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Gen Archive March 2005

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Overdue Penalties Rimilod   Little Blair meets Starsky and Hutch.
Anchor in the Storm Fluterbev   Blair depressed after TsbyBS, then Naomi dies.
Therapy for the Soul Lyn   Blair gets sick after the drowning.
Confiscated Shedoc   Blair kidnapped
The Rest of Forever Donna Gentry   Post-TsbyBs; Blair sick in basement.
Just Like Tigger Carole   Young Jim prevents kids getting hurt by using his senses.
Persistence of Memory D. L. Witherspoon   Young Jim protects his peers, doesn’t remember till he’s an adult.
It’s Gonna Be A Long Week Shar-Lee Shandera   Jim is sick, Blair makes him milk toast.
Will You Remember Me? Arianna   Post-SenToo. Blair wakes up in hospital to find Jim, Simon and Megan have gone to Mexico after Alex, leaving Joel to look after him.
Solitary Man Donna Gentry   Blair on an island.
Tommy Series Shedoc   Blair/Jim friendship stories.
Guide's Choice Shadde   Jim in home for Sentinels.
Lollipop Elaine H   Blair drunk on lollipop.
Rise as One or Fall Together Rebel   Looking for URL.
The RH Factor Swellison   Rafe and Henri stories.
Arnaud You Don't Gil Hale   Blair - doppelganger stories.
Instincts Shedoc   MC gang camping and kidnapped. Jim and Blair go primal to rescue them.
To Protect and Obey Stormwolf Dawn Warning: This story is rated NC-17 for rape.When Jim is kidnapped, Blair must rescue him. Jim kidnapped and raped by group of men in forest.
Obsession Kikkimax   Blair kidnapped by obsessed student.
Last Man Standing JET   Jim and Blair go to another town on a case and run into a guy who's related to David Lash.
Forever and a Day Auntie Hill   Blair leaves Cascade, gets sick with cancer.
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut Red Soprano   Funny stories.
Tchapade Red Soprano   Funny stories.
The Meeting Jamie Ritchey   Funny stories.
When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best Jamie Ritchey   Funny stories.
Alas, Poor Fargo Arnie   Funny stories.
Lord of the Drunks Arnie   Funny stories.
Lord of the Drunks - Part 2 Arnie   Funny stories.
Alas, Poor Me Judy Seils   Funny stories.
Memories' Prisoner Suzie   Blair kidnapped, escapes, can't remember what happened.
Senti-One K-Lyn   Clone Blair stories.
Imperfect by Design Monica Massey   Clone Blair stories.
Fallout Taleya   Blair and Jim trade deaths.
Shades of Black D. L. Witherspoon   Jim heir to crime family.
Eyes of a Killer, Eyes of a Savior

Part 1

Part 2

Jaguar   Jim hitman, hired to kill Blair.
The Mad Season series Carol ROI and Suisan   Author Collaborations.
Immortal Endgame Carol ROI and Suisan   Author Collaborations.
The Battle LKY   Blair attacked by birds.
Waiting Fluterbev and Rhiannon   Author Collaborations.
On the Wings of Angels Meercat   Blair presumed dead in plane crash.
Walking with Dark Angels C. D. Stewart   Jim looking for a guide.
Different Start Magpie   Jim looking for a guide.
Second Strike JET   Jim in the jungle.
Counting in Fives     Evil Naomi stories.
The Sentinel by Naomi Sandburg D. L. Witherspoon   Evil Naomi stories.
True Confessions T. Botta   Evil Naomi stories.
Some are Silver, the Others Gold LRH Balzer   Evil Naomi stories.