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Inheritor Rhyo


Blair's dad is supernatural
Changes Mary Ellen When Jim is injured, someone close to him has a surprising reaction MC knows the truth.  Someone is no longer an ally
Nightmare Realized Saul Jim and Blair kidnapped by the military No one believes the press conference
The Lesser of Two Evils DeEngi


No one believes the press conference
New Direction series Gadfly Crossover with SG-1 No one believes the press conference
For Friendship Annie An act of kindness for a friend puts Blair in jeopardy Blair without money
Food for Thought Linda3 This story takes place shortly after Blair moves into the loft. Blair's strange behavior puzzles, then worries Jim Blair without money
Home Annie Blair's one week has run out. Where will he go now? Blair without money
Good Will Lyn After Blair is robbed, Jim instills a little good cheer of his own Blair without money
Samaritan Donna Gentry/Ysone Early first season. Sentinel and Guide take a tentative step toward friendship Blair without money
Out of Debt Donna Gentry/Ysone Coda for The Debt. Blair seeks a solution to his housing problems. Blair without money
Paid in Full Lyn Blair's attempts to repay a debt almost end in tragedy Blair without money
The Greatest Gift of All Lyn Depressed, with Christmas looming and no spare cash, Blair learns that the gift is all in the giving. Blair without money
Family Tree series Lyn Blair without money
The Debt missing scenes Multiple Blair without money
New T. Verano Eight days after the warehouse exploded.  Life goes on, in its own unlikely way. Blair without money
Twice Again Ysone AU. In a world where sentinels and guides are recognized and celebrated, one sentinel's painful past leads him to avoid a bond at all costs, even as his emerging senses demand one, while one guide struggles to hide the dark secrets that caused him to be branded an outcast. Blair without money
Full Circle Rebel

After the press conference, all of a sudden Blair's student loans are being called in. Someone smells a rat!

Blair without money
Centerfold Y. S. McCool While Jim and Blair are tracking down a kid-napper, Jim discovers that Blair posed for a ladies' magazine. Blair without money
Healing Hands Paula C A little massage once a week keeps the aches and pains at bay. Blair without money
Lack of Funds Collected stories Blair without money
The Last Experiment Marilyn It's Dissertation Eve, and all through the loft Fics that ignore TS by BS
Weight of Darkness, Power of Light Rather Spoilers for Sentinel Too, I & II, obviously, and I don't know what all else. No telling. The story picks up right where S2 left off. And then goes the direction I wish that things had gone Blair gives Jim a piece of his mind
The Whole Skyepony


Good fics with series villains
My Soul to Keep ysone

After a devastating war, there are sentinels but no guides. Suddenly, one is found.  Guess who?  A different meeting AU.

Apocalypse stories
XJ-Fuga ljc A sentinel and guide in space. Do I need to say AU? One very minor character dies, and 'others' Apocalypse stories
Idle Musings Nickerbits Have you ever wondered how Naomi finances her world travels, or how Blair could afford $850/ month to rent the warehouse? What is the secret Blair's been hiding from everyone he knows? Blair with lots of money
From the Ashes Demeter Jim did not make it to the roof of the PD in time. One year later finally, Major Crimes can apprehend the Sunrise Patriots - and also free Blair from the terrorists' clutches. A second chance?

AU to Siege: Kincaid kidnaps Blair

Grocery List Besterette Jim's making out a grocery list Shopping list - "hippie chow"
Blair Sandburg, Ph.D. series Laura Pickens Blair finally gets his doctorate Blair gets his Ph.D
Date with Destiny Laura Pickens Sequel to Blair Sandburg, Ph.D Blair gets his Ph.D
True Dreams Kathryn Andersen Jim wakes up in the hospital, and finds things aren't quite as he expects Blair gets his Ph.D
Blair Gets His Degree trilogy Michelle Gussow


Blair gets his Ph.D
Involuntary Recruitment Kathy


BOTH are used or manipulated by someone
Sentinel, Watcher, Warrior, Guide Laura Picken Crossover with Le Femme Nikita. The Sentinel secret is betrayed into the hands of the Section -- can anyone survive the consequences? BOTH are used or manipulated by someone
Le Femme Nikita series D. L. Witherspoon Jim stumbles into a Section mission. - Le Femme Nikita crossover BOTH are used or manipulated by someone
Episodes of Synchronicity Mackie Jim and Blair get some unusual help in thwarting the escape of a well-known terrorist Crossover with the Crow
Morality Tale Ismaro When the Shaman takes the law into his own hands, what's a Sentinel to do? This story deals with mature themes; reader discretion is advised Jim angry with Blair
Runaway Train Jess Riley Blair makes a decision that causes his relationship with