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Nightmare Realized Saul Jim and Blair kidnapped by the military Blue healing hands
I Love This Job Corbeau Blair's been out of town. Jim is pissy, and not noticing things except his own horny state Seldom recommended fics
Cascade Olympiad Corbeau A series of events in the life of our boys, stung along a common (and timely) theme Seldom recommended fics
Just Kill Me Blankety

A little trip to the hospital -- from a different point of view

Seldom recommended fics
The Break Annabelle Leigh

A mysterious young woman helps Jim and Blair find their way back to one another

Seldom recommended fics
Sandburg Sequence Wordwitch Jim knows more about Sandburg than Sandburg thinks he knows Seldom recommended fics
Waiting PJ Blair waits for Jim. Seldom recommended fics
Cold Case Bluewolf Jim and Blair are given a cold case to investigate just before going off for a few days at New Year Seldom recommended fics
In Memory Alyjude Well, I already claimed them for them for us all, so now we need a home for them on network television. Seldom recommended fics
Click-Click Alyjude A rescue goes wrong. Seldom recommended fics
Now or Never R'rain After a cop is killed on Valentine's Day, Jim decides he has to tell Blair how he really feels Seldom recommended fics
Lies Arianna It's been a year since the press conference and, despite doing his job well, Blair's testimony in court is compromised by his reputation as a liar and a fraud. Seldom recommended fics
The Jester Demeter


Rafe's background
Heartbeats Pt 1



Heartbeats Pt 2
JM Griffin This is a rather different Jim-and-Blair-with-a-kid story. It is NOT a death story
With Blair missing in Africa, Jim struggles to raise Blair's son, James Ellison "Eli" Sandburg.
Rafe's background
Hot Jazz Alf


Blair is the sentinel
What If? Sinistral Jim and Blair meet in a different way. In a whole different universe, in fact. Blair is the sentinel
As the Bough Breaks Emerald A violent attack forces Jim to reveal his true feelings, but will circumstances take Blair away before they can find happiness? Puppy love
Just Ducky EE My cliché? Blair as a trouble magnet. If you can't figure out the sense, shame on both of us! Blair walks a neighbors dog
Negotiator Montserrat A terrorist named Garrett Kincaid comes to Cascade Blair with Kincaid
A Thank You'd Be Nice



Blair dumps spaghetti on Jim
The Gift of Christmas Suze777 & HL Empress A sweet Christmas story for the guys Sentinel Christmas
Tempus Fugit Lemon Drop There is no reality except in action Sentinel Christmas
We Gather Together, Christmas and Chanuakah Alyjude Well, um, er, it's Jake's first Christmas and Chanuakah, you know? Sentinel Christmas
Lovely Martha Daniel looks for peace in the aftermath of Absolute Power and The Light. Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America. A Sentinel/Stargate crossover Sentinel Christmas
Thirteen Christmas Traditions Resonant Jim and Blair's first Christmas Eve at the loft Sentinel Christmas
Just Another Christmas Eve Alyjude A gift must be altered following an altercation with a man who simply does not want to be arrested. Duh Sentinel Christmas
In Solemn Stillness Lay Alyjude It's Christmas Eve and a certain detective is playing Santa Sentinel Christmas
Merry Christmas from the Gang at Major Crimes Alyjude


Sentinel Christmas
The Thought that Counts

The Thought that Counts Pt 2



Sentinel Christmas
Jim's Gift - All Heal


Blair's Gift - Steadfast

Veronica Blair's plans for Christmas are ruined—or are they?
Jim thinks this is the best Christmas ever; Blair isn't so sure
Sentinel Christmas
One is a Lonely Number Alyjude Wherein it's been four months since the boys got together at Lake Chelan, and now it's almost Christmas. Will Jim replace Blair's sold computer? Has the course of true love gone smoothly since we last left our guys? How the hell should I know? I just write the stuff. Sentinel Christmas
Can He Bake a Cherry Pie, Jimmy Boy? Scribe Blair surprises Jim with a special treat when Jim is blue Sentinel Christmas
The Holiday Greetings of the Sentinel Multiple


