB:  "Wednesdays at seven on TV-34 KOCB."

[both listen and look at each other]

RB [grinning, as though to a private joke]:  Of course, he is.

OC Male:  Okay, we'll do it one more time.

GM [to RB]:  "Of course he is" what?

OC Male:  Okay, lots of enthusiasm, three-two-

[RB waits and then nods toward GM.]

[GM, confused]:  Who is?

RB: Sorry.  

OC Male:  Uh, back in wherever... Oklahoma City.

GM:  Oh.  [he shifts to uncross his legs and make sure his shirttail is pulled down.]

OC Male:  Okay, here we go.  And three-two-

GM:  "From the edge of your seat."

RB:  "To the edge of your senses."

GM:  "Don't miss The Sentinel."

RB:  "Wednesdays at seven on KOCB TV-34."  

OC Male:  Excellent.  Happy with that.  Next page.  Here we go.  Take a look at it.  And

RB:  Was that all right?

OC Male:  Uh-huh.

RB:  We'll do it again.

[Camera briefly moves past.]

OC Male:  This will be your solo, Richard.  

RB [Waits, then points OC.]: Over here?

OC:  Yeah.

RB:  Whenever I'm ready?

OC Male:  Yep.

RB:  All right.  "This is Richard Burgi.  Inviting you to"  [squinting]  Oh, yeah, right.  

OC Male:  Reading it like

RB:  "Inviting you into the world of The Sentinel.  Wednesday nights at seven on Oklahoma City's best station for action, TV-34."  "This is Richard Burgi..."   Is that - that's who I am, right?

GM:  Uh-huh.

RB:  "This is Richard Burgi."  [lower voice]  "This is Dick Burgi."  

OC Female: [garbled]

RB [looking OC]:  Huh?

OC Female:  "I'm Richard Burgi."  We write that like it's radio.  "I'm Richard Burgi."

RB:  Right.  You are, too?

OC Female:  Yeah - [with humor, unclear]

RB [grins]:  No, sorry. "Hi, I'm Richard Burgi, inviting you to join", "Inviting you into the world of The Sentinel."  [looks uncertain]  "Inviting you..."  [nodding]  Okay.  Are you guys ready?

OC Male:  Yeah, here we go, three count.  Three-two-

RB:  "Hi, this is Richard Burgi, inviting you into the world of The Sentinel.  It's Wed -"  Oopsies.  [GM laughs]  "Wednesday night at seven on Oklahoma City's best station for action."  Okay, let's try it again.  

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  "Hi, this is Richard Burgi inviting you into the world of The Sentinel.  Wednesday nights at seven on Oklahoma City's [hesitates] station for action, KOCB-34." [laughing]  No, that's not it either, I was so close.  [GM is laughing, too].  All right, let's try it again.

GM [scolding]:  Well, look at it.

RB [pointing]:  Well, it would be nice if was right over the monitor.

GM:  Wouldn't it though.

[Studio people start moving the teleprompter while Maggart sings a moment under his breath.]

RB:  Oops, unplugged it.  [waits a long moment]

[unclear studio noise]

GM:  "This is Richard Burgi, inviting you into..."  [whispers to RB]  I'll whisper it to you.  [RB doesn't react.]

[more waiting]

OC Male:  Okay, we're ready.  Here we go, Richard.  Three-two-one.

RB:  "Hi, I'm Richard Burgi, inviting you to join us on The Sentinel"  Oopsie.  

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  "Hi, I'm Richard Burgi inviting you into the world of The Sentinel.  Wednesday nights at seven on Oklahoma City's best station for action, TV-34."   [Waits, and slowly grins.]  I'll do another one if you want.  

OC Male:  One more time.  [Unclear and camera moves.]

RB:  All right, "this is".  Oh, I see.  [to himself in a fast, low voice] "Hi, this is Richard Burgi inviting you into the world of The Sentinel.  Wednesday nights at seven on Oklahoma City's best station for action, TV-34."  Uh, "inviting you into the world of The Sentinel.  Wednesday nights at seven on Oklahoma City's best station for action?"

OC Male.  Uh-huh.

RB:  Yeah.  "Best station for action, TV-34."  Okay, let's try it again.  

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB: "Hi, I'm Richard Burgi inviting you into the world of The Sentinel.  Wednesday nights at seven on Oklahoma City's best station for action, TV-34."        

