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Gen Archive June 2007

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Family Hurts EJ Katz   Jim needing comfort.
Need Becky   Jim needing comfort.
Need's Companion Becky   Jim needing comfort.
Tea and Sympathy D. L. Witherspoon   Jim needing comfort.
The Cleansing Vision   Jim needing comfort.
Exhaustion Vision   Jim needing comfort.
A Night Not Remembered Southy   Jim needing comfort.
The Long Way Back To You Quietwolf   Brain injured Blair.
Trust Anne Murdoch   Blair undercover on bicycle, kidnapped and drugged.
Rattled LKY   Fic Rec
Ambivalent Series Carodee   Jim runs away.
Designated Driver - Caught on Video Series Crowswork   Blair designated driver in car crash.
Trilogy Series Rebel   Jim runs away.
The Wrong Guide Arnie   Long fics
Twenty Four Hours Sealie   Long fics
Raising the Shaman LKY   Long fics
Upgrade Series Y. S. McCool   Long fics
For the Benefit of All Dreamweaver   Fic rec
The Great Escape Hephaistos   Fic rec
Patrol Jael Lyn   Fic rec
Clinging to the Wheel Dasha   Fic rec
Imperfections Dasha   Long fics
Some are Silver, The Others Gold LRH Balzer   Fic rec
Roachia Series Cindy Combs   Fic rec
Driving Rain Linda3   Fic rec
Trapped Linda3   Fic rec
Fear Factor Linda3   Fic rec
Christmas Memories Linda3   Fic rec
Tank swellison   Blair hurts Jim accidentally.
The Space of a Single Breath Kim Heggen   Blair hurts Jim accidentally.
The Hamantaschen Defense Roslyn   Fic rec
Power of Darkness, Power of Light Rather   Jim or Blair leave
Home for Christmas Kathy & Mary Ellen   Bad Naomi
Maternal Instincts Kathy   Bad Naomi
A Part of Me Jess Riley   Bad Naomi
Scavenger Hunt D. L. Witherspoon   TS/SG crossover
Spirit Walk Jennifer   Blair as a shaman
Raising the Shaman LKY   Blair as a shaman
Rebirth Rimilod   Blair as a shaman
Wind Whispering Panik   Blair as a shaman
The Longest Journey Shedoc   Blair as a shaman
Make It Go Away Series Nancy Taylor   Blair has epilepsy
Alethia Series Lisa Adolf   Blair has epilepsy
Nightmare Realized Saul   Jim needing comfort.
A Different Start Series Magpie   Alpha Blair in the Sentinel/Guide relationship
Slaver Series DoggyJ   Alpha Blair in the Sentinel/Guide relationship
Stay In the Truck Rae   Jim figured out where his truck was when his neighbour called him at the station and asked
him to move his truck because it was blocking his vehicle. Blair turned out to be at the loft and drugged.

Ares Bugle Cindy Combs   Blair gets a haircut
Patrol Jael Lyn   Blair gets a haircut
Chasing Rainbows Panik   Blair gets a haircut
Observations and Haircuts Shedoc   Blair gets a haircut
Not the Hair! Raksha   Blair gets a haircut
Convenience Carolyn   Jim angry with Blair after series of robberies.
The More Things Change Sue Pokorney   Blair gets a haircut
Therapy for the Soul Lyn   Blair hospitalized due to health complications from drowning
Failing Psych 101 Saul   Fic announcement
Lineage of Lies LKY   Fics similar to Saul's Nightmare Realized