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Title Author Description** Requested Theme
Destiny Series Firefox "This is a crossover between The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1. Blair has been abducted by the Goa'uld which leads to a brand new exciting adventure for both Sentinel and Guide and the SG-C." SG1 cross-over
Research Animals Quiltaday "Ever wonder what was up with that student that Blair had the confrontation with?Just remember, in the 'Dark Mood' series my motto is: An owie is a terrible thing to waste." Torutred Blair
Inside Out DawnC "Blair is framed for several Major Crimes, and Jim must struggle to clear his partner's name. There's lots of smarm and angst in this one, and I've rated it PG-13." Blair prison stories
Team Building

Team Building II

Team Building III
Tae "Major Crime is scheduled for a Team Building course, only to be dumped in the wilderness with only the contents of their pockets and Blair's ever present backpack."
"The guys from Major Crime are sent on another(bonifide, this time), their bad luck continues when their planecrashes. Guest appearance by Methos."
"The men of Major Crime finally get to the TeamBuilding Class, only to discover that it's a 'fear camp'. Blair talks them into challenging the final."
Team Building
A Dark and Endless Night
Darkest Before Dawn (Sequel)
XmagicalX "Sentinel/Forever Knight x-over A new danger stalks Cascade, and the greatest threat is to Jim and Blair..."
"Though the vampire may be gone, the changes he wrought still haunt Cascade - and nothing can be the same for Blair and Jim. "
Blair as a vampire
Ghoul Central Susan ? Blair as a vampire
The Dark Heart Anonymeek *Blair is stalked by an ancient evil.* Blair with a tatoo
Brotherly Love Laura F. Schomberg "Written before Naomi Sandburg was introduced. Blair's brother comes to town." -
Duty, Honor, Country Shallan "An old Army buddy of Ellison shows up in Cascade and expects that life can pick up again from where it paused in the past. But life never follows the path you lay before it, change is inevitable, and having a partner namedSandburg always makes it interesting." -
Alternate Route Ophite "What if Blair was Alex's guide first ." -
The Road to Hell Crowswork "In a wartorn Central American jungle Naomi is kidnapped and meets a man she thought (and hoped) was dead. Jim and Blair race against time to find her as secrets from the past are exposed and danger closes in." Brother Marcus as Blair's father
Chance Encounter
Sandburg and the Section
Saving Simon
All X-overs with La Femme Nikita
D.L.Witherspoon "Jim stumbles into a Section mission."
"Jim is recruited into the Section."
"A brief peek into the life of a Guide, Shaman, and Super Spy!"
"Simon is a presidential candidate targeted for assassination. The Section doesn't want to get involved. Tough."
J/B leave to join up a military/secret/covert op group.
Sleep Disorders Sharon ? MC guys play a trick on Blair and he becomes ill
End of Silence D. Kelley " There's not much of a plot, but it gives a possible answer to one of The Sentinel's unanswered questions. Does anyone else think the picture of Jackie Kozinski might actually be a disguised Garrett Maggart? Watch Vow of Silence again and see if all this doesn't fit the story." Brother Marcus as Blair's dad.
Fear Factor Linda3 "Jim's reaction to Blair's being in another dangerous situation is both unexpected and unexplainable. Takes place late in the third season, but before all the nastiness of Night Shift." Blair owwies and major Jim comfies and SMARM.
The Heart Hath Its Reasons Mereidth Lynne "In which the Major Crime department raises bickering to an art form, and events of a dire nature are visited upon just about everybody. Kind of my tribute to Lee Brackett, who does not, in fact, appear in this story at all." Den Mother Blair
The Killers Geli Snippet - Jim is an assassin and Blair wants to become his pupil. Blair or Jim as criminals
Father Figure Series Amethyst "Blair suffers an injury that affects his sense of security and control over his life. First time discipline." Blair doesn't tell Jim he's sick.
Thoughts: A Ramble at Night Ronnee "Jim's rambling thoughts as he contemplates his senses while doing strenous exercise." -
Stockholm Syndrome CarolROI "This is an AU set during Sentinel, Too. I wondered, "What if Alex couldn't kill Blair?" This is the result." Blair or Jim as criminals
Casualties of War fyresong "AU. Who does Blair know in San Diego? Will Jim ever find the mop? And does AT&T or MCI have the best state to state call rates? Post Sentinel Too, part 2." -
Virus Lory "Set after the episode "The debt": Blair is trying to find a new apartment… but an microscopic foe will prevent him to do so." -
When Secrets Fall from the Sky Toshua "A witness for the FBI has to be delivered. A helicopter chase and crash follows. Can be considered AU, just because it has a different background for Blair." What if Blair really had flown Apaces in Desert Storm
I Flew Apaches in Desert Storm Debra Baschal "Maybe Blair wasn't obfuscating at the end of Siege." What if Blair really had flown Apaces in Desert Storm
Apache Shedoc "What's with Blair's comment that he flew Apaches in Desert Storm?" What if Blair really had flown Apaces in Desert Storm
The Last Experiment Marilyn " It's Dissertation Eve, and all through the loft... " -
Pajama Party D.L.Witherspoon "Jim's in the hospital at Christmas. Way too sweet." -
Where Are They Now? Rimilod "Have you ever wondered why it supposedly took Blair eight years to get his masters and doctorate (which I guess, technically, he never really got)? Doesn't that seem like a rather long time? This is my take on what could have happened during the missing time period." -
Angel of Death (See Susan's site for rest of stories in the series in Stand alone section) Susan Foster ? Blair or Jim as criminals
Alternate Reality: A New Day Dawns D.L.Witherspoon "These stories take place in an alternate universe where Jim Ellison is not a big strong cop, but a man who has come to expect the worst of the world. Abused and abandoned by both family and country, Jim finds shelter and perhaps eventually, salvation in a famed attorney named Blair Sandburg. Aggressive, talented, and cocky, Blair lives in a penthouse, and takes on big business with the tenacity of a hawk, yet the finesse of a swan. But his biggest challenge is understanding, and helping, the man living under his roof; how does one teach the concept of freedom to one who has never experienced it? " Blair or Jim convicted of a crime
Presumed Guilty