OC Male:  Happy with that.

GM:  You got the words out.

[Long moment, with each looking at their teleprompter.]  

GM [puzzled]:  "Watch, listen, and win"?

RB:  You can start.

GM:  "Watch, listen, and win."

RB:  "With The Sentinel."

GM:  "And Swift Justice."

RB:  "Wednesdays from seven to nine."

GM:  "On KOCB TV-34."

OC Male:  Okay, it'll be on the two shot.

RB:  Oh.

GM:  Okay.

OC Male:  Here we go.  And three-two-

GM:  "Watch, listen, and win."

RB:  "With The Sentinel."

GM:  "And Swift Justice."

RB:  "Wednesdays from seven to nine."

GM:  "On KOCB TV-34."

OC Male:  Happy with that.  One more time, guys.  Just a little more energy in it.  Okay, three-two-one.

GM (uncrossing his legs]:  Oh, they don't like my legs crossed.

OC Male:  Three-two-one.

GM:  "Watch, listen, and win."

RB:  "With The Sentinel."

GM:  "And Swift Justice."

RB:  "Wednesdays from seven to nine."

GM:  "On KOCB TV-34."

OC Male:  That's a keeper.  [unclear].  Here we go.  One more.  Last one.

[RB and GM read their monitors a moment.]

RB [grinning and in booming voice]:  "You could win a trip to Hollywood from TV-34 and KRXO."

GM:  "Just watch The Sentinel and Swift Justice.  Wednesday, from nine - from seven to nine on TV-34."

OC Male:  Okay, Garett, you start this one.

GM:  "You could win a trip to Hollywood from TV-34 and K-R-X-O."  "You can win a trip to Hollywood from Television-34 and KRXO."  

OC Male:  Richard, this is yours.

RB:   "Just watch The Sentinel and Swift Justice Wednesdays from seven to nine on TV-34."

GM [quickly to himself]: "You can win a trip to Hollywood from Television-34 and KRXO."  

OC Male:  Okay, we're ready, and here we go.  And three-two-one.

GM: "You can win a trip to Hollywood from Television-34 and KR - " [laughs, looking at RB] "X-O."

RB [grinning]:  TV-34.

GM:  TV-34.

OC Male:  Okay, three-two-

GM: "You can win a trip to Hollywood from Tele "  [holding up finger] Keep it going.  

OC Male:  Three-two-

GM:  "You can win a trip to Hollywood from TV-34 and from KRXO."  

RB:  "Just watch - "

OC Female:  [unclear]

GM:  I said it that last time.  All right.

OC Male:  Here we go.

GM:  Sure.  KRXO.  Okay.

OC Male:  And three-two-one

GM:  "You can win a trip to Hollywood from TV-34 and KRXO."  

RB:  "Just watch The Sentinel and Swift - Justice" [starts laughing]

GM [laughing fondly at RB]:  [unclear]  [looking OC] Coffee!
RB:  Okay, let's try it again.

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  Go ahead.

GM:  "You can win a trip to Hollywood from TV-34 and KRXO."  

RB:  "Just watch The Sentinel and Swift Justice.  Wednesdays at seven, from seven to nine on KRXO-34"  and man, I can't -

GM [grinning]:  No KRXO anymore.

RB [laughing]:  That's right.  All right.  All right.  [GM slaps his back.]

OC Male:  We got her now?

GM:  Oh, we got her.

OC Male:  Three-two-

GM: "You can win a trip to Hollywood from TV-34 and KRXO."  

RB:  "Just watch The Sentinel and Swift Justice, Wednesdays from seven to nine on TV-34."  Heh-heh.

GM [to RB]:  That's a keeper.

RB [reaching for his cup]:  We'll do it again if you want.  We've got this one down now.

OC Male:  You got this one?  One more time.  Here we go. Three-two-

GM: "You can win a trip to Hollywood from TV-34 and KRXO."  

RB:  "Just watch The Sentinel and Swift Justice, Wednesdays from seven to nine on TV-34."

OC Male:  Lovely.  That it?

GM [to RB]:  Oh, I had my legs crossed on that one.

OC Male:  That one done.  No -

1:10:35 - Goes to black screen.


1:15:10 --  Video comes back up, with GM leaning his arm along the back of RB's chair and grinning.

