Gen Archive - February 2002




Title Author Description** Requested Theme/Storyline
What the Future May Hold Madraf "Sometimes the future is not as we expected it to be." Jim as a father
Whisper of Wings + others in series Mary Shadinger "Ellison finds Sandburg's thesis and reads it. Sends him into the path of an oncomig car. Sandburg discovers a rival for his Sentinel. Also a flash back to Ellison's younger soldier days." X-over with CSI
A Day Out Part Five of "An Everyday Life" Series Kate Fitzsimons ? Valentine's Day story
Maternal Instinct Autumn Skies "An AU in which Grace Ellison encounters a special toddler during the summer of 1971." Blair & Jim as kids
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut Red Soprano ? Stories featuring M&Ms
Scents And Scents Ability Charon Read the author's description and warnings! -
The Spirit Guide Nightowl ""The Spirit Guide" is a serial, with an overall continuing plot and individual sub-plots for each chapter, which are more or less complete in themselves. Each chapter can be read separately as I post them, or you can wait until the whole thing is done and read it from end-to-end. But I'm warning you, the end won't come for a long time. " Cat series
We Gather Strength Jael Lyn "While Detectives Ellison and Sandburg investigate three deaths, they discover that not all painful memories remain buried forever." Blair with Post traumatic stress disorder
A Test of Faith Lyn Townsend "Blair must help Jim battle demons from the past. " Blair with Post traumatic stress disorder
The Heart of the Warrior DawnC "Darn, I don't know how to describe this one. If I say "Blair finds another Blessed Protector" I'll be lynched *grin* I'll just say it's a "Doggie-Sue" story :-) Blair Angst and Owies in this one." Blair and puppies
Puppy Love Emerald "Sandburg rescues a litter of newborn pups, and in doing so gives Ellison a piece of his childhood that the older man had never gotten to experience." Blair and puppies
Research Animals Quiltaday "Part three in my 'Dark Mood' series. Ever wonder what was up with that student that Blair had the confrontation with?Just remember, in the 'Dark Mood' series my motto is: An owie is a terrible thing to waste. " -
Right Place Wrong Time Alberte As Y2K approaches, "Millenium Madness" strikes, bringing unexpected consequences to Jim and Blair. Is friendship enough to see them through? -
When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best Jamie Ritchey *Jim and Blair exhange Hallmark cards while Blair is away.* funny stories re Blair and Jim, especially those that concentrate on Jim's almost psychotic insistence on neatness
Oops Soxom "A group of bank robbers panic when they realise who they've taken hostage." -
Tears for Blair Slery "Has Blair finally come to the one tragedy he can't bounce back from?" Blair grieving (but not over Jim)
Waiting D.L Withersppon ? Blair grieving (but not over Jim)
Sideswiped Brooke "It's Blair's turn to get some bad news." Blair grieving (but not over Jim)