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Gen Archive September 2002

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Requested Theme/Story

Cherry Bombs Hephaistos and Dawn C An accidently drunken Blair gets involved in one of Simon's cases. Funny Stories
The Great Escape Hephaistos

Blair escapes protective custody once too often, so the detectives of Major Crime take drastic action.

Funny Stories
I Liked that Toothbrush Gil Hale

Blair is already juggling studying, teaching, observing, and two blondes and a redhead... when Jim becomes the housewife from hell.

Funny Stories
Payback's a Banana Gil Hale

Jim has to deal with even more monkey business in this epilogue to The Debt.

Funny Stories
Checklist Johanna C. A. Fally

Jim gets sick and Blair gets himself kidnapped. Again.

Funny Stories
Home Alone Johanna C. A. Fally

Sandburg's gone on a seminar, and Simon's left with a jinxed Sentinel.

Funny Stories
Big Bird Boiled my Brain Sheffield

Jim knows he's in trouble when Big Bird comes to sit on the end of his bed.

Funny Stories
Dirty Bird Emerald A talking bird is the only witness to a murder, and it falls to Ellison and Sandburg to unravel what the bird knows. Funny Stories
Who Ya Gonna Call... Red Soprano

A missing scene for BMB.

Funny Stories
Survivor Guilt Sivi B This is AU and Blair is a detective in Major Crimes and Jim’s partner.  This is also a crossover, to which show will become apparent as the story progresses. 


Quantum Luck Kikkimax Is Blair unlucky because of all the trouble he finds himself in, or is he extremely lucky because he always seems to land on his feet?  He gets a peek into what might have been while Jim mourns his loss. Day repeats itself over and over.
The Long Way Home Ruth Calkins Blair is in an accident. Jim or Blair with a permanent injury.
The Longest Journey Begins Shedoc Blair is a temporary shaman (called a traveling shaman) to a tribe for 1 year until the permanent shaman is ready to assume the duties. Blair as a shaman
The Long Goodbye Kikkimax Prison guard Jim Ellison struggles to prevent the impending execution of serial killer Blair Sandburg, AKA the Manifesto Murderer. Blair on death row.
Do Not Go Gentle Nancy Taylor This story is an alternate ending to The Long Goodbye by Kikkimax. It is recommended you read that story first. Jim is a prison guard on death row. Blair is a convicted serial killer known as the Manifesto Murderer. The night before his execution, Blair makes a final request. Will Jim be able to honor it? NOT a death story!

Blair on death row.

As Fate Has Willed Monica

When William Ellison learns that his thirteen-year-old son Jimmy is something called a “Sentinel”, to what lengths will he go to help him?

Baby Blair
It's About Family Klair An AU set in Wyoming territory 1873 where war-weary veteran James Ellison has settled. His life changes drastically when he must take on the responsibility of raising an orphaned boy, Blair Sandburg. Baby Blair
A Wolf's Cry Kateri Detective Jim Ellison must find a young boy named Blair before it is too late. Baby Blair
Clinging to the Wheel Dasha Warning: Death story . . . but as usual, nobody is actually dead at the end of it. Baby Blair
Maternal Instinct Autumn Skies An AU in which Grace Ellison encounters a special toddler during the summer of 1971. Minor references to Remembrance. Baby Blair
Kith and Kin Sealie A possible early meeting between a sentinel and his guide? Baby Blair
Home is where the Heart is Sealie A summary would spoil things... Baby Blair
Patrol Jael Lyn Sandburg's assignment with Major Crimes is challenged and he is forced to transfer. Blair as a cop.
A Part of Me Jess Riley A Sentinel’s life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide. Baby Blair
Once Upon a Time Sealie


Baby Blair
Fallout Taleya To say too much would spoil it....mwah hah hah....
Jim and Blair are in a car accident and Jim is killed. Blair finds a way to trade places with him in a book on shamanism.
Shock Waves JET A tragedy threatens to destroy Jim. Takes place post-TSbyBS. Lost Blair with amnesia
Smoke and Mirrors K. Ryn Will a grisly arson and murder case spell the end of Jim and Blair's partnership? Jim & Blair have an argument in the bullpen. Jim either hits Blair or shoves him to the floor then tells him to get out of the loft. Joel follows BLair to a motel later to hear Jim in the room with him & thinks Jim is about to hurt Blair again.
Twenty Four Hours Sealie Blair battles a serious illness with help from the Sentinel Blair gets very sick and Jim stays at the hospital with him.
Is It Enough? Jael Lyn Jim tries to sort through his feelings after September 11, 2001 9/11 Stories
The Nature of Man Meercat A terrorist bomb destroys a large chunk of Cascade--including the 800 block of Prospect Avenue. As Simon leads the search for his missing friends, he can't help but wonder: Are they dead, or in a situation even worse? 9/11 Stories
The Importance of Being Real Amethyst


9/11 Stories
Angel of Death Susan Foster


Blair was a clone, and was supposed to have been destroyed, but Naomi helped him escape and hid him
Rigged Lyn Epilogue for The Rig. Missing scenes for The Rig
Motion of Discovery Dolimir When Jim learns about Blair's past, can their friendship survive? Blair seen on tape exchanging sex for drugs.
Indebted Megared Blair gets hit with an undeserved dose of the Old Ellison. And Jim gets hit with the guilt. The Debt missing scene. Scene where Blair is giving Jim a massage/back rub?? or trying to help him in some way and Jim says something unkind to Blair that makes him cry. Jim does not know he is crying until he feels the tears falling on his skin.
After the Fact Kikkimax Jim jumps to the wrong conclusions as Blair tries to come to terms with his feelings after an attack. This is a sequel to Obsession and takes place within about two weeks of it. Stories with Blair suffering from PTSD.
The Road Not Traveled Fidus Amicus While working on his doctorate on a small fishing island, Blair Sandburg discovers something he'd lost hope of ever finding. Jim is not a cop.
Alternate Realities series D. L. Witherspoon Jim is an ex-con, and Blair is the lawyer who is bent on helping Jim get his life together. Jim is not a cop.
Unboxing Christmas Linda3 Blair's attempt to surprise Jim turns into unexpected turmoil for both of them. Christmas Stories
If the Fates Allow Paula It's an awesome responsibility to be the master of your own fate or destiny. But what if the fate of one you hold dear is placed in your hands? Christmas Stories
Saga series Starplaza A serial killer comes to Cascade and even Jim's heightened senses may not be enough to prevent Blair from becoming the next victim.   Blair is kidnapped by a woman. She takes him to a cabin where she ties him up and at one point smashes his knee with a baseball bat.
Retreat series crowswork Sentinel and guide reflect on just how their partnership was destroyed and their lives torn apart. Crossover with The District. Suicidal Blair
Presumed Guilty Lyn Blair learns that not everybody likes a hero. Blair rescues an infant from a hot car - and the mother gets disinherited. By the end, she kidnaps B and hits him in the knee - almost killing him before Jim arrives.
Book Covers MyMom


Someone thinks that Blair is a bad guy and slams his hand in the desk beause he thinks Blair is stealing from Jim's desk.
Soldier's Outpost Mary Shadinger Universe is loosely based on the John Steinbeck book Of Mice and Men. Captain James Ellison is the sole surviver of a government attempt to create an unbreakable soldier. He has been reduced to the mental state of a five year old child. Age regression stories
Some are Silver, the Others Gold LRH Balzer


Blair regressing to about 5 years old from time to time as a result of a traumatic kidnapping