Gen Archive August 2002




Title Author Description** Requested Theme
Of Hostage Situations And Hospital Stays Wyndewalker "Team 7 is attending a conference in Cascade, WA when they run into some old friends. Old enemies surface as well and two of Team 7 must face their greatest fears while one deals with a sudden change in his life." WIP X-Overs with Magnificent 7
Instincts Lyn "I have one at my website where Jim and Blair work together to escape some store thieves, don't quite succeed and suffer some major pain but then work together to get found and deliver a baby between them in the meantime." (Quoted from message) J/B working as a team
Asylum Tapu "Blair's lost his mind and Jim's truck, and it's up to Jim to find both (but not necessarily in that order...)" J/B working as a team
Rigged Lyn "Epilogue for "The Rig." " -
The Whole: Part 1, Part 2 Skyepony "Jim and Blair are kidnapped by Kincaid and dumped on a mountain as prey in a hunt. If the terrorist leader and the elements aren't enough… The guys are going through some changes and there is another Sentinel among Kincaid's men, and guess what, er… who, he wants?" -
For the Good of One DawnC "A story of tribulation, sacrifice, and friendship." -
Where Only I Can Go Robin "Jim must be both Blessed Protector and Guide to Blair following a traumatic kidnapping." Blair can't speak
Wrong Target Margie Ferguson "The title says it all." Blair can't speak
Time Lock Leigh Carson ? -
On Dissertations KimAnne and Liz "Jim and Blair have thoughts during a stakeout." -