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Gen Archive November 2003

(Apologies, I was not supplied with the requested theme/stories for this month)


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Eyes of a Killer - Eyes of a Savior Jaguar Jim is an international assassin, Blair is the target.
The Longest Journey Begins... Shedoc The longest journey begins with a single step.
Destruction Laura F Schomberg Blair is the victim of a gang rape.
The Mad Season CarolROI & Suisan Thirteen stories, set to the music by Matchbox Twenty.  Takes place after the events portrayed in the episode Murder 101.

A Friend To Me

Suisan R My first attempt at what is known as song-fic.  For this story I used a song by Garth Brooks off his album, Sevens.


Donna Gentry A promise made is a promise kept. Especially where Blair Sandburg is concerned--no matter what the personal cost.
Home For Christmas Kathy & MaryEllen When a misunderstanding drives Jim and Blair apart, can their friends and family bring them back together again in time for Christmas.

The Telempathy Series

CD Stewart


Vendetta - The Other Shoe

Sis Blair has a near run-in, literally, with someone who has a grudge against Jim.

Unboxing Christmas

Linda3 Blair's attempt to surprise Jim turns into unexpected turmoil for both of them.

Christmas Memories

Linda3 While on a long, boring stakeout Jim and Blair share past Christmas memories. Later, other usually buried feelings are confronted by both men.

Food For Thought

Linda3 This story takes place shortly after Blair moves into the loft. Blair's strange behavior puzzles, then worries Jim.


KimAnne & Liz Jim suffers an attack of the senses and Blair feels helpless.

Things Unforeseen & Things Unexpected

Loui After the events in "Upgrades", Jack finds himself having problems with his senses - and Daniel knows who to go to for help.
Spoilers for "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" and "Upgrades".

Scavenger Hunt

D. L. Witherspoon Interplanetary adventure as the Cascade team meets the Cheyenne Mountain team.

The Alternate Reality Series

D. L. Witherspoon These stories take place in an alternate universe where Jim Ellison is not a big strong cop, but a man who has come to expect the worst of the world. Abused and abandoned by both family and country, Jim finds shelter and perhaps eventually, salvation in a famed attorney named Blair Sandburg.
Extreme Possibilities D. L. Witherspoon Jim has to save the world. Will Mulder and Scully get in his way?
Circle D. L. Witherspoon What's the connection between Jim, Mulder, and a certain Cigarette-Smoking Man?
Earthly Bonds Sorka Sentinel/X Files Crossover
Retreat Series crowswork Sentinel and Guide reflect on just how their partnership was destroyed and their lives torn apart.
Nahual Peregrine An ancient legend has special meaning for Jim
Alternate Route Ophite What if Blair was Alex's guide first.
The Burleigh Town Guide  Allritas Humor. Inspired by Susan Foster, Terry Pratchett, and Jane Austen. Blair is chosen as the guide for the town of Burleigh and soon finds his job, and the townspeople, are not as advertised. When Lord Jim Ellison and his friend Simon arrive, things get worse.
Walking with Dark Angels C.D. Stewart The far future, which is a lot more angst ridden B5 than it is harmonious Star Trek. 200 years after a genius but amoral geneticist discovered he could genetically engineer Sentinels and produced dozens before finding he couldn't GE Guides, empaths are extremely valuable to all sorts of people...
Star Rangers Crystal Phoenix Science Fiction story. Jim Ellison, and the whole MC gang (Simon, Rafe, Henri, Megan, Joel, and Cassie), are star rangers, patrolling space. Jim's senses are starting to come on line, and he is drawn to his
destined guide - who, unfortunately, happens to be on a very dangerous world.
Mark of the Beast Donna Gentry A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances.
My Soul To Keep Donna Gentry Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found.
Twice Again Donna Gentry AU. In a world where sentinels and guides are recognized and celebrated, one sentinel's painful past leads him to avoid a bond at all costs, even as his emerging senses demand one, while one guide struggles to hide the dark secrets that caused him to be branded an outcast.
You Watch the Hippy, I'll Take Goldilocks Gil Hale This is definitely AU, or to borrow a metaphor from Terry Pratchett, down a different leg of the tight jeans of time.
Forces Of Light And Dark Java Head Jim and Blair meet under slightly different circumstances and this Universe is remotely weirder than usual
Sense Ability Shedoc Jim turns the tables on Blair and observes the observer for a change. At first it seems to be a quiet time at the University.
Courage Under Pressure Toni Jim and Blair are trapped in an explosion and Jim is slowly crushing Blair.
First Times Shedoc Some officers remember the first time they met Blair.
Where Only I Can Go Robin Jim must be both Blessed Protector and Guide to Blair following a traumatic kidnapping.
Fear Factor Linda3 Jim's reaction to Blair's being in another dangerous situation is both unexpected and unexplainable. Takes place late in the third season, but before all the nastiness of Night Shift.
Trapped Linda3 After a particularly hard case for Blair, the men of Major Crime take off for a relaxing week in a cabin in the woods. Takes place late in the second season.
Making a Life Kathryn Anderson Entry for the third Sentinel Lyric Wheel, The Crossover Wheel. The fallout after the press conference make Jim and Blair wonder if their life together in Cascade is over.
The Ridiculous and the Obscure Besterette A colleague's view of Blair's actions in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.
The Circle of Life Besterette It's a small world.
Weardians And Witans Cindy Combs When a top secret government project decides to 'recruit' Blair for his sentinel research, Jim and Mac will have to break into a high security installation to get him back.
Throwback Part One Susan Foster Science Fiction AU, also crossed over with "Men in Black." Sentinel Agent Jim Ellison is paired with a guide agent who has a very unusual past, is unable to properly bond, and has been claimed by another sentinel.
Actualize This Helena Handbasket Jim and Blair are forced to endure a weekend-long government team-building session. Crossover with Stargate SG-1 and The Invisible Man
Uneasy Alliance Hephaistos, DawnC, Jmas, Jennifer Krall, and Sealie. What do you get when you mix an anthropologist and an archaeologist, let them simmer, then add a smattering of bad guys followed by current Air Force and ex-Army en flambe?
Allies and Guide Yvonne & Robert McCool Allies - SG-1 discovers a planet of Sentinels and need expert help.

