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Gen Archive September 2007

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Sleeping Sentinel Arnie   Fic announcement.
Teddy's Imp Shedoc   Fics with phrase - 'Teddy Blair'.
Bait Series Kikkimax   Female FBI agent puts eyeliner on Blair.
Family Series D. L. Witherspoon   Jim is a member of a mobster family.
China White Kristine Williams   URL Request.
Sentinel 2032 Sheffield   TS/Seaquest Crossover.
On the Edge of Forever DawnC   TS/ST Crossover.
Dropping Helen W   TS/ST Crossover.
The Raptor Chronicles Denim and Lace   TS/ST Crossover.
Attribute of the Strong LKY   Simon drugged, breaks Blair's jaw.
Reflections On the Human Condition Carolyn   Blair shot, Jim doesn't realize. Note: Unfinished WiP.
Frayed Bonds of Friendship Lyn & Annie   Post SenToo fics.
Therapy for the Soul Lyn   Post SenToo fics.
Weight of Darkness, Power of Light Rather   Post SenToo fics.
Miracles of Life D. L. Witherspoon   Post SenToo fics.
Traces D. L. Witherspoon   Post SenToo fics.
Chasing Rainbows Panik   Post SenToo fics
Stockholm Syndrome CarolROI   Post SenToo fics.
At What Price CarolROI   Post SenToo fics.
Sentinel Too CarolROI   Post SenToo fics.
Things Fall Apart Merry   Post SenToo fics.
Metaphysics Merry   Post SenToo fics.
Twelve Times Lucky Annie   Underestimated Blair.
Learning Curve Lyn   Underestimated Blair.
A Lesson From Zac Annie   Underestimated Blair.
The Great Escape Hephaistos   Underestimated Blair.
Motion of Discovery Rimilod   Underestimated Blair.
The Muppets Take Cascade Lila Kulp & others   TS/Muppets Crossover.
Same But Different Lyn   Underestimated Blair.
I Flew Apaches in Desert Storm Debra Baschal   Underestimated Blair.
Corners of Your Mind Arnie   Underestimated Blair.
2+2=5 Rimilod   Underestomated Blair.
Spirit Walk Jennifer   Underestimated Blair.
Suicide Watch Emerald   Killer tries to make it look like Blair tried to commit suicide.
Starting Over Rebel   Underestimated Blair.