Sentinel Christmas
For Emergencies Only XFreak Simon finds more and less than he expected Sentinel Christmas
A New Year Suze777 & HL Empress This story is a sequel to The Gift of Christmas Sentinel Christmas
The Conversation series Tayla This takes place a few days after the last episode. Blair and Simon talk about the Police Academy. URL request
The Conversation series Gena


URL request
Between Two Worlds


Spirited Away
Dangermouse Tis another Shaman fic. Blair's a Shaman, he's also a cop. Where does he belong?
Cops keep going missing and they don't know where to find them
Spirit animals
The Sentinel/Profiler The Tenth Muse When Jim is caught in a deliberate explosion and Blair kidnapped, it's up to Sam and the VCTF to set things right. Profiler crossover

Spirit Willing



Spirit animals
All Surface, No Feeling Annie You know that feeling when everything you have right now isn't enough? Fic announcement
Different Roads, Different Directions series Mickey M Jim must deal with his feelings for Blair Jim's a forest ranger
Virtual Season Multiple


SVS Season slash
Loving You Less Than Life I





Loving You Less Than Life II




Loving You Less Than Life III

Kadru An angry convict returns to pay vengence on the Cascade PD, just as Blair and Jim come to grips with their attraction to each other. But they have other issues to work out first. Can they do it in time?


Jim finally admits to himself that he's ready to begin a relationship with Blair, but as a serial killer prowls the streets of Cascade, has he waited too long?


Jim must win Blair's heart before his guide falls in love with someone else, but something from his past may not let him live long enough to do it.

URL request
Segue Spyke Three mildly related musings on hypersensitivity Mother's Day fic
The Quality of Mercy Psychgirl Blair reunites with an old friend, who turns out to be someone completely unexpected Mother's Day fic
Fall From Grace Alyjude Jim and Grace Ellison work hard at building a new relationship until fate and a new case intervene Mother's Day fic
The Grand Prize LilyK Jim Ellison's mother returns to Cascade Mother's Day fic
Gone Native Laura Valentine An in-progress series of stories Mother's Day fic
Ministers of Grace Lanning Cook Jim and Blair are forced to deal with some post-TSbyBS issues when they receive unexpected visitors Mother's Day fic
Finding Grace Lemon Drop Jim finds his mother Mother's Day fic
Like Their Mothers Charlotte Frost Jim and Blair come home to an unexpected visitor at the loft. Post-TSbBS Mother's Day fic
Mother May Saraid Jim's anxieties about his relationship with Blair peak when an important person from his childhood returns unexpectedly. Mother's Day fic
Secrets Bluewolf Naomi finally tells Blair who his father was. Mother's Day fic
Heritage PatK Naomi watches her son and talks to a friend Mother's Day fic
Bombshell Spikedluv Naomi pays the boys a visit. Mother's Day fic
Something Told the Wild Geese Bluewolf Mainly follows Naomi and Blair's childhood, ending post TSbyBS. Mother's Day fic
Sum of the Parts Audra Rose Visitors from the past. An old photograph. Blair has a secret. Jim wants to know what it is Mother's Day fic
BJ Sandburg series Gillian Middleton The Sandburg Curse - on their thirtieth birthday members of Blair's family have been known to change sex for a year. But try telling Jim that! He learns the hard way that there's more to Blair than he ever thought, and also how tricky those Sentinel mating instincts can be when faced with a female Guide. Freaked out yet? There be humour and sex ahead, if you're interested Mother's Day fic
Future Tense Alyjude Blair moves on with his life and career, but a violent case brings him back to Cascade to assist in catching a killer Mother's Day fic
We Gather Together, Thanksgiving Alyjude Well, you have Jim and Blair, Jake, Naomi, and -- Thanksgiving. That's pretty much it. :) Mother's Day fic
Full Circle Trilogy Alyjude


Mother's Day fic
The Passing Shade (gen)




Cup Runneth Over

Charlotte Frost While Blair recovers from a car accident, he and Jim each confront events from their pasts


Jim and Blair grow closer while confronting their individual feelings about various personal situations.

