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Gen Archive March 2000

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Of Shadows and Demons Mackie Crossover with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Blair visits a dig near Sunnydale, but soon finds himself embroiled in a conflict literally to save the world from destruction. TS/Buffy crossover.
Accessible Donna Gentry With Simon's help, Sentinel and Guide struggle to deal with the life-altering results of a devastating accident. Disability fic.
Blood Wite Amanda 'Blood Wite': ancient law concerning the paying of a fine for the shedding of another's blood. Wite meaning blame or reproach. Blair bitten by vampire.
A Dark and Endless Night XmagicalX A new danger stalks Cascade, and the greatest threat is to Jim and Blair... Blair bitten by vampire.
Convergence Mackie An epilogue for the episode The Girl Next Door. Blair's Q and A session with Henri post TGND.
How to Warm up a Slightly Damp Guppy Red Soprano A Sentinel Too, Part 1 epilogue. Blair's experience in the fountain comes back to him in a harrowing nightmare. Includes a look at the softer side of Simon.
Blair has a breakdown at loft and won't let Jim see him.
Healing Touch Margie Ferguson


If the Fates Allow Paula It's an awesome responsibility to be the master of your own fate or destiny. But what if the fate of one you hold dear is placed in your hands? Tearjerkers.
Right Place, Wrong Times Alberte As Y2K approaches, "Millenium Madness" strikes,
bringing unexpected consequences to Jim and Blair.
Is friendship enough to see them through?
In the Arms of Angels Dawn C A tear-jerker. Blair may have found his father, a brilliant researcher at Stanford. How will Naomi react? Jim? Tearjerkers
The Center cannot Hold Iris Wilde Blair defends his life with tragic consequences. Tearjerkers.
Hilltop Hour JET Jim must become Blair's guide to help him reover after a serious accident. Tearjerkers.
Choosing Life Myrna Simon visits Jim and Blair who have left Cascade to continue recovering after an accident. Disability fics.
Bugged Besterette The Sentinel of the Great City versus a cricket. Jim chasing a cricket in the loft.
Guide Too Sharon


URL Request.

Sentinel, Watcher, Warrior, Guide Laura Picken The Sentinel secret is betrayed into the hands of the Section -- can anyone survive the consequences? Crossover with Le Femme Nikita. TS/La Femme Nikita crossover.
Scales of Justice Lucy Hale The trail of a killer leads Fraser and Kowalski to Cascade. (Sentinel crossover) TS/DS crossovers.


Double or Nothing


TAE Extradition - Contains Adult Content Jim has been kidnapped and Blair receives help from some unlikely visitors from Chicago
Seminar - Contains Adult Content Jim and Blair go to a seminar on police procedures in Chicago, with some unexpected results. They stop in to see Ben Fraser and Ray Vecchio, only, Ray isn't Ray, any more.

Double or Nothing - Jim and Blair return to Chicago to testify in one of the cases they helped with, only to meet Mack Wolfe on the plane, who's on his way to Chicago to pick up a prisoner for extradition to Hawaii.

Gone - There was a landslide and Jim is missing, presumed dead. Blair calls for help.
TS/DS crossovers.
Promissory Ysone A promise made is a promise kept. Especially where Blair Sandburg is concerned--no matter what the personal cost. Fic Recommendation.
Spirit Warrior: Path of the Jaguar Paula A kidnapping gone wrong results in a crisis for Jim. The detective wants an end to being a sentinel, leaving Blair to face a crisis of his own. After Crossroads, Blair removes all evidence of his existence from the loft and leaves.