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Restored XMagicalX Nothing can separate a Sentinel and Guide forever, neither force, nor time, nor fear. Two sides of a soul will always find their way to reunion. Everyone thinks Jim has been killed in a plane crash.
What Friends are for


Wendy Myers When Blair starts exhibiting odd behavior, Jim goes to find out why. Jim buys Blair new glasses.


Megared Siege missing scene. Siege fics.
Hotel California


Marlene A. Becker Hotel California finds Blair and Rafe out on a dark and stormy night where they stumble across a hotel that, at first, seems a haven from the storm; but, in reality, they would be better off with the tornado. Fic based on the song and featuring Rafe.
Out of Harm's Way


K. Ryn When Jim flies to Denver on a prison extradition, leaving Blair safely tucked away in the loft working on a paper for one of his University classes, no one expects trouble to come calling. Fic Rec - Good Gen Fics


Tapu A deranged doctor discovers the Sentinel. Fic Rec - Good Gen Fics
Companions to Our Demons


Holly Lyn An old enemy is on the loose and wreaking havoc. Fic Rec - Good Gen Fics
Parking Permit


T. Evans Not everyone at the Cascade PD agrees with Ellison having a long haired hippie, witch doctor punk for a partner. Will it prove too much for Sandburg? Fic Rec - Good Gen Fics


Carolyn A string of deadly convenience store robberies, two punishing schedules and a secret wrongly kept from a friend push Jim and Blair into separate corners. Can they overcome their personal demons and make amends before one of them ends up dead? Fic Rec - Good Gen Fics


JET Blair is kidnapped, and Jim must find him before time runs out. Fic Rec - Good Gen Fics


Martha Sometimes a sentinel can just hear too damned much. Fic Rec - Good Gen Fics
Who Says Timing isn't Everything.


Sammi M. When someone from Blair's past returns home to Cascade, trouble soon follows. Situations escalate to the point where Blair and Jim grow apart. Will our heroes be able to unite to save lives and their friendship? Blair's sister comes to town and breaks into the loft.


Kris Williams When a professor is murdered, all evidence points to Sandburg as the killer. Banned from the investigation, he's forced to rely on Jim to clear his name, and save their friendship. Blair hits Jim.