Mother's Day fic
The Braid akablonded Blair hair works its magic on a reluctant Sentinel. Simply put, Blair hair. Jim, there. Blair w/long braid
Alternity series Legion Two unusual visitors through the stargate will change the lives of two men in Cascade, as well as SG1, forever. Broken into three parts due to size Stargate crossover
BS Factor Jen Riddler


More than meets the eye
Who Are You? Kyanoswolf What if the Sentinel finds out his Guide isn't who he thought he was? More than meets the eye
Sideline Mab Jim goes on the run with Blair, claiming a threat from another sentinel. But just who's the threat? Jim from alternate universe
The Scars That Remain Jane Mailander Blair shows Jim what a *real* paper-cut looks like Dead Drop theme
Gallileo Athena Blair conquers his fear of heights while Jim faces his own fears Dead Drop theme
Gravity Winds-of-Dawn Peru Universe. Dead Drop. Need I say more? Dead Drop theme
Sacred Space Justine In the aftermath of Dead Drop, Sentinel and Guide reaffirm their connection Dead Drop theme
Falling Callisto


Dead Drop theme
Making of a Shaman Sweetkitty

Incacha know he will die soon, and wants to teach Blair the way of the shaman

Stargate crossover
Rebirth of Sentinel and Guide Sweetkitty

Blair has come back from the dead as an immortal and must now learn the way of the shaman and how to fight


Stargate crossover
The Truth series Sweetkitty The Sentinel and Guide help SG-1 Stargate crossover
Hazy Shade of Winter Psychgirl What if TSbyBS was a dream? TSbyBS is a dream
Words Spoken in Winter Gritkitty Jim, Blair, pheromones, and a girl J/B with women
Hard Living Annie Blair and Jim meet under totally different circumstances Blair forced into prostitution
I Follow the Night Castalie Love can be found everywhere. Even in the most sordid places Blair forced into prostitution
Recovery Epic Litgal This is the story of a strong but damaged Blair trying to find himself, his happiness, and his true path. While he originally tries to survive the dissertation disaster by running away from his life with Jim, memories of Jim refuse to stop haunting him First time
Your Place or Mine? akablonded Who's on first? Better, yet, who's on top? Just ask the nervous, hair-challenged Sentinel First time
The Charm Miriam Heddy Not your traditional first-time story First time
Final Frontier Rainy Day A angsty "first-time" story in more than one sense. Read no further if you're under eighteen, bothered by camping, fishing or wild m/m sex in the wilderness First time
Laws of Murphy TW Lewis As usual, it's up to Jim to save Blair from himself First time
Consummation Annie Sequel to Into the Future First time
Sentinel, Interrupted Elaine Ten year old Jimmy Ellison needs a guide. But when Blair arrives at the Sentinel Institute, Jimmy's need to protect his guide outweighs his sense of self-preservation First time
Degrees to Heal



Degrees to Love

Monica An illness leads to a discussion of feelings, and a discovery, as old wounds heal.
Just a long romantic first time story, as a healthy Blair and Jim affirm their love
First time
Do You Remember the First Time? Sean Remembering the guys' first time together First time
Kindred Spirits Sarah A mix-up by a mail order bookstore leads a tall handsome stranger to the loft. (Blair/Methos) Highlander crossover
Principles of Lust Kaelleigh Set in the same universe as Kindred Spirits. Blair and Jim are in Seacouver and take time to meet with Blair's friend, Adam Pierson. Highlander crossover
The Look



Look Again


One Last Look
Bone A first-encounter Duncan/Jim story that will leave you breathless!



Jim returns to Joe's, and things get just a little more serious


Duncan MacLeod comes looking for Jim, five years later
Highlander crossover
Halloween Hangover Bone Fluff. Pure, unadulterated smutty fluff involving Jim and Blair, and Duncan, Methos and Amanda from the Highlander world. Highlander crossover
Crossed Swords



Sword in Hand



Sword Master

YS McCool Blair runs afoul of a *very* old researcher and makes a new friend Richie Ryan

Jim and Blair run into old friends while attending a seminar in Seacouver


Richard and Duncan arrive in Cascade to attend Blair's graduation.