Limits of Trust

Lyn "Blair learns the hard way that helping somebody else is not always in his best interests."
"Just a few months into Jim and Blair's partnership, the men are almost split apart when Blair is accused of something he didn't do."
"Missing scene and epilogue for 'The Debt.' "
Blair or Jim convicted of a crime
Inside and Out DawnC "Blair is framed for several Major Crimes, and Jim must struggle to clear his partner's name. There's lots of smarm and angst in this one, and I've rated it PG-13." Blair or Jim convicted of a crime
The Long Goodbye Kikkimax "Prison guard Jim Ellison tries to prevent the impending execution of convicted serial killer Blair Sandburg, AKA the Manifesto Murderer." Blair or Jim convicted of a crime
Home Alone Johanna C.A. Fally "Sandburg's gone on a seminar, and Simon's left with a jinxed Sentinel." Happy, happy stories
Checklist Johanna C.A. Fally "Jim gets sick and Blair gets himself kidnapped. Again." Happy, happy stories
When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best Jamie Ritchey *Jim and Blair exhange Hallmark cards while Blair is away.* Happy, happy stories
Bait Kikkimax "Blair and Rafe go undercover to catch a killer." The first story in Bait Trilolgy. Hot nightclub stories
Remote Control Mackie "Blair is kidnapped by an old enemy of Jim's." -
Mohs Test Sheffield "Bugg is back, and this time he has arranged for some subcontractors to kidnap Blair. But what does he want? And, even if he gets it, will that be enough?" -
Cake Martha ? A dark story where the kidnapped girl and mother from the episode "Private Eyes" have been murdered in therr own home and Jim and Blair are on the case
Outside Looking In D.L. Witherspoon "Through the eyes of Major Crimes' new detective." Outsiders interferring with Blair and Jim's team
A Dirty Copy Kikkimax "Blair gets framed for a drug heist and Jim can't protect him." Outsiders interferring with Blair and Jim's team
Partners Kikkimax "What if Blair found someone who ate where he wanted to, let him drive, and didn't make him wait in the truck? What would Jim do to correct the situation? " Outsiders interferring with Blair and Jim's team
When the Other Man's Shoes Don't Fit Gil Hale "Blair gets to walk the proverbial mile in Jim's shoes." -
Ocean Meets the Sky Lory "During the investigation of odious murder cases, Blair is the victim of an out-of-town paranoiac detective who wants to become Jim's partner." Outsiders interferring with Blair and Jim's team
Fever Red Soprano Blair has a fever and Jim has to resort to drastic measures to bring it down which results in a very dialogue between the Sentinel and his Guide. Sick or injured Blair with Jim taking care of him
Candle in the Dark D.L. Witherspoon "When torture rips away Jim's control of his senses, can he overcome the madness?" -
Guide's Dogs

