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Acquainted with the Night D. L. Witherspoon An enemy from Jim’s past appears in Cascade Jim as a hitman for the government
101 Anonymeek

Missing Scene for Murder 101.

Missing scene to Murder 101
Justifiable Means Kim Heggen An unusual murder case brings up unpleasant memories from Blair's childhood, and he becomes instrumental in finding the killer. Memories of Child Abuse
Acting Sharon


Blair and transplant
True Duology Danae After a misunderstanding, Blair learns the true meaning of home, and Jim learns what it means to be family. Blair Leaving Jim or MC
Mad Season Collection CarolROI and Suisan A cycle of Sentinel fiction by CarolROI and Suisan, connected by the songs of Matchbox Twenty. Blair Leaving Jim or MC


Ysone One story, told from two points of view. Heartspeak, the first part, is told from Blair's perspective as he overhears a conversation that is not intended for his ears. Soulspeak, Jim's side of the story, attempts to show that things aren't always as they seem. Blair and hurt feelings
Full Circle TAE Now that cloning is a reality, what's to stop the government from gene-splicing to create the perfect soldier? But, how do you find the gene that creates loyalty? GDP for Sentinels
Dark Moods Quiltaday


Abusive/Neglectful Naomi
Make it Go Away Series Nancy Taylor Blair's migraine headaches return, along with a more serious complication. Blair with Migraines
Deep Cover D.L. Witherspoom Jim and Blair go undercover in a new city and state. Blair and Jim pretending to be a couple
Overboard Kikkimax Jim and Blair get in over their heads on an undercover assignment aboard a modern day pirate ship.   Blair and Jim pretending to be a couple
Causa Mortis Dawn C A Sent too, part 2 thingie Lasting effects from Blair’s drowning
Watermark Tate Epilogue to Sentinel too part 1 Lasting effects from Blair’s drowning
Wellspring Tate Sequel to Watermark, from Jim’s POV. Lasting effects from Blair’s drowning
A Sense of Family Shawnee Blair has a migraine. Blair with Migraines
Fallout Taleya


Jim and Blair in auto accident
Immortal Cascade Series CarolROI


Crossover to Highlander
Beggar’s Ride Inkling It's late March, 1998, and things are a bit slow in Cascade for the guys. Between dreams and late night phone calls, Blair's beauty sleep is suffering. Jim is digging through old files looking for a case to solve, and no one is surprised when his trek through Cascade PD's archives turns up a bit more than dust bunnies...


The Whole Connection Jackie Lang This is a story of friendship, sacrifice, and realization. In the aftermath of a serious accident, Jim comes to terms with a past incident in his life, and learns that he must accept Blair as an equal in their partnership for them to go forward as Sentinel and Guide. Blair stops a drunk driver
Mind Over Matter Tate


Alternate ending to Dead Drop
A Different Way of Seeing Trio

Primary Focus

Movers & Shakers

A Different Way of Seeing

Lois Balzer AU Sequel to Sentinel, Too Blair sees only the jungle
First Impressions High Priestess Lunatic Blair Saves South Florida Blair in Florida
Hallucinations Taleya


Blair and drugs
Happy Families Series Sharon


Blair and drugs
Blinded by the Light Laura Picken A betrayal forces Jim and Blair to deal with one of their worst nightmares: the public, unplanned revelation of Jim's Sentinel abilities. This revelation leads to a showdown that could change Cascade forever. Blair in Bamboo cage
Casulties of War Series Fyresong Who does Blair know in San Diego? Will Jim ever find the mop? And does AT&T or MCI have the best state to state call rates? Jim finds Blair’s dog tags
Healing Wounds JET Blair talks to Naomi when she has second thoughts about the events of TSbyBS, and Jim overhears the conversation


Celtic Connections Series JET Jim and Blair travel to the British Isles and learn new lessons about their partnership. (Sequel to Healing Wounds, but can be read separately) Blair trapped in ferryboat bombing
Revenge Laura Garrett Kincaid is Back Kincaid stalks Blair
Babe In Arms Series Taleya A camping holiday goes horribly wrong. (Summary for first in series)


Shamanic Ecstasy D.L. Witherspoon In the aftermath of TSbyBS, Blair goes in search of his true self. Blair as Shaman/ saves Jim
Herald Sentinel Trishbsc An AU crossover with the Valdemar Universe created by Author Mercedes Lackey TS-Valdemar crossover
For the Good of One Dawn C A story of tribulation, sacrifice, and friendship. Jim and Blair trapped in lab
Time Lock Leigh Carson


Jim and Blair trapped in lab
Some are Silver, the Others Gold LRH Balzer


Blair taken by child molester