Slash Archive - August 2007


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Strange World Rhipoden Society   Blair duped into a bond with another sentinel.
Sins Of the Past KAM   Naomi is missing. TS/SVU crossover.
A Special Present LilyK   TS/SVU crossover.
Full Circle Lyn   Fragile Blair.
Saving Blair LilyK   Fragile Blair.
Out of the Closet Annie   Jealous Blair.
The Smile akablonded   Jealous Blair.
Going Courting Patt   Jealous Blair.
Those Who Can Sihaya Black   Fic rec.
Stealing Home Callista Echo   Blair kidnapped/brainwashed into becoming a hired killer.
Heavier Than Air Alexis Gunn   Blair naked as an agel in a play.
Taming of the Guide Elaine   AU future fic. Jim and Blair bond but Jim also has a contract with Carolyn to produce children.
Sentinel-Guide Research Project Sorka   Guides in charge of sentinels.
The Calling Aurora Sea   MC gang in Peru after Alex debacle.
As the Bough Breaks Emerald   Blair attempts suicide.
Amends Rogue   Blair attempts suicide.
Homeward Bound Alyjude   Magnum sent to retrieve Blair to testify against Kincaid.
Permeance Polly   Blair attempts suicide.
Permeance 2 Polly   Blair attempts suicide.
Twenty One Days Legion   Blair attempts suicide.
dance.html_ Y. S. McCool   Blair/Jim/Female in relationship.
Sentinel Corp Rogue   URL Request.
Tommy Series Shedoc   Blair as a father.
Everything's Jake Alyjude   Blair as a father.
Jamie Series Gillian Middleton   Blair as a father.
Moira Series Natalie L   Fic Announcement.
Nature Series Francesca   Jim treats Blair badly. Blair becomes ill or is injured.
The Ties Which Bind Dolimir   Blair discussing with his friends his relationship to Jim - shaman - sentinel.
Something Evil This Way Comes Dolimir   Jim investigating black magic in New Orleans.
Brain Drain Shedoc   Jim or Blair's father help Blair out of a dangerous situation.