December 2007


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Legalities Of Love J.L. Blackstone ? Jim or Blair as powerful individuals
Moving Over Me J.L. Blackstone ? Jim or Blair as powerful individuals
Kiss For Luck J.L. Blackstone ? Jim or Blair as powerful individuals
The Unlikely CEO Annabelle Leigh & Shar ? Jim or Blair as powerful individuals
The Waiting Is The Hardest Part Debbie Tripp Jim is injured and Blair waits for him to come to. Jim owies
Doing His Job Debbie Tripp After Jim and other members of Major Crime are injured, Blair does his job. Jim owies
Learning Curve Litgal ? TS/Buffy crossover
Outside Influences series Candy Apple What happens when Jim and Blair collaborate on a tough case with a couple of "experts" from California? S&H crossover. Naomi is murdered
Recovery Epic Litgal This is the story of a strong but damaged Blair trying to find himself, his happiness, and his true path. While he originally tries to survive the dissertation disaster by running away from his life with Jim, memories of Jim refuse to stop haunting him. In Cycle Two, Jim appears in Phoenix, the two men have to find a way to repair their faltering relationship. Strong women characters
Finding, Keeping, Losing, Weeping Jayed After TSbBS, Jim rejects Blair, and twenty three other Sentinels vie to take Jim's place. Sentinel/Guide courtship
Ravaged Jayd An old enemy of Jim's takes his revenge in the most terrible way. Blair and Jim have to deal with the horror and healing only to find that it's not over till you catch the bad guys. Blair kidnapped
Storm Signs Legion Sam Beckett 'puts right the wrong' that created Panther and Chief, sending Jim and Blair on the run from an enemy they don't know and can't defeat without accepting a change in themselves they never could have anticipated. They find help along the way - from the most unexpected of sources: Admiral Al Calavicci. Panther Tales types of fics
The Fortune Teller Arianna Jim and Blair have to fight a formidable enemy who is intent on corrupting Blair's fledgling shamanic abilities. The Shaman's Journey fic announcement
True Minds Lanning Cook ? Blair helps a student
Little Company Lanning Cook ? Blair helps a student
Many Waters Lanning Cook ? Blair helps a student
The Devil You Know Psychgirl Written for the spook_me ficathon on LJ. My prompts were snake, mutant, and trapped. URL search
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Lyn ? Jim committed by William
Small World Callista Echo ? Jim committed by William
World Without End Callista Echo ? Jim committed by William
Harbor Of My Heart Romslinger One of my favorite TS stories is "Detour" by Emily Brunson. I absolutely adored her proud but vulnerable Jim. One day while listening to Barry Manilow's "Keep Each Other Warm" the idea for "Harbor of My Heart" hit me. It has a Jim Ellison reminiscent of Emily's in "Detour" -- lost, hurting, but still the sentinel -- still the protector. In steps Blair Sandburg, who is also a protector in his own right, but also alone and lonely. "Harbor of My Heart" is the story of these two diverse men who learn how to trust and love. Jim committed to mental hospital
Asphalt Jungle Montage ? Jim committed to mental hopsptal
Thin Blue Line Season Two Various authors ? Virtual Season announcement
Cold Case Alyjude Jake Universe Trilogy Sick Blair
The Night Sandburg Graduated From The Academy Francesca   Sick Blair
Pulp Friction Bone Jim. Smashed Blair (!!). The kitchen table. 'Nuff said. Sick Blair
Territorial Imperative6 Bone ? Sick Blair
Epiphany Blankety   Sick Blair
The Sentinel Nurse Monica An injury leads to a discovery. Sick Blair
Flirting akablonded ? Sick Blair
Mountain Pass Lady Ra After his senses come online, Jim is looking for quiet but finds
he's drawn to help a sick stranger.
Sick Blair
Refugee Status Lamardeuse ? Blair moves out of the loft
Never Try To Fool A Sandburg Alyjude ? Blair moves out of the loft
Necessary Deception Rogue ? Jim being mean to Blair because he's working undercover
Imperfections series Dasha If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim? Monk crossover
Lost Francesca ? Tender first times
The Boy Most Likely Gena Fisher ? Tender first times
Sacred Space Justine An excerpt from Blair's journal, from the morning after the events of "Dead Drop." Tender first times
And So It Goes Justine Another first-time story Tender first times
My Li'l Guppy Kateri ? Tender first times
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven Lily K Good things happen. Tender first times
Seduction Monica A Sentinel puts a plan into action Tender first times
Breathing Words Against My Skin Pink Dragon Jim gets busted. Blair gets payback. Tender first times
The Gravity Of Love Shadow Turnabout is fair play ... but nothing ever goes quite as planned
This story is a sequel to On Edge.
