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The Past Echoes Legion This is my version of how Blair would handle a sexually damaged Jim. While this is a little on the dark, kinky side, I think it reaches a realistic conclusion. Jim has a secret room.
Problem, Child T. W. Lewis Mpreg, with a twist or six.
Child's PoV. Sees book bleed.
Guidelines lit_gal Two strong individuals try to find each other in a world where
Sentinels and Guides are known but not truly understood.
URL request.
You'll Always Be series saraid


Jim and Blair married but bond periodically.
Surprise Silver Dragon Jim and the guys find out something suprising about Blair. Blair in Navy Seals.



Emily Brunson Months after Jim drops a bombshell, Blair comes to a decision.
Jim is in love with Blair.
A Long Time Looking Anna S A trip with Jim and Blair to a plotless wonderland of ice cream and sex. With yuppie trappings.
Jim is in love with Blair.
The Secret Life of JJ Rush Candy Apple Jim's dangerous undercover assignment ends in disaster, and both Jim and Blair struggle to cope with the aftermath and rebuild their life together. Jim owies.
Shaman on a Hellmouth Saraid


TS/Buffy crossovers.
Hotel California CarolRoi


URL request. Warning: Het/kink. Not slash.
A New Path KAM

After the events of Sentinel Too, Blair decides it's time to 

  confess his true feelings for Jim. When Jim can't return those feelings, Blair decides to move on and take a new path.

TS/SG-1 crossover.
BtVS Alexis Rogers After viewing an episode of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Blair starts thinking about the concept of hero/sidekick relationships, and furthering the gene pool.
TS/Buffy crossovers.
Parental Guidance Calia Xander and Willow find out they are related and end up being raised by Blair and Jim from the Sentinel. TS/Buffy crossovers.
The Fire Francesca Jim revisits his past, puts old demons to rest and finds new ones. Jim doesn't like teens, has to interview one.
Cheap Francesca Jim decides to teach Prof. Blair Sandburg a thing or two about repression.
Blair is straight, Jim doesn't realize.
Epiphany in a Stairwell Lady Ra Jim is eavesdropping and has an epiphany.
Blair cornered by another detective and gets the better of him.
Arresting Behavior Monica Why is everyone at Major Crimes mad at Jim? Just what are he and Blair doing?
J/B's co-workers overhear conversation and come to the wrong conclusion.
The Mountie who Fell to Earth Josephine Darcy While on an investigation, Jim and Blair stumble across a Chicago cop, a Mountie, his pet wolf and a murder. Eventually the gang is led on a wild ride across the Canadian wilderness in pursuit of a demented religious freak. Can Jim and Fraser save their partners before it's too late? TS/DS crossovers.
Sweet Surrender Ankaree Blair is out to make a few extra dollars when he's hired to clean a new residence, and upon meeting the handsome police officer, he feels an instant attraction. Blair is a housekeeper in his spare time.
Sacred Dreams Arianna Lussier


Rafe as a sniper. (Unfinished WiP.)
Something to Talk About Alyjude Major Crimes must redeem the entire Police Department in the annual Charity Band Competition. Nuff said.
Blair sings in contest.
Paying the Rent Elaine Jim rescues a young university student from a life of prostitution. Blair as a prostitute.
Night series:

I Follow the Night

Prince Charming

In the Dark

Castalie Love can be found everywhere. Even in the most sordid places.
Blair as a prostitute.
Future Tense Alyjude Blair moves on with his life and career, but a violent case brings him back to Cascade to assist in catching a killer. Blair is a cop in San Francisco.
Cheyenne series Y. S. McCool In order to catch a criminal, Cascade's finest relies on an exotic dancer to bait the trap. J/B/S stories.
All I Want Zen and Nancy


URL request.
Resolutions and Endings Louie


Blair dies, Jim follows.
An Unexamined Life HeleninHell A practical joke gets out of hand.
Jim goes out with a cop called Matt but doesn't think he's gay.
Flirting akablonded A drunken Blair Sandburg come to a sobering realization.
First time Blair stories.
Testing the Waters Candy Apple


First time Blair stories.
One More Chance








Hypoglycemic Blair.
High Voltage NatalieL Blair finds comfort with Jim during a thunderstorm. Blair afraid of thunderstorms.
Detecting Sandburg Wordwitch Jim knows more about Sandburg than Sandburg thinks he knows.
Blair as a shaman.
Past Lessons LilyK Jim and Blair's introduction to Simon's mentor triggers memories and fears from a past long-gone. Hypnotic suggestion.
Daring Deeds NatalieL A few too many drinks, Blair in drag, a wedding chapel and compromising positions. Hypnotic suggestion.
Guide for Sale Alyjude Things aren't so easy for Blair, after he diss'es his diss. Back up doesn't show. Blair shot.
Come Sit By My Fire Peja Set after a world destroying event. A weakened by illness Blair seeks aid in the slave marts Blair sells himself into slavery.
No Questions in Forever Myrna Jim and Blair, early in Season One with Carolyn stopping by to ask for a quick favor. Jim and Blair are a couple. Carolyn doesn't like it.
Precious Bundle Voracity An old girlfriend of Blair's leaves him a ... surprise
Blair's son left on doorstep.
We Would Ask Now of Death ShamanGrrl  and Slasher There's a serial killer loose in Cascade (at least we're original, huh?)
Jim and Blair are FBI agents.
Power/Play Kit Mason Jim guides Blair to fix sensory problems.
Blair uses his voice to manipulate others.
Palooka Dawn Pares Blair dates a lot of girls. Jim finds some incriminating photographs. That's about it, really.
Jim thinks how all girls like Blair.
Citrus Afropuff Blair develops a new relationship with oranges.
Jim, Blair and oranges.
Switch Alexis Gunn Ah, the infamous cross-dressing undercover assignment. Fem Blair.
Future Conditional Elaine A serial killer is stalking the streets of Cascade. Set in the future.
Fem Blair.
BJ Sandburg Gillian Middleton The Sandburg Curse - on their thirtieth birthday members of Blair's family have been known to change sex for a year. But try telling Jim that! He learns the hard way that there's more to Blair than he ever thought, and also how tricky those Sentinel mating instincts can be when faced with a female Guide. Fem Blair.
Apache Shedoc What's up with that comment Blair made about Desert Storm?
Blair flew Apaches in Desert Storm.
The Sentinel by Jim Ellison Francesca and Miriam Jim's life, sometime after TS by BS.
Jim thinks he's paralysed but has been brainwashed.
Jake and Jesse Dolimir An AU of Aly's Jake series.
Set in the Jake universe by Alyjude. Jim and Blair adopt a little girl.
So What Are You Saying? Karen Jim and the rest of Major Crimes try to wrap their minds around a startling concept. Then Blair comes along and makes a psychologist rue the day he ever set foot in the Cascade PD. Psychiatrist evaluates the MC team.