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Title Author Description** Requested Theme/Storyline
New York, New York The Lady of Shallot "Jim and Blair in the big city." Ticklish Blair
Quarry Cara Chapel "An experiment in pursuit goes astray when Lee Brackett intervenes." Blair can't speak
In the Minutes After Midnight Sheryl "At the end of a tumultuous year, Jim contemplates the future." Blair can't speak
Mirror Mirror
Guided Reflections
Glass Ceilings
Wolfling " It's all done with mirrors " Sex in front of a mirror
Kaleidoscope PJ " Jim's world shatters." Blair accused of killing Carolyn
The Elemental Man
Pure Spirit
Legion "These companion stories both deal with the man Jim or Blair would be if the veneer of civilization were stripped from them, leaving only the elemental, or pure character of the man." Jim/Blair go primal
Sentinel Rules for Dating the Guide Diana Williams ? -
Disguises Gillian Middleton ? -
Lord Ellison Bast ? -
Distant Journey, Unknown Lands Lemon Drop and Martha "Yet another post-TSbyBS story." -
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Tinnean "Blair inherits a house with a less than savory reputation. Jim goes along to keep an eye on him." -
Calling All Sentinels Patt ? -
Power/Play Kit Mason "Blair's interrogation ability is upsetting Jim's senses." Blair and Desert Storm
Dog Tags Series jacquez "Discoveries, lying, and the smell of helicopter fuel." (Summary of first story in the series. Blair and Desert Storm
More or Less Jack Reuben Darcy "When Jim Ellison escapes one evening, for some peace and quiet, he is unprepared for what he finds - or who - and has no idea how that discovery will profoundly change his life." Jim and Blair having affair
Songs You Know by Heart 5: Please Come Home for Christmas JR Fifth in the Song Series -
Walk Away Kylia "An old case brings about new issues for Sentinel and Guide." -
Powers and Senses Stephanie M. "Jim and Blair are more than your average humans but are incomplete until a fated meeting. " -
Jim E.

Blair S.
ReWiNd "This story is a TS twist to the film ‘John Q’. For those of who haven’t seen that movie, this story will contain a lot of emotional hurt, some suicidal content, and some may say minor partner betrayal. Not a happy warm fuzzy fic."
Suicide Stories
Captive Guide Kateri "Blair Sandburg finds himself a captive of a powerful warlord." -
His Father's Son
Sibling Rivalry
Brandy "Blair is kidnapped. Can Blair's father and Jim save him?"
"An old enemy from Blair's past returns, threating all of his loved ones."
Aftermath Calisto Echo "Jim has very definite ideas about Blair's future after the fountain." -
Could it Be series Sugar and Spice "There's just no way to describe this without giving away the plot, such as it is. Probably should be read in order listed." -
Dr Blair Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man Suse "Blair Sandburg has roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person... " -
Soul Mates Kel "In 1800s Cascade, Sheriff Jim Ellison meets up with Harvard graduate Blair Sandburg and sparks fly as Blair helps Jim learn about himself and his abilities." -
By the Book Lanning Cook ? Romantic stories
Fit Series
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Grey 1. After Jim is shot, he and a sixteen-year-old Blair overcome several obstacles to be together.
2. As they settle into their new relationship, Jim and Blair face several problems because of Blair's age.
3. Jim must deal with both jealousy and repercussions from his past when a brutal murder hits close to home.
Full Circle Peja " Blair can't take the pain anymore/" Suicide stories
Amends Rogue "My version of TSbyBS. Blair is hurting. Will Jim get there in time?" Suicide stories
Taslich Emily Brunson "On Rosh Hashanah, the ceremony of tashlich gives Blair a chance to say some things he's needed to say for a long time." Blair/Judaism
On the Wall Kass "Jim and Blair read the writing on the wall. My long-in-progress Jewish!Blair story." Blair/Judaism
Pesach Brighid "Blair finds the power from his heritage." Blair/Judaism
Tempus Fugit Lemon Drop "There is no reality except in action. (Jean-Paul Sartre) " Blair/Judaism
Miracle of Lights C.L. Finn "Jim learns a little something about sharing and equal opportunity." Blair/Judaism
Runaway Roy's Girl ? Blair runs away from Jim
Fit to be Tied Cara Chapel "Blair is unprepared for a police raid." -
Secret Admirer Kim Gasper and Donna "Jim has a secret admirer who seems to change daily. Who could it be?" Valentine's
The Mark of Cain YS McCool "Ordinary citizens become programmed killers and unfortunate circumstances turn Jim into an assassin whose target is Blair. " Blair on the run
Tamed Dolimir "Jim and Blair meet under other circumstances, in a world where sentinels are acknowledged, but are not necessarily common." -
Voyager's Guide Saraid "This story is a sequel to Guided Voyage." Crossover with Voyager
A Debt Repaid Joanne Collins "Chakotay is accidentally transported back to the twentieth century, when he meets someone who has a lasting effect on his life, in more ways than one." Crossover with Voyager
Click Jantique "Crossover with ST:Voyager. Tom and Chakotay view a television program. Jim and Blair watch TV." Crossover with Voyager
Lost A Kite " Harry Kim is lost in time, and an encounter with Jim Ellison has a profound effect on both their lives." Crossover with Voyager
Sugar is Sweet Russet McMillan "In the middle of a perplexing case, Jim encounters his double -- and learns some things about himself and Blair."
