Gen Archive October 2001

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Title Author Description Requested Theme
Runaway Jim D. L. Witherspoon Utter silliness just for silliness sake. Jim hurt/ Blair comfort.
A Sharing of Strength Jennifer D'Agostino It's about family. Blair is shot.
Sense Ability Shedoc Jim turns the tables on Blair and observes the observer for a change. At first it seems to be a quiet time at the University. Jim meets other people with enhanced senses.
Lucidity Kitty


Jim hurt.
Strong Enough to be Your Friend Kim Heggen An injury in the line of duty forces Jim and Blair both to make agonizing decisions, and leads them on a journey of grief, betrayal and redemption. In other words, it ain't a comedy, folks. Jim hurt.
Tyranny Anne Murdoch


Jim hurt.
Part 2 of the Evolution series.
Mackie A camping trip turns ugly when Jim and Blair encounter a gang of bank robbers hiding out in the forest. Jim hurt.
Seal D. L. Witherspoon It's about choice. Who dies in twenty-four hours... and who mourns? Jim hurt.
Phantasmagoric Interlude D. L. Witherspoon A flu-sick Jim has a nightmare. Jim hurt.
Walking the Cat D. L. Witherspoon Blair searches for an ill Jim. Jim hurt.
Candle in the Dark D. L. Witherspoon When torture rips away Jim's control of his senses, can he overcome the madness? Jim hurt.
That Darn Cat D. L. Witherspoon Jim receives encouragement from an old friend. Jim hurt.
Competition XMagicalX When Jim is abducted, Blair and Simon must work fast to find him. Jim hurt.
Chance Encounter
Part 1 of the series.
D. L. Witherspoon Jim stumbles into a Section mission. TS/La Femme Nikita crossover.
Part 2 of the series.
D. L. Witherspoon Jim is recruited into the Section. TS/La Femme Nikita crossover.
Sandburg and the Section
Part 3 of the series
D. L. Witherspoon A brief peek into the life of a Guide, Shamn and Super-spy. TS/La Femme Nakita crossover.
Saving Simon
Part 4 of the series
D. L. Witherspoon Simon is a presidential candidate targeted for assassination. The Section doesn't want to get involved. Tough. TS/La Femme Nakita crossover.
In His Own Country Elizabeth Clarke


Blair doubts his shaman abilities.
What Blair did for Jim Carol Cappe


Jim owwies.
Sword of the Soul, Shield of the Heart Michalina Pilcher

WARNING: Unfinished WIP.

AU. Jim is a knight. Blair is a slave.
Suicide Watch Emerald Was it a suicide attempt, or something else. Jim and the men and women of Major Crimes face the possibility that they don't know their favorite observer as well as they think they do. Will they find out the truth in time to save him? Suicide stories.
To Protect and Obey Stormwolf  Dawn When Jim is kidnapped, Blair must rescue him. NC-17 for rape Jim raped. (Gen)
Learning to Live
Sequel to To Protect and Obey.
Stormwolf Dawn A sequel to "To Protect and Obey". Jim must cope with the aftermath of his rape. NC-17 for rape. Jim raped. (Gen)
The Ritual
Sequel to Learning to Live
Stormwolf Dawn A sorceror wants the sentinel's soul. NC-17 for rape Jim raped. (Gen)
A Soldier in the Rain Fidus Amicus A story brimming with angst. (Not military-related.) Kidnapped Jim.
One Hundred Minutes of Solitude Jane Mailander Blair saves his own ass. Blair as a Shaman.
Unsleeping Martha Sometimes a sentinel can hear too damned much. Scary/Halloween stories.
Snake Oil Martha After Blair finally confronts old nemesis at an anthropology conference in Los Angeles, he and Jim bring more back to Cascade than just a touch of sunburn. Scary/Halloween stories.
The Supernatural Series:
The Haunting

Mr. Sandburg's Wild Ride

The Hunter


D. L. Witherspoon  

42 people were cruelly murdered. Now they want Jim to find their killer.

Blair's first Halloween with Jim.

A hunter from another planet targets Jim and Blair.

Scary/Halloween stories.
The Gates of Hell Subseries.





D. L. Witherspoon  

Jim, Blair and Simon head to New Orleans to stop a cult.

Hell comes to Cascade.

The Warrior and his companions not only battle major demon Lilith, but also a nosy reporter.