Guide - A Gelcan Sentinel wants the ultimate guide--Blair Sandburg.

Sentinels Sheila Paulson

This story is the first in my Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel crossover series that continues with the novellas, The Limits of Trust and Nor Iron Bars a Cage

A Perfect Host Donna Smith Jim is kidnapped by a cult that worships an insane Goa'uld who believes he's an Egyptian god. Blair must save his partner before Jim becomes the new host for the alien madman. But Blair is way out of his depth and must ask for help from the last people in the world he and Jim wanted involved in their lives -- the military.
Sentinel at the Gate Trish Wilcox Blair and Jim go to Peru on a dig and come across an Air Force group and a stargate. They and the Chopec tribe help fight an invasion of
Imperfections Dasha

AU. If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim? Crossover with Monk. And its sequels Imperfections II: Believing in Fairy Tales, Imperfections III: Visiting and Imperfections IV: Necessary Parts.

A Dark and Endless Night XmagicalX

A new danger stalks Cascade, and the greatest threat is to Jim and Blair... And its sequel Darkest Before Dawn Though the vampire may be gone, the changes he wrought still haunt Cascade - and nothing can be the same for Blair and Jim.

Imperial Sentinel Stormwolf Dawn Jim angst and pain
Same but Different Lyn On a day filled with fear of loss, a friend muses about Jim and Blair.
Attribute of the Strong LKY

Major Crimes is under attack (this story continues in 'Scales of Justice')

A Test Kristine Williams Jim attacks Blair for no apparent reason, then has no memory of the occurrence. In the face of this mystery, he must trust himself and his partner long enough to find the source of this unexplained loss of control, before it's too late.
In Siege's Wake CarolROI An epilogue for Siege



Blair and Tommy go to a conference. As Jim and Clare arrive to join them, Blair is missing. Part of the Tommy series.

Comparing Notes

Jen R, Anne Ack & TAE What happens when Simon Banks (The Sentinel), General Hammod (Stargate SG-1), Paul Blaisdell (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) and Harding Welsh (Due South) all end up in the same place at the same time?

Double Or Nothing

TAE Jim and Blair return to Chicago to testify in one of the cases they helped with, only to meet Mack Wolfe on the plane, who's on his way to Chicago to pick up a prisoner for extradition to Hawaii.


TAE Jim has been kidnapped and Blair receives help from some unlikely visitors from Chicago


TAE There was a landslide and Jim is missing, presumed dead. Blair calls for help.

Hot Time In Chicago

Cindy Combs Sam runs into trouble in the Windy City, and calls Blair and Jim for help. (MacGyver, Due South, Early Edition, Father Dowling Mysteries x-over)

The Minors

Lucy Hale Huey and Dewey take a trip to Cascade and meet some of the detectives. (Sentinel crossover)


Tara Cascade's finest arrive in Chicago for a conference and meet a new sentinel. Due South crossover.




Teddy's Imp


After the guys get injured during a case, Blair has to take care of Jim in a way he would have never imagined. Brain Drain is its prequel.


Rimilod Would Blair have made a difference if he had met Jim as a child? What if Jim gave Blair a chance to find out?

The Best Laid Plans of Sentinels and Guides

Taleya Response to the Age Regression Challenge
Bad Blood Amanda


Will You Remember Me? Arianna AU continuation from the point following Blair's drowning in the fountain to and past the events in TSbyBS. And its sequel No More Shadows
Heart/Soul Donna Gentry Part one, Heartspeak, is told from Blair's point of view. Part two, Soulspeak, is the same story, but from Jim's point of view.
Upgrade Series Y. S. McCool Artificial Sentinels protect the public and from their ranks, a real Sentinel emerges.
Down to the Bone Calista Echo


Catalyst Sheila Paulson While Jim is involved in court testimony on a vicious killer who is bent on revenge, Blair encounters Jonathan Quale Higgins from the TV series Magnum, P.I.
Tank Swellison Things go awry after Ellison reluctantly agrees to some Sentinel testing.
Birthright Series Rimilod Many times it's been said that Jim and Blair are closer than brothers. What would happen if they really were?
X-overs TAE Where the boys are family...
The Passing Shade Charlotte Frost While Blair recovers from a car accident, he and Jim each confront events from their pasts. Note:  This story has the slash sequel Cup Runneth Over.