A Quiet War Meredith Lynne "In which Jim and Blair have muffins, work too much, sleep too little, suffer, and fight crime. Oh, and also, they fall in love." -
Net Worth Pares "Most household arguments revolve around money." -
A Moment of Clarity Eriker "After coming close to a breakdown in Simon’s office, Blair explains parts of his childhood to Jim." Blair with an OCD
We Would Ask Now of Death Slasher and Shamangrrl "There's a serial killer loose in Cascade (at least we're original, huh?)" -
American Confederate Universe Otter "In this universe, Jim and Blair meet the summer before both start college. Jim is 18, Blair is 14, and Rose (OFC) is 20. It might be helpful to read the background information below before starting the stories." -
Don't Know Why
Don't Know Why II
Jo Ann
"Jim finds Blair, who's celebrating his birthday in secret. Posted with the original author's permission."
Polar Ice Caps Alyjude ? Blair as a novelist
Jamie Series Gillian Middleton. ? -
Outside Influences Candy Apple "Starsky and Hutch come to Cascade to work with Jim and Blair on a dangerous serial killer case, just as Jim and Blair are taking a new step in their relationship. Some major revelations are in store for both Blair and Starsky. " -
Season Ticket Krisser "Who knew that Season tickets to the basketball games, would make these men realize how they felt about each other?" Slash AU
Dr. B.Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man Scribe "Blair Sandburg has roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person... " Slash AU
The Lone Ranger Patt and CJ "What happens when a man, who thinks he's the Lone Ranger, finds out he isn't?" Slash AU
And Winter Fast Approaching Martha Christine "After a catastrophic military 'accident' separates Jim and Blair, the Sentinel retreats to the mountains to build a new tribe. But is Blair really dead? " Slash AU
Take a Little Piece of my Heart Lisa, Duncan's Twin "Life altering actions lead to life changing consequences. " Slash AU
Learning to Fly VampyrAlex "Jim and Stephen return to Cascade after years of being away from their hometown. There they meet a very special tour guide." Slash AU
Virtually Yours Dolly Llama "When a seemingly careless hacker begins attacking several telecommunications firms in Cascade, the trail leads directly to a particular computer engineer with something to hide. Will the Cascade Police Department's High Tech Crimes Division be able to apprehend the culprit, or are they hiding behind 'firewalls' of their own?" Slash AU
Unspoken Lies Kylia "Novelist Blair Sandburg and Detective Jim Ellison are brought together to solve a case... and maybe find a whole lot more." Slash AU
Sense And Psychicability Gena Fisher "Det. James Ellison is a man with a problem; an injury, a mystery and a date with a psychic are just the beginning." Slash AU
Fantasy is Reality Kaitelynn "Detective Jim Ellison goes to Fantasy Island and meets his destiny." Slash AU
Hot for Teacher Roxanne "Sociology teacher, Blair Sandburg, falls in love with the uncle of his problem student. " Slash AU
It Happened One Night Silk "Dining out has unexpected consequences for Detective Jim Ellison when he develops an appetite for Chef Blair Sandburg." Slash AU
Struck J.M. Griffin "While speaking at a local high school, reknowned anthropologist, Blair Sandburg, finds himself in the middle of an incident that impacts his future." Slash AU
The Drilling Rig Scribe "A graduate student, working to earn tuition in the rough world of an oil drilling platform, meets a mysterious, troubled man." Slash AU
The Sentinel's Guide to Flexibility Akablonded "Stress management -- especially when you're a sentinel -- comes in all sorts of packages." Slash AU
Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter Lyn "Mrs. Brown wants handsome janitor, Blair Sandburg to marry her daughter." Slash AU
Inevitable NovaD "In a world where Jim and Blair did not meet during Switchman, fates conspire to bring them together in the Cascade mountains when each is ready to hear the other." Slash AU
Ke Kali Nei Au (The Wedding Song) Landis McQuade "Blair bakes a wedding cake and proposes to an unsuspecting Jim." Slash AU
Highly Recommended XFreak "Blair hires an escort and gets more than he bargained for." Slash AU
In This Life Lisa, Duncan's Twin "Blair meets a mysterious new man and finds what he has always been looking for." Slash AU
Identity Trekker "Blair has a bit of trouble coming to grips with the changes in his relationship with Jim." -
Beach Martha and Kitty ? Jim Hurt/Blair Comfort
Bandana Panther "Blair goes to a kinky bar wearing a colored hanky. Jim thinks he's got excellent teasing material and follows." -
First of the Month Anna S "Blair does not want to pay rent." Sex for Rent

Territoriality II
The Lady of Shallot "A new detective joins the Major Crimes department, and Jim isn't happy about it."
