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The Edge of Beauty Lily Some people are aware of Blair's beauty, but some are not Blair as Indiana Jones
Baby, Oh Baby Kerensa A pregnant and bored Blair ends up entertaining the guys at Poker night Blair as Indiana Jones
Stories by Katana Katana URL request
Hard Living Annie Blair and Jim meet under different circumstances. Blair without money
Finding Home Annie Epilogue for The Debt Blair without money
Living Within your Means Kira Blair does up the household budget and things come up short. Parody Warning Blair without money
Net Worth Pares Jim complains that Blair isn't contributing his fair share of expenses. Blair enlightens Jim Blair without money
Running on Empty

Running on Empty 2


After the fountain, Blair's got a mountain of medical bills and his and Jim's relationship is strained.  He decides to leave in order to fix things. Jim and the MC guys realize just how little money he's got to live on.

Blair without money
Hazy Shade of Winter Psychgirl What if TSbyBS was a dream? Blair without money
Wind Whisperer Panik Wind Whispering is the first magic a young gypsy learns. To lie listening to the wind with a question in your heart; ride the wind till the stirrings form softly spoken words, and the answer to your question is made clear. All things have a life of their own; it's just a matter of awakening the spirit in them Blair without money
Future Tense Alyjude Blair moves on with his life and career, but a violent case brings him back to Cascade to assist in catching a killer TSBBS never happened
A Quiet War Merry

Blair is finishing up the diss and it's becoming a wall between them.

TSBBS never happened
Mistaken Identity Bluewolf Blair has been kidnapped TSBBS never happened
Enough Space Scala There's Blair, and the jungle and Jim - and a whole lotta space between them. TSBBS never happened
A Meeting of Equals Lady Ra After one more fight about the Dissertation, Blair plans to make good on his threat to destroy all his notes TSBBS never happened
Those Who Can


Those Who Can 2


Those Who Can 3

Sihaya Black Jim and Blair learn something about Jim's past and walk headlong into danger.

Jim and Blair learn something about Jim's past and walk headlong into danger.

Jim and Blair learn something about Jim's past and walk headlong into danger

Both are used are manipulated
Conjugations Legion Splitting off shortly after the end of the second season, in this alternate universe Jim and Blair, along with most of Major Crimes, try to survive in a world decimated by a plague Apocalypse stories



Martha Daniel looks for peace in the aftermath of Absolute Power and The Light. Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America. A Sentinel/Stargate crossover Apocalypse stories
Tatters Martha Crossover with Sentinel. And Angel, apparently. It's four months after Lovely and everything's back to normal. More or less. Apocalypse stories
And Winter Fast Approaching Martha Christina The first in my "Tales from the Burn" universe Apocalypse stories
Waking the Dead Martha Christine Sequel to And Winter Fast Approaching Apocalypse stories
If Only in My Dreams Martha Christine Sequel to Waking the Dead Apocalypse stories
Merry Christmas from the Family Martha Christine Sequel to If Only in My dreams Apocalypse stories
Homing Instinct Martha Christine After the Burn, Blair begins the long trip back to Jim and finds out he's not as alone as he thought. Apocalypse stories
The Motorcycle was Where? Otter


Inspired by Ray Stevens song
Sudden Impact Patt Blair Sandburg was brutalized along with his mother; someone is going to pay. Blair vigilante
Sentinel-Guide Research Project Sorka In a world where Sentinels are known, respect is hard won for a cop who's abilities suddenly emerge Jim forced to bond
Without Love Josephine Darcy An unexpected kiss leads to complications Jim angry with Blair
Cheap Francesca

Jim, angry after reading the first chapter, decides to show Blair he's not the only repressed person in the room

Jim angry with Blair
Kindred Spirits Lanning Cook Jim's turns the Scrooge routine on Blair, who leaves Jim angry with Blair
Boxcar Sandburg Alexis Gunn Undercover in the rail yards, Blair gets a bit carried away Jim angry with Blair
Recovery Epic LitGal Blair tries to find himself after he decides that he can't stay in Cascade. Jim isn't ready to give up Jim angry with Blair
Running Away Kass Jim doesn't have amnesia. Jim angry with Blair
Homeward Bound


Homeward Bound - Rev 2008

Alyjude A strange court case sends an Investigator for DA Beverly Sanchez to San Francisco to track down an important witness

