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Title Author Description** Requested Theme/Storyline
Little Boy Lost Emerald "Blair's cryptic words at the hospital were just a hint at the horrors of the past. Now Jim must watch as the nightmare returns and threatens to take the young man away forever. Will the support of their colleagues be enough to prevent any more harm? (The story picks up one week after 'Suicide Watch'.)" -
Suicide Watch Emerald "Was it a suicide attempt, or something else. Jim and the men and women of Major Crimes face the possibility that they don't know their favorite observer as well as they think they do. Will they find out the truth in time to save him?" -
Stealing Memories Agnes Mage "Childhood memories and crimes push an already burnt out Sandburg over the edge. Can one pigheaded, militant Sentinel pull him out of the spin cycle and save his life?" -
Paid in Full Lyn Townsend "Blair's attempts to repay a debt almost end in tragedy." -
The Key Crowswork "A woman from Blair's past seeks to frame him by murdering his women friends. When Jim interferes, he becomes the latest target." Blair "drowns" in lake, Jim hurt
Second Strike Jet Jim agrees to return to military life for a training mission in the jungles of Peru Jim and Blair bonding, but not sexually
The Whole Connection Jackie Lang "This is a story of friendship and realization. Jim comes to understand just how much Blair, his friend, means to him, and that it's okay to say it. It's a story of loss, of choices; a choice to drink and drive, and a choice to sacrifice everything for a friend. It's also a story about Sentinels and Guides, and the equality in that special partnership. I hope you like it, and that it will make everyone think twice before drinking, and getting behind the wheel of a car." -
Listening Martha, Kitty, cat1, and Merry ? Non-slash bonding
Lifeline Series Tate "Jim and Blair discover that they are bonded by a mysterious psychic link. They struggle to understand it and use it to their advantage, but it may prove too volatile for them to control. The first few stories of the series appeared on the web a long time ago, but the concluding stories were only available in the zine Lifeline from Agent With Style. Copies of the zine may still be available." Non-Slash Bonding
GDP Series Susan Foster "This story is set in the near future in an America very different from today, Sentinels are acknowledged and their abilities are used in everyday life in Police Work, Military, and Search and Rescue. Guides are thought of as second class citzens who's only function is to serve their sentinel, they become their property. Some guides turn rogue, and are hunted down by the sinster GDP, who have total power over them. " Non-Slash Bonding
Cicero Cat's Stories Cicero Cat ? Non-Slash Bonding
Tommy Series (Follow links to Shedoc stories and then half way down the page.) Shedoc "This is slightly AU. First in a series of stories that could stand alone." Non-Slash Bonding
Heart in the Right Place Audrey Robin "Sandburg dreams up the perfect birthday gift for Ellison—but planning and execution are two different things . . . " -
Through Thick and Thin - On Sentinel Angst Mailing List Message No:46748

