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Title Author Description** Requested Theme/Storyline
Whispers of Anger Marag "Jim recklessly risk his life (duh!) and Blair won't let it go this time. " -
Nomads Alleycat ? -
True Confessions T. Botta ? -
Lark Lanning Cook "Aftermath of TSbBS." -
Master Paul Alexis Rogers "Jim remembers his first master. -
Those Who Can
Those Who Can 2
Those Who Can 3
Sihaya Black "Jim and Blair learn something about Jim's past and walk headlong into danger." Kidnapped Blair
The Bridge Back Josephine Darcy "My Sentinel Too Conclusion. Written long before Part II ever came out." Kidnapped Blair
Ravaged I
Ravaged II
Ravaged Epilogue
Jayd "An old enemy of Jim's takes his revenge in the most terrible way. Blair and Jim have to deal with the horror and healing only to find that it's not over till you catch the bad guys." Kidnapped Blair
Time Marches On Barbara Nice-Miller "When Dawson Quinn escapes from prison, he has one thing on his mind: revenge on Jim. But it's Blair that pays the price. " Abused Blair
The Thirteenth Sacrifice Candy Apple "Blair is the sole survivor of a serial mass murderer's bloody rampage at a fraternity house near the Rainier campus-and the only living witness who has seen the face of the killer. As Jim heads the task force assigned to the case, baffling clues reveal that there may be something even more sinister at work than the violent havoc wreaked by a deranged mind. Meanwhile, just as Blair's brush with death brings the two men to a new level in their relationship, the evil that lurks beneath the surface of this terrible case threatens to destroy their chance at happiness, their lives...and their souls." Abused Blair
True Minds Lanning Cook "Jim's hoping the cavalry makes it in time when a bad guy from his past shows up to menace Blair." Abused Blair
Trying Times Alyjude "Someone wants Blair dead, but the plan backfires and both Jim and Blair suffer..." Abused Blair
Shattered Soul

Shards of Glass (Sequel)
Montage "In the aftermath of a devastating event, Jim discovers his love for Blair. But will it be enough to help the younger man overcome the atrocities he was forced to endure."
"Following his abduction, Blair's life takes a decidedly downward spiral."
Abused Blair
Seasons of the Heart Lyn "It takes a crisis for Jim and Blair to admit their true feelings for each other. " Abused Blair
Revenge is Sweet Alyjude "Blair gets some neat revenge on two people from his childhood, and Jim reaps the rewards." Abused Blair
A Pawn of Prejudice Jayd "Someone is out to get Blair Sandburg for reasons unknown to him." Abused Blair
The Sweetest Revenge Lisa, Duncan's Twin ? A joke that backfires
Calling All Sentinels Patt Paulos-Darrow ? A joke that backfires
In and Out Nemi Series using either "In" or "Out" in each title Blair wants smoochies
Awakenings Series Cat Moran "Obligatory epilogue to TSbyBS, Blair is out of the police academy and a Detective. Angst ensues and is not resolved within a one hour episode." Balir and electroshock treatment
Obfuscator Too
Francesca ? Practical Joke stories
In My Command Heuradys "WARNING: Trying something new here,folks... This story is definitely not my usual... Nothing funny here, and we're so far from canon we need the Hubble to see it... perhaps. This story's most definitely NC-17 and it's J/B/R. In fact, it's dark where we're headed, so I'm warning you already that there's gonna be some squickiness in these pages. If Evil!Jim offends thee... read no further... but keep in mind this is a *love* story in the end. And it's, frankly, BDSM without a net ..." Abusive Jim
Jim's Search for Tranquility Carol Rose Cappe/Beaver ? -
Final Frontier Rainy Day "An indepth story wherein Blair is a virgin! Not really canon, I know, but it's romantic mush with some angst to chew on." -
Mr Wrong
War of the Hearts
Stacy L.A. Stronach "An exploration of the dark side of the Sentinel/Guide relationship."
Beyond the Setting Sun Blarney Stone "Blair's interest in Mendi affects Jim in an unexpected way. " -
The Way Things Are Roxanne "Jim reminisces about the great loves of his life." Recommended reading
Bakari Alyjude "A resident of Cascade, Wa. needs to get away and decides on Africa, where he hears a tale of a magical white man living with the great mountain gorillas of Uganda." -
The Dragon Mairead Triste Aristide "Things get dangerous. Smut ensues." -
Click-Click Alyjude "A rescue goes wrong." Different POV on J/B
Shakedown Rogue "The earth moves for Jim and Blair *snortle*." End of the world
Conjugations Legion "Splitting off shortly after the end of the second season, in this alernate universe Jim and Blair, along with most of Major Crimes, try to survive in a world decimated by a plague." End of the world stories
Jungle Rhythms Mewwy "Blair does a little dance :) " Blair dancing to drum music
Just Friends Suze777 and HLEmpress1 "Methos comes to Cascade and meets Blair." Blair/Methos
Tonight It's You Roxanne "While Blair's in Seacouver for a conference, he goes cruising and meets up with Adam Pierson." Blair/Methos
To Live, Die and Live Again in Cascade Kathi C "People are losing their heads in Cascade." Blair/Methos
Kindred Spirits
Principles of Lust
"A mix-up by a mail order bookstore leads a tall handsome stranger to the loft."
