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Nightmare Realized Saul Jim and Blair kidnapped by the military Blue Healing Hands
Full Circle Tara Jim faces the possibility of a life threatening illness. Boys go through and operation
Patrol Jael Lyn Sandburg's assignment with Major Crimes is challenged and he is forced to transfer Seldom recommended stories
In Plain Sight Arianna I thought I had TSbyBS options worked out of my system, but apparently not. This story takes Blair down a different path Seldom recommended stories
Checklist Johanna CA Fally Jim gets sick and Blair gets himself kidnapped. Again Seldom recommended stories
Hijacked DL Witherspoon A simple prisoner delivery goes wrong Seldom recommended stories
An Acre of Optimism Allmoran Jim and Blair as private detectives. Hardboiled Jim speculates about the lighter and darker sides of their inevitable partnership. Seldom recommended stories
Raising the Shaman LKY What if Blair had the sentinel genes and Jim was the Guide? Blair is the sentinel
The Burn Suisan R Rafe finds himself getting involved Stories about Rafe
To Be or Not to Be Jess Riley After Blair collapses from exhaustion, Jim and Blair have a frank and open discussion about what they mean to each other and the directions in which their relationship is headed. Getaway cottage owned by women lovers
Christmas Break Arianna Written for Secret Santa 06. Sentinel Christmas


Like a Bridge 
Katie Jim and Blair have a philosophical disagreement that threatens their partnership
Jim and Blair try to get back to Cascade
Blair helps a prisoner escape
Letters from Hades Demeter LFH deals with a very serious subject matter (Dissociative Identity Disorder, aka Multiple Personality Disorder), but it's also about the great strength that a human mind has under the worst of circumstances Blair in a cult
Savior's Trilogy Danae Blair goes undercover in a cult, and Jim and company have to rescue him Blair in a cult
It's a Job, Jim Annie It was a job at least and it had to be safer than being an observer... right? Fic announcement
Nothing Happens Randomly Series Arianna Epilogue to Crossroads. Blair a cop, gets shot
Deadline Jet Blair is kidnapped, and Jim must find him before time runs out. Jim sleeps with hypothermic Blair
Getaway Elaine


Jim sleeps with hypothermic Blair
Out in the Cold Crowswork Jim and Blair are left in the wintery wilderness wearing only their skivies. Miles from civilization, they must survive for months while outside forces plot to keep them 'lost' Jim sleeps with hypothermic Blair
Swing High Gil Hale Jim would like to rip the guy's head off. Blair found that reprehensibly comforting. Jim sleeps with hypothermic Blair
The Kindness of Strangers Hephaistos and Mackie Faux Paws Production Virtual Season 5 Jim sleeps with hypothermic Blair
Frozen Assets Kara Jim, Blair and Simon get away for a ski trip. Things are complicated by an avalanche. Jim sleeps with hypothermic Blair
Black Ice LKY Caught in a freak snow storm, the guys seek shelter Jim sleeps with hypothermic Blair
Full Moon Night Rebel Parents, you gotta love them.  Or do you? Mother's Day fic
Raising Ellison series TW Lewis Blair Sandburg's life is turned upside-down when he meets ten-year-old Jimmy Ellison Mother's Day fic
Yesterday's Eyes Brook Henson Angst for Jim. Feverish Blair Mother's Day fic
Casa Piedemonte LKY Jim opens more than just Pandora's box in this one Mother's Day fic
Lineage of Lies series LKY This one is hard to explain, The boys find themselves on the run... Mother's Day fic
Memories Dotty Naomi makes a surprise visit and some surprising facts are revealed Mother's Day fic
Happy Birthday Blair TW Lewis Just a little drabble about birthday traditions Mother's Day fic
Hero Du Jour series TAE Blair is dating Joel's daughter Mother's Day fic
Mothers and Their Officer Sons Roslyn Blair has made his decision but Naomi is determined to express her dissatisfaction clearly to his boss Mother's Day fic
Dry Falls Chronicles LKY A nice vacation in the Dry Falls area of Eastern Washington Mother's Day fic
The Passing Shade Charlotte Frost While Blair recovers from a car accident, he and Jim each confront events from their pasts. (Note: This story has a slash sequel, Cup Runneth Over) Mother's Day fic
Maternal Instincts Autumn Skies An AU in which Grace Ellison encounters a special toddler during the summer of 1971 Mother's Day fic
A Step Backward Lois Blazer Story ties up previous themes Mother's Day fic
Connections Lyn Someone from Jim's past brings danger to both men and Jim and Blair must establish a connection to each other in order to survive. Mother's Day fic
If Wishes Were Horses Lyn A terrible case of child neglect brings up long buried memories for Blair. Mother's Day fic
Mothers and Sons Lyn A TS/Criminal Minds crossover. Blair joins forces with Dr. Spencer Reid from the BAU to track down a criminal with links to both their mothers. Mother's Day fic
Run, Naomi, Run LJC Naomi deals with many regrets Mother's Day fic
Reclaimed Lyn Epilogue for Sen Too and TSbyBS. Both men face the memories of the past and present. Previously published in Chinook 6. Mother's Day fic
An Anchor in the Storm Fluterbev Set a year after the events of TSbyBS. Blair is a cop and, although he is still working as Jim's partner, things are not going so well. An unexpected tragedy brings matters out into the open. A very sad tale, but with a glimmer of hope. Naomi dies at Christmas
Not Waving, But Drowning Fluterbev Companion piece of An Anchor in the Storm Naomi dies at Christams
How to Warm Up a Slightly Damp Guppy Red Soprano A Sentinel Too, Part 1 epilogue. Blair's experience in the fountain comes back to him in a harrowing nightmare. Includes a look at the softer side of Simon. Simon gets in bed with hypothermic Blair
Imperfect by Design Monica Massay


