Slash Archive - June 2001

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In Vodka Veritas Gloria Lancaster Jim Finds Out. No sex, no romance. Sensitive stomachs, be warned. Blair, Vodka, and a Christmas party
Promises to Keep Myrna Blair is diagnosed with Lymphoma, and Jim must fight his own fears as he helps his lover deal with the disease. Blair and Transplant
Miles to Go Myrn Sequel to "Promises to Keep" Blair and Transplant
An Ordinary Life J. M. Griffin No matter the circumstances of their lives, somehow, some time, Sentinel and Guide are bound to find one another. AU Lonely Blair
These Two Hearts Series Candy Apple When Jim rescues Blair from a physically and sexually abusive relationship, he discovers his real feelings for his partner. Long first time stories
The Diary Series

The Sandburg Chronicles

The Ellison Reports

For Better or For Worse

Give Me Your Love For Christmas

Timeless Love

Lucky Charm

The Secret Life of J. J. Rush

Candy Apple Blair begins a journal of his adventures with Jim. Long first time stories
Goodnight, Love Saraid


Long first time stories
Déjà vu? Alexis Gunn My take-off on Groundhog's Day. Jim gets caught in the same day over and over Long first time stories
Hippie Boy Alexis Gunn As a young soldier, Jim meets Blair as a child. There is absolutely no sex in this story until Blair is an adult. Long first time stories
Boxcar Sandburg Alexis Gunn Undercover in the rail yards, Blair gets a bit carried away. Long first time stories
In This Life Lisa, Duncan’s Twin Blair meets a mysterious new man and finds what he has always been looking for. Long first time stories
Helluva Day Alyjude Wherein Blair has a really bad day. (Yeah, like *this* hasn't been done before) Blair at the Police Academy
A Good Read Alyjude


Blair at the Police Academy
Choices Shorts


Blair cheating on Jim

Territoriality II: New Territory

Lady of Shalott A new detective joins the Major Crimes department, and Jim isn't happy about it. Second Sentinel weakens Blair
Close to Perfect Tangent Can things be *too* good? And why shouldn't it surprise us if they are? Blair in Denial
Not Needed Alyjude Blair is feeling down, and when a hurting Naomi calls for him, he flies to New Mexico to be with her. With typical Sandburgian luck, he lands right in the middle of a sinister plot. Will Jim go after him and figure it *all* out in time? Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Lost & Found Alyjude Wherein Blair and Jim find something after the whole mess in Sierra Verde. And Naomi finds something too. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Polar Ice Caps Alyjude Blair finishes his dissertation and his mom comes for a visit. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
In Memory Alyjude


Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Auld Lang Syne Alyjude Jim is stuck in Canada on New Year's Eve and has only his own thoughts and memories to keep him warm. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
2000 Alyjude Wherein the stress tells on Simon and he reacts badly to some news. There be angst ahead, h/c (I hurt Jim!) and a gay time is had by all! Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Movin’ On Alyjude Wherein Blair decides that Jim loves him as much as he loves Jim and that lighting a fire under the man is the answer.....he's wrong. Yeah, angst, the kitchen sink, pink elephants, the works. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Homeward Bound (Crossover to Magnum) Alyjude A strange court case sends an Investigator for DA Beverly Sanchez to San Francisco to track down an important witness. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Awakenings Alyjude Jim and Blair go on vacation. Jim and Blair find trouble (again). Jim and Blair get shoved onto the clue bus, this time by the Chopec (duh). Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Crossroads: Junction’s End Kris Blair takes Jim's words to heart and acts upon them. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
That Essential Quality Kris Blair discovers information that forces him to seek a new guide for his sentinel. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
When Trust Fails Kris Blair believes that he has lost the trust of his Sentinel. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
A Bona Fide Shaman Kris Blair doubts his ability to be a good shaman and goes to Peru to be sure. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
… I’ll Show you the Man Gillian Middleton Jim and Steven finally confront a dark family secret, and Blair helps them
through it.