Tender first times
Tender Resonant   Tender first times
Broken-hearted Veronica Blair's a detective, Jim has a girlfriend. Everything's normal, so why isn't anyone happy? Tender first times
Through Your Eyes Akablonded ? Tender first times
Insatiable Caro Dee Jim Ellison finds the sentinel senses an irresistible lure. Obsessive Jim. Oblivious Blair. Jim needs to imprint Blair on his senses
Sentinel Shift Krisser ? Jim needs to imprint Blair on his senses
Amazing Grace Ruth Calkins ? Jim outs himself at the station
Epiphany In A Stairwell Lady Ra ? Jim outs himself at the station
Wings2 Alyjude ? A Wonderful Life type stories
Ghosts Of Christmas MnM ? A Wonderful Life type stories
Dreaming Of Sentinels Various authors ? Christmas recs
Just Us Aouda Fogg Blair has been keeping a secret, and it leads to several epiphanies for Jim. Blair is an elf
The Christmas Elf Lady Ra Jim's life is falling apart, and there seems to be only one place that makes him feel better. Blair is an elf
Immersion - slash version Fluterbev The worst possible news brings Jim and Naomi to Peru. Primal forces come into play, sending Jim on a perilous journey, and taking Blair on a trip of a different kind. Jim needs to scent Blair
The One Where Blair Has A Secret Epistrophia Blair has a secret. Jim discovers Blair's secret. They get laid. Blair is an elf
Raven Blankety Ravens. Sugar. Elemental archetypes made flesh. Blair is an elf
One Kind Deed Dolimir A kind deed by a young thief leads him down a path he never dreamed he would take. Blair is an elf
Nolder The Grape, Sweeter The Wine Lanning Cook ? Blair is an elf
Soul Quest Nat A camping trip leads to startling changes in Jim's life as he encounters a wounded elf in the forests of the Cascade Mountains. Blair is an elf
The AIDS Stories James Walkswithwind Blair is dying, and it's been two years since he's seen Jim. Will Jim remember him this year, on his birthday? Blair with AIDS
Beau Geste Polly Bywater Yet another post-TSbBS story, with a twist. William Ellison decides that Blair Sandburg didn't get what he deserved. Corrective press conference
A Round Of Tumult Polly Bywater Jim won't let Blair's press conference stand. Corrective press conference
The Face Of Evil Morgana ? Blair and friend bashed in hate crime
Christmas Rec list Various ? Christmas stories URL
Chosen9 Night Shift Nat It's part of the "Chosen" AU -- Chosen 9: Night Shift -- based on the episode of the same name, but with a "Chosen" twist. Story announcement
The Scars That Remain Jane Mailander Blair shows Jim what a *real* paper-cut looks like. Jim's penis is tattooed
One Is A Lonely Number Alyjude Wherein it's been four months since the boys got together at Lake Chelan, and now it's almost Christmas. Will Jim replace Blair's sold computer? Has the course of true love gone smoothly since we last left our guys? How the hell should I know? I just write the stuff.
This story is a sequel to It's All In The Hips.
Blair trapped in a house in a mudslide
Just Another New Year's Eve Griffin Jim, Blair, and cookies Blair making cookies
Kings Or Knaves Mab Brown This story is a sequel to 'Cards on the Table' and 'A Game of Hazard', both of which can be found on this archive. Story announcement
Haven Of My Soul Romslinger While volunteering at a soup kitchen, Detective Jim Ellison meets an amnesiac called the Professor. Stuttering, traumatized Blair
Homeward Bound Alyjude ? Stuttering, traumatized Blair
True Minds Lanning Cook ? Dark stories
Predator Morgan What if Jim and Blair never met in Switchman? What happens to a Sentinel with no understanding of his gift? Dark stories
Perspectives Morgan Sequel to Predator Dark stories
Protector Morgan Sequel to Perspectives Dark stories
No Islands Anymore Betsy Tacy Ray-Kelly After a brutal attack, Jim and Blair try to pick up the pieces. Blair seems to be "better" at examining his feelings than Jim. Who knew? Dark stories
Conforming To Requirements Fluterbev A novel length AU set in a parallel world, where Sentinels are prized members of society and Guides are second class citizens. Sentinel Ellison doesn’t want to Bond, and his unconventional, temporary Guide is not allowed to. Dark stories
Sentinel Justice Fluterbev Blair Sandburg is in prison, convicted of a crime he did not commit. Three and a half years into his sentence he meets a criminal defence attorney called Jim Ellison, who offers to take his case to appeal - for a price. Dark stories
Full Circle Lyn After TSbyBS, Blair disappears from Jim's life, just when Jim gets the courage to admit his true feelings. Stuttering, traumatized Blair
Everything I Do, I Do It For You Carlito ? Dark stories
Kincaid's Revenge Wendy K ? Dark stories
Decompression Shadow ? Dark stories
Magick MickeyM Novel-length story, originally published as a zine. Jim and Blair become involved in investigating a series of grotesque, ritualistic murders, each one occurring exactly one month after the last. The race is on to find the perpetrators before someone else becomes the next victim. Dark stories
Empathy Brenda Antrim ? Dark stories
Leaving Daydreamer ? Dark stories
Man Child Grey A murder/rape investigation is complicated when Blair remembers a childhood trauma. Dark stories
Ravaged1 Jayd An old enemy of Jim's takes his revenge in the most terrible way. Blair and Jim have to deal with the horror and healing only to find that it's not over till you catch the bad guys. Dark stories
Ravaged2 Jayd Blair is kidnapped by an old enemy of Jim's and is taken off to South America to become a sex slave. Jim and Simon must find a way to locate and rescue Blair before it's too late. Dark stories
Ravaged epilogue Jayd 10 Months have passed and a visit from an old friend brings painful memories and healing. Dark stories
The Protector Southy ? Dark stories
Protector And Protectorate Southy Sequel to The Protector Dark stories
The Blue Feather Natalie L When Blair is raped and left for dead, Jim arrives to breathe new life into the young man's shattered world. Dark stories
Tremors Charlotte Frost Sequel to the gen story Screaming Dark stories
Down To The Woods Anna ? Dark stories
Rape, Lies, And Videotape Russett McMillan ? Dark stories
Pain Of Love Alyjude Jim is dating and Blair is having difficulty dealing as he discovers that love can be painful. He gets into some serious trouble as a result.
