Gen Archive June 2002

Title Author Description** Requested Theme
Smoke and Mirrors K. Ryn ? -
Twenty-four Hours Sealie "Blair battles a serious illness with help from the Sentinel (h/c -- and then some)." Illness Blair
Midnight on Prospect
(Half way down page)
EJ Katz "A nasty murder case and declining health cause problems for the Sentinel and his Guide. When Blair disappears, will Jim be able to find him before it is too late or will Simon have to die first?" Illness Blair
Last Resort Jet "Blair and Jim face the toughest obstacle in their lives… Leukemia." Illness Blair
Disappearing Dar Hutson Scally "Can the Sentinel help his Guide deal with a recurring illness in time?" Illness Blair
Adrenaline Rush Lorelie "Someone from Blair's past poisons him. Can Jim and the rest of Major Crimes find the antidote before it's too late? " Illness Blair
The Whole
(About half way down the page.)
Skyepony "Jim and Blair are kidnapped by Kincaid and dumped on a mountain as prey in a hunt. If the terrorist leader and the elements aren't enough… The guys are going through some changes and there is another Sentinel among Kincaid's men, and guess what, er… who, he wants? (Set in the present, but in a universe where TSbyBS never happened, and the future is the one depicted in Susan Foster's GDP series.) " Kidnapped Blair
The Return of Alex Barnes EJ Katz "A response to Jen and Suzie's Challenge #19. Alex escapes and believes that Blair can help her get her senses back. Will Jim protect him, or will Alex succeed in her plans?" Kidnapped Blair
Deadline Jet "Blair is kidnapped, and Jim must find him before time runs out." Kidnapped Blair
Child's Play Inkling "It's poker night at the loft, but the final game of the evening turns out to have much higher stakes than anyone imagined. " Kidnapped Blair
The Sparrowhawk Sandburg Series: #13 Brothers In Arms Besterette "Blair gets kidnapped. Again. Kidnapped Blair
A Sharing of Strength Jennifer "It' about family." Abused Blair

Like a Bridge
Katie Jim and Blair have a philosophical disagreement that threatens their partnership.
Sequel to "Disconnected". Jim and Blair try to get back to Cascade.
Patrol Jael Lyn "Sandburg's assignment with Major Crimes is challenged and he is forced to transfer." -
The Most Perfect Day Ever Sandra McDonald "Jim must come to the rescue when Blair is taken hostage in Peru." -
Just Desserts Cassie ? Blair involved with Stephen
Bad Blood Amanda ? Author recommendation
Reconciliation Series Alicia "When Jim and his father try to reconcile their father son relationship they are confronted with bigger issues than Jim’s senses." (Summary for first story in series) Blair involved with Stephen
Birthright Series Rimilod "Many times it's been said that Jim and Blair are closer than brothers. What would happen if they really were?" Blair involved with Stephen
Abuse of Power Sharon ? Abusive Jim to Blair
Who Pays the Price Suzie "Family members of the Cascade P.D. are being kidnapped." -
The Center Cannot Hold Iris Wilde "My first TS story. Blair defends his life with tragic consequences." Long, well-plotted, gen stories
The Sounds of Silence Amicus Adytum "A Blind Man's Bluff type story with a different sense (gee, guess which one?)" Long, well-plotted, gen stories
The Road Not Travelled Amicus Adytum "My first AU story that asks the question, "What if Blair didn't find Jim in the Switchman?". " Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Mark of the Beast Donna Gentry (Ysone) "A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances. " Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Right Place, Wrong Times Alberte "As Y2K approaches, "Millenium Madness" strikes, bringing unexpected consequences to Jim and Blair. Is friendship enough to see them through? " Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Bayou D.L.Witherspoon "Jim, Blair, and Simon head to New Orleans to stop a cult." Long, well-plotted, gen stories
No Center Line RHL Balzer ? Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Some Are Silver the Others Gold RHL Balzer ? Long, well-plotted, gen stories
A Common Bond
Trouble: A Christmas Story
Cassie Prequel to "Trouble"
Stories involving Blair and Stephen
Ministers of Grace Lanning Cook ? Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Kindred Spirits Lanning Cook ? Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Alternative Reality Series D.L. Witherspoon "These stories take place in an alternate universe where Jim Ellison is not a big strong cop, but a man who has come to expect the worst of the world. Abused and abandoned by both family and country, Jim finds shelter and perhaps eventually, salvation in a famed attorney named Blair Sandburg. Aggressive, talented, and cocky, Blair lives in a penthouse, and takes on big business with the tenacity of a hawk, yet the finesse of a swan. But his biggest challenge is understanding, and helping, the man living under his roof; how does one teach the concept of freedom to one who has never experienced it? The first Alternate Reality story is A New Day Dawns." Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Suicide Watch