"Set in the same universe as Kindred Spirits. Blair and Jim are in Seacouver and take time to meet with Blair's friend, Adam Pierson."
A Sense of Home
A Sense of Belonging
Chrys "Following the events of TSbBS, Blair tries to find peace elsewhere. Jim tries to let him go."
Blair moves to Pittsburg
The Way It Is Series Eaglefeather "Jim and Blair do it and then..." Blair moves out
Methosesis ? ? Blair moves out
BJ Sandburg Gillian ? Sandburg curse - Blair becomes a woman for a year
Goodnight, Love Saraid ? Jim braiding Blair's hair
Sleeping Dolimir "What if Jim had met Blair while in Vice?" Vulnerable Blair
Saving Blair LilyK "Jim faces his fears and the consequences of his actions." Blair at Saint Sebastian's
Retreat Morgana "Set after Sentinel too. Blair tries to find a way to deal with the ruined relationship now that Jim no longer seems to trust him. Blair feels that they need to gain some distance and deceides to leave Cascade and return to a more peaceful way of life." Blair at Saint Sebastian's
Goodnight, Love Saraid ? J/B Courting
Replacement Guide Lyn "Blair feels threatened by the new addition to Major Crime, especially when it seems he likes Jim too." Replacement guide for Blair
Heartbeats (Pt 1)
Heartbeats (Pt 2)
J.M. Griffin "With Blair missing in Africa, Jim struggles to raise Blair's son, James Ellison "Eli" Sandburg." -
Deus ex Machina afropuff "Jim knew Blair had talent, he just didn't know how much. Features Singing!Blair" -
Something to Talk About Alyjude "Major Crimes must redeem the entire Police Department in the annual Charity Band Competition. Nuff said." -
The Together Series (Halfway down page - listed alphabetically by author) Kata Avalon "Blair has to leave Cascade and takes his sentinel with him" (Summary of first story in the series) -
Grey Areas Wax Jism "Just how far is Blair prepared to go to save himself and his friends from Psycho Of The Week? Angst precipitates smut." Protective Blair
Eating at Home Helen "Jim and Blair paw at each other in the name of surveillance. ." -
A Sentinel's Guide (Series half way down page.) Kateri "Brackett finds out why it is not a good idea to be a threat to a Sentinel." (Summary for first story in the series Protective Blair
Wicked Desire Romslinger "Blair's realization that he's in love with his roommate couldn't come at a worse time." -
J'Ell's Club Bast ? Bestiality
Cat Corps Bast "An A/U featuring a Terran teacher named Blair and a warrior named J'Ell, from a space-faring race called Pan'tr." Bestiality
Lord Ellison Bast "Warnings: H/C, underage consensual sex, slavery, bondage, bestiality, branding, piercing, violence, and discipline." Bestiality
Long Night Coming Stormwolf Dawn "Blair must face a part of his past that could destroy Sentinel and Guide. Warnings: Rape, Beastiality, Violence, Bloodletting." Bestaility
Business of Living

Basis of Survival
Legion "Jim's darkest day has come and Blair isn't with him - or is he? Please Read Author's Notes!! First appeared in Stories of a Different Hue. NC17, Kink"
"Sequel to Business of Living, Chief comes to Jim again, when he's needed most. First appeared in Stories of a Different Hue. NC17, kink"
Curses Series (Half way down page) Sorka ? Bestaility
Sweet Memory Sasquash ? -
Jim of the Jungle Jane Mailander "The Sentinel" as a Jay Ward Production." Jungle - Tarzan Jim
Bakari Alyjude "A resident of Cascade, Wa. needs to get away and decides on Africa, where he hears a tale of a magical white man living with the great mountain gorillas of Uganda." Jungle - Tarzan Jim
Pure Spirit Legion "Companion Piece to Elemental Man: Blair is reduced to his purest form, with only his sentinel to protect and heal him." Blair breaks down
I Will Find You Aimee "Blair is having a hard time dealing with his feelings, and is taking it out on Jim." Blair breaks down
Seasons of the Heart Lyn "A misunderstanding forces Jim and Blair apart, and leads Blair into danger." Jim & Blair have a fight
Midnight Emily Brunson "There's a revelation, and it ain't pretty." Jim is attacked by old lover and Blair finds out.
The Business of Living Legion ? Jim tries to kill himself
It's All in the Hips Alyjude "Wherein Blair and Jim go undercover at a resort and Blair ends up as the dance instructor." Slash case stories
Those Who Can Shihaya Black "Jim and Blair encounter a threat from Jim's past as they struggle to solve a series of murders." Slash case stories
Beyond the Thin Blue Line Francescas and Sigrid "First Blair...and then Blair...and then Jim...and then..." Amnesiac Blair
Nature's Descent Francesca ? Blair protecting Jim in his sleep?