GM [to RB]:  You getting that close?

RB [to GM]:  Uh, yeah.  [makes a mild "banging against my bladder' gesture]  Little bit.  [yawning]  I'm just trying to keep a lot of fluids in my system.

GM [to RB]:  Uh-huh.  You should.

RB [to OC]:  I've got a cold.

GM [watching OC]:  You're pulling it.

OC Male:  [unclear]  My 15yo beat me the other day, first time.

RB:  Wow.

OC Male:  It's good.  [unclear]

RB [yawning]:  Oh, yeah?  Where do you play?

OC Male:  Different areas.  I play one course [unclear].  I play wherever I can.

GM:  Uh-huh.

OC Male:  [unclear]  I try to play them all.

[long moment of sitting quietly]

RB:  Good.

GM:  Great.  How you doing?

[both listen a long time]

RB:  Some of the most beautiful women in Atlanta.  Probably the most beautiful in the country.

GM [laughing]:  Yeah.

RB [after listening]:  No, we don't know anything about that stuff, actually.

GM:  Yes, no time to read any of the reviews or anything like that.  

RB: [listens]:  Hunky.  [GM laughs]  Wow.  [laughs]  That's great.  We're both very honored.  Uh, he's a detective who when he was in Special Forces was marooned in the jungles and spent time with a local tribe there and developed these senses, that actually he was born with.  He comes back to fight crime in Cascade, Washington as a detective.  These things start going crazy, his senses start going crazy.  And he checks himself into a hospital and meets an anthropology student who is doing his thesis work on this very subject and they try and uh - the student, played by Garett, tries to help him with these senses.  And at first it's just part of a scientific kind of undertaking and then it becomes more of a personal, and his own quest to understand and figure it out, and I think he's secretly wanting to be a cop all along, you know. [GM laughs]  [listens a long moment, then looks at his knuckles]  Yep, yeah.  Yeah, my knuckles are just starting to heal.

[GM makes a popping motion with his fist.]

RB [gesturing from the scene in "The Debt"]: No, from... on the ground.

GM:  I think it does too.  I think that's one of the, one of the, one of the... [lost for words]

RB:  Ingredients.

GM [laughing]:  Ingredients about the show, that two people from two different worlds basically be going after the same goal but have two different schools of thought about how to achieve basically the same ending.  So, I think that plays really well.  [listens]  Uh, Blair Sandburg.  Blair is constantly on the quest for knowledge.  Uh [to RB] I forget what - eight years in college, I think was in the last script.  Something like that. [to caller]  I've been in college for eight years and I'm working on my doctorate in anthropology and I've made my life study, uh

RB:  Women.

GM:  Uh, sure.  From Atlanta.  I've made my life study --  my thesis paper to get my doctorate about pre-civilized sentinels.  And to actually come across one, played by Richard, is my dream come true. So, I basically...  He doesn't really want me around at first.  He's trying to get rid of it. And then I'm trying to teach him how to hone it, and use it to his advantage, and have it not be a-a

RB:  Burden.

GM:  A burden to him.  [to RB]  Thank you.  You're filling in my, my - the rest of my sentences for me.

RB:  Yeah, well, somebody's got think for you.

GM [listening, amused].  Yeah.  

RB:  I'm like the auto mechanic, you know, and he's the clunky old car.

GM [feigning offense, to RB]:  Clunky old car?

RB:  I come in and I've got to change the oil and the spark plugs once in a while.

GM:  Come on.  [unclear]

RB [after listening a long time]:  Yeah, a lot of them, yeah.  We work with a really great stunt crew and my stunt double is absolutely terrific.  [unclear name]  You know, he's great.  [listens]  Uh, Bruce Young plays the captain who is a wonderful man, on and off the screen.  A lot of character and a lot of [forms a fist] strength.  Kelly Curtis plays my ex-wife who works in the forensics laboratory.  Ken Earl plays Taggart, who is a bomb squad technician.  We're all very, very close with each other and enjoy the hell out of working with each other.  

GM:  Uh-huh.

[They listen a long time, then look at each other and RB sighs and gestures to GM.]