Tales of the Jungle Series Diana Williams In the Long-Ago days, long before Shadow-Walker warded the borders of our lands, it was the time of Enqueri and Yachacheq. … I am one of those few, one who was there from the start of the Tale and at its ending in the Great City. This, then, is a True Record of the story of Enqueri and his Guide…" Jungle stories
When Love and Hate Collide Barbara Nice-Miller


Jim pushes Blair away
Make It Go Away Series Natalie L Blair's migraine headaches return, along with a more serious complication. Blair with Migraines
Previous Loves Otter After S2, Jim and Blair have a lot of things to deal with. Lasting effects from Blair’s drowning
Tribal Customs Series Annabelle Leigh By helping a couple in trouble, Jim and Blair finally manage to put the events of SenToo behind them. NOTE: This was written before S2P2, and things turn out much differently in this universe. Many Sentinels
Conspirare Rhipodon Society


Blair kidnapped, taken out of country
Rough Trade Laura First of the Bad Touch Series


Acceptance III: Guides Debra Fran Baker Jim and Blair adjust to a new reality as Blair adjusts to a new physical condition. Lasting effects from Blair’s drowning
Falling Bodies Lemon Drop Blair suspects there's another sentinel in Cascade. Lasting effects from Blair’s drowning
Tender Resonant Jim gets an offer he can't believe. Eventually, Blair gets an offer he can't refuse. Blair with a realtor’s card
Ever After Myrna A tragedy on the job changes everything for Jim and Blair.


Most Love

Loving Him

J.M. Griffin & E.D. Pearl After a devastating incident, Blair is irrevocably brain injured. Jim is dedicated to taking care of his dearest friend, who was once his lover and Guide. But life goes on and Jim must deal with the here and now.

In this sequel to Myrna's "Ever After" and J. M. Griffin's "Most Loved," Ryan and Jim must deal with Blair's death and all that he meant to them both.

Sequels to "Ever After" Death Story!
True Minds Lanning Cook


Long, First Time, H/C Slash
Little Company Lanning Cook


Long, First Time, H/C Slash
Epiphaneia Lanning Cook


Long, First Time, H/C Slash
Rules of Attraction Series Spiderine Jim and Blair travel to Peru so Blair can undergo his initiation as a Chopec shaman. WIP Long, First Time, H/C Slash
Detour Emily Brunson What if Jim Ellison had never gone to visit Blair Sandburg after meeting at the hospital? Long, First Time, H/C Slash
The Songs Series JR Song fics Long, First Time, H/C Slash
Free to Love You N’Wanda Jim has been denying his feelings for Blair for some time. During a past life regression he finds out that he has loved Blair in a previous life in Sixteenth Century Elizabethan England where he was a prominent duke and Blair a French servant to the captive Mary Queen of Scots. Elizabethan England
A Blessed Event BB and CS Ever wonder how Blair would handle pregnancy? Blair Pregnant
Unwrapping Paul Jim and Blair don't know what to do about their feelings for each other, and it drives them both deeper and deeper into depression. A psychic guide answers their call for help. Panther and Psychic
The Premonition Paul Jim and Blair explore their newfound connections. Sequel to Unwrapping. Panther and Psychic
The Return Paul 'The Return' to work after all that's happened, and first time as lovers.
This story is a sequel to
The Premonition.
Panther and Psychic
The Cheyenne Series Y.S. McCool


Long, First Time, H/C Slash
Sugar is Sweet Russet McMillian In the middle of a perplexing case, Jim encounters his double -- and learns some things about himself and Blair. Crossover to OWW Long, First Time, H/C Slash
The Nature Series Francesca


Long, First Time, H/C Slash
Silent Pleasure DannyD Jim and Blair share a bed - with Simon in between. Jim and Blair being quiet
Closed For Business Alyjude Blair has lost it, decides he wants ice cream. Blair sending off-limit signals
Resolutions Alyjude


New Year’s Party
Running on Empty

Running on Empty 2



Blair working as a bartender
Wrong Place at the Right Time Xfreak Blair doesn't have very good luck, or does he? Blair as Prof with Larry
Man, I Feel Like a Woman Rogue Blair learns how to "walk the walk." In TWO INCH HEELS! Blair in Drag
Chantilly Lace Rogue Sequel to "Man, I Feel Like a Woman." A LOT of people demanded to see Jim in drag. Fine. He's in drag. So's Simon and Rafe.


