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Gen Archive December 2005


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With Friends Like These Crowswork While Jim's away, his friends all play (Blessed Protector, that is) and Blair ends up having to pay. Blair has an allergic reaction.
Snake Oil Martha After Blair finally confronts old nemesis at an anthropology conference in Los Angeles, he and Jim bring more back to Cascade than just a touch of sunburn. Jim bites Blair's neck.
Make New Friends JenG Blair's beginning at Rainier. Blair meets Steven before Jim.
Family Hurts EJ Katz Someone else leaves Jim, who can he turn to now? Jim and Blair cuddle.
Poor Little Match Boy Ismaro A Christmas Story. Secret Santa story.
The Long Way Back to You Quietwolf The Sentinel comes to realize just what his guide means to him after Blair is gravely injured Jim cares for a brain-damaged Blair.
The Bear Facts Autumn Skies An alternate epilogue to Maternal Instinct. Blair finds Jim's teddy bear.
Learning to Trust Annie Early in the partnership, Blair discovers not all at Major Crime welcome his presence. Cops harrassing Blair because they don't think he deserves to work with Jim.
Outside these Walls Jael Lyn Set in Cascade, with the usual cast of characters, but most would consider it an AU. Jim is a recluse, works as a property developer.
Crash and Burn Audrey Lynne Set post TSbyBS. Carolyn returns to Cascade, seeking Jim's help... but the one most in need of help might just be his own partner. Blair is suffering from depression, taking Prozac.
Deadline JET Blair is kidnapped and Jim must find him before time runs out. Jim is maced, Blair is kidnapped and buried alive.
Destruction Laura F. Schomberg


Blair raped
Companions to our Demons Holly Lynn An old enemy is on the loose and wreaking havoc. Blair has to dig Jim out of grave.
Strong Enough to be Your Friend Kim Heggen An injury in the line of duty forces Jim and Blair both to make agonizing decisions, and leads them on a journey of grief, betrayal and redemption. In other words, it ain't a comedy, folks. Jim has seizures.
Reflections Upon Waiting in the Hospital TAE


Simon waiting at the hospital for Jim and Blair after they've been hurt.
Archeology 101 swellison


Blair as an anthropologist.