GM:  Yeah, it's - coming from someone who had only done studio, like sitcom stuff, before this, you  know, working twelve to fifteen, sixteen, sometimes eighteen hours a day is just, it's unreal.  You really have to adjust to it.  And your body has to adjust to it.  You have to go into like this reserves of energy that you didn't know about and, you know, at hour seventeen, when you're just starting another scene, I mean you have to be fresh and you have to wake up.  Drink lots of coffee is what I do.  [laughs]  But it's grueling, you know, and the weekends, if you get one, are spent studying and sleeping.  You know.  Yes.  [listens]  Oh, it's a blast!

RB:  It's great.

GM:  You know, it's problems of abundance, is what it is.  It's a lot of fun.  

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  As you can tell in the final product.  It's great.  

[both listen a long moment, chuckle, and listen some more]

RB:  You'll enjoy the ride.

GM:  Thank you.  Yes, it's really fun.  Thank you very much.

1:22:10 - Black screen, sound only.

OC Male:  [unclear] so.. uh... [unclear]

RB [eagerly]:  Lovely.

OC Male:  You can go now.

1:22:20 - sound goes off


1:27:00 - sound and video back up with both guys looking momentarily confused.

GM and RB:  Morning, Tasha.

GM:  How you doing? [listens]  Great.

RB:  Good.  [listens a long time]  Uh, I think it's more grounded and, you know, my surrounding cast and texture of the show is more grounded, the special effects, week after week, are really incredible.  It's more seat-of-the-pants action than I've ever been involved in.  And I think that there's just a different level - there's a subtlety to it that is - well on Viper I was a bad guy, [GM laughs] head of the bad people.  This is, you know, a foray into, you know, crime fighting with a lot of wild stuff going on.

GM [after listening along moment]:  It's sort of a taught and be taught interaction.

RB:  Yeah, Garett -

GM [to RB]:  Go.

RB:  Yeah, well, the interaction... Garett has a scientific understanding of what my predicament is and so far as, you know, the heightened senses.  So he's trying to help me harness them and

GM [to RB]:  But at the same time, you're teaching me.  You're character is teaching me more about my understanding, or my past understandings of what sentinels were.

RB [to GM]:  Right.  

GM [to RB]:  So it's both

RB:  It's a symbiotic -

GM [to RB]:  We're both teaching each other.

RB:  Yeah.  Exactly.  It's a symbiosis.  

GM [after listening long moment, looks at RB]:  Nice.

RB [after listening]:  Oh, sometimes, you know, when we do stunts that are shown on the air, you actually don't understand what went into them.  There's - I think in the last episode there was an explosion went off.  We were in an elevator, Bruce Young and I - the character...Bank's real-life character [looks at the ceiling and laughs briefly, as does GM] And we were both - I mean, the explosion went off and we kind of did this [raises hands in a blocking gesture] and the actual explosion, we were knocked on our keesters.  And it was pretty intense.  You know, there's gun fire, my hair's been on fire.  It's pretty hairy, you know, doing some of the stunts and sequences.  [listens]  Uh, well, I mean Garett is [gestures to GM] -

[GM gives a goofy grin with a shrug then, holding up his hand seriously]:  No, I'm not going there.  [RB chuckles.]

RB [after listening]:  Some miners?  [listens]  Oh, minors.  I thought you had some coal miners you wanted us to talk to.  [listens]

GM [holding hand to his ear, repeating in a whisper]:  "On UPN 22"

RB [to GM]  Well, we can -

GM:  "Uh, Hi, this is Garett Maggart and

RB [talking at the same time]:  Hi, this is Richard Burgi

GM:  Oh, "This is Garett Maggart and" [gestures to RB]

RB:  "Richard Burgi."

GM:  "And please catch The Sentinel."

RB:  "On, ah, 22"  What's the name of the show?  What's the name of the station?  [listens]  Oh, obviously, that's where we work.

GM:  "Hi, this is Garett Maggart."

RB:  "Hi, this is Richard Burgi."

GM:  "And please watch The Sentinel."

RB: "On UPN station 22... out of Pittsburgh."

GM:  "It's a lot of fun."

RB:  Is that right?  Channel 22.

GM:  Sure.

RB:  Oh, okay.

GM:  "Hi, this is Garett Maggart."

RB:  "And Richard Burgi."

GM:  "And please check out The Sentinel tonight at eight."

RB:  "On UPN 22."  [pause]  Was that right?

