Slash Archive - March 2005


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Nuance Resonant and Livia   Jim can read others' thoughts.
Delirious NAT   Blair has walking pneumonia.
The Highwayman     Blair does a rendition of The Highwayman.
Therapy for the Soul Lyn Blair's drowning at the fountain exacts a terrible cost, and in the
aftermath, Jim and Blair each get a chance to walk in the other man's shoes.

Blair sick - post SenToo.
Saving Blair LilyK   Blair sick - post - SenToo.
Territoriality the Lady of Shallott   A detective who doesn't know she's a sentinel transfers to Major Crime.

    Blair shot in head, only has three days to live. Sets about putting life in order.
Reason to Live Morgana   Blair sick - Post-SenToo.

Rebuilding Trust

Morgana   Blair sick - Post-SenToo.
Too Late

No Ordinary Love

Morgana   Blair sick - Post-SenToo.
Ancient Spirits of the Forest Morgana   Blair sick - Post-SenToo.
The Mountie Who Fell to Earth Josephine Darcy   X-Over with D/S.
A Good Read Alyjude   Blair saves Academy.
Next of Kin LilyK   Bad guy related to Lash kidnaps Jim, Blair and Naomi.
Conforming to Requirements FluterBev   GDP-like Stories.
Coffee Lemon Drop   Jim and Blair in coffee shop discussing their relationship.
Jim and Blair: Story of the Blessed Protector Molly M Moon   D/D Slash
Breach of Trust Montage   D/D Slash
Mason-Dixon's DD Series     D/DSlash
Real World Saraid   D/D Slash. Blair doesn't like it.
Blood Types

Crossed and Matched

Lily K   Blair doppelganger
The Road to Discovery Krisser   Angst fics
The B. S. Factor Jen Riddler   Partner betrayal
Sins of the Past KAM   Crossover with Law and Order: SVU.
B. J. Sandburg Gillian Middleton   Blair pregnant
To Protect and Serve Stormwolf   Jim kidnapped, held hostage in forest, raped.
Throwback Valentin   Jim takes Blair forcefully but happy endings.
Lunch on Tuesday Saraid   Jim takes Blair forcefully but happy endings.
Dark Dreams Lived Legion   Jim takes Blair forcefully but happy endings.
Early AKABlonded   Bottom Blair
Chandler Street Pumpkin   URL Request
Partners Josephine Darcy   Funny stories.
Seemingly Impermeable Helen   Funny stories.
The Sentinel's Rules for Dating the Guide Diana Williams   Funny stories.
Bonded Destinies Ankaree   Blair in car accident, rescued by Jim who is a doctor.
Quack Legion   Funny stories
Fear of Flying Lanning Cook   Funny stories
Smooth     Funny stories
Cactus Candy     Funny stories.
Just Married LilyK   Funny stories.
Kids Under 12 Drink Free Mallory Klohn   Funny stories
Your Place or Mine AKABlonded   Bottom Jim stories
Jim of the Jungle Jane Mailander   Funny stories.
Fruit of the Vine Aristide   Blair helps Jim with intimacy issues.
The Magnificent Eight Boyd   Funny stories.
Cascade Olympiad Corbeau   Funny stories.
Obfuscator Francesca   Funny stories.
Obfuscator 2 Francesca   Funny stories
Food Series - part 1 Kitipurr   Blair and food.
Stoned Love Stormy Stormheller   Jim tries drugs as a teen.
Panther Tales Saraid   URL Request
Lost and Found Alyjude   Blair leaves the loft to think.
Sentinel Corps Rogue   URL Request
Woods Forsaken Joesphine Darcy   Werewolves fic
In Love With the Young Wolf Scribe   Werewolves fic
The Right to Remain Silent Justine and Kass   Collaboration fics
Distant Journey, Unknown Lands Martha and Lemon Drop   Collaboration fics
Shadowlands Annie and Lyn   Collaboration fics
PS I Love You M'n'M   Collaboration fics
Doors of Perception Lady Jaguar and Mice   Collaboration fics
The Lone Ranger CJ and Patt   Collaboration fics
By Your Side CJ and Patt   Collaboration fics
Clue Bus Avoidance Kel and Patt   Collaboration fics
Heaven is a Place on Earth Dolimir and Veronica   Collaboration fics
Dork Francesca and Miriam   Collaboration fics
Nuance Livia and Resonant   Collaboration fics
Origin Resonant and Kass   Collaboration fics
The Wrong End of the Story Julad and Calico   Collaboration fics
We Would Ask Now of Death Slasher and Shamangrrl   Collaboration fics
Sweet Memory Sasquash   Collaboration fics
On the Wings of Angels Meercat   Blair presumed dead in plane crash
Marry me, Blair Shedoc   MC Gang in cabin with observer.
Bakari Alyjude   Jungle stories
The Rules of Attraction Spiderine   Jungle stories
Laws of Murphy T. W. Lewis   Funny stories
Love's Musketeer Angelise   Funny stories
The Price of Love Texas Ranger   Blair is a part-time hooker
Polarity Brenda Antrim   Blair is a part-time hooker
Ceremonious Series (Incomplete) cmshaw   Blair is a part-time hooker