Housetraining (Sequel)
AnneACK "Just when Jim was having hope that Blair was getting housebroken, the guide's dogs moves in."
"House breaking Sandburg is nothing compared to house training a sentinel. And how exactly does one bathe a cat?"
The boys with a pet
Puppy Love Emerald "Sandburg rescues a litter of newborn pups, and in doing so gives Ellison a piece of his childhood that the older man had never gotten to experience." The boys with a pet
Through a Window, Darkly Robyn "The substance that will save Blair's life will also destroy Jim's senses. Set in third season after Poachers and before Foreign Exchange." Sick or injured Blair with Jim taking care of him
Samaritan Donna Gentry "Early first season. Sentinel and Guide take a tentative step toward friendship." Sick or injured Blair with Jim taking care of him
Nightmare Realised (Series in Progress) Saul "Jim and Blair kidnapped by the military." -
Deja Vu Danae "A fatal attraction from Blair's past comes back to haunt both the guide and his Sentinel." Sick or injured Blair with Jim taking care of him
Death Comes Stalking Danae ? Sick or injured Blair with Jim taking care of him
Reconciliation Series Alicia "When Jim and his father try to reconcile their father son relationship they are confronted with bigger issues than Jim’s senses." Summary for first story in series Jim and Blair as brothers
The Sentinel by Naomi Sandburg D.L. Witherspoon "Naomi's version of her son's life with Jim Ellison." Naomi bashing stories
Mother May I? Dotty TSBBS from Naomi's point of view. Naomi bashing stories
Campus Crisis Dawn Cunningham "A hostage crisis erupts on campus and Blair is in the middle of it." -
Sleep Disorders Sharon ? -
Decoy DawnC ? -
Judgements K. Ryn "Jim and Blair become the target of a group of murderous young men who play cat and mouse with the detective and the anthropologist in the Nevada desert." Blair and Jim in desert
Overboard Kikkimax "Jim and Blair get in way over their heads on an undercover operation on a modern day pirate ship. Case story. " Blair and Jim lost at sea.
#18 of her stories which she states shoule be read iin order.
Kristine Williams "Desperate for some relief from the hot summer sun, Jim and Blair luck upon the weekend use of an old yacht. While relaxing in the Straits, their boat is struck and sunk by the carelessness of another, leaving them both adrift, and swimming for their lives." Blair and Jim lost at sea.
Restored xMagicalx "Nothing can separate a Sentinel and Guide forever, neither force, nor time, nor fear. Two sides of a soul will always find their way to reunion." Jim and Blair move out of the loft together
The Muppets Take Cascade
Lila R. Kulp "A lark of a story, filled with laughs, car chases, squeals, barks, muppets, and of course our favorite Sentinel and Guide." Fanon characters in RL
Ordeal Martha In an attempt to experience enhanced senses, Blair uses atrificial means to replicate the condition. -
Saving Graces Tapu "Somebody's taking down the Cascade PD, leaving Sandburg as the city's avenging angel." Crucified Blair
For Our Sins Lucy Hale "Blair and Rafe are abducted, forcing Rafe to take drastic measures to save Blair's life." Crucified Blair
The Heart Has Its Reaons Meredith Lynne "In which Jim and Blair get a crash course in guidance." telepathy and stuff...
Unsleeping Martha ? Long stories with focus on Jim's senses
Hot Spots Ronnee "What happens when Jim and Blair go camping during Spring Break?" Jim's senses and natural disasters
The Doctor Is In Kate Fitzsimons ? Simon send J & B to a marriage counselor
Lifeline Series starting with Mind Over Matter Tate "Jim and Blair discover that they are bonded by a mysterious psychic link. They struggle to understand it and use it to their advantage, but it may prove too volatile for them to control." telepathy and stuff...
Educating Angels Lacy "Some life-altering letters could put Jim and Blair in a lot of danger, and suddenly a simple case becomes something much more." -
My Soul to Keep Donna Gentry "Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found. AU. " -
Home for Christmas Mary Ellen & Kathy "When a misunderstanding drives Jim and Blair apart, can their friends and family bring them back together again in time for Christmas? " Joel as Blair's father
Second Strike Jet "Jim agrees to return to military life for a training mission in the jungles of Peru." J/B with Chopec in Peru
Mark of the Beast Donna Gentry "A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances." Requested URL
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