GM:  I think so.

RB [after listening a long moment]:  What got us into it?  Uh...

GM:  Auditions...

RB:  The audition came up and I had worked with the people before, the producers.  And I had done a couple of projects with them and you know, we just went for it, just like every other actor that was available in Los Angeles and New York and

GM:  We just happened to be the lucky ones that were at the right place at the right time, and fit the parts.

RB:  Everyone else was probably out on

GM:  And tied to other projects.

RB:  Yeah.

GM: And doing other things like that.

RB:  Oh, yeah.  [listens, grinning].  Thanks very much.

GM:  Thank you.  [listens]  Thank you.

RB:  Enjoy it.  

GM:  Thank you.

RB:  We're going to give you a seat-of-the-pants thrill every week.

GM:  Every week.  Boom!

RB:  God bless.

GM [poking himself in the chest]:  Goy.

1:32:00 - black screen


1:32:15 - sound and video back up


RB:  It used to be WOR, right?  Channel 9.  [listens]  Oh, wow.  Nice.  

GM:  All right.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  I've been to Newark [?] many times.   Used to live on Riverside Drive.

RB:  Yeah, are you still on like Forty-something?  [listens]  Oh.  Right around the corner from me.  Yeah.  Sure.  That's why - I've been over there.  Yeah.

GM [listens]:  Great.  [listens a long time, then looks at RB with a smile]  I suppose that would be me.  My character, Blair Sandburg, plays an anthropologist who's made a life study of sentinels.  Now, the dictionary definition of a sentinel is a guard, is a watchman.  My mentor is a character called Sir Richard Burton, not the actor, who based his life study on pre-civilized sentinels.  Now these people, these guards were-

RB:  Scouts.

GM: These scouts -- well, they're not really scouts.  Well - [to RB]  I guess they're scouts.  [to caller] All their five senses are super heightened, acutely aware, to be able to watch the change in the weather, movement of game, catch enemies coming up on them.  But the one drawback to it is that they become focused on one sense, they become zoned out to all the others, so in turn become vulnerable.  And that's where I come in with him, because I sort of become like his bodyguard while he's working his sentinel gig.

RB:  You're my sensory guard.

GM:  I'm a sensory guard.

RB [after listening]:  No, I think that it's quite within the realm of possibility,

GM:  Definitely.

RB:  That we all have the possible, you know, sixth sense.  And I think that the potential for heightened senses of the basic five is kind of common.  I mean, yogis in the east have experienced, you know, out of body things and endure pain, they can hear things and their taste senses... you know, there's a sense of being able to be clairvoyant and clauraudient.  So, I think that we all have the potential for it; it's just our social conditioning usually precludes that from happening.

GM: Uh-hm.

RB:  You know, because we're taught in a certain format, we're programmed, and we have a kind of, you know, an environment that's been up on its feet for centuries and centuries so there's very little that is left for play in there, and I think people who live outside of society, they are more in touch with nature and, you know, their senses.  [GM reacts with a look of respect for what RB has said.]  [listens]  I think essentially it's man's quest to overcome, you know, his dark side and society's urge for goodness and -

GM:  To want to see good conquer evil.

RB:  Yeah, to want to see good conquer evil.  I was watching a program last night - I forget what movie was on - but something about the devil has existed for so long because he made everybody believe that he didn't actually exist, you know.  So, I think the cop shows that are successful are those that balance the nuances of light and dark.  [listens]  The appeal?  [gestures to GM with open hands]  It right's there!

GM [gesturing back]:  No, it's right there!

RB [still gesturing]:  It's

GM [still gesturing]:  Right there!

RB [still gesturing]:  It's over there!

GM [still gesturing]:  He's right there!

RB [still gesturing]:  Tune in!

GM: Umm

RB:  Great guy.  The characters are wonderful.

GM:  The scripts are great.  And the special effects

RB:  The special effects.

GM:  It's a great show.

RB:  seat-of-the-pants thrill.

GM:  I've never seen anything like it on television, the special effects that they do on this show.  I've certainly never been involved with anything like this.

RB:  It's a wild ride.

GM:  It's a great time.

RB [gesturing to GM]:  And you get to see him in a bikini.

[GM reaches to his ear, listening}

RB [after listening]:  Everything helps.