Things turn out to be more complicated than expected after the return of Kincaid

Jim angry with Blair
The Edge of Forever LilyK James Ellison moves East into a huge old house on the Atlantic Coast that he's inherited from his great-grandfather. While there, strange occurrences ensue. Journey of the Senses 3
Territorial Imperative series Bone


Blair doesn't want to top
Justin and Paddy series BCW


Justin and Paddy
Stories by Natalie Natalie


Blair as the bottom, mpreg, virgin to sex, underage, h/c, etc

Regency Sentinel series Mab It's 1814 and Captain James Ellison is called to London to investigate his brother's infatuation with Naomi Sandburg Epoch stories
Dr. B. Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man Scribe Blair Sandburg has roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person Epoch Stories
James Joseph Ellison, Lawman Scribe Set in the Old West. Now a firmly committed couple, Jim and Blair try to help a pregnant woman trapped in an abusive relationship Epoch Stories
James Joseph Ellison, Jr., Called Jay Scribe Blair, Jim, and little Margaret have formed a strong and loving family, when someone from Jim's past comes to call--bringing a surprise Epoch Stories
Margaret Naomi Sandburg, Reluctant Little Lady Scribe


Epoch Stories
A Dish of Lime-Vanilla Ice Scribe What if you met your true love at the end of their life, when yours was just beginning? Epoch stories
Through Time and Space Alyjude One month after returning from Sierra Verde, Jim and Blair learn that their ordeal is not over... and the answer to truly setting things straight has to be found through time and space. Epoch stories
Wrangler Romslinger Entrepreneur Jim Ellison risks everything, including his heart, to help Blair Sandburg save his family ranch from a dastardly land baron. Epoch stories
The Coyote's Sacrifice



Beneath the Bushes, Beneath the Vines

Marion In the twilight of the Mayan empire, a young priest is given a Toltec warrior as his first blood sacrifice.

A year on from the terrible storm that devastated their city, the Maya priest, Mahoute, and his Toltec Guardian face a new and deadly challenge.

Epoch stories
How Soft the Scarf, How Deep the Water Marion In England, in the year of our Lord,1604 , an actor and a merchant meet Epoch stories
Spiced Wine Marion Julius Leonius returns to Rome after being discharged from the army. He encounters a slave, and a murder Epoch stories
Lauren akablonded Jim Ellison has finally found the true love of his hard-boiled life. The only catch? It's Lauren "Blair" Sandburg, whose brutal murder the New York Detective is investigating Epoch stories
Magick Mickey M Jim and Blair become involved in investigating a series of grotesque, ritualistic murders, each one occurring exactly one month after the last. The race is on to find the perpetrators before someone else becomes the next victim. Jim kidnapped by a woman who wants him to impregnate her
A Toga Party Marion A weekend away from the murder and mayhem of the city; what more could Blair and Jim ask for.... Fic announcement
Arresting Behavior Monica Why is everyone at Major Crimes mad at Jim? Just what are he and Blair doing? MC guys overhear something
It's Raining Sentinels Miraden

Obsession needs an outlet. The outlet just got outlet

Blair subjugates his want/need/desire for Jim
These Two Hearts series Candy Apple Jim rescues Blair from an abusive relationship Blair subjugates his want/need/desire for Jim
Screaming Charlotte Frost Jim and a traumatized Blair try to escape from a waking nightmare Intimate after abuse
Tremors Charlotte Frost Slash sequel to the gen story "Screaming". Blair's recovery. Intimate after abuse
Message in a Bottle BeapBeap Sandburg is badly abused and Detective Ellison seeks revenge Fic announcement
Paradox BeapBeap

Blair and Jim must deal with some disturbing contradictions in their lives. Sequel to Message in a Bottle

Fic announcement
Getting What you Deserve Remma Jim has met the perfect woman, but will he realize that there is someone even more perfect for him right under his nose? Jim's girlfriend won't let him have the aisle seat
Alchemy Joolz Sentinel/ Stargate SG1 Crossover: Four strong individuals come to grips with what's really important in life. SG-1/Sentinel, post TSbBS
Brokenhearted Veronica Blair's a detective, Jim has a girlfriend. Everything's normal, so why isn't anyone happy? Blair stories with happy endings
At the End of the Day Veronica Blair leaves the force and new opportunities, both professional and personal, threaten to take him away from Jim for good. Blair stories with happy endings
Kaleidoscope 1


