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Title Author Description** Requested Theme
Guiding Silence Trish "Can a mute Blair still be a Guide?" Blair can't speak
Silent Moorings Sharif and Zamlo "Jim discovers that sometimes when you stop trying, you find what’s lost. " Blair can't speak
Dark, Silent Night DawnC " Blair experiences a trauma that profoundly affects him. High angst and h/c." Blair can't speak
Heart/Soul Ysone "One story, told from two points of view. Heartspeak, the first part, is told from Blair's perspective as he overhears a conversation that is not intended for his ears. Soulspeak, Jim's side of the story, attempts to show that things aren't always as they seem." Blair can't speak
Stealing Memories Agnes Mage "Childhood memories and crimes push an already burnt out Sandburg over the edge. Can one pigheaded, militant Sentinel pull him out of the spin cycle and save his life?" -
Nightmare Realised Saul ? Jim/Blair kidnapped by the military
Neighbours Ronnee ? Blair/Judaism
Moving Day Ronnee ? -
I Flew Apaches in Desert Storm Debra Baschal "Maybe Blair wasn't obfuscating at the end of Siege." Blair and Desert Storm
Apache Shedoc "What's with Blair's comment that he flew Apaches in Desert Storm?" Blair and Desert Storm
Panic Machine Katz "A struggle with modern technology" -
Gone Tae "There was a landslide and Jim is missing, presumed dead. Blair calls for help." Paternal Simon
Tommy Series - follow the links to the Fanfic, then Shedoc - about halfway down this page Shedoc ? The MC guys out together
Sullivan's Pub (First story) Others Patt ? The MC guys out together
Food for Thought Linda3 "This story takes place shortly after Blair moves into the loft. Blair's strange behavior puzzles, then worries Jim." Financially challenged Blair
The Centurian (At the bottom of the page) Izzy "The Centurion A Roman aristocrat acquires a unique new slave. Rated R for adult themes and violence typical for that era." -
Siren's Call MaBrown "Blair finds recent events too much to deal with." Suicide stories
Suicide Watch Emerald "Was it a suicide attempt, or something else. Jim and the men and women of Major Crimes face the possibility that they don't know their favorite observer as well as they think they do. Will they find out the truth in time to save him?" Suicide stories
As Fate Has Willed Monica "When William Ellison learns that his thirteen-year-old son Jimmy is something called a “Sentinel”, to what lengths will he go to help him?" -
Becoming A Watcher Series
Candle In The Dark
An Essential Friend
According To Our Powers
D.L. Witherspoon These four stories make up the arc where Simon not only recognizes his position in the Sentinel/Guide world, but accepts it. These should be read in order: -
Fear Factor Linda3 "Jim's reaction to Blair's being in another dangerous situation is both unexpected and unexplainable. Takes place late in the third season, but before all the nastiness of Night Shift." -
The "Phil" Stories.
Unspoken Rule Number 3
Some People never learn
Three times is conspiracy
Saga Ever wonder what other folks think of Jim and Blair. Take a glimpse in the mind of a cocky med student who has a few 'interesting' encounters with the boys we love. -
Unboxing Christmas Linda3 "Blair's attempt to surprise Jim turns into unexpected turmoil for both of them." Blair/Judaism
Fatigue DawnC "Sandburg burns-out." -
Food for Thought Linda3 "This story takes place shortly after Blair moves into the loft. Blair's strange behavior puzzles, then worries Jim. " -
Hunted Rimilod "What would it take for Blair to use his knowledge of sentinels against Jim?" Blair on the run
Home for Christmas Katy & Mary Ellen "When a misunderstanding drives Jim and Blair apart, can their friends and family bring them back together again in time for Christmas? " Blair runs away
The Road Taken Tae "Blair is sick and he's having this really strange dream... " -
Routine Traffic Stop Sue Wells "A routine traffic stop is anything but for Jim and Blair." ER Crossovers
Causa Mortis DawnC "An epilogue to S2P2." -
Out of Debt Donna Gentry ? -