GM:  Everything helps.  Living life helps.  And on an everyday basis, a day to day basis, because that's all stored in the memory bank and you draw on that.

RB:  My favorite - [looking at GM]  Yeah.

GM [to RB]: It's all about telling a story, you now.  [RB nods]  And if you're a good storyteller, you'd probably be pretty good at this.

RB [nodding to GM]:  What he said.

[both listen a long time]

GM:  Great.  "Hi, this is Garett Maggart."

RB:  "Hi, this is Richard Burgi."

GM:  "And please check out The Sentinel."


GM: Channel nine."  [RBlaughs]

GM [listens]:  No problem.

RB:  Take care.  God bless.

1:38:00 - Black screen


1:39:00 - Sound and video back up, both guys looking across each other at the teleprompters.

RB [to GM]:  "Star Trek and... The Voyage."  What is it?  "Star Trek and The Voyage?"  How do you say that?

GM [to RB]:  "Star Trek *and* the voyage."

RB [to GM]:  What is - is that the name of the show?

GM [to RB, with an obvious tone]:  "The voyage continues."

OC Male:  "And the voyage continues."

RB:  Oh!  Oh, I see. [reads a moment and then laughs, then whistles]  "Happy 30th"

GM:  I'll take "Happy 30th Anniversary, Star Trek."

RB:  Okay.  "Celebrating Thirty Years of Star Trek and the voyage continues on UPN 38."  Okay.

GM:  "Happy 30th Anniversary, Star Trek.  Hope your voyage continues."

RB [to GM]:  "May your voyage continue."  

GM:  "May your voyage continue."  [looking around]  Are we ready?

OC Male:  [unclear re: different shots]

GM:  Okay.

RB:  "Celebrating thirty years of Star Trek.  And the voyage continues on UPN 38."  

GM:  "Happy 30th Anniversary, Star Trek.  May your voyage continue."  [pause]  Thirty years?

RB:  "Celebrating thirty years of Star Trek and the voyage continues on UPN 38."  

OC Male:  Happy with that.

RB [surprised]:  You want me to do another one? I mean, do you want me to do one?

OC Male:  You want another one?

RB:  Oh, yeah - Oh, I was just rehearsing.  But [laughs] if you're happy with that, that's fine.

GM:  Far out.

OC Male:  We're happy down here.  Okay, Garett.

GM [to himself]:  "Happy 30th anniversary, Star Trek.  May your voyage continue."

OC Male:  Three-two-one.

RB:  "Celebrating thirty years of Star Trek.  And the voyage continues on UPN 38."

OC Male:  Super.  Garett, this is yours.

GM [to himself]:  "Happy 30th anniversary, Star Trek.  May your voyage continue."

OC Male:  Here we go.  Three-two-

GM:  "Happy 30th Anniversary, Star Trek.  May your voyage continue."  [RB wriggles his fingers in front of GM's face and GM feigns reacting in fear.]

OC Male:  Next page coming up.  Two separates again.  Okay, Garett.

GM:  "Here's to 30 years of Star Trek.  May your voyage never end."  It's basically the same - oh, okay.

OC Male:  Okay. Three-two-one.

GM:  "Here's to thirty years of Star Trek.  May your voyage never end."

OC Male:  One more time.

GM:  Okay.

OC Male:  And three-two-.

GM:  "Here's to thirty years of Star Trek.  May your voyage never end."

OC Male:  Excellent.  And Richard.

RB:  "Watch The Sentinel here every Wednesday on UPN 38."  [Nods knowingly]

OC Male:  Need a

RB:  A time slot.  Yeah.

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  "Watch The Sentinel here every Wednesday at eight on UPN 38."

GM:  Kind of rhymes.

OC Male:  That's Boston done.

GM [doing a whiny voice]:  I didn't even get to talk about The Sentinel.  Just talk about Star Trek.

RB:  "Watch The Sentinel every Wednesday night at eight here on UPN 38."  "Here on UPN 38."

1:41:45 - Black screen.


1:45:00 - Sound and video back up.

RB:  Hello, Leeanne.

GM:  Hi, Leeanne.  [Listens while RB starts singing "Lee-anne" in a low voice]  Very well, thank you.  How about yourself?

RB [quietly to GM]:  You ever heard that song from Ray Iverson?

GM [to caller]: Yeah, sure.

