The Incident

By: Tate


Thanks to mum for the beta and Annie and Mum for their encouragement.



Blair wandered around the loft, wondering where Jim had gone. Blair was pretty sure that Jim was avoiding him. He had been leaving for work early without even waking Blair to ask him if he needed a ride to the University. It had been happening since the incident as Blair had begun referring to that fateful night.

They had just foiled another nasty criminal's plans and decided to go back to the loft for a celebratory drink. One drink became a few and Blair suddenly leaned toward Jim and kissed him. Jim didn't pull away, instead his soft lips parted and his tongue explored Blair's mouth.

It was a wonderful moment that seemed to last forever. When it was over, Blair looked into Jim's eyes for some sign of how he felt about what had just happened. For a moment Jim looked back, then he said he had to take a shower and go to bed. Ever since then the incident hadn't been mentioned when they had seen each other.

Maybe Jim was ashamed. Blair just had to find out. "And that's what I'm gonna do," Blair said as he slammed the loft door behind him.


Blair arrived at the station just as Jim was leaving to go to lunch.

"Jim, I need to talk to you," Blair called as he ran up to Jim.

"Not now, Chief. I'm going out," Jim said as he brushed past his Guide.

"No, not now. When you get home, but we *are* going to talk."

"Fine. I'll catch you later."

Blair watched as Jim walked out the door, wondering if he would be home in time for dinner and an honest chat.


As Blair pottered around in the kitchen, he was running over what he would say to Jim when he got home. *Look Jim, about the other night.* 'No, that didn't sound right.

As he was checking the casserole in the oven, he heard the door open and Jim walked in, hanging his jacket on the hook by the door.

"Jim, in here," Blair called.

Jim walked in, looking everywhere except at Blair. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Not yet, dinner is nearly ready. Sit down. You wanna beer, man?" Blair asked, casually opening the fridge.

"Yeah, that would be great, thanks."

Blair handed Jim the cold bottle, and tried to get Jim to look him in the eyes. It didn’t happen, so he walked slowly to the oven to begin serving dinner.

Just as they began eating, Blair decided it was now or never. "Look, Jim. Well, I don’t really know what to say, but, umm…"

"Spit it out,Chief."

"Ok. Do you hate me?" Blair asked honestly.

"What? No. Why would you think that?" Jim finally looked Blair in the eyes. He looked concerned. That was a good thing, Blair decided, he still had his friend.

"Well, it's just that after the other night, you know, when I kinda kissed you. You've been kinda funny since then. And, umm, if you don’t feel the same way…"

"I just didn’t know you felt that way about me, and this is all new to me."

"Its all new to me too, but if you're not interested…"

Blair's words were suddenly cut off as Jim's lips met his.

Blair's heart quickened with excitement.

"Is that interested enough for you? Let's talk about this upstairs," Jim said seductively as he helped Blair from his seat and led him up to the bedroom.