A tour of Hell, among other things.
Scary/Halloween stories.
Mark of the Beast Ysone A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances. Jim PoV. AU
The Longest Journey Aubrey Robin The long road back to "redemption" for Blair in the eyes of the world begins with a story told by a sentinel. Jim PoV.
To Do List Aubrey Robin What happened between the shoot-out and the job offer in TSbyBS. Jim and Blair PoV.
Crashed Franzi Jim's searching for an injured Blair. Warm Fuzzies
Warmth Becky and Robin


Warm Fuzzies
A Hard Day's Night Robin Plotless visit to the hospital. Laughter and warm fuzzies. Warm Fuzzies
Cold Season Autumn Skies Not even a bad cold can dampen the holiday season. Warm Fuzzies
Church Picnic
I'll See You in Court
TAE Jim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl join the Taggart's at their church's annual community picnic. Blair in court.
Identity Kit Mason Blair's first case as a new detective leads him undercover. Gen, but deals with difficult subjects. Not for the easily upset Jim watches Blair interrogating a suspect.
Black Widower
Amanda In light of the final horrible episode for the third season this story may annoy as it deals with another Sentinel. Blair kidnapped by another sentinel.
Don't I Know It Mercury Missing scene from Breaking Ground. Jim and Cassie come to an understanding. Jim threatens Cassie.
Do What You Have To Do Sorka Blair is accused of a crime. Jim and the rest of Major Crime are determined to find the truth. Carolyn gets between Jim and Blair. (Gen)
Survivor's Guilt Sivi B Blair meets old friends and new and Jim has aworld-view altering experience during an undercover assignment. TS/Highlander crossover.
Tug of War Sorcha


Jim bitten by a spider.
Child's Play inkling It's poker night at the loft but the final game of the evening turns out to have much higher stakes than anyone imagined. Jim doused with gas.
A Common Bond
Part 1 in the Stephen series.

Trouble: A Christmas story

Part 2 in the Stephen series.

Just Desserts

Part 3 in the Stephen series.
Cassie 'Tis the Season..... And sometimes during the Season we get so caught up in the glitter and the frills of gifts and decorations that we forget what is really important.... The people we share the Holiday with. For without them there would be no real Joy. Stories with Stephen.
Leave It Rachel Martin Captain James Ellison inadvertently chooses his Guide before going to Peru. This is an AU story. Rated a very STRONG R for strong language, adult situations, adult themes. Jim and Blair meet in the jungle.
Part 1 of the Saviors series.


Part 2 of the Saviors series.


Part 3 of the Saviors series.
Danae Blair goes undercover in a cult, and Jim and company have to rescue him Blair in a cult.
Seasons of the Heart
Part 1 of the series.

Demons Fought

Part 2 of the series.

Chasing Shadows

Part 3 of the series.
Lyn After Blair decides to leave the loft, he is brutally attacked. During the investigation, Jim discovers Blair is also being sexually and physically intimidated by other cops, who resent the observer's presence. Blair owwies.
Therapy for the Soul Lyn Blair's drowning at the fountain exacts a terrible cost, and in the aftermath, Jim and Blair each get a chance to walk in the other man's shoes. Blair owwies.
The Struggle
Part 1 of the series.

For Sanity and Sense

Part 2 of the series.
Above All Else

Part 3 of the series.

Tate Jim has a nightmare about the Switchman case, and Blair tries to help him work through flashbacks of false memories. Blair with a broken wrist.
The Muppets Take Cascade
The Cascade Muppet Caper
Lila Kulp

A lark of a story, filled with laughs, car chases, squeals, barks, muppets, and of course our favorite Sentinel and Guide.

Sequel to The Muppets Take Cascade only this one's not all my fault. A hilariously fun Round Robin written by Many Maniacal Muppetteer.

Unusual crossovers. TS/The Muppets crossover.
The Box LRH Balzer Cathy Mayo and I were driving back from the U.S. and idly wondered what Blair and Jim would give each other for Christmas. Which led to this story. It's a Christmas story, but a pivotal moment as well. Christmas Stories.
Roasting by the Fire
Toasting in the Hot Tub

Sequel to Roasting by the Fire.

LRH Balzer

Christmas sentimental stuff.

Christmas Stories.
Gift of the Sentinel Quiltaday

You all remember something about a 'Gift of the Magi' challenge posted over SenFic time ago? Add that to insomnia and a Victorian Crazy Quilt I've been working on, and all I can say is ...

Christmas Stories.
Way Too Damn High Ihket

Language!! The boys are having a really bad day.

Jim stuck on a radio antenna - Blair to the rescue.
A Sentinel Christmas Carol Susan Williams


Christmas Stories.
Thoughts: A Ramble at Night Ronnee Jim's rambling thoughts as he contemplates his senses while doing some strenuous exercise. Jim climbing, using his senses.
In the Absence of... Jael Lyn


Jim hurt while Blair is out of the country.
Spirit Wind TAPU Blair disappears in New Mexico. Blair bitten by a snake.
The Seeker Unaware Agnes Mage Blair has a hard time handling the title of Shaman, losing himself in the name and the position. In search of himself and his newly acquired responsibilities, he finds an old journal that leads him on a parallel course of self-awareness and danger. Blair bitten by a snake.
A Brief Shining Moment Renae

Being a tale of the nature of honor and love.

The Wall Kitty


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