Hostage to Justice

By Tate



Thanks to mum (Lyn) for the beta.

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"Blair! How many times have I told you to lock the front door when you go to bed?" Jim called out to his partner, who had lately had a habit of leaving the door unlocked most of the night. Usually Jim wouldn’t mind, but he was being stalked by a particularly dangerous criminal at the moment and didn’t feel it was safe to leave anything open.

"Blair!" Jim called again. He stopped and tried to focus his heightened sense of hearing to detect any noises around the loft that might indicate where Blair might be. When there were no sounds, Jim started to feel a bit worried. *Focus. Have a look around. Blair could have just gone out for a walk or something.*

As Jim scouted around the kitchen, he could see that Blair had started to make his breakfast, but the toast was still sitting in the toaster. Strange. Why didn’t he hear Blair get up this morning? *Oh the white noise generator earplugs.* Jim had been using some earplugs Blair had given him as there had been some late night road works that had been bothering him. The earplugs were white noise generators and they definitely helped Jim sleep.

"He didn’t even leave me a note," Jim mumbled to himself. He decided to give Blair a call on his cell.

His cell phone was still in the loft. Jim could hear it ringing in their upstairs bedroom. *That is definitely odd.* Jim thought. He figured that Blair must have forgotten he had an early morning and left in such a rush that he forgot his cell phone. Jim had to go to work himself, so he thought he might just try Blair a bit later or even drop in at the university and take him out to lunch.


At about 10.30am, just as Jim was leaving the station, his cell phone rang. There was a strange, husky breathing on the other end.

"Hello?" Jim said curiously.

Suddenly a distorted voice said, "Drop the case. Leave O’Donnell alone or your friend dies." Just before the stranger hung up, Jim could hear his Guide in the background screaming as if he was being tortured.

"Blair!" yelled Jim in vain. It wasn’t as if Blair would have been able to hear him.

Jim turned on his heels and hurried straight into Simon’s office without knocking. "Sir, Blair has been kidnapped and I know O’Donnell and his boys are behind it. I want a warrant to search his place and any other place he has anything to do with right now."

"Hang on, Jim. How do you know this has anything to do with O’Donnell and when did you notice Blair missing?"

"He was missing this morning but I just thought that he had gone to the University early, but just as I was leaving to follow up on some leads, I got a call on my cell telling me to stay away from the O’Donnell case or Blair gets it. I could hear him in the background and it didn’t sound like they were treating him like a guest of honor," Jim explained, getting more worried by the second.

Simon stood from behind his desk. "Where do we start? Let's not put the kid in any more danger than he is."

"I want a trace on my phone so if the kidnappers call again, we might be able to find out where they're calling from. Other than that, I want to follow up on any leads we have and you can get me any warrant I need."


*Now where to begin?* Jim thought, trying to calm himself. He figured it would be smart trying to catch up with O’Donnell’s girlfriend. The last time he'd spoken to her, she said she had no idea where O'Donnell was, and her heart rate seemed to reflect that she was telling the truth but maybe O'Donnell had contacted her since then.

Jim jumped into his truck and took off, heading for the east side of town where Sara Venning worked as an exotic dancer in a club called Tease.

As usual, Jim pushed his way though the security guards and into the bar, where he used his sentinel vision to search for Sara. When he couldn’t see her, he approached Bruce behind the bar. The manager seemed overly tense tonight. "Bruce!" Jim called. The bar manager and Jim were already well enough acquainted. "Do you know where I can find Sara tonight?"

"No, but if you see her, you tell her she’s fired! Hasn’t been to work in three days now!" Bruce yelled over the noise, then turned on his heel and stormed to the other end of the bar where a fight was breaking out.

Jim decided to go to Sara’s apartment. If she wasn’t there, then maybe she had left some clues as to where he could find her.


When Jim arrived at Sara’s apartment, the door was locked, so he cajoled the manager to unlock her door. The manager had said that he hadn’t seen her for a few days, but she was behind on her rent by a few weeks.

