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Gen Archive November 2005

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Gen storyfinders - November 2005

Where Are They Now Rimilod Have you ever wondered why it supposedly took Blair eight years to get his masters and doctorate (which I guess, technically, he never really got)? Doesn't that seem like a rather long time? This is my take on what could have happened during the missing time period. Blair was a famous singer.
Runaway Train Jess Riley Blair makes a decision that causes his relationship with Jim to speed out of control like a runaway train. Can the damage be repaired before they both crash and burn? Jim arrests Blair on a teain after he tries to help a girl escape.
What Can I Say Shedoc Another unusual talent from Blair. Jim and Blair interview orchestra conductor and Jim finds out Blair has extensive musical knowledge.
Shattered Dreams Arianna There's a dark secret in Blair's past, that he hasn't told his friend. Blair was a skater.
Mark of the Beast Donna Gentry A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances.



Blair is guide to another sentinel.
Beginning Helen An incident which occurred when Jim and Simon were getting to know Blair. Jim tells Blair to clean up his mess, later Blair is injured trying to help someone in an accident.
Allies Y. S. McCool SG-1 discovers a planet of Sentinels and need expert help. TS/SG Crossover.
Tommy series Shedoc


The Spirit of Christmas Present Judy Seils A series of Christmas stories where the Major Crime gang put on a show for the Charity Pageant. Jim sings Oh Holy Night.
Remember Sharif and Zamlo Jim makes a decision that holds unimagined consequences. Blair wasting away.
Poker Night Sheffield Kincaid is in a federal prison. But he still has followers, and they have a plan to get him out...a plan which begins with persuading Jim's father to join them in arranging the kidnap of his own son... Jim and Rafe held in underground cistern.
We are Family Lyn A tragedy tears Jim's family apart, and he risks losing Steven's son and his Guide. Kidfics.
Blair's Triumph DannyD

A nasty joke brings back memories of Blair's ordeal in "Blind man's bluff"

Cop wants Blair kicked out of MC but Blair is too popular.
Street Wars LKY Jim investigates youth gangs in Cascade
Blair testifies in court about someone biting off a finger.
Hasbeens and Wannabes Kikkimax Summary - Post TSbyBS, Blair has become a cop but he and Jim are assigned the Cold Case Squad to keep them out of public view, until circumstances force them back into the spotlight. Jim and Blair and the rest of MC quit.
GDP series Susan Foster This story is set in the near future in an America very different from today, Sentinels are acknowledged and their abilities are used in everyday life in Police Work, Military, and Search and Rescue. Guides are thought of as second class citzens who's only function is to serve their sentinel, they become their property. Some guides turn rogue, and are hunted down by the sinster GDP, who have total power over them. Fics where sentinels and guides are known.
Unsleeping Martha "This hocus pocus stuff -- you don't believe this, do you, Jim?"
Joel Taggart,The Waiting Room
Long horror stories.
Snake Oil Martha "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world." Long horror stories.
Cake Martha "Today has just been the icing on a very bad cake."
Fred Angelone to Jim Ellison, Private Eyes
Long horror stories.
Bloodborne Kikkimax A blood thirsty killer is on the prowl and no one is immune.  Who will be the next victim?  Who will make the next Kill? Long horror stories.
Confiscated Shedoc


Blair and the Chopec.
Secret Santa Sherrylou A holiday gift exchange -- harmless, right? Secret Santa stories.
Secret Santa Jamie Ritchey As the holidays approach, Jim discovers the perfect gift for Blair. Secret Santa stories.
Out of Mind Dawn C Simon's not himself and Blair pays the price Blair gives Daryl advice on girls. Is attacked by Simon.
Calling the Beasts K. Ryn Blair's in trouble again and this time he's not alone. When a ruthless thief targets a museum exhibit for its priceless artifacts, Blair and a group of elementary school children become unwilling participants in his plan. While Jim and the rest of Major Crimes race to the rescue, the fledgling Shaman spins an ancient tale of adventure in a desperate attempt to save all of their lives. URL Request.
Fahrenheit Man Shelly Jim and Blair are in danger from an enemy from Jim's past. URL Request.
Ship to Shore Arianna and Imbrillig Yet another solution to TSbyBS. Blair leaves Cascade and thinks up another diss topic on his journey.
Motivating Factors D. L. Witherspoon What's a Sentinel and Guide supposed to do when each thinks the other is dead? Jim thinks Blair has been burned to death but is told by a spirit that he hasn't.
Blinded by the Light Laura Picken A betrayal forces Jim and Blair to deal with one of their worst nightmares: the public, unplanned revelation of Jim's Sentinel abilities. This revelation leads to a showdown that could change Cascade forever. Blair in a cage on top of a building.
Obfuscator Besterette An AU based on The Pigeon by Judith L., posted in the March 1992 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Blair is a conman, hired to look after Jim.
Shock Value Danae There are some things even a sentinel does not see coming. Blair has an allergic reaction.
Poison Kisses Carol ROI


Blair has an allergic reaction.
Dealing Ismaro When Blair is arrested for drug smuggling, will the tragic consequences tear apart Sentinel and Guide? An alternative ending to The Girl Next Door. URL Request.
Vengeance Carol ROI After reading "Dealing" by Ismaro, my muse screamed it needed a followup to resolve all those unanswered questions. This is my attempt to solve the situation. URL Request.
Just Retribution Chryssalys A sequel to CarolRoi's Vengeance, itself a sequel to Ismaro's Dealing. It picks up after part five of Vengeance. URL Request.
Evolution D. L. Witherspoon What if no one believed Blair's lie at the press conference? Another post-TSbyBS tale. Jim and Blair leave Cascade, Jim takes up a variety of hobbies.
Surprise Silver Dragon Jim and the guys find out something suprising about Blair. Blair is a sentinel.