RB:  Yeah.  [to GM]  You ever heard that song?

GM [to RB]:  No.

RB [singing quietly]:  Lee-anne.  Lee-anne.

GM [watching RB affectionately and laughing]:  You're bored.

RB [to GM]:  Great royalties [unclear].  

GM:  Yes, we're ready.

RB:  Oh, yeah, we're ready.  [listens a long moment]  On the flip side, there's been a lot of very difficult shots, stunts, and so forth.  I think every day we have a lot of fun.  You know.

GM:  Uh-huh.

RB:  And I don't think that there's a day that goes by where we don't have some silly time.

GM:  Very light set.

RB:  Yeah.

GM:  Everyone gets along really well.  Every once in a while you run into a wall, but that's what happens, and that's why I think we're in this business, to be able to get over those walls.  I can't think of anything in particular - actually, yeah, there was one scene that I was doing that's in an episode that's coming up where I was bound and gagged and I was in this shrine of all these candles burning and this guy - it was an episode about a serial killer - and he was going to kill me and, you know, being in that room for three days, it kind of got to me a little bit and, you know, emotionally got to me, and it was hard to go back in there.  It was, yeah - other than that, everything else has been a blast.  
[listens]  Mmm.

RB:  Yeah that was a gas.  You know, the special effects wizardry is something to behold here, and I think I can speak for both of us that we're really enjoying the ride.   And I think that the viewing public is going to enjoy the ride too.

GM:  I would.  [RB chuckles]  I do!

RB:  Yeah.

GM [after listening a long time]:  I don't think he's the bionic man at all.  Because the bionic man was... bionic. [laughing]  His character doesn't run fifty miles an hour, can't lift up cars, can't jump over buildings, can't

RB:  Yeah, that's pretty silly.  It's all within the realm of possibilities.  

GM:  It's all based on what's in reality.  Cause anybody's senses have the capability of becoming hyperactive or heightened.  So, the comparison to the bionic man I think is off the mark there.  I think just any comparisons to action-adventure shows are more on, but I think we're a little bit different there because there's, there's sort of a little earthier feel to it I think, a more grounded sort of

RB:  Yeah, the bionic man was something of, you know, pure fantasy and something more like, you know, gimmickry.  This is something that we all have the potential for, heightened awareness and Blair's character -- or Garett's character, Blair, is doing his research on this very subject which is a tome written about it by a famous

GM:  Anthropologist.

RB:  Anthropologist, researcher named Sir Richard Burton, so there's documentation of this sort of thing existing, and most of it exists outside the realm of our societal understanding.  So, it's all very possible; it just takes a little

GM:  Even in our society, there are certain people who work, as I say in the pilot, work in coffee and perfume companies that are able to have a

RB:  People who taste wine

GM:  Right, that have an acute sense of taste and smell that are able to distinguish between a good product and a bad product.  

RB:  Yeah.  Yeah.

GM:  But it's just - it's a rarity to find one person, one individual, with all five.

RB:  Yeah, you know, you have various accounts in history of savants, you know, of kids that have extraordinary senses.  I was talking with a friend of mine who knew of a - their uncle

GM [to RB]:  A friend of a friend who knew a friend.

RB:  No, their uncle was blind, but would know who you were by just putting [his] thumb to your mouth and having you talk.  Blind and *deaf*.  And nobody could figure out how this happened, but, you know, just the most bizarre, you know, permutations of, you know, genetic possibilities and/or sensorial possibilities exist beyond our realm of thinking.

GM:  I think that's another reason why the show is good because I think that society today is getting into that, more of tapping into the brain and into the body to look for answers instead of always looking for external ways of fixing what's going on in your life, like materialistic things.

RB:  Right.

GM:  Or even like modern medicine.  How wonderful it is, people are making the turn more toward, at least who I know, more like a herbal holistic sort of way of looking at things.  [listens]

RB [whispering to GM]:  Herbal holistic?

GM:  Thank you.

RB:  That's great.

GM:  Thank you very much.  I hope you keep watching.

RB [smiling]:  Take all you want.  [listens]  Oh, good.

OC male:  [unclear]

GM [to RB, nudging him]:  What are you laughing at?

RB [to GM]:  Herbal holistic.  [laughs]

GM [to RB]:  Well, herbal *or* holistic type of thing.  [laughing]

RB [to GM]:  That's great.