Highlander crossover
Discards Akilah with Highlander, The Series. An AU look at what might have happened to Blair and Methos after TSbBS and Endgame. Highlander crossover
Tonight, It's You Roxanne


Highlander crossover
This Side of Heaven Gillian Middleton Highlander/Sentinel crossover AU. Blair has an old secret Highlander crossover
To Live, Die and Live Again in Cascade Kathi C People are losing their heads in Cascade Highlander crossover
Yes, More I Love Yous Little Eva


Highlander crossover
Circle of the Chosen Sharon Cross


Highlander crossover
Three Spirals Fluterbev It is five years since Blair parted amicably from Jim, and left Cascade to start a new life in Ireland. At long last, Jim accepts Blair's invitation to spend the winter holiday season with him in his new home. Angst ensues Fic announcement
The Devil May Care Psychgirl

Alex Barnes is back, and things get more complicated for Jim and Blair


Fic announcement
To Have and to Hold series Candy Apple A crisis in Blair's career at Rainier leads him to an important crossroads in his life, while the evolution of his relationship with Jim leads him to a significant milestone Blair is a virgin
What If? Shedoc What if Blair and Jim missed each other at the end of TSbyBS? Blair becomes a deputy sheriff
Staying Present Fluterbev It's a couple of years after TSbyBS, and life has changed drastically for Jim and Blair - although their love for each other remains unshakeable. But their peaceful life together is threatened when the past comes back to haunt them Blair, permanent disability
Permanent Disability archive Multiple


Permanent disabilities
Choosing Life




Choosing Love



Choosing Laughter
Myrna Simon visits Jim and Blair at their mountain retreat where they are recovering after an accident.


Jim and Blair celebrate Simon's visit (and departure), plan a trip to town, and discuss pickles.  This story is a sequel to Choosing Life


A PWP without the sex, we visit with Jim and Blair as they are set to visit Cascade.
This story is a sequel to Choosing Love
Blair, permanent disability
Unsung Legion A disaster brings out the pure sentinel in Jim, much to Blair's dismay Earthquake
The Jade Jaguar Stormwolf Dawn The new mistress of the city needs new servants Anita Blake crossover
Back Up Plan Dangermouse

What if Blair had had a back up plan around the time of Nightwatch and The Sentinel Too?

Blair calls a friend
How Many Robins? akablonded Jim Ellison's past and the future meet in Montana Memorial Day fic
Of Mages and Sentinels Stormwolf Dawn In a very different world two species co-exist Blair has magical powers
Twenty One Days Legion After their romance fails, Blair goes to Houston to try to convince Jim to try again Jim leaves Blair
Going Gena Fisher


Jim leaves Blair
Home Little Pinky Jim returns to Cascade after five years of absence, to find that a lot has changed - including Blair Jim leaves Blair
Postscript Fluterbev & Rhyo The future isn't always as bright as we would hope. But can sentinel and guide stay apart? Jim leaves Blair
It's That Time of Year Alyjude A man returns to Cascade during the holidays in hopes of making something right Jim leaves Blair
When One Door Closes Rhianne


Jim leaves Blair
The Path to Trust Calic0cat Canon universe up to sometime after "Murder 101" (early fourth season), when the story begins. Heavy on the TS-style mysticism - spirit animals, blue dreams, Incacha, etc. - and focussed almost exclusively on Blair and Jim. Faint hints of pre-slash, if you're really looking for them, but can be read as gen. Almost, but not quite, a crossover Men in black scenerio
The Fugitive Sentinel series M-n-M An innocent mans stands accused of a heinous crime. Can he and his partner save themselves? Men in black scenerio
Two of a Kind Allycat


Men in black scenerio
Hippie Boy Alexis Gunn


Blair is a kid
From Beginning to End Patt


Jim's past lovers are murdered
Simon's Special Gift Lvblair


Blair is Simon's birthday present