Slash Archive - May 2004

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Chance Meeting K9 A lonely cop 'rents' company for the night, but gets more than he bargains for. Blair as a part-time rent boy.
Out of Whack Bone and Aristide Some events transpire. Smut is involved. Jim and Blair overhear college girls discussing Blair. Blair swears off sex.
Planet of the Sentinels Saul A Guide is forced to bond with a Sentinel. Jim braids Blair's hair.
Nine Months Natalie L Jim and Blair embark on a journey to bring a child into their lives, through the only option open to them. Jim and Blair have a sentinel baby.
PS I Love You M-n-M Jim is temporarily reassigned to Vancouver to help bust an international drug ring, and Blair is unable to accompany him due to university commitments. The night before he leaves he and Blair discover that their feelings for each other have changed, but what direction will they take? And how will they pursue it, separated as they are? Long distance slash fic.
Damned New Year's Eve AkaBlonded Just how long can you actually wait until it's too late? Holiday preslash/slash fic
A Thankyou'd be Nice BCW No one likes to feel they're being taken for granted. "Please and thank you" aren't necessities, but certainly one of life's little pleasantries. Well, obvious Jim doesn't think so and Blair has had about all the ingratitude he can take. Blair throws a pot of spaghetti over Jim.
Ghosts Dolimir When his work computer is infected by a super virus, there is only one person who can help Jim Ellison. A young, mysterious computer recluse, by the name of Blair Sandburg. Blair is an empath and computer hacker.
Sight Out of Blindness Debra Fran Baker Jim and Blair react to a life changing event. Blair is blind.
Wheels Within Legion Psychic John Smith has visions of a remarkable couple on the other side of the country. TS/Dead Zone crossover.
Raw Power Y. S. McCool What if 26-year-old anthropologist, Blair Sandburg,
had discovered a 19-year-old Sentinel, Jim Ellison, who has just come into his power
Blair older than Jim.
Second Chance Calista Echo


Blair is a wild street empath who becomes Jim's second guide after his first guide dies.
Amends Rogue My version of TSbyBS. Blair is hurting. Will Jim get there in time? Blair attempts suicide.
All But the Heart Sorka


Jim and Blair visit Carolyn.
Sacrifices Lyn


Carolyn is jealous of Blair.
The Passing Shade

(Slash Sequel to Cup Runneth Over - Gen Fic)

Charlotte Frost Slash sequel to "The Passing Shade". Jim and Blair grow closer while confronting their individual feelings about various personal situations. Carolyn is jealous of Blair.
Dragon at the Gate Griffin Jim and Blair are sent to San Francisco for a FBI conference on Interagency Cooperation. Through mischance, they wind up in the middle of an investigation, and have to put 'interagency cooperation' into practice. Jim and Blair visit Carolyn and get involved in an undercover operation.
Guided Voyage Saraid Voyager and Sentinel crossover. An unbonded Sentinel on Voyager must find a mate or die, but his planet's homophobic attitude isn't helping. Janeway will insist, Tom and Harry will assist, and eventually everything will work itself out. We hope. Jim is a Starship Captain who bonds with Blair.
Inclination Laura Jacquez Valentine A Sentinel AU, set in the Star Trek universe. A human starship captain and his Vulcan Guide...his heterosexual Vulcan Guide. Jim is a Starship captain, Blair is a Vulcan.
Lonely Hearts Club 1 & 2 Toshua AU, Blair as a young model, tired of the strain, meets an Army Ranger before he ships out to Peru.
Blair is a model, meets Jim before his trip to Peru and then after.
Waking Resonant A sentinel, a guide, and a New Age alarm clock. Jim starts the day as a straight guy and by the end of the day, realizes he’s in love with Blair.
Hot Jazz ALF In this story Blair is the Sentinel and Jim is the Guide. Sentinel Blair
Self Discovery 101 Charlotte Frost It is a year after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg", and Jim and Blair learn new things about themselves and each other while investigating a murder at a racehorse retirement farm. Jim addicted to Blair's saliva.
Sons and Mothers Phoenix4 Naomi returns to Cascade for the holidays and receives a gift she never expected. Naomi doesn't recognize Blair with short hair.
Waiting PJ Blair waits for Jim. Jim is presumed dead and Carolyn kicks Blair out of the loft.
Vastavian Circle Aloysius Blair takes on an undercover assignment in order to prove himself as a cop.
Blair in a cult
Tex's Bedtime Series Taleya


