By Tate



60 second Fanfic challenge.

Choose a character, and he or she must contemplate * 10 minutes that will make him or her cringe *.


Why did I let Blair sucker me into a bet like this? I mean what the hell was I thinking? I should have known that he wouldn’t forget about it.

"I told you the Bulls would win!" Blair shouted excitedly as he danced around the room.

Damn! Now I have to embarrass myself in front of a whole squad room of my buddies. This is going to be humiliating.

"You should have just trusted me, Jim. Boy, you are going to look so sexy in those high heels and fishnets, and I’m thinking, a leather mini skirt," Blair laughed.

"I guess it's just lucky I have nice legs then, isn’t it?" I tried not to sound concerned. This is going to be something I am never going to live down. I bet that little twerp has told Simon and he’ll be poised, waiting with a fucking camera.


I can’t sleep. It's 4am. In two hours, I have to get up and dress like a drag queen, jump in my truck and humiliate myself in front of all the guys at work.

It's now 4:05am.

Why couldn’t we have just put a few bucks on the game? Man, I'm a freaking idiot.

5:07am. Should I shave my legs or just leave them as they are? Do you think the guys will notice…? WHAT THE HELL! Why am I thinking about this kinda crap? I must be going insane.

I might as well get up and get this over with.

I hop into the shower and stand there for a long time willing my body to suddenly bring on a severe case of gastro or something. ANYTHING. It doesn’t seem that I am gonna be that lucky.

I stand up to look at myself in the mirror and nearly fall over. How do women do it? I wonder. I turn away. It's time.