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True Minds Lanning Cook


Jim and Blair kidnapped.
Nia Chronicles Little Eva When an old girlfriend of Blair's drops in, she also drops two big surprises. Can Jim and Blair reach an understanding that will make everyone happy? Jim and Blair raise a girl.
Bed Alexis Gunn A long conversation and sex fest. No plot at all. This is something you would read if it was raining and you had already seen the bad Mare Winningham movie on "Lifetime." Jim and Blair share a motel room for the night.
The Inheritance Nancy Blair gets an unexpected Inheritance that changes his and Jim's life forever - a daughter. Jim and Blair raise a girl.
Call Him a Dog Lanning Cook The new Major Crimes detective discovers that being Jim Ellison's partner is not all it's cracked up to be. Jim meets a cop who says he could be a better partner than Blair.
No Regrets Gillian Middleton


Underage Blair.
Boxcar Sandburg Alexis Gunn Undercover in the rail yards, Blair gets a bit carried away. Jim and Blair go undercover as hoboes on a train.
Seeing and Feeling with the Heart akablonded A hostage situation helps Jim realize what Blair means to him. Virgin Blair.
The Jungle Book Katrina Bowen Four years after being stranded in the jungles of Peru, James Ellison must come to the rescue of a pair of stranded anthropologists. URL Request
Panther Tales Saraid Ten years ago, Jim and Blair were taken and tortured by the government for unknown reasons. They escaped, damaged, and now live strange, twisted lives as fabled mercenaries. Will they ever find their way back to the people they once were? Jim is Panther, Blair is The Professor.
Saving Sandy Blair's exhausted, Jim and Simon are being unreasonable and Megan sorts them all out. Blair/Megan friendship stories.
Homesick Kat Blessed Protector on vacation. Simon intervenes.
Blair/Megan friendship stories.
In Vodka Veritas Gloria Lancaster Jim Finds Out. No sex, no romance. Sensitive stomachs, be warned. Blair drunk.
Suffisaunce Cara Chapel Jim and Blair consider what might have been. Blair is a monk.
Solitude Annabelle Leigh Amish Jim and hippie drifter Blair save each other.
Jim is Amish.
In the Middle of the Night Alexis Gunn Conner and Sandburg have a frank conversation, and Jim overhears. Blair/Megan friendship stories.
What's a Little Nip Between Friends? Caro Dee What happens when you give a sentinel cold medicine? Blair drunk.
Whine Wine Deana C Jamroz Wine can be a real eye-opener. Among other orifices. Blair drunk.
Weenie in a Bottle Sentinelgrl What do you get when you have one really drunk guide and one really stupid idea? and find out!
Jim drunk.
Outback Jim Krisser A lonely man patrols the outback of Australia. He finds trouble and a whole lot more. TS fic set in Australia.
Tabling the Discussion akablonded Blair and Jim use the kitchen table for purposes other than eating Blair drunk.
Marry Me, Blair Shedoc The MC Gang goes on a manditory "team building" weekend. Marry me, Blair fic.
Mentor Grey Jim and Blair have personal problems during a murder investigation when Jim suspects Blair suffered abuse as a minor. Blair sick or depressed.
I Never Thought I'd Say This Rogue The guys start getting more and more antsy around ach other until finally, things come to a head, in more ways than one Blair sick or depressed.
Spirit of Grace Annie


BMB fics.
Blair is Brave Geoffrey Jim longs for Blair but is afraid to speak. Jim and Blair almost shot.
The Meaning of the Tribe Knoteach Jim and Blair as seen through a twisted glass...or maybe that should be quantum mirror? TS/SG crossover.
I Flew Apaches in Desert Storm Shedoc The truth about Blair's comment about flying Apaches Blair flew Apaches in Desert Storm.
Loving Captain Ellison Romslinger Graduate student Blair Sandburg gets more than he bargained for when he buys a 1969 Ford pick-up. Stories based on song - Riding with Private Malone.
Imperative Hunger Calista Echo


Blair becomes a nymphomaniac due to Jim.
Slip Sliding Away Alyjude Blair is sliding away from Jim, literally. Can they find out the cause and stop it before it's too late? Duh.
Blair's vision is wonky.
Quack Legion What is one good way to deal with a bigot? Cheer up fics.
Kids Under 12 Drink Free Mallory Klohn Jim and Blair go to Las Vegas for absbolutely no reason... or so they think. Cheer up fics.
Written in the Stars Vampyr Alex Jim goes primal during an offworld mission with the Stargate team. Blair and Daniel are brothers.
First of the Month Anna S Blair does not want to pay rent. Blair offers sex in exchange for rent.
Talent Grey Jim's quite taken with Blair's talent for dancing. Jim and Daryl vie for Blair's attention.
Fathers and Sons Belladonna After the episode, 'The Sentinel', Blair flees Cascade to see his father. Jack is Blair's dad.
Moonhunt Dolimir A young shaman is caught out in the open during a moonhunt and his life is forever changed. Sentinels chase guides at night.
Near Miss