"More fun with the Sentinel-Guide bond. "
Dragons and Kings Yvonne ? Blair as an elf
Soul Quest Nancy Taylor "Jim rescues a young elf in the woods, and finds his life changed forever." Blair as an elf
Rigged Stormy "Summary: Jim has a little problem. Blair buys him a toy." Jim/Blair have erection or orgasm problems
Inferences and Innuendo - Series Lenore "Blair's need to explore his sense of self-identity brings him back to Club Doom. Needless to say, things do not go well." (Summary of first story in the series.) Darker stories
The End of Time Lisa, Duncan's Twin "Some things just don't work." Unhappy endings
Salt, Tequila, Lime Lyrica "Just like the challenge says...toasted Blair and activity on the kitchen table that requires a scrub brush the morning after." -
Hot Stuff Roxanne "Blair decides to do some research on male/male sex." -
Understand Me Saraid "Jim and Blair are working a nasty prostitute serial murder case, finally calling in a specialist from the FBI for help. Meanwhile, recently awakend memories are driving Blair closer and closer to the edge." Blair and drug addiction
That Essential Quality Kris "Blair discovers information that forces him to seek a new guide for his sentinel." -
Gillian Middleton ? -
Second Thursday at Three Kit Mason "A twisted love story, in an alternate reality." -
Taken With Your Eyes Closed James Walkswithwind "Blair's birthday ... and a friend has given him a scripted S&M scene. What will Jim do when he finds out? " -
Previous Loves Otter "After S2, Jim and Blair have a lot of things to deal with." -
Undercover Heather "Jim and Blair get sent on an undercover assignment that drastically changes their lives." Jim & Blair pretend to be a couple
Touch-y Mona Ramsey "In which Jim and Blair discover exactly how touchy they really are." -
Self Discovery 101 Charlotte Frost "It is a year after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg", and Jim and Blair learn new things about themselves and each other while investigating a murder at a racehorse retirement farm." Jim/Blair sex problems
Out of Whack Aristide & Bone "Some events transpire. Smut is involved." -
Quack Legion "What is one good way to deal with a bigot?" Jim & Blair pretend to be a couple
Sweet and Sour Candy Apple "A quick hot flash. You will never look at an eggroll the same way." Hot sex
Guardian of the Tribe Series Lori ? -
Over the Edge Alleycay "PWP with no redeeming qualities except heat, for which I apologize to any of you who may reside in warmer regions of the world, if there is such a place right now (Can you tell I'm sick of the ice and snow here in the sunny South? Jeez, I shoulda stayed in Washington.). Anyhoo, this little piece was inspired by several of Bonnie Raitt's songs." Hot sex
Planet of the Sentinels Saul "A guide is forced to bond with a sentinel." Blair disowns Naomi
Decompression Shadow "Blair's recovery from a traumatic assault finally brings he and Jim together." Thoughtless Naomi
Naomi Knows Gena "When Blair is injured, Naomi learns more about her son and his partner" Bad Naomi
Deus Ex Machina Afropuff "Jim knew Blair had talent, he just didn't know how much. Features Singing!Blair " Blair in a band
A Blessed Event BB & CS "Ever wonder how Blair would handle pregnancy?" -