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Tag Grey Jim worries about his guide's health and safety after a series of accidents and problems. Looking for URL
Previous Loves Otter After S2, Jim and Blair have a lot of things to deal with. Looking for URL
In Sickness and In Health N’Wanda Jim receives a traumatic brain injury and must go through recovery, rehabilitation, and beyond with Blair's help. Disability Fic
Target Brenda Antrim Blair gets hurt in the course of an Average Day in the Life of an Anthropologist, and Jim makes some decisions during his recovery.
Disability Fic
Ever After Myrna A tragedy on the job changes everything for Jim and Blair.
Disability Fic
Laying on of Hands Annabelle Leigh In the wake of a debilitating injury, Blair turns to a faith healer, much to Jim's dismay. Disability Fic
The Healer Alyjude


Disability Fic
Jamie Series Gillian Middleton Jim rescues Blair from a war torn country and they adopt a baby boy. Jim and Blair find a baby in the jungle and adopt him.
Outside Influences Candy Apple What happens when Jim and Blair collaborate on a tough case with a couple of "experts" from California? Blair kidnapped by drug dealers, held in tiny space. Crossover witH S&H
Remembrances M'n'M It is the eve of the one year anniversary of Blair's death in a plane crash in Brazil, and Jim is reliving his memories of his time spent with Blair. What will it take to make him believe again in the miracle of love?
Blair presumed killed in plane crash.
After All Candy Apple Jim rescues Blair from an abusive relationship. Blair blackmailed and tries to commit suicide.
The Present Leighcar Jim's acting like Oscar the Grouch, and Simon finally figures out to give both Jim and Blair a merry Christmas. Simon gets Blair drunk and leaves him under the Christmas tree for Jim.
Final Exam series (Sixth story) Legion Now that Jim and Blair have learned to be lovers in body, they must learn how to be lovers in heart and spirit, as well.
Jim poisoned by chemicals from crashed truck.
Dark Time Katrina Bowen A crossover between The Sentinel and Due South. Blair's business in Chicago leads the pair into a strange mystery.
TS/DS crossovers.
True Minds

Little Company

Lanning Cook


Tear jerkers.
Consideration Grey Blair is more than a little upset when Jim goes out alone on a case, but there's more to his anger. Jim, being a detective, has to investigate.
Disability fics.
Road to Recovery Barbara Nice-Miller Jim is severely injured in a hit and run accident and may never walk again. The Sentinel and his Guide become closer, deepening their relationship, while trying to deal with this. Disability fics.
Empathy Brenda Antrim While testing Jim's senses and a strange new bond between them, Blair is kidnapped.
Blair kidnapped; Jim goes primal when he rescues him, kidnappers look as though they've been attacked by a large cat.
False Tongues Chaomath An innocent discussion of a current news topic skirts dangerous waters, pushing Blair to issue a challenge. Best kissing scenes.
And Now for Something Completely Different Legion Jim and Blair in drag and a food fight?
Jim and Blair dress up as female undercover cops.
The Valiant Mia Athlas James Ellison, Captain of the English frigate, HMS Valiant is immediately drawn to a savage young man that his men have rescued from French prison. He soon realises Blair Sandburg may be his salvation. Crossover with Horatio Hornblower.
TS/Horatio Hornblower crossover.
In the Eye of the Beholder - Audiotape. Francesca Blair discovers that Jim's a better observer than he is, and tries to rectify the situation.
Blair asks Jim to stop monitoring his breathing and heart rate but Jim can't.
(Fist story in the series)
Brenda Antrim Crossed communication, a vacationer trying to decide what he wants, a Guide who knows and a Sentinel who figures it out, make for a hot evening in Cascade. TS/Homicide: Life on the Street crossovers.
Sensed Mia Athlas Blair gets to the bottom of Jim's disturbing behavior and makes a discovery about his sentinel's abilities.
Jim feels like he has an addiction to sensing Blair.
On the Radio Candy Apple Jim and Blair go their separate ways, neither man admitting his real feelings to the other. Fates conspire to reunite the two lonely men.



One of the guys writes a tell-all letter to the other that accidentally gets read on the radio.
Whispers Brenda Antrim Blair hears something he didn't expect, and Jim reacts to it. Jim is in love with Blair and is sure Blair is in love with him.