Direct Hit

Cease Fire

Cara Chapel Jim gets wounded and Blair gets tempted.
Jim hurt, Blair looks after him.
Cop of the Year Montserrat Jim receives another "Cop of the Year" honor...and it goes uphill from there.
Jim hurt, Blair comfort.
Kaleidoscope PJ Jim's world shatters. Jim hurt, Blair comfort.
A Million Pieces Candy Apple Blair is the only survivor of a violent attack on Jim's family, and both men must support each other through physical and emotional recovery, and the exploration of their relationship.
Jim angst.
Those Who Can Sihaya Black Jim and Blair learn something about Jim's past and walk headlong into danger.
Jim hurt, Blair comfort.
The Healer Alyjude Major Crimes is hit hard and healing and unification comes from a surprising source.
One of the guys has a head injury.
Ever Wonder Shadow Philosophical chat over Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vampire fics.
Kiss Me Deadly Candy Apple A lover from Jim's past has joined the realm of the undead, and returns to Cascade for Jim. Vampire fics.
Vampire Jim James Rellan Blair and Jim meet. Have sex. Share blood. The usual. Vampire fics.
Turning Blair James Rellan Blair changes. This story is a sequel to: Vampire Jim Vampire fics.
Halloween with Vampire Jim James Rellan


Vampire fics.
Passing it On Mab Browne Jim meets a vampire and contemplates his future. Vampire fics.
I Married a Vampire Mab Browne It's the morning after. Blair has an idea, Jim shops, they talk. Vampire fics.
Home Late Mab Browne What happens when Blair is late home for dinner? Vampire fics.
A Day Must Come Mab Browne (AKA the last Vampire Jim Story) Jim looks back at a few old memories Vampire fics.
Soul Quest NatalieL A camping trip leads to startling changes in Jim's life as he encounters a wounded elf in the forests of the Cascade Mountains. Fey Blair.
In Sickness and In Health N'wanda Jim receives a traumatic brain injury and must go through recovery, rehabilitation, and beyond with Blair's help.
One of the guys has a head injury.
To Hold a Wolf by the Ears Dangermouse Jim comes home from Clayton Falls to discover that Blair's gone on a retreat of his own.
Blair on a trip, gets lost in woods with pet wolf.
These Two Hearts Candy Apple Jim rescues Blair from an abusive relationship. Blair in a past abusive relationship.
Love and Curses Sorka Can Jim and Blair find a way to bridge the gap between them when serious changes occur in their lives?
Jim changes into a panther.
Rules of Attraction Spiderine Jim and Blair travel to Peru so Blair can undergo his initiation as a Chopec shaman.
Jim changes into a panther.
Of Mages and Sentinels Stormwolf Dawn In a very different world two species co-exist. Jim changes into a panther.
Precious Illusions Castalie It's said that love can conquer all. But what about the demons buried deep in a man's heart? Blair in past abusive relationship.
Cold November Rain Wendy K Jim has a really bad day. Blair makes it better.
Blair takes care of Jim.
The Hearts of the West series Scribe Blair Sandburg has roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person.
Jim as Blair's father.
Beach Martha & Kitty He thought briefly of Naomi, and grief closed around his heart
Blair takes care of Jim. Note: Long unfinished WiP.
Wisdom of the Wolf/Wisdom of the Jaguar LilyK Shaman Blair Sandburg finds Sentinel Jim Ellison in the jungles of Peru. Jim changes into a panther.
Conforming to Requirements Fluterbev In a society where Sentinels are prized, and the inferior status of Guides is enshrined in law, Sentinel Jim Ellison doesn’t want to Bond. His rental Guide isn’t allowed to. Blair is a temporary guide.
Fall Toward Grace Stormy Stormheller "[Jim's] mom runs a brothel in Spokane."
~ Danny Bilson, SciFi Chat, September 20, 1999
Jim/Blair prostitute fics.
Paying the Rent NatalieL Jim rescues a young university student from a life of prostitution. Jim/Blair prostitute fics.
Hard Living Annie Blair and Jim meet under totally different circumstances. Jim/Blair prostitute fics.