Everything I Do, I Do For You Sylvia Chiaramonte When Blair is raped by David Lash, Jim and Blair have to deal with the aftermath... Blair Raped
Driven By Instinct Jayd Jim's instincts are getting the best of him and those instincts all revolve around Blair. Fated Sentinel/Guide bond
Running With the Storm Serena



Arresting Behavior Monica Why is everyone at Major Crimes mad at Jim? Just what are he and Blair doing? Overheard conversations
Penny Prophet Palthanas Blair discovers that sometimes you have to act before it's too late. Blair and Brain Cancer
Fragile Flame Palthanas Blair wakes and discovers that all is not right with the world while Jim slowly dies inside. Blair and Brain Cancer
Uncommon Strength Palthanas Blair goes through the first stages of testing and Jim tries to be strong for the both of them. Blair and Brain Cancer
The Battle to the Strong Palthanas When outside forces tear you apart, you must search for interior truths. Blair and Brain Cancer
Captured Angel GreenWoman What ties two people together? Blair loses handcuff keys
The Smile Deana C. Jamroz A Guide ponders something about his Sentinel. Beverly Sanchez returns to Cascade

Seduction (Sequel to Stalking)

Legion Blair's being stalked, and the clock is ticking for J/B to find out who is doing it--and what secret he's hiding. Then, when the mystery is solved, another, more painful one rears its head. Blair waylaid and sniffed/licked, but not hurt
Understand Me Saraid Jim and Blair are working a nasty prostitute serial murder case, finally calling in a specialist from the FBI for help. Meanwhile, recently awakened memories are driving Blair closer and closer to the edge. Blair and drugs
The 70’s Series

You Know I Will

How Deep Is Your Love?

Wasted Time

Bridge Over Trouble Waters

Dreams of Loneliness

Call Out My Name

Brand New

Mona Ramsey It's Cascade in the mid-1970s, and cop Jim Ellison and student-Hippie Blair Sandburg are about to meet. . . (Summary for first in the series) Blair and drugs
Dog Tags Series Laura JV Discoveries, lying, and the smell of helicopter fuel. Jim finds Blair’s dog tags
Good Look Grey After Blair finds out a secret, he proposes a change in his life with Jim. Blair skittish on date with
Surrogate Emerald Exposure to a new designer drug makes Blair desperate for Jim. Can he wait, or will he need help? Blair and drugs
Aftermath Callista Echo Jim has very definite ideas about Blair's future after the fountain. Blair sick -- Sentoo, p2.
Quack Legion Jim's reaction to a bigot leads to some revelations. If it looks like a duck.... Simon warns against Aussie beer
Alpha Tactics

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Cascade Creed Blair is captured by his enemies and taken possession by Jim. WIP x-over to Andromeda
Hawaii Five Ohhh! MegaRed When a grateful citizen offers Jim a trip to Hawaii, Jim and Blair have the vacation they'll remember for a lifetime. Jim and Blair married in Hawaii
Herald Sentinel Stormwolf A crossover with Mercedes Lackey's Herald Universe TS-Valdemar crossover
Conjugations Legion


Novel now on-line
Great Balls of Fire Roxanne Jim and Blair go to a '50s dance. Jim is surprised by Blair's costume. Blair dressed in pink sweater and poodle skirt
Love in Unexpected Places Marmoset Two fans of the TV show The Watchman join an adult discussion list, discovering love in the process. Jim and Blair as fans of slash
Holding On Alyjude Wherein Naomi shows up with some news and Jim finds himself *holding on*....... Hung over Blair eats everything in sight
And God Would Ask Alyjude Wherein Blair deals with unrequited love and discovers how terrible loneliness can really feel and both Jim and Blair learn that the big stuff comes down to the little things. Sequel to "Holding On"
Without Love Josephine Darcy An unexpected kiss leads to complications. Jim becomes obsessed with the way Blair kisses
Ke Kali Neu Au (The Wedding Song) Landis McQuade Blair bakes a wedding cake and proposes to an unsuspecting Jim. Jim and Blair married in Hawaii
Big Bang Saraid Jim and Blair enjoy the Fourth of July picnic. Fourth of July story
Sensory Overload Kylia Jim and Blair investigate a string of gruesome murders. Meanwhile Jim initiates a change in their relationship Primal Jim
Dirty Little Secrets Series Saraid


Fated Sentinel/Guide bond
24/7 Krisser Blair gets disturbing news from Jim. Blair's reaction forces Jim to think. Jim and Blair getting married in Hawaii
Crusade Serena When a knight thinks he is losing his honor - to fight for his king - he is ready to end his life in a crusade. But a young magician, a charlatan, needs to be rescued only to save his knight's sanity. Zine story now on-line