Looking for URL
Fate's Fallout KC My take on Susan Foster's AU GDP series. Slash version of GDP fics
Ravaged Jayd An old enemy of Jim's takes his revenge in the most terrible way. Blair and Jim have to deal with the horror and healing only to find that it's not over till you catch the bad guys. Blair kidnapped and taken overseas.
Moving On Alyjude Wherein Blair decides that Jim loves him as much as he loves Jim and that lighting a fire under the man is the answer.....he's wrong. Blair moves out but his apartment building burns down.
Harbor of my Heart Romslinger An Alternate Universe novella where Jim remained in the Army and Blair made a much different career choice after a personal tragedy. Jim is a homeless man living with twin girls on the streets.
No Big Deal Veronica Jim does something small (really minor, but something so *totally* Jim-caring-for-Blair) that it makes the lightbulb go on in Blair's brain and they move effortlessly from friends and partners to forever friends. *g* Post TSbyBS.
Jim comes home from a fishing trip to find Blair has been hit by a truck.
Deja Vu Alexis Gunn My take-off on Groundhog's Day. Jim gets caught in the same day over and over. Jim in a Groundhog day type scenario.
Taming of the Guide Elaine


Intense bonding fics
Cascade Place Blair K So, what happens when a friendship turns to love? In Cascade Place, Jim and Blair try to answer that question with the help and interference and their friends and family. Jim and Blair take down another sentinel.
Caught Angst Puppy It's all about control, and having someone to catch you when you fall.
First time in Blair's bed.
Insatiable Caro Dee To the Sentinel, the whole world exists for his pleasure. Obsessive Jim. Oblivious Blair.
Jim dates a woman who looks like Blair.
The Night Sandburg Graduated From the Academy Francesca Uh--what happens on the night Sandburg graduates from the academy. Duh. First time in Blair's bed.
Screamers Patt Rose


J/B loud during sex. Worried neighbors call the cops.
Stay Jvan the Terrible


Blair shot by Zeller in TSbyBS.
Sweetcheeks series Debra Fran Baker Blair learns more about Jim than he ever thought he would. Jim acting like a queen.
Dante Emily Brunson Three months after Jim dropped a bombshell, Blair makes up his mind. Jim wants a relationship but Blair is wary.
Life Lived Like a Mentos Commercial Mallory Klohn Jim's days have always been fairly repetitive, but thingsare getting a little out of hand. Can he break the chain of misery before it squeezes him to death like a fifty-foot python? Jim in a Groundhog Day type scenario
Year of the Dragon Rachel Martin An Ellison family saga covering 1958 to 1999. William series/novel.
Loving Captain Ellison Romslinger Graduate student Blair Sandburg gets more than he bargained for when he buys a 1969 Ford pick-up.
Fic based on Saving Private Malone song.
Slip Sliding Away Alyjude Blair is sliding away from Jim, literally. Can they find out the cause and stop it before it's too late? Duh. Goundhog Day theme.
Partners Josephine Darcy What would happen if Brown and Rafe tried to 'borrow' Blair for a day? Much craziness ensues.
Rafe and Brown borrow Blair.
Sentinel - Interrupted Elaine


Young Jim, unbonded Sentinel given young Blair as a Guide.
Strike Force RebelDante Jim assembles an elite group for a special purpose. MC gang tries to keep up with Blair.
Sensual Rhythms Lady of Shalott Oshun takes an interest in the lives of a very clueless Sentinel and Guide. Trance related fics.
Beach Martha and Kitty He thought briefly of Naomi, and grief closed around his heart
Blair crucified.