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Treassa ? -
Beneath the Surface (Sue only) &
Three Way Mirror (Both)
Sue Pokorny & Anne Roquemore ? Mystical/spirit guides; Blair developing/having any kind of Shaman abilities or ones that deal with some kind of psychic/mental bond between the guys
Through The Ages Chrys "In the aftermath of TSbyBS, Jim and Blair discover things about their relationship." Guys remember their past lives.
Nightmare Realised Saul "Jim and Blair kidnapped by the military" -
The Beginning Helen An incident which occurred when Jim and Simon were getting to know Blair. -
Parking Permit Wyvern "Not everyone at the Cascade PD agrees with Ellison having a long haired hippie, witch doctor punk for a partner. Will it prove too much for Sandburg?" -
Guides Rimilod "Jim contemplates the nature of guides." -
Primary Focus LRH Balzer "Sequel to Sentinel, Too. I'm sure this will be relegated to AU status when the series returns." Shaman/Mystical Recs
The Heart Hath It's Reasons Merry In which the Major Crime department raises bickering to an art form, and events of a dire nature are visited upon just about everybody. Kind of my tribute to Lee Brackett, who does not, in fact, appear in this story at all. Shaman/Mystical recs
The Shaman's Alternate Universe Trish Wilcox A group of four stories Shaman/Mystical recs
In Time and Destiny - Series Becky "To save Blair in the present, Jim has to change Blair's past." Shaman/Mystical recs
River's Edge LRHBlazer "My contribution to the August '97 "Camping" Challenge." Insecure Blair
One Hundred Minutes of Solitude Jane Mailander "Blair saves his own ass. " Blair as a Shaman
Shamanic Ecstacy D.L. Witherspoon "In the aftermath of TSbyBS, Blair goes in search of his true self." Blair as a Shaman
The Family Series : Shades of Black D.L. Witherspoon "These stories involve one or more members of Jim Ellison's "other" family, a watchdog organization of which he is the Elder, second-in-command and "heir to the throne". " -
Debt: Repaid Denise James "A missing scene (sort of) for The Debt. Why Blair is still with Jim, when he was only suppose to stay a week. " -
To Do List Aubrey Robin "What happened between the shootout and the job offer (spoilers for The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg). " -
Surviving the Chaos Shallan "In the not so distant future, fate, destiny or whatever you want to call it, pull a Sentinel and Guide together. Warning, this is an AU" Someone wants a guide
Sentinel, Watcher, Warrior, Guide Laura Picken "The Sentinel secret is betrayed into the hands of the Section -- can anyone survive the consequences? Crossover with Le Femme Nikita." Someone wants a guide
Saving Simon D.L. Witherspoon "Simon is a presidential candidate targeted for assassination. The Section doesn't want to get involved. Tough." Someone wants a guide
Sandburg and the Section D.L. Witherspoon "A brief peek into the life of a Guide, Shaman, and Super Spy!" Someone wants a guide
Involuntary Recruitment Kathy "Crossover with "La Femme Nikita". After Jim is recruited by Section One, will he ever see Blair again?" Someone wants a guide
Chance Encounter D.L. Witherspoon "Jim stumbles into a Section mission." Someone wants a guide
Adaptations D.L. Witherspoon "Jim is recruited into the Section." Someone wants a guide
My Soul to Keep Donna Gentry "Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found." Someone wants a guide
Leave of My Senses Moon Dew. Jim and Blair get kidnapped by a man with a vengeance, "giving Jim some real issues when Blair ends up the subject of the villain's revenge. " Blair loses one of his senses
Guardians through the Ages: Egypt Anneack "A story about an ancient egyptian sentinel and his jewish guide." Blair as Jim's slave
Congratulations It's a Boy!

A Mother's Love
Blue Moon "Sixteen year old Blair Sandburg and Detective Jim Ellison meet for the first time under less than auspicious circumstances."
"Naomi Sandburg makes a selfless decision regarding her son. "
Jim as Blair's father

Black Widower
Amanda "In light of the final horrible episode for the third season this story may annoy as it deals with another Sentinel. But, honestly, I wrote this a month ago and has nothing to do with it. I had no idea of the season finale and please try and read this in a new light."
Someone wants a guide
Operation: Goodnight
Good Morning You Too
Wolf Guide "A sick Jim and a tired Blair."
"A sequel to Operation: Goodnight"
Sick Jim & Tired Blair
Sweetness & Light Chrys "Too much sugar will make you jumpy." Stories to read while depressed
Home Alone Johanna C.A. Fally "Sandburg's gone on a seminar, and Simon's left with a jinxed Sentinel." Stories to read while depressed
Checklist Johanna C.A. Fally "Jim gets sick and Blair gets himself kidnapped. Again." Stories to read while depressed
Cherry Bombs DawnC & Hephaistos "An accidently drunken Blair gets involved in one of Simon's cases." Stories to read while depressed
But for the Grace of God Kikkimax "One too many Sentinels and not enough Guides." Someone wants a guide
Perspective Sis "Another Sentinel shows up, needing help, and feeling aggressive. Pre S2. " Someone wants a guide
Left Behind Elaine P ? Someone wants a guide.
Warm FIres of Home Java Head "Blair gets kidnapped. Jim to the rescue. (Hey, who said it was original?) " Someone wants a guide
Guide War Lindmere Takes place in Susan's GDP universe. WIP AU -
Cave In D.L.Witherspoon Jim and Blair take inner city kids on a field trip and things go wrong. -
The Guide's Way from The Kingdom of Cascade Series Cicero Cat ? -
Wages of Sin and Rewards of Virtue. Danae "Jim's been keeping secrets."
"The nightmare is not over. "
Blair & Jim taken by the Government
Tears for Blair + index for series Trials of Life Slery "Has Blair finally come to the one tragedy he can't bounce back from?" -
Itīs Spirit Warrior: The Path of the Jaguar. Paula "A kidnapping gone wrong results in a crisis for Jim. The detective wants an end to being a sentinel, leaving Blair to face a crisis of his own." Blair moves out of the loft
Some Are Silver, Some Are Gold LRH Balzer ? Exhausted Blair
The Heart of the Warrior DawnC "Darn, I don't know how to describe this one. If I say "Blair finds another Blessed Protector" I'll be lynched *grin* I'll just say it's a "Doggie-Sue" story :-) Blair Angst and Owies in this one. " Blair & a pit bull
Nightmare Realised Saul "Jim and Blair kidnapped by the military" Gov't kidnaps Blair & Jim
Revenge is Sweet Starzy "After enduring a horrible barely remembered night Sandburg grimly tracks down his assailants. Warnings: nongraphic rape, language, adult discussions of rape." Hurt Blair
Just Doing My Job Shar-Lee Just Doin' My Job - 20.5 kb Blair cares for a sick Sentinel. Sick Jim
Food for Thought Linda 3 "This story takes place shortly after Blair moves into the loft. Blair's strange behavior puzzles, then worries Jim. " Malnourished Blair
Disappearing Dar "Can the Sentinel help his guide deal with a recurring illness before it's too late?" Bulimic Blair
Breakpoint Trishbsc "Everyone has their own breaking point, even Jim Ellison. What does it take to push a Sentinel that far?" Sick Jim, Exhausted Blair
Roachia Series Cindy Combs "When humans settle on other planets, who better to take along but sentinels and their guides? But what happens to the colony when their protectors are destroyed and aliens from the planet want to exterminate all humans? In comes an untrained sentinel soldier named James Ellison, and an amnesiaic young man with a mysterious past" Stories you can't put donw.
Soul of Mine DawnC "A true "science" fiction story that tugs on the heart strings. Sentinels are genetic, but are Guides? Can they be duplicated?" Stories you can't put down
Seasons of the Heart

