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Gen Archive January 2007


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I-L-A-S-C Carikube   URL Request.
Shoes Sheffield   Naomi uses a shoe as a signal for Blair for when they have to move on.
Priorities Sandra McDonald   Blair is injured and wanders around a hospital after it is bombed.
Fieldwork Toni   Blair is a sentinel.
The Days That Are No More Malu   Warm fuzzies.
River's Edge LRH Balzer   Jim, Blair, Simon, and Darryl are fishing and Blair has a Golden flashback and thinks Darryl is on fire. Afterwards, Blair is frightened and nervous and Jim makes him sit still for 15 minutes while Jim holds him as they sit by the campfire.
Some Are Silver, the Others Gold LRH Balzer   Blair is kidnapped, has a teddy bear named Silver.
The Library Series Sealie   Horror fics.
Innuai Anne Murdoch   Horror fics.
Rise As One Rebel   Blair is really depressed and William comes over to the loft and sees a letter that states that he has to pay off his
student loans now and William does it for him without him knowing.
Anyone Hill   Blair in a cult.
Trapped Linda3   Blair ends up with a broken leg and a fever. While he is delusional from the fever, he gets it into his head that Jim is angry with him, and actually walks out of the cabin they are in and is later found by Jim.
Forging Friendship Annie   Rafe stories.
Curupira Laurie Borealis   Horror fics.
A Step Backwards LRH Balzer   Kidfics.
Quiet Desperation Arianna   Blair electrocutes himself on purpose.
Family Name LKY   Jim and Blair at conference, Blair has been shot in leg.
Think Outside the Box Jael Lyn   Jim and Blair at conference.
Carryover Linda3   'Mean' Jim.
Unboxing Christmas Linda3   'Mean' Jim.
Fear Factor Linda3   'Mean' Jim.
Families Sheila Paulson   Good, long fics.
Revenge is Sweet Starzy   Good, long fics.
Buried Memories Sherrylou   Good, long fics.
Memories Revisited Sherrylou   Good, long fics.
Shattered Soul StarPlaza   Blair gang raped in a barn.
Things Like This Orion   'Mean' Jim.
Abuse of Power Sharon   'Mean' Jim.
The End Danae   'Mean' Jim.
Matchless Ismaro   'Mean' Jim.
Overload Lyn   Blair physically sacrifices for Jim.
Time Out For the Holidays Arianna   Blair has a car accident.
Lookin' For Eight Fidus Amicus   AUs.
Suffer the Little Children Kira   Fic Rec.
Falling Awake Ysone   Blair kidnapped, drugged into believing he's kidnapper's brother.
Onoma Ysone   Sequel to Falling Awake.
The Motel Elaine   Blair ill with lung problems, post SenToo.
Jenna Carolyn   Blair and little girl kidnapped, hide in a cabin in the woods.
Caught on Video - The Lady Upstairs Crowswork   Humorous fics.
Deadbolt Crowswork   'Mean' Jim.
Afterbath Susan Williams   'Mean' Jim.
Runaway Jim D. L. Witherspoon   'Mean' Blair.
Driving Rain Linda3   AUs.
Church Picnic TAE   Blair and Jim go to a church picnic with Joel and his family.
Quality of Silence Arianna   Blair contemplates suicide and Jim finds him.