Shake Down Rogue "The earth moves for Jim and Blair *snortle*." -
Sentinel - Guide Research Project Sorka "In a world where Sentinels are known, respect is hard won for a cop whos abilities suddenly emerge." Sentinels known about
Brokenhearted Veronica "What's a broken heart or two between a couple of normal guys?" -
Dance of the Heart Toshua "Blair has some new music. Jim sees a side of Blair he hadn't noticed before." Blair dancing to drum music
May Holidays from Holiday Happening Series Bast & Rayden ? -
Listening to Blair Lemon Drop ? -
Flying Saraid "When the weather turns against them on a camping trip, Jim and Blair learn to fly." -
Unspoken Lori ? Jim with throat slashed
Sentinel Corps Rogue "A Sentinel meets his Guide ...." (Summary for first story in series) Like GDP stories
Unspoken Lori "It's a story about: a. Jim's time in the Rangers coming back to haunt him in the form of a bad colonel and his cronies. b. Jim's throat was slashed with a knife and not being able to talk, it turns out he's able to sign very well. c.Lots of information about Jim's College years. That's about it in the three main storylines. Jim with throat slashed
What You Wish For Jack Reuben Darcy "Jim and Blair fall in love (surprise!) but not without a little interference. Okay, a lot of intereference." -
Out of Whack Bone & Aristide "Some events transpire. Smut is involved." Insatiable Blair
The Gift of Submission Castalie "Jim's thoughts after a case." Jim,Blair,Domination & furniture
Seeing Into the Darkness Dolimir ? -
In Memory Alyjude ? -
The Devil You Know Brandi "Xander must face his future, Spike must face himslef, Blair and Jim must face their fear, and all must stop a serial killer before he claims another victim." -
Naomi Knows Gena Fischer "When Blair is injured, Naomi learns more about her son and his partner." -
Hot Stuff Roxanne "Blair decides to do some research on male/male sex." Jim as poet
Lethal Senses Dolimir "A veteren detective is partnered with a young Fed with a suicidal death wish." Lethal Weapon crossovers
In this Life Lisa, Duncan's Twin Jim runs away
Click, Click Alyjude "A rescue goes wrong." Different POV on Jim/Blair
Therapy for the Soul Lyn "Epilogue for S2. Blair's drowning exacts a terrible cost." Long angst around time of Blair's drowning
Dark Approach Silk "Jim/Blair. Michael/Nikita. Rating: NC-17. Crossover with The Sentinel. Jim takes a secret meeting. Blair follows. What he discovers changes everything between them." TS/La Femme Nikita
Behind Blue Eyes Silk "Jim/Blair. Michael/Birkoff. Rating: NC-17. Crossover with The Sentinel. How far would Section go to discover the secrets of the Sentinel? Some people will use any means necessary…" TS/La Femme Nikita
Feeling Blair Dolimir "Jim listens to Blair on a whole new level. " Jim and morse code
Call Him A Dog Lanning Cook "The new Major Crimes detective discovers that being Jim Ellison's partner is not all it's cracked up to be." Different POV on Jim/Blair
The Measure of Our Youth Debra Fran Baker "It is 1969. A college professor and a Viet Nam vet meet." Blair in the Army
Covert Operations Rogue "Blair's in the Army so he can go to college. Then he gets sent down to Peru with Jim and his team on the Momentous Mission." Blair in the Army
Imperative Hunger Calisto Echo "Blair and Jim get caught up in something beyond their control and it tears everything apart." Insatiable Blair
Rite of Passage Lenore "When Incacha passes on the way of the Shaman, Blair insists on pursuing it, despite Jim's objections. Jim finally gives in and guides him through the rite of passage. It changes them both." Insatiable Blair
Apologies to Shakespeare Dolimir " Jim waxes poetically after a long day at work." Jim as poet
Tempered in the Forge Legion "Suddenly Blair can't get enough of his Sentinel - not that Jim's complaining." Insatiable Blair
The Aloha Series Cynara "Jim and Blair go to Hawaii and from there things are never the same." (Summary for first story in the series.) Threesome stories
Tangled Series (Half way down page) Debra Fran Baker "Wherein Jim picks up a new friend in a familiar fedora." (Summary for first story.) Threesome stories
Hot Stuff Roxanne "Blair decides to do some research on male/male sex." Jim as poet
Saving Blair OR Standing On The Edge LilyK "Jim faces his fears and the consequences of his actions." Smarm Overdose
It's Not Easy to be Me Alyjude "Jim discovers how much, and how little, he knows about Blair. " Piano-playing Blair
30 Alyjude "Blair faces the big 3-0, and decides to make changes. Jim isn't happy -- then he is." -
* I'm Australian so the date format is dd/mm/yy.

** Where there is no description it means that I have been unable to find one and therefore I am either a) waiting to read the story so that I can write one or b) waiting for someone to provide me with one. So if you have read the story and want to send me a short description, please do. Lyn

Where descriptions are in quotation marks (" "), I have copied the description from either the author or someone else. I hope they won't mind but I figure their words are better than mine (and I just don't have time to read all the recs that show up on TS Storyfinders.) :-)