Alternative Reality Series D.L.Witherspoon ? Long AU
GDP Series Susan ? Long Au
A Dark and Endless Night
Darkest Before Dawn
XmagicalX ? Long AU
Forces of Light and Dark Java Head "Jim and Blair meet under slightly different circumstances and this Universe is remotely weirder than usual." Long AU
My Soul to Keep Donna Gentry ? Long AU
Outside These Walls Jael Lyn "Set in Cascade, with the usual cast of characters, but most would consider it an AU." Long AU
Rochia Series Cindy Combes "During a losing war on an alien planet, an untrained sentinel hopes that an injured young man will help unlock his talents to save their colony. " Long AU
Home for Christmas Kathy and Mary Ellen "When a misunderstanding drives Jim and Blair apart, can their friends and family bring them back together again in time for Christmas?" -
Winners JAC's ghostwriter ? -
A Novel Solution J.J "A time traveler takes Blair's place to unravel the mess of the dissertation. Crossover with Quantum Leap. " Quantum Leap Crossovers
Calling the Beasts K. Ryn "Blair's in trouble again and this time he's not alone. When a ruthless thief targets a museum exhibit for its priceless artifacts, Blair and a group of elementary school children become unwilling participants in his plan. While Jim and the rest of Major Crimes race to the rescue, the fledgling Shaman spins an ancient tale of adventure in a desperate attempt to save all of their lives." Blair interacting with students
Uneasy Alliance Hephaistos, DawnC, Jmas, Jennifer Krall, and Sealie ? -
Living for Shadows ? "Cliche Blair as an elf fic. I actually rather like this one. Can an outcast from his own home help a newborn Sentinel gain control? Will Ellison be able to afford the price?"
A Light to Guide Me Jade Standish ? M7 Crossover
Reunions Wyndewalker "AU: ATF crossover w/The Sentinel" -
Rumor Tae ? -
Remember Sharif and Zamlo "Jim makes a decision that holds unimagined consequences." -
Overboard Kikkimax "Jim and Blair get in way over their heads on an undercover operation on a modern day pirate ship. Case story." Jim & Blair pretend to be a couple
Deep Cover D.L.Witherspoon "Jim and Blair go undercover in a new city and state." Blair & Jim pretend to be a couple
Trapped Linda3 "After a particularly hard case for Blair, the men of Major Crime take off for a relaxing week in a cabin in the woods." Very sick Blair
Twenty-Four Hours Sealie "Blair battles a serious illness with help from the Sentinel." Very sick Blair
Tate "Epilog for Sentinel Too, Part One"
"Sequel to Watermark, told from Jim's perspective."
Very sick Blair
Severed (from the Lifeline Series) Tate "The Lifeline Series: Jim and Blair discover that they are bonded by a mysterious psychic link. They struggle to understand it and use it to their advantage, but it may prove too volatile for them to control." -
M.O. DawnC "A "real case" story. Blair and a psycho." -
Surprise Gabrielle Bessey "Holidays are a time for family." -
Words Unspoken Lynn "Cruel words spoken in the heat of the moment cause Blair's birthday to be forgotten and his life put in danger as he attempts to make things right." -
Dog Years Kikkimax "Blair joins a rock and roll band to find out what happened to his friend, which leaves Jim a little apprehensive." Blair in a band
911 Taleya "Cascade Emergency Services Phone log: 06/09/78" -
* I'm Australian so the date format is dd/mm/yy.

** Where there is no description it means that I have been unable to find one and therefore I am either a) waiting to read the story so that I can write one or b) waiting for someone to provide me with one. So if you have read the story and want to send me a short description, please do. Lyn

Where descriptions are in quotation marks (" "), I have copied the description from either the author or someone else. I hope they won't mind but I figure their words are better than mine (and I just don't have time to read all the recs that show up on TS Storyfinders.) :-)

Where Requested Theme is "-", the person requesting the story has been looking for that specific story not a story type.