Little Boy Lost
Emerald "Was it a suicide attempt, or something else. Jim and the men and women of Major Crimes face the possibility that they don't know their favorite observer as well as they think they do. Will they find out the truth in time to save him?"
"Blair's cryptic words at the hospital were just a hint at the horrors of the past. Now Jim must watch as the nightmare returns and threatens to take the young man away forever. Will the support of their colleagues be enough to prevent any more harm? (The story picks up one week after 'Suicide Watch'.)"
Long, well-plotted, gen stories
The Heart Hath Its Reasons Meredith Lynne "In which Jim and Blair get a crash course in guidance." Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Tristes Tropiques (Series)
Snake Oil
Martha ? Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Unsleeping Martha ? Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Contrary to Popular Belief Axianna "A cop explains things to a rookie." Different POV on J/B
Good Morning Sunshine Martha - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Linda's Bit of Sentinel Linda3 - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
The Blair Angst Fiction Page DawnC - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
T.V. Lit 101 D.L.Witherspoon - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Scents and Sensibility Charon "An involved, convoluted plot that would be seriously hampered by any attempt to summarize. After all, I'm not the TV Guide." -
Brothers in Arms Lyn - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Anonymeek's Very Simple Sentinel Site (Site) Anonymeek - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Wolfpup's Den (Site) Various - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Kim's Fiction (Site) Kim - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
The Reading Room (Site) Kikkimax - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Tales of the Sentinel (Site) K Ryn - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Jet's Fanfiction Page for the Sentinel (Site) Jet - Long, well-plotted, gen stories
Just Doin' My Job Shar-lee "Blair cares for a sick Sentinel." -
Forbidden Fruit Sue Kelley "Jim's new girlfriend has a secret...and it could prove lethal for Blair." Replacement guide
The Tommy Series (Halfway down page) Shedoc ? Blair proving himself a shaman
The Longest Journey Begins Shedoc "The longest journey begins with a single step." Blair proving himself a shaman
Blitzkrieg Jael Lyn "Cascade PD is turned upside down. What's the real agenda? Takes place after TSbyBS. Blair is Jim's official partner on the force." -
Vrrrooooommmm II Skyepony ? -
Checklist Johanna C.A. Fally "Jim gets sick and Blair gets himself kidnapped. Again." Anti-depression stories
Understanding (Part 1 of Dark Mood Series) Quiltaday "Part one in my 'Dark Mood' series. Lots o' smarm and even more owies. Be warned, I didn't play too nice with Naomi." Abused Blair
A Test of Faith Lyn "Blair must help Jim battle demons from the past." Jim & Blair have an argument
The End
Wages of Sin
Rewards of Virtue
Do What You Have to Do
Too Long Too Far from Home
(All stand alone stories)
Danae See Danae's Site Jim & Blair have an argument
In Search of Becky & Robyn "Blair devises a unique sensory test for Jim to take place at the detective's least favorite location -- the mall.: -
Home for Christmas Mary Ellen & Kathy "When a misunderstanding drives Jim and Blair apart, can their friends and family bring them back together again in time for Christmas?" Jim & Blair have fight or argument
Dead Man Walking Kikkimax "An issue out of Blair's past brings a group of old friends together, along with a dangerous new problem. Drama, Horror. Takes place after Sentinel Too but before The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg." Blair to the rescue
The Prize Shallan "Keeping a promised made to a friend, Jim and Blair soon learn that their ability for finding trouble and danger works even in the pristinemountains of Colorado." Jim goes to Army buddies funeral
Falls the Shadow Just Jen "When a dirty cop compromises an undercover operation, Blair is forced to protect himself with any means necessary. Rated R for language and violence." -
Reality Echoes Tate "Due to a head injury, Blair experiences overlapping realities and is unsure of what is actually going on around him." -
My Soul to Keep Donna Gentry "Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found. AU. " -
The Wanted Series (towards the bottom of the page) Suzie "Jim and Blair leave their life in Cascade behind." (Summary of the first story in the series.) Balir and Jim on the run from the government
Curtain Call Medling "Blair's been hiding something from Jim. PG." Blair and Little Shop of Horrors
Make a Wish Aislinn "Blair's been disappearing for the past few months. Jim decides to find out what he's been up to." Blair dancing to drum music
Grounded Twilight "Missing scene from Breaking Ground, or maybe an decide." -
Moving On Lady Shelley "Rainier isn't as prepared for Y2k as it thought." Where Chancellor Edwards realised that the dissertation wasn't a fake.
Obfuscator Besterette ? -
Church Picnic

I'll See You In Court
Tae "Church Picnic -- Jim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl join the Taggarts at their church's annual community picnic. (Blair sings.)
I'll See You in Court -- The continuation of Church Picnic, Blair is treated badly by the new assistant DA."
The Heart Hath Its Reasons Merredith Lynne "In which Jim and Blair get a crash course in guidance." Blair as an empath
Primary Focus

Movers and Shakers
A Different Way of Seeing
LRH Balzer "Sequel to Sentinel, Too. I'm sure this will be relegated to AU status when the series returns."
"The second story of the Sentinel, Too sequel."
"The final story of the Sentinel, Too sequel."
Blair under desk in station
Throwback, Series Susan Foster ? Stargate crossovers
Corrective Remedy Saul "FBI Taskforce wants Sandburg as bait." -
First Times Shedoc "Some officers remember the first time they met Blair." -
Apache Shedoc "What's with Blair's comment that he flew Apaches in Desert Storm?" Blair in the Army
Spirit Walk Jennifer "Slight AU. This takes place sometime during the second year after Blair becomes a detective. (Yeah, sorry, but I couldn't let him rot in academia.) This is a companion piece to Demonstrating Wisdom, though you don't need to read that to understand this, and is rated PG-13 for some violence, references to torture, good fight scenes, and non-canon character deaths." -


