Slash Archive - February 2000

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Ever After


Myrna A tragedy on the job changes everything for Jim and Blair.
Blair injured and brain damaged.
Without Love Josephine Darcy An unexpected kiss leads to complications.
Fic Rec - Good Slash Fics
A Life Half Lived Jack Reuben Darcy Regret can kill a man if he lets it. The question is, can love save him from himself?
Fic Rec - Good Slash Fics
Identity Kit Mason Blair's first case, after he's sworn in, takes him undercover on the street "Blair goes undercover as a possible target for a bar tender who is suspected of drugging his victims and then taking pictures and other
things. Blair is drugged and Jim finds him later."
Most Loved


J. M. Griffin After a devastating incident, Blair is irrevocably brain injured. Jim is dedicated to taking care of his dearest friend, who was once his lover and Guide. But life goes on and Jim must deal with the here and now.
URL requested.
Degrees of Truth Sorka Jim's life has alway been something of a mystery. Blair learns that some truths are harder to take than others.
Slash story similar to DL Witherspoon's Family.
Tummy Rub Alyjude Blair thinks Jim needs a dog. Jim thinks Blair is being jilted. Blair thinks Jim hates him. Simon is just confused.
Blair hits Jim.
Breaking Point Merri-Todd Webster Blair reaches his breaking point and goes Neanderthal. Really.
Blair hits Jim.
Strange World Rhipodon Society


Mild slash fics
New York, New York Lady of Shalott Jim and Blair in the big city. Mild slash fics.
Go Francesca Shameless angst: Jim makes some decisions about being a Sentinel and his relationship with Blair.
Blair stops Jim from killing himself.
Natural and Necessary Legion While Blair and Jim investigate a vandalized art gallery, an unusual sculpture awakens unsuspected feelings in both of them.
Blair stops Jim from killing himself.
Decision Time Myrna Things have been a little rocky in Jim and Blair's relationship, so Blair decides to take an afternoon to be surrounded by nature. But when the unexpected happens, will their bond help save Blair?
Blair stops Jim from killing himself.
The Dragon Mairead Triste and Aristide Things get dangerous. Smut ensues. There's an actual plot.
Blair stops Jim from killing himself.
Quiet Clarity Brenda Antrim Blair and Jim handle a temporary separation in very different ways, finding their way home by listening to the clear voice inside that connects the two. URL Requested.