Demons Fought

Chasing Shadows
Lyn "After Blair decides to leave the loft, he is brutally attacked. During the investigation, Jim discovers Blair is also being sexually and physically intimidated by other cops, who resent the observer's presence."
"Sequel to "Seasons of the heart." Blair and Jim try to cope with the consequences from Blair's rape."
"Sequel to "Demons Fought." Shadows from the past come back to haunt Blair as he is accused of a crime he did not commit."
Blair leaves the loft
Simple Comforts Starfox "Blair has a migraine and Jim tries to help." Blair with a migraine
No Fuss Holly Lyn "Jim finds out tht Blair has not told him about his birthday." Lonely Birthdays
To Protect and Obey
Learning to Live
Stormwolf "When Jim is kidnapped, Blair must rescue him."
"A sequel to "To Protect and Obey". Jim must cope with the aftermath of his rape. "
Jim rape
Migraine Rather "Short piece that contains neither tea drinking, nor use of the phrase, Blessed Protector, despite the fact that Blair has a nasty headache and Jim is compelled to help." Blair with a migraine
A Sense of Family
Shawnee "Blair's migraine leads to insights on how Jim feels for Blair."
"Sequel to 'A Sense of Family' "
Blair with a migraine
Home for Christmas Mary Ellen & Kathy "When a misunderstanding drives Jim and Blair apart, can their friends and family bring them back together again in time for Christmas? " Jim throws Blair out of the Loft
Coming Up for Air Delilah "An AU Blair tells of finding a Sentinel a little too late. Blair's an observer with the Cascade PD. Jim is … well … not the Jim you know." -
As Fate Has Willed Monica "When William Ellison learns that his thirteen-year-old son Jimmy is something called a "Sentinel", to what lengths will he go to help him? " -
A Precious Gift DannyD "Jim forgets Blair's birthday and now it seems to late to make it up to him." Blair celebrating his birthday
First Impressions High Priestess Lunatic "Blair Saves South Florida" -
Soldier Mary J Shadinger "Anthropolgist student Blair Sandburg discovers his Holy Grail is a mentally distrubed homeless man known as Soldier. Rated PG Some may find theme distrubing" -
Coming Up for Air Delilah "An AU Blair tells of finding a Sentinel a little too late. Blair's an observer with the Cascade PD. Jim is … well … not the Jim you know. Rated PG for language." -
Puzzle Pieces Duology Danae "A woman and a little magic come between Sentinel and Guide and Jim is the target of a serial killer." -
As Fate Has Willed Monica "When William Ellison learns that his thirteen-year-old son Jimmy is something called a “Sentinel”, to what lengths will he go to help him?" -
From Out of the Shadow
Scent of Rain
Kelly "Gerard and his Warrants Squad track a killer to Cascade, and must work with Major Crime to hunt him down. The chase becomes deadly personal, forcing two young men to pull together, solve a mystery, and save their friends."
""Scent of Rain"--A vengeful fugitive, a shy college student; two investigations into one brutal attack. Noah Newman wanted a quiet vacation...he should have known better."
Missing Scenes or Sequels for episodes of The Sentinel Various Authors The title says it all! How did Blair end up drowning?
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