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Gen Archive August 2000

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Ocean Meets the Sky Lory During the investigation of an odious murder case, Blair is the victim of an out of town paranoiac detective who wants to become Jim's partner. Story where Blair is going to the station to meet Jim.... he runs into a big officer in the garage who really can't stand him.... and the officer tries to arrest Blair for assault.... But Detective Brown interferes and tells Blair hel'l deal with the prejudiced jerk.... A sniper shoots Blair in the chest through the window of the loft.
My Guide, My Philosopher, My Friend. Paula A rogue sentinel plays a deadly game of cat and mouse. A guide will be his prize. Blair is in the kitchen alone. Jim and someone Simon or Taggert had just left and Blair here's a noise and we don't really realize he's been shot until Jim and whoever rush back in and find Blair sitting on the kitchen floor shot through the leg.
Church Picnic TAE Jim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl join the Taggart's at their church's annual community picnic.(Blair sings) Blair in a courtroom, on the stand...the defense lawyer is being a dick, telling Blair he's not an 'expert'. Blair gets him to define 'expert' and then pints out that he *does* fit all those quals. The DA was a dick who seriously disliked Blair, and he got slapped by the judge for it.
They Also Serve Brook Henson AU! Jim is blind (permanently) and Blair is a guide in more than one way. WIP. Jim is blind.
Unsleeping Martha Sometimes a sentinel can hear too damn much.


Through a Glass Darkly Jael Lyn The case no one wants turns Cascade upside down. There is cut glass in the loft and Jim is barefoot so he has to walk over a blanket to get to an injured Blair.
Diverted Sandra McDonald After a hijacking leaves them stranded, Blair's life is threatened by appendicitis and a murdered hostage reveals his Immortality to Jim Blair has appendicitis. Crossover with Highlander.
Kryptonite Lorelie Written with the song Kryptonite in mind. Jim's thoughts as he travels to Central America to see a dying Blair. NOT a death story. Written with the song Kryptonite in mind. Jim's thoughts as he travels to Central America to see a dying Blair. NOT a death story.
Leave of my Senses Moondew Jim and Blair get kidnapped by a man with a vengeance, giving Jim some real issues when Blair ends up the subject of the villain's revenge. Jim and Blair are kidnapped by a man who blames Jim for the death of his female partner years earlier. He has an assortment of chemicals in vials on a shelf and forces Jim to choose the one he will inject in Blair.
Wild Beasts Lorelie Blair is attacked by a bear in the wilderness, and Jim must do what he can to keep his partner alive until help arrives. Jim and Blair are on a camping trip and Blair gets attacked by a bear.
The Best Laid Plans Gang Aft Agly TAE Jim, Blair, and Simon go fishing, only this time, they're prepared...at least, they thinkthey're prepared. Both Jim and Blair have problems with a bear.
A Matter of Trust Lisa Morrissey Blair weathers a snowstorm at home and still runs into trouble Blair invites a homeless person into the loft to give him some food. The guy ends up attacking Blair. And then the whole h/c scene takes place between Blair and Jim.
Brotherhood Danae Hate crimes at Rainier teach hard lessons in tolerance and the true meaning of brotherhood. Blair is in a coma. It's really serious, and Naomi wants to pull the plug, but she can't because only Jim has the legal power to make such a decision.
Imperfect by Design Monica Massey


Story where Blair has either lost or broken his glasses and can't read the instructions on his medication. He winds up either taking the wrong medication or too much of the right kind.
Sentinel Sanctuary Susan Foster This story is set in the near future in an America very different from today. Sentinels are acknowledged and their abilities are used in everyday life in Police Work, the Military and Search and Rescue. Guides are thought of as second-class citizens whose only function is to serve their sentinel; they become their property. Some guides turn rogue and are hunted down by the sinister GDP, who have total power over them. Story where Blair lost his glasses at the correction facility and Jim found out his prescription and had another pair made for him.
The Wasteland Tas


Story where Jim and Blair are investigating a series of murders based on a poem(?). All through the story Blair is having dizzy spells.
The Affronted Anthropologist and his Lovely Spittoon Robyn and Becky


Blair brings a spittoon home, but when he brings it to the Precinct, things get a little complicated ....
Connections Linda S Epilogue to The Girl Next Door. Missing scene from 'Girl Next Door' and in it they still book Blair and such but the story was kind of longer than most missing scenes I think. Simon was mad about what happened, with Blair getting dragged around by Iris and gang, and after being told BY someone realized he was treating Blair sorta badly with the whole booking process.
One Hundred Minutes of Solitude Jane Mailander Blair saves his own ass.


The Heart Hath Its Reasons Merry Lynne In which Jim and Blair get a crash course in guidance.


AU fic that has Blair as some kind of empath.
Blair Zone series Ma Brown Blair begins to unravel,
as a brutal caseload and tragic accident push him over the edge.
Blair is an empath.
Companion to Our Demons Holly Lynne


Jim baths Blair.
No Center Line LRH Balzer This story begins following A Different Way of Seeing and is a crossover with Nash Bridges and Millennium. It isn't necessary to know Nash Bridges or Millennium to understand the story. Emphasis is on The Sentinel. Jim baths Blair.
'Til Death Dawn C Blair is kidnapped and presumed dead. That's all I can say without giving anything away. A zone out with a twist - Blair gets hurt.
Just a Bit More Sammi Simon and Blair have an adventure and find something else.