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All but the Heart Sorka

Answer to the Voyeurism challenge

Carolyn jealous of Jim and Blair's relationship.
Love is... Series Legion When Jim needs him most, Blair isn't there... or is he? Features Jim and Blair buying apartment next door.
Room Enough Cori Lannam

After the events of Crossroads, Jim gets his fill of solitude.

Blair moves out of Jim's loft, but he ends up moving into another
apartment in 852 Prospect.
Grey Areas Wax Jism Blair's not a cop but he ends up protecting Jim and Simon from a guy
who's going to kill them all.
A criminal from Simon and Jim's past comes
to Cascade and threatens them. Blair protects them.
Like Father Alyjude Wherein Jim, Simon and Blair are kidnapped, but not for the usual reasons and while kidnapped, Simon discovers something and Jim discovers something and Blair *really* discovers something. Blair, Jim and Simon are kidnapped. They discover that the bad guys are in fact after Blair because of his father who is some rich businessman
Promise to Keep

Miles to Go


Blair is diagnosed with Lymphoma, and Jim must fight his own fears as he helps his lover deal with the disease.

Stories in which Jim or Blair are really sick, like with cancer
Coming Home Natalie L Blair is in a coma. Stories in which Jim or Blair are really sick, like with cancer or something.
Without Words Natalie L Blair has cancer and loses his voice. Stories in which Jim or Blair are really sick, like with cancer or something.
The Sentence Montserrat In a remote country at the other end of the world Blair is accused of a ridiculous crime and the punishment is severe. Stories in which Jim or Blair are really sick, like with cancer or something.
A Place Where No Shadows Fall Emily Brunson In which Jim has AIDS, but there's a happy ending, trust me! Stories in which Jim or Blair are really sick, like with cancer or something.
High Voltage Natalie L


Blair is afraid of storms because he nearly got hit by lightning as a child
Who Am I Now? Patt


Blair finds birth dad and stepfamily and his dad is rich and wants Blair back.
Second Chance Calista Echo


Sentinel looking for a new Guide even though he doesn't want one.
Target Brenda Antrim Blair has amnesia, forgetting Jim, while he is targeted by bad guy. Jim kills a bad guy in the loft by hurling a large pointy piece of wood at him and impaling him through the... throat, I think.
Blood Types LilyK

Blair and Jim have an accidental meeting that has strange and unsettling consequences.

DUG Crossovers
Crossed and Matched LilyK

The Delphi Project causes trouble for Blair and Jim.

DUG Crossovers.
Therapy for the Soul Lyn Blair's drowning at the fountain exacts a terrible cost, and in the aftermath, Jim and Blair each get a chance to walk in the other man's shoes. Blair has some kind of serious illness.
What I Didn't Say Y. S. McCool


Blair leaves and gets married but his wife dies so he comes back to Jim.
Home Little Pinky

Jim returns to Cascade after five years of absence, to find that a lot has changed - including Blair.

Jim gets married and his wife is killed and he leaves, then comes back to a Blair who is a cop.
When It's Convenient Wendy K Blair is taken advantage of. Where one or more of MC gang take Blair under their wing?
Where Are They Now? Dolimir Have you ever wondered why it supposedly took Blair eight years to get his masters and doctorate? This is my take on what could have happened during the missing time period. Blair as a singer in the past.
Aphrodite's Garden Emily Brunson


Jim is a prostitute and Blair is his wealthy client.
Bandana Panther

Blair goes to a kinky bar wearing a colored hanky. Jim thinks he's got excellent teasing material and follows.

Blair as a dom and Jim as sub. They are in a nightclub and put on quite a show.
Tryst Roxie130

Daniel Jackson has enough of the SGC, Jack in particular, and finds a
friendly place to hide out.

Xover with SG1 and involves Jim, Blair, Daniel and Jack as a foursome.
Surrogate Emerald Exposure to a new designer drug makes Blair desperate for Jim. Can he wait, or will he need help?
Blair accidentally comes in contact with some drug which sets off his libido and Jim can't get to him so Simon helps
Beyond the End (The Jungle Book) Katrina Bowen

Four years after being stranded in the jungles of Peru, James Ellison must come to the rescue of a pair of stranded anthropologists.

Blair was on a dig in the jungle and the dig was attacked. He was with a team of US students and only a few survived.
Out of Whack Bone and Aristide Econo-sized smut. Price Club size. Probably gets in Guinness for the world's largest pop-tart. Something hot and Blairy – Bottom Blair
10th Muse Nancy


Crossover with SG-1
Precious Illusions Castalie

It's said that love can conquer all. But what about the demons buried deep in a man's heart?

Blair cuts himself – self mutilation
The Talk J. A. Chapman

Jim and Blair talk.


I'm Just Fuckin' With Ya J. A. Chapman and Olivia Monteith

Jim fucks with Blair.