In 2 parts
Dark stories
The Retrieval Series Polly Bywater Blair was lost but now is found.
Dark stories
In Deepest Consequence PJ An investigation of a serial killer strikes too close to home for Jim and Blair. Dark stories
Stop Whispering Gritkitty "You learn a lot about someone when you sleep with them on a regular basis. You learn a lot about people when they hate you, too." Dark stories
The Thirteenth Sacrifice Candy Apple Blair is the sole survivor of a serial mass murderer's bloody rampage at a fraternity house near the Rainier campus-and the only living witness who has seen the face of the killer. As Jim heads the task force assigned to the case, baffling clues reveal that there may be something even more sinister at work than the violent havoc wreaked by a deranged mind.

Meanwhile, just as Blair's brush with death brings the two men to a new level in their relationship, the evil that lurks beneath the surface of this terrible case threatens to destroy their chance at happiness, their lives...and their souls.

Dark stories
The Gift Arrow Blair gives Jim a gift. Story rec
JustJeanette's Songvids JustJeanette   Song vids announcement
Getting Marked Kadru Blair gets a tattoo! Jim or Blair with panther tattoo
All But Branded Tangent Jim caught something else, something hospital-familiar and home-dangerous; antiseptic and blood and the heat of a new wound. Jim or Blair with panther tattoo
Deus Ex Machina Afropuff Blair's old band have a get together Jim or Blair sing
Blue-eyed Soul Afroingpuff Sequel to Deus Ex Machina Jim or Blair sing
Something To Talk About Alyjude Major Crimes must redeem the entire Police Department in the annual Charity Band Competition. Nuff said. Jim or Blair sing
Everlasting Shadow ? Jim or Blair with panther tattoo
Primal Urges MickeyM What if Blair met Jim in the jungle? Jim or Blair with panther tattoo
Don't Tell Jim Sunglow66 ? Jim or Blair with panther tattoo
Hide And Seek LadyTygerEyez Jim tries to find Blair's new tattoo. Jim or Blair with panther tattoo
Planet Of The Sentinels Saul Futuristic Alternative Universe.
A Guide is forced to bond with a Sentinel.
Jim goes to Sentinel institute to find a Guide
Stalking Legion Blair's being stalked, and the clock is ticking for J/B to find out who is doing it--and what secret he's hiding. Then, when the mystery is solved, another, more painful one rears its head. Jim stalking Blair
Seduction Legion Sequel to Stalking Jim stalking Blair
Dead Man's Float Arrow ? Story rec
No Islands Anymore Betsy Tacy Ray-Kelly After a brutal attack, Jim and Blair try to pick up the pieces. Blair seems to be "better" at examining his feelings than Jim. Who knew? Jim kills Blair's rapists
Promises To Keep Myrna Blair is diagnosed with Lymphoma, and Jim must fight his own fears as he helps his lover deal with the disease. Long stories
Miles To Go Myrna Sequel to Promises To Keep Long stories
Morgana's site Morgana   Looking for author's site
Pennies For The Jungle Rentgirl2 ? Long stories
A Quiet War Merry In which Jim and Blair misunderstand one another on almost every level, leading to much angst and suffering and then, eventually, less suffering, and then breakfast. Long stories
Another Mode Of Belonging Gritkitty ? Long stories
Where Friendship Takes You Tazy Friendship between an unlikey pair lead Blair and Jim to see the light. Bonding stories
Romancing Jim Patt Rose ? Naomi wants Jim
Wicked Desire Romslinger Blair's realization that he's in love with his roommatecouldn't have come at a worse time. Story announcement
The Heart's Consent Romslinger After Blair receives his doctorate and moves out of the loft,Jim has trouble coping with his loneliness and loss of control. Story announcement
Hour Of Lead Lyn Jim is missing and Blair lies criticially injured. An old foe is back for revenge and money. Jim accidentally pushes Blair down the stairs
The Sentinel by Jim Ellison Francesca & Miriam Jim's life, sometime after TS by BS. Jim can't walk
The Many Happy New Year's Wishes Of The Sentinel Various authors   Ezine announcement
The Silent Key Arianna ? Blair forced to run Sentinel training for the military