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Birthright Series Rimilod Many times it's been said that Jim and Blair are closer than brothers. What would happen if they really were? Blair as Jim's brother.
By Choice Pauline Jim and Blair believe they have finally gotten over all the secrets and hurdles that have been thrown at them after the dissertation mess. Have they really, or is something even more shocking just around the corner. Blair as Jim's brother.
The Great Escape Hephaistos


Blair wins bet by escaping.
Instincts Shedoc A few of the guys go camping. Do they ever get a break? Primal Jim and Blair
Interloper Victoria May Blair's big night takes a back seat to a Major Crimes bust. Blair taken for granted or treated as an outsider.
A Now Distant Term Audrey Lynne Sick!Blair and Worried!Jim. Will Blair's illness change everything for the intrepid duo? Blair with diabetes.
In the Fell Clutch of Circumstance Dawn C Alternate ending to "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Blair attempts suicide.
Research Animals Quiltaday Part three in my 'Dark Mood' series. Ever wonder what was up with that
student that Blair had the confrontation with? Just remember, in the
'Dark Mood' series my motto is: An owie is a terrible thing to waste.
Blair kidnapped by former student.
The Game Jess Riley When Jim, Blair and Simon are abandoned in the desert, it will take all of Jim's skills to save his guide. Jim, Blair and Simon stranded in a desert and Blair is injured.
What If I Stumble Laura Picken Crossover with Touched by an Angel. With their partnership in jeopardy, Jim and Blair receive help from a different group of 'spirit guides.' TS/Touched By An Angel crossover.
Dark, Silent Night Dawn C Blair experiences a trauma that profoundly affects him. Blair is blind.
Sense Ability Shedoc Jim turns the tables on Blair and observes the observer for a change. At first it seems to be a quiet time at the University. Blair is blind.
Imperfections Series Dasha If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim? Crossover with Monk. TS/Monk crossover.
Mr. Monk Meets The Sentinel Gemini A detective with a higher-than-average need for cleanliness and order meets a detective with higher-than-average senses. Throw in a hit man, and chaos ensues. A crossover with Monk. TS/Monk crossover.
Memories Prisoner Suzie To quote John Lancaster Spalding: "As memory may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, It may also be a hell from which we cannot escape." Blair kidnapped by several students to keep him from failing them.
Buried Tapu Blair is trapped in a collapsed building. Blair trapped in collapsed building, takes an overdose of drugs.
Presumed Guilty

(Part of a series)

Lyn Blair learns that not everybody likes a hero. Blair rescues baby from car and is then arrested.
Part of Me Jess Riley A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his guide -- a three year old child named Blair. Jim much older than Blair.
My Soul to Keep Donna Gentry Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found. AU - Future with sentinels but no guides then Blair is discovered cryogenically frozen.
The Saga Series Starplaza A serial killer comes to Cascade and even Jim's heightened senses may not be enough to prevent Blair from becoming the next victim. Looking for url.
Anyone Auntie Hill


Blair in a cult.
Partners Kikkimax There's a new detective in town and he's looking for a partner... Introducing Jay Brady. Someone new to Major Crime tries to separate Jim and Blair.
Intersections Dotty


TS/The District crossover.
Twice Again Donna Gentry In a world where sentinels and guides are recognized and celebrated, one sentinel's painful past leads him to avoid a bond at all costs, even as his emerging senses demand one, while one guide struggles to hide the dark secrets that caused him to be branded an outcast. Blair homeless
Forces of Dark and Light Javahead Jim and Blair meet under slightly different circumstances and this Universe is remotely weirder than usual. Blair homeless.
Who Am I? Mele Jim and the rest of Major Crime search for a missing Blair Blair homeless
Sojourner Autumn Skies A guide wanders; a sentinel worries. Blair homeless
In Plain Sight Arianna I thought I had TSbyBS options worked out of my system, but apparently not. This story takes Blair down a different path… Blair moves out, is living in a bad part of town and is called the Shaman by everyone who knows him.
Endurance K. Ryn The detectives of Major Crimes take on a challenge—keeping up with Blair Sandburg. MC gang tries to keep up with Blair.
Synchronicity Vision Written in answer to the Groundhog Day challenge on Cascade Times. Groundhog Day theme.
Riding With Private Malone Mele Blair's new car is something special. Fic based on Saving Private Malone song.
Heartbeat Tapu A deranged doctor discovers the Sentinel. Jim and Blair kidnapped and tortured.
For Our Sins Lucy Hale Blair and Rafe are abducted, forcing Rafe to take drastic measures to save Blair's life. Blair crucified.
By My Side Jess Riley Basically this story is set a few months after Blair is the victim of a horrific crime. It deals with how he and Jim are coping and how it has affected their relationship. Blair crucified.
Saving Graces Tapu Somebody's taking down the Cascade PD, leaving Sandburg as the city's avenging angel. Blair crucified.
Retreat Crowswork Sentinel and Guide reflect on just how their partnership was destroyed and their lives torn apart. Jim is Hunter from The District.
I Flew Apaches in Desert Storm Debra Baschal Maybe Blair wasn't obfuscating at the end of Siege. Blair flew Apaches.
With Friends Like These Crowswork While Jim's away, his friends all play (Blessed Protector, that is) and Blair ends up having to pay (for their good intentions, and we all know where those lead.) Entire gang takes care of Blair.
Dark Guide series Susan Foster For everyone who asked about the ancient sentinel and guide this is their story. Blair is a guide in a temple, Jim is an unbonded sentinel.
Suffer the Little Children Kira A horrific case brings back memories for Blair. Broken link
The Devil You Know Susan L. Williams


Blair raped.
Attribute of the Strong LKY Major Crimes is under attack Simon's coffee poisoned and he attacks Blair.

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