Homeward Bound Alyjude This is a result of the recent discussion about Garrett Kincaid and how he appeared to "appreciate" Blair in Three Point Shot Blair-angst. Very depressed Blair.
Polar Icecaps Alyjude Blair finishes his dissertation and his mom comes for a visit. Agoraphobic Blair
Lethal Senses Dolimir Sentinel version of Lethal Weapon Blair angst - Blair with a death wish.
Taming of the Guide Elaine Jim Ellison is Sentinel Prime of the planet of Cascade, and desperately in need of a Guide. He finds one in a most unlikely candidate; and then his problems really begin. Blair angst.
Previous Loves Otter After S2, Jim and Blair have a lot of things to deal with. Blair angst - depressed Blair.
Ice Age - WiP Stormwolf Dawn The Major Crimes gang is sent thousands of years back to the past to the Ice Age where they must survive Ice Age AU
As the Bough Breaks Emerald An attack on Blair rocks the MC gang. After getting through that, an incident from Blair's past returns to haunt them. Blair angst.
Legend or Dream Merri Todd Webster

Was it just a dream?

Ice Age AU
By the Grace of You Veronica

Some caught a freight, some caught a plane
Find the sunshine leave the rain
They said this town will waste your time
Guess they're right—it's wasting mine

Blair is leaving Cascade because he thinks Jim wants to marry a friend's widow he's been helping
out on her apple farm. Jim has state patrol stop the bus and pull Blair off
until he can catch up.
Minding His Ps and Qs Natalie L

Jim discovers that Blair has been keeping a secret.

Blair has dyslexia.
Unsung Legion A natural disaster hits Cascade, bringing out the pure Sentinel in Jim - much to Blair's initial dismay. Jim senses a tidal wave.
Taken to Task Virginia Jim's childish behavior gets his captain's attention, and Simon makes the punishment fit the crime. Story URL request.
Asking For It

#2 of the Simon Series

Virginia Jim again asks for his captain's help in banishing frustrations. Story URL Request.
Paying the Price Virginia Jim needs his captain's firm hand to expel the guilt he carries following a bad case. Story URL Request.
Never Goin' Anywhere Pink Dragon

Jim and Blair fall gently into love.

Sweet story.
Key to My Soul Lyn Jim Ellison, detective meets Blair Sandburg, anthropologist in an AU drama. Jim finds himself drawn to the young man he rescues from slavers. Blair is kidnapped being held as a sex slave until he can be put
up for sale. He's is called Tuesday or Thurday. Jim goes in
undercover to bust the sex ring.
Road to Discovery Krisser

After the mayhem at Clayton Falls, Blair gives Jim a piece of his mind.

Blair hits or yells at Jim.
Nature Series Francesca

Nature and culture are warring for control of James Ellison, and Blair's future hangs in the balance.

Blair has powers.
Ghosts Dolimir

When his work computer is infected by a super virus, there is only one person who can help Jim Ellison. a young, mysterious computer recluse, by the name of Blair Sandburg.

Blair has powers.
Reversal Deb

When a bust goes terribly wrong, accustomed roles have to be abandoned.

Blair is a hero instead of Jim.
Resurrection Series Dolimir

Will a moment's recognition heal or destroy Blair?

Blair has to explain to everybody after TSbyBS that he went to the Police Academy already and he spent a few years on the force.
Rite of Passage Lenore

When Incacha passes on the way of the Shaman, Blair insists on pursuing it, despite Jim's objections. Jim finally gives in and guides him through the rite of passage. It changes them both.

Forced Bonding.
A Reason to Live Morgana

After Blair drowns in the fountain he lacks a reason to live. The spirit guides interfere.

Story set after Sen, Too (I believe), where Blair
is recovering at Joel's. Jim can't deal w/his feelings so the
sentinel part of him splits off and goes to Blair. There's a scene
where Blair is lying in bed and Jungle Jim, the sentinel part, is
watching over him.
The Leaving Series Daydreamer Jim and Blair deal with issues from Blair's past.


Sentinel Corps Rogue

A sentinel meets his guide...

Stories similar to GDP.
Connecting The Tenth Muse Caroline Plummer returns to Cascade, Blair is determined to put up a fight for Jim. Jim in an abusive relationship.
Lie Perdue Sihaya Black


Jim in an abusive relationship.
Midnight Emily Brunson

There's a revelation, and it ain't pretty.

Jim in an abusive relationship.
The Thirteenth Sacrifice Candy Apple Blair is the sole survivor of a serial mass murderer's bloody rampage at a fraternity house near the Rainier campus-and the only living witness who has seen the face of the killer. As Jim heads the task force assigned to the case, baffling clues reveal that there may be something even more sinister at work than the violent havoc wreaked by a deranged mind. Theres a whole sting operation centering around Blair because its Friday the 13th.
Damned Virg Vaughn A different view of the J/B dynamic and the nature of acquiescence. Jim is in the shower after having had sex with Blair
and is somewhat shocked. It's almost rape/noncon in nature.
Just Another Valentine's Day LilyK

Valentine's Day doesn't always go the way we like.

Sweet, first time story.
Oreos LilyK

The boys share a bag of cookies.

Sweet, first time story.