Robot Blair
The Stepford Guide Merry In which we learn that there is nothing so frightening to a sentinel than a guide on his best behavior. Robot Blair
Covert Operation series Olwyn After TSBBS, a whole new slant on what Jim Ellison really wants -- and what Blair Sandburg is made of. If you don't like partner betrayal, or cliff hangers,or waiting a very long time for the next part, or if you seriously think that might makes right, then you probably won't like this More than meets the eye
Hidden Wolf Bumpkin First impressions are not always the true measure of a person, they only really tell you what they want you to know. Jim takes a second look at Blair – finally More than meets the eye
Hidden Whammy Bumpkin The beginning of the AU that includes 'Crying Baby' More than meets the eye
Secret series Deborah Wright Set after The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. However, in order for this episode to fit in with the story, assume that the final scene in Major Crime when Blair is offered the detective's badge never happened. More than meets the eye
Is It a Cruel Joke? Wildnight This is a missing scene from the episode "Dead Drop". It takes place right after the bomb in the elevator goes off and Jim thinks Blair has perished. This is told from Jim's POV. Dead Drop theme
Dead Drop Multiple Missing scenes Dead Drop theme
"Dropping" by Blair Helen W Dead Drop epilogue in which Blair works out post-elevator angst by writing a fanfic of his very own Dead Drop theme
Lifeline series Tate Jim and Blair discover that they are bonded by a mysterious psychic link. They struggle to understand it and use it to their advantage, but it may prove too volatile for them to control Dead Drop theme
Telempathy series CD Stewart Jim suddenly starts having weird dreams, but he daren't tell Blair now they've achieved a fragile truce after Blair's death at the hand of Alex Barnes, especially when he realizes what he needs to do to complete the Sentinel/Guide bond once and for all Jim and Blair connected
Dust and Lightening


Lightening Strikes Twice
KandaceK The fountain just won'g go away Highlander crossover
Princes of the Universe





Who Wants to Live Forever?

DL Witherspoon Jim's old friend Amanda pays a visit... and she's more trouble than Sandburg


Alex killed Blair, but he didn't revive as an Immortal. Does that mean the prophecy was wrong? Unfortunately, he and Jim have a lot more to worry about, like getting back to normal and a certain dissertation going public.
Highlander crossover
Crossover Archive Multiple


Highlander crossover
Disability stories Multiple


Permanent disabilities
All the King's Horses Magpie Blair falls prey to some revengeful people Permanent disabilities
Meeting at Nic's Maggie C Two pairs of friends meet. Stargate and Sentinel Stargate crossover
Ambivalent series Caro Dee


Jim leaves Blair
Home Trilogy Rebel Distance isn't just measured by miles Jim leaves Blair
Runaway Jim DL Witherspoon Utter silliness just for silliness' sake. Jim leaves Blair
Overdue Penalties Rimilod A Starsky & Hutch crossover with The Sentinel (or at least a ten-year old Blair). Blair witnesses a murder. Can Starsky and Hutch get to him before the killer does? Blair as a kid
The Steps Universe K-Lyn Jim and Blair meet in a very different way Blair as a kid
Windows Series Ysone Quick glimpses into the childhood of Blair Sandburg, future Shaman and Guide. Blair as a kid
Counting in Fives Shelley A backward look through Blair's life Blair as a kid
See Dick and Jane akablonded I Hate... Story. A lonely little boy spends another night with his one true friend Blair as a kid