As Jim walked into the apartment, his sense of smell kicked in. He could smell the sour taint of fear. The place was a mess, clothes strewn everywhere, dirty dishes, the coffee table had been upended. Sara had been in a rush and she was scared. As Jim walked towards Sara’s bedroom, he noticed a light indented pattern on her door. Using his sentinel senses, he could see that it was a footprint. It was like the heel of a work boot. He knew where to go next. Before leaving, he called Simon to get a forensic crew up to Sara’s apartment to see what they could find and then Jim was off to O’Donnell’s right hand man’s building site.


O’Donnell’s right hand man, Bill Volkers, owned a construction company and at the moment, he and his crew were building a new casino on the east side of Cascade. Jim thought he would have a nice friendly chat to Bill and then have a look around the site and see if he could find a footprint that matched the one on Sara’s door.

After wandering around the construction site for a while, Jim spotted Bill shoveling sand into a wheelbarrow and thought this would be the best time to have a chat and check out any footprints he may have left.

"Volkers, my man!" Jim called, "How’s it going, working hard?"

Bill turned around, a smug smile on his face "Detective Ellison, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Just got a few questions for you. You haven’t seen O’Donnell around the place lately, have you?" Jim was going to ask him about Sara Venning but had decided to hold that for a later time.

"Not lately, Detective. It's been fairly busy around here lately, haven’t got enough time to scratch myself," Bill replied a bit too quickly. Jim could here Bill’s heart racing. He knew he was lying.

"Oh, okay. Well, thanks for that. Keep up the hard work." Jim smiled and walked back to his truck.

While Jim was talking to Volkers, he'd noticed that the prints Volkers was making in the sand were the same as the one on Sara’s door. He also felt that if he had mentioned Sara to Volkers, something bad could happened to Blair. He hoped that his presence today would make Volkers go back to where Blair was being held. That meant a stakeout.


It was nearly 9pm and Jim was still sitting in a nondescript car near the construction site watching for Volkers. He hadn’t returned to his car yet, but with his sentinel hearing, Jim could hear him talking on his phone about Blair. It was obvious that he was afraid and that he was planning on going back to where he was keeping him.

"Don’t be stupid, Bill. There is nothing to worry about," the voice on the phone said.

"Well, I am worried. With that bastard, Ellison, snooping around, I think we should move his buddy to another location until we're sure that he is staying away from O’Donnell. And that is what I am gonna do!" And with that Volkers ended the conversation.

This was Jim’s only chance, and here came Volkers now.

Jim waited until Volkers was in his car and then started the car and slowly followed him to Blair’s location. Jim stayed well behind Volkers, so he didn’t make him suspicious.

After about 15 minutes of driving, Volkers pulled up at the gates of a large abandoned factory. Jim turned off the engine and rolled silently to a stop then began to find a way of getting into to the compound without alerting Volkers or anyone else to his presence.

Once Jim had silenced the guards at the gate, he used his heightened sense of hearing to try and detect Blair.

As soon as he locked on to the sound of his lover's heartbeat, he began to run. *Hold on Blair! I’m coming!* The anthropologist's heart rate quickened as if he was enduring severe pain. This only made Jim run faster and he hit Volkers a lot harder as he entered the compound at a run without worrying about his own safety or thinking about what could have happened when he let himself in without knocking.

Fortunately, after knocking Volkers out cold, Jim realized that he and Blair were alone. Lucky, or he could have got his or Blair’s head blown off.

"Jim!" yelled Blair, startling Jim out of his daze. Blair was struggling in his bonds. His face was bruised and his lip was bleeding but he was conscious and seemed alert.

He ran over and untied Blair’s hands, lifted him up and kissed him. He could not believe he had nearly lost him again.

"Blair, I never want to lose you. I won’t let this happen ever again. I love you," Jim whispered in Blair’s ear.

Blair hugged Jim back, and Jim could feel Blair's entire body shaking. "Not your fault," he said. "You got me back and we can put O'Donnell away for good."