Kaleidoscope - Lame Wolf

T. W. Lewis When Blair is brain-damaged after a shooting, everything changes.

Naomi finds a cure for Blair's condition, but the price may be higher than Jim and Blair are willing to pay

Blair stories with happy endings
The Wish Lady Ra An AU off of the episode Remembrance: After Jim remembers Bud dying, Blair makes a wish on his behalf that things had turned out differently Blair stories with happy endings
The Edge of Beauty Lily Some people are aware of Blair's beauty, but some are not Blair stories with happy endings
2000 Alyjude and Gail Wherein the stress tells on Simon and he reacts badly to some news. There be angst ahead, h/c (I hurt Jim!) and a gay time is had by all! Blair stories with happy endings
In the Arms of an Angel Arianna Dan Wolf asks to have recent deaths in All Saints' Cathedral due to overdoses looked into -- the deaths may simply be a series of unfortunate coincidences, but he finds the circumstances odd. Post TSbyBS and Blair is a cop. Blair stories with happy endings
Different akablonded Love always seems to appear when you're not looking for it. Just ask second-grade school teacher Blair Sandburg. Blair stories with happy endings
Talent Grey Jim's quite taken with Blair's talent for dancing. Darryl has a crush on Blair
Sum of the Parts Audra Rose Blair has a secret in his past, and Jim wants to know what it is. Blair's beauty
Lonely Hearts Club


Lonely Hearts Club 2

Toshua AU, Blair as a young model, tired of the strain, meets an Army Ranger before he ships out to Peru

Blair is a model, Jim is found in Peru. They find each other again.  This story is a sequel to Lonely Hearts Club

Blair's beauty
Dress for Success Alyjude Wherein the mysteries of life are answered for Blair as he dresses to impress. Blair's beauty
Something to Talk About Alyjude Major Crimes must redeem the entire Police Department in the annual Charity Band Competition. Nuff said Blair's beauty
Charity Alyjude Rainier is having their annual charity event and Blair is hiding something from Jim. But not for long. Blair's beauty
In the Eye of the Beholder: Videotape Francesca Jim watches a videotape. Blair's beauty
Photographic Evidence Annabelle Leigh At a crime scene, Jim finds evidence of Blair's youthful indiscretions, and it forces him to confront painful and long forgotten events from his own past, as well as to navigate his feelings for his Guide. Blair's beauty
The Ides of April Cynthia Selene A story about Jim and Blair and taxes and sex Tax time
Upon a Star Rrain Jim makes a wish that changes both their lives Freaky Friday
The Body Thief Russet McMillan After Jim gets shot, he has a chance to explore his feminine side Freaky Friday
Sands of Time Alyjude

Jim takes Blair to a special exhibit at the Cascade Museum of Natural History and bad things happen and they find themselves solving a current mystery and a mystery centuries old

Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday Athena Blair and Jim switch body on Friday the 13th Freaky Friday
Past Lessons LilyK Jim and Blair's introduction to Simon's mentor triggers memories and fears from a past long-gone Freaky Friday
Speaking Volumes Lily Jim doesn't approve of Blair's reading material Jim buys volumes of books on Sentinels for Blair
Lifeline Legion Blair discovers that Jim is in love with him, and while both try not to let it change their lives, it nearly destroys their friendship - and Jim Jim rescues Blair from hostage situation
Power Play LilyK A strange and powerful force is loose in Cascade, negatively affecting the Guides. While the Sentinels sense the power, they are helpless to stop whatever is threatening their partners Super Shaman story
Pure Spirit Legion Companion Piece to Elemental Man: Blair is reduced to his purest form, with only his sentinel to protect and heal him Super Shaman stories
The B. S. Factor Jen Riddler Just as Jim is getting used to being blissfully happy with Blair, his world turns upside down. Blair and Naomi are spies
The Blair Project Jen Riddler


Sequel to BS Factor
Mindfuck Tangent Ann Teitelbaum A tangential story to Jen Riddler's The BS Factor Sequel to BS Factor
Who are You? M-n-M Jim and Blair are just beginning to build an intimate relationship when Jim is hit with a sniper's bullet. The impact causes him to fall and hit his head. The resultant amnesia leaves Jim with no memory of Blair, causing Blair to wonder if it's the injury...or something else. Jim loses his memory
Four Months in Uniform E. Batagur Regulations state that all applicants for detective in the city of Cascade WA. must have at least four months prior experience as a uniformed officer. This experience may be obtained through service with any nationally accredited law enforcement agency within the US, or with all branches of Military Police. Jim's POV Blair at gym
Sports series Romslinger The Major Crime softball team needs a fill-in pitcher for the championship game. Blair at gym
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Kit Mason Jim finally runs home. Blair at gym
Equilibrium Lamardeuse Jim and Blair work on a case - and slowly enter a relationship of a different nature. The inevitable post TS-by-BS epic. Blair at gym
Where Friendship Takes You Tazy Friendship between an unlikey pair lead Blair and Jim to see the light. Blair at gym
Early Deana C Jamroz Lust, love and physical fitness Blair at gym
Return to Sender Alyjude Captain Jim Ellison does something for a friend and finds his soul, but can he keep it? Fragile Blair
Two Birds with One Stone Rae New detective Blair Sandburg kills a a man in the line of duty. Why is Internal Affairs so ready to assume the worst? Fragile Blair
Ghosts Dolimir When his work computer is infected by a super virus, there is only one person who can help Jim Ellison. a young, mysterious computer recluse, by the name of Blair Sandburg Fragile Blair
The Good Friend Jack Reuben Darcy When Blair's heart is broken, things go from bad to worse and it's a long road to recovery for the Guide and his sentinel. Fragile Blair
Into the Summer Sea


Sand and Water


Still the Deep

Audra Rose Post S2P2. Ghosts. Guilt. Murder. Mental anguish

More ghosts. More mental anguish. Impending evil. Unapologetically romantic schmoop. No one important dies.

Three months after the fountain, Jim and Blair are haunted by the experience. Literally.

Fragile Blair
Soldier of Fortune akablonded Sentinelized version of the movie Fic announcement
Love Hurts Jane Davitt Jim decides it's time Blair learned some self-defense moves Blair at gym
Everything's Jake Alyjude Halloween is around the corner but Jim and Blair have a great deal to learn and a life to rethink. And after this Halloween, their lives will never be the same. Jake series
We Gather Together - Thanksgiving Alyjude Well, you have Jim and Blair, Jake, Naomi, and -- Thanksgiving Jake series
We Gather Together - Christmas and Chanukah Alyjude Well, um, er, it's Jake's first Christmas and Chanuakah Jake series
The Bestest, Most Perfectedness Vally Times Card Ever Alyjude Jake's first Valentine's day with his new parents.  This story is a sequel to Everything's Jake. Jake series
Fireworks Alyjude A story in the Everything's Jake Universe. Wherein we countdown to Jake's first July 4th, we join him for his first swimming lesson, Simon says something stupid and everyone eats way too much Jake series
Junior Guppy Alyjude Blair ponders parents and Jake and Corky go beast hunting Jake series
Full Circle Trilogy Alyjude Three more stories in the Jake universe Jake series
A Day at the Zoo Alyjude Jake's first Field Trip since starting Kindergarten Jake series
The Big Five Alyjude September 29th is fast approaching. The significance of the day? It's Jake's birthday Jake series
A Strange Anniversary Alyjude Jim and Blair are drawn into a strange celebration Jake series
Jake and Jessie Dolimir An AU of Aly's Jake series Jake series
Asphalt Jungle Montage An AU in which Ellison is forced to sell his one remaining asset... his body, and a series of gay bashing incidents leads Jim to the other half of his soul Jim is a hooker
Strange Rescue series Monica - search for authors name What happens when you have a Guide who is a trouble magnet and two Spirit Guides who can be very persuasive? You can be one confused Sentinel. Spirit animals take Blair to the basement
Enforced Recovery Monica A healed Guide and loving Sentinel complete the bond - sequel to Strange Rescue series Spirit animals take Blair to the basement
Epiphaneia Lanning Cook


Jim is ill and wants toilet water
Sentinel Interrupted Elaine Ten year old Jimmy Ellison needs a guide. But when Blair arrives at the Sentinel Institute, Jimmy's need to protect his guide outweighs his sense of self-preservation. Young Blair
The Littlest Guide Angelee


Young Blair
The Longest Journey Begins With Shedoc What if somone decided to stick up for Blair after his press conference? Blair as a shaman
Therapy for the Soul Lyn Slash version of the novella. Smarm story
Without Fear series Scala Life is hard after the press conference - much harder than either Jim or Blair could have imagined. But when love is added to the mix, it becomes a whole 'nother story No one believes the press conference