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A Million Pieces Candy Apple Blair is the only survivor of a violent attack on Jim's family, and both men must support each other through physical and emotional recovery, and the exploration of their relationship. Blair is shot protecting Jim’s child.
Sugar is Sweet Russet McMillan In the middle of a perplexing case, Jim encounters his double -- and learns some things about himself and Blair. Jim is impotent due to an injury.
Shore Love Kaitlynne Revelations at the Jersey shore. Naomi doesn’t approve of Jim and Blair’s relationship.
The Perfect Blind Date Cara Chapel Blair takes great care to arrange the perfect blind date for
Jim picks out outfit for Blair to wear on a blind date.
Lessons in Silence Legion


Naomi doesn’t approve of Jim and Blair’s relationship.
Work of Desire Angelise


Simon is a blind sculptor, Jim is still in high school.
Holding On Alyjude Wherein Naomi shows up with some news and Jim finds himself *holding on*....... Naomi doesn’t approve of Jim and Blair’s relationship.
The Verdict Is In Silvina Jim isn't a monster. Naomi doesn’t approve of Jim and Blair’s relationship.
Forgiveness Silvina Naomi isn't a monster either. Naomi doesn’t approve of Jim and Blair’s relationship.
Strange World Rhipodon Society


Sentinel/Guide – Simon’s viewpoint.
A Lover’s Farewell Blue Champagne Jim says goodbye to the blue-eyed young man he loves.
Jim/Stephen slash.
Paying the Rent Natalie L Jim rescues a young university student from a life of prostitution. Badly beaten Blair.
Inflexible Akablonded Yoga instructor Blair Sandburg becomes the object of the unwanted attentions of the rock star Detective Jim Ellison has been charged with protecting. Badly beaten Blair.
Shattered Soul Montage In the aftermath of a devastating event, Jim discovers his love for Blair. But will it be enough to help the younger man overcome the atrocities he was forced to endure.
Badly beaten Blair.
True Minds Lanning Cook


Badly beaten Blair.
Decompression Shadow Blair's recovery from a traumatic assault finally brings he and Jim together. URL Request.
The Face of Evil Morgana Blair and a fellow TA become the target of a group of skinheads. Set early in season 1. Warning; this story deals with racism and Blair's victimized by Neo-nazis. Badly beaten Blair.
Aftermath Calista Echo Jim has very definite ideas about Blair's future after the fountain. Very sick Blair.
Early Days Helen aka Batty This takes place near the start of the series, when Jim, Simon and Blair are just getting to know one another. Blair climbs into smashed car to help injured girl.
Breaking the Silence Morgana While wrapping up a horrid case Jim and Simon find the latest victim of an insane psychopath. To protect their eye witness Jim takes Blair to the loft after he's been released from the hospital. Jim finds himself extremely protective of his temporary roommate. Blair held captive.
Eye of the Serpent Elaine On holiday in Chicago, Jim and Blair run into some old friends - and danger. Jim and Jack discover that two anthropologists together are more than twice as much trouble. Blair has vision of animal spirit morphing into himself.
Sleeping Dolimir What if Jim had met Blair while in Vice? Blair pays Jim to hold him.
Edible Series Chryssalys


As the Bough Breaks Emerald A violent attack forces Jim to reveal his true feelings, but will circumstances take Blair away before they can find happiness?
Slash sequel to Suicide Watch.
Dress Up Series PEJA Its a Taisha kind of thing (you won’t understand that reference unless you happen to be watching Divorce court, so....Jim and Rafe discover a secret passion of the little anthro.
Cross dressing Blair.
Progression Jean Blair meets Methos who is stalked by Duncan while Jim attends a conference in Seacouver. TS/HL Crossover.
Past Storm’s Touch saraid


TS/Beauty and the Beast Crossover.
Created for Each Other Tevan


URL Request.
Sanctuary Legion A dirty cop, a conspiracy, and a murder force Jim and Blair to flee to New York City to the safest place Jim knows - a community known only as Below. TS/Beauty and the Beast Crossover.
Home to Stay Morgana This story deals with six episodes from the series, The siege, The Debt, Blind Man's Bluff, Cypher, Survival and Crossroads. It shows the deepening of their friendship through the years, becoming lovers at the end. Post-Crossroads story.
Past Imperfect clcarne A powerful man from Jim's past forces Jim and Blair to face their own desires. Jim is a slave of his former Army commander.
Sleeper Carodee Post-The Rig. Continues on directly after the end of the episode. The Rig stories.
Pretty Boy Francesca and Emily Blair sees some new sides of Jim.
Blair is at a bar and sees Jim there with friends.
The Bodyguard T. Botta Jim gets an unwelcome assignment who ends up teaching him a thing or two about life and love. Jim and Blair meet another gay couple who tell them do’s and don’t’s of gay sex.
Detour Emily Brunson What if Jim Ellison had never gone to visit Blair Sandburg after meeting at the hospital?
Jim delayed after meeting Blair in the hospital.
Final Frontier Rainy Day A angsty "first-time" story in more than one sense. Read no further if you're under eighteen, bothered by camping, fishing or wild m/m sex in the wilderness.
First time stories.
At His Side

Into the Future


Annie Jim ponders Blair's decision to join the police force and Blair gives him his honest answer. First time stories.
Shadowlands Lyn and Annie When Blair suffers an emotional breakdown in the aftermath of the dissertation fiasco, Jim feels powerless to help, and also has to fight his growing feelings for his partner. First time stories.
Those Who Can Sihaya Black Jim and Blair learn something about Jim's past and walk headlong into danger. First time stories.
Right to Dream LilyK In this world, Sentinels and Guides are known. James Ellison has reached the age when unbonded Sentinels are banished from society because of their failure to pledge to a Guide. First time stories.
Sentinel, Interrupted Elaine Ten year old Jimmy Ellison needs a guide. But when Blair arrives at the Sentinel Institute, Jimmy's need to protect his guide outweighs his sense of self-preservation. Blair bonds with Jim at a young age but is then taken away by Naomi.
The Way The World Ends R’rain Blair always knew his curiosity would get him into trouble one day, but he never imagined what else it would lead to. No one is prepared for the myriad of tragedies and joys that come from the discovery of a single letter, and a single lost love. First time stories.
Familiar Stranger Annabelle Leigh   Jim gets accused of rape and Blair tries to profile the real rapist.