GM [to RB]:  Did I say that wrong?

RB [to GM]:  I've never heard it put that way.  "More herbal holistic."

GM [to RB]:  Yeah, you know.  [makes a Wayne's World -? - voice]  With herbs and spices, dude.

OC male [to other OC]:  Are they separate?

[GM feigns backhanding RB.  RB reacts like a spring.]

OC Male:  [unclear]

RB:  That would be me.

GM [waves off an OC]:  I'm fine.  [as camera goes to RB-only, GM says with amusement]  They're all on you, baby.  They don't like me.  

OC Male:  Okay, they're all separate.  

RB [nodding]:  Yeah, I'm ready.

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  "Watch The Sentinel, Wednesdays at eight on UPN 57."

OC Male:  Okay, next one.  Three-two-

RB:  "May is packed with action on UPN 57."

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  "You're watching UPN 57."

OC Male:  One more time.  Three-two-one.

RB:  "You're watching UPN 57."

OC Male:  Garett.

RB [reading to him]:  "Wednesday nights all the action is on UPN 57."

GM [to himself]:  "Wednesday nights all the action is on UPN 57."  Okay.

OC Male:  And three-two-

GM:  "Wednesday nights all the action in on channel"  [bursts out laughing]  I had it a second ago.  

OC Male:  Here we go.

GM [to himself]: "Wednesday nights all the action is on UPN 57."

OC:  Three-two

GM:  "Wednesday nights all the action is on UPN channel 57."

RB:  UPN 57.

GM: UPN 57 - it's not really a channel.  All right, sure.

OC:  Three-two-

GM:  "Wednesday night all the action is on UPN 57."  [reading]  "Things are really heating up around here."

OC:  Three-two-

GM:  "Things are really heating up around here."

OC:  Again.  Three-two-

GM:  "Things are really heating up around here."

OC Male:  Thank you.

GM:  Uh-huh.  Thank you.

OC Male:  Richard, you're next.

RB [looking tired]:  You want the same thing?  Are you ready?

OC Male:  We've got the wrong one.  Wrong one.

RB [taking his cup, to OC]:  Hey, buddy, could I have a swallow of water when you have a chance?  Or anybody?  [watching around the set]  Oh, her?

OC Male:  Here we go.

RB [after reading a long moment]:  Are you ready?

OC Male:  Okay and three-two-

RB:  "This is your chance to get into action" [someone sneezes OC] - bless you.  "This is your chance to get into the action.  Don't miss out.  Register to vote.  It's paramount."  [reads a long moment]  Oh, I should break that up.  "Don't miss out."  Oh, "On election day vote."  That's a different one?

OC Male:  That's a different one.  

RB:  Oh, okay.

OC Male:  Ready?

RB:  Yeah.

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  "This is your chance to get into the action.  Don't miss out.  On election day vote.  It's paramount."

GM:  You're so good!

RB [reading, and then his eyes get really big.  GM whistles and then starts laughing.]  Okay.

OC Male:  Okay?  And three-two-

RB:  "You don't need super senses to achieve your goals.  You do need an education.  Learn as much as you can and stay in school.  It's paramount."  Uhh....  Let's try it again.

GM:  "Get an education."

RB:  Yeah.  Oh, no, I'll - Yeah, I'll try it again.
OC Male:  And three-two-

RB:  "You don't need super senses to have an education."  Nah, that's not true.  [GM laughs.]

OC Male:  "To achieve your goals."

RB:  Yeah, of course you do.

OC Male:  And three-two-

RB:  "You don't need super senses to achieve your goals.  You do need an education.  Learn as much as you can and stay in school to get an education."  Nah, that's not true.  [GM laughs.]  "Learn as much as you can and stay in school because education is paramount."  I'll try it again.

OC Male:  Okay, three-two-

RB:  "You don't need super senses - "

OC Male:  Three-two-

RB:  "You don't need super senses to achieve your goals.  You do need an education.  Learn as much as you can and stay in school because education is paramount."

GM:  That's a keeper right there, buddy.  [pause]  Is that the last one?

OC Male:  Okay, that's Philly gone.

GM:  Oh, that was Philly.  We've got two more... San Franciscos.

OC Male:  Two San Franciscos.

1:56:00 - Black screen