Just Retribution


"When Blair is arrested for drug smuggling, will the tragic consequences tear apart Sentinel and Guide? An alternate ending for The Girl Next Door. "
"Blair's in the hospital as the result of Jim's actions. Will he ever be able to trust his friends again?"
"In the aftermath of the events in The Girl Next Door, Jim and Blair struggle to come to terms with what happened."
Partner Betrayal
Bid Time Return Crowsword "Jim and Blair are drafted as security at a conference on germ and chemical warfare. A terrorist attack on the remote island dooms the isolated group to certain death. Sentinel and Guide must face this horror, unaware that secret forces are working to rewrite the last week of their lives." 7 Days crossovers
Wages of Sin and
Rewards of Virtue.
Danae "Jim's been keeping secrets."
"The nightmare is not over. "
Partner betrayal
Oops Soxom "A group of bank robbers panic when they realise who they've taken hostage. First story in the Kevin series, but can be read independently." Different POV on Jim/Blair
Midnight Cascade Lorelie "A little something different. My take on how Jim and Blair's relationship would appear to a complete stranger." Different POV on Jim/Blair
The Phil Stories (Half way down the page) Saga "Ever wonder what other folks think of Jim and Blair. Take a glimpse in the mind of a cocky med student who has a few 'interesting' encounters with the boys we love." Different POV on Jim/Blair
Are They or Aren't They? Kathy "A woman's thoughts as she follows Jim & Blair around a grocery store." Different POV on Jim/Blair
The Motel ElaineH "An icy night leads to revelations about the Ellison-Sandburg partnership to Simon." Different POV on Jim/Blair
At First Glance Beez "Simon's thoughts the first time he meets our beloved anthropologist." Different POV on Jim/Blair
Contrary to Popular Belief Axianna "A cop explains things to a rookie." Different POV on Jim/Blair
I Know
They Know
D.L. Witherspoon "Blair's thoughts when Jim is shot."
"Simon's thoughts as he waits for news about his best team."
Different POV on Jim/Blair
Twenty-One Days Laura Tucker "Bio-terrorism hits Cascade. What does the military really know? Who will survive? When Blair's infected, Jim must find the answers. X-File Crossover." -
Fear Based Responses DawnC "We just don't have enough "Sentinel Too" epilogues, so here's another one *grin* Heavy smarm and angst, minor "owies." Long angst around time of Blair's drowning
Watermark Tate "Epilog for Sentinel Too, Part One" Long angst around time of Blair's drowning
Sentinel X

Sentinel X II
Abelard "A crossover between The Sentinel and The X-Men. Blair goes to Xavier's school to visit Darryl Banks and, as usual, trouble strikes."
"The sequel to Sentinel X."
X-Men / Mutant X Cross overs
It's About Family: A Western Saga Klair "An AU set in Wyoming territory 1873 where war-weary veteran James Ellison has settled. His life changes drastically when he must take on the responsibility of raising an orphaned boy, Blair Sandburg." Jim guardian of a young Blair
Congratulations It's a Boy!

A Mother's Love
Blue Moon "Sixteen year old Blair Sandburg and Detective Jim Ellison meet for the first time under less than auspicious circumstances."
"Naomi Sandburg makes a selfless decision regarding her son. "
Jim guardian of a young Blair
No Center Line LRH Blazer "This particular story takes place after the events in my series: Primary Focus, Movers and Shakers and A Different Way of Seeing and should be considered continuing in my overall story arch." Smarm Overload
Kindred Spirits Lanning Cook ? Christmas story
In Time and Destiny Series Becky "To save Blair in the present, Jim has to change Blair's past." (Summary of first story in the series.) Jim guardian of a young Blair
Once Upon a Time Sealie "It's amazing how grumpy a poorly grad student can be..." Jim guardian of a young Blair
The Celtic Connection Jet "Summary: Jim and Blair travel to the British Isles and learn new lessons about their partnership. References to: Night Shift, TS2, TSbyBS. This story builds somewhat on a previous one, ?Healing Words.? It might help to read it first, but it is not necessary to understand this story." (Summary of first story) Heavy on the smarm
The Whole (Part One)
The Whole (Part Two)
Skyepony "Jim and Blair are kidnapped by Kincaid and dumped on a mountain as prey in a hunt. If the terrorist leader and the elements aren't enough… The guys are going through some changes and there is another Sentinel among Kincaid's men, and guess what, er… who, he wants?" Jim/Blair hunted in a mountain valley
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** Where there is no description it means that I have been unable to find one and therefore I am either a) waiting to read the story so that I can write one or b) waiting for someone to provide me with one. So if you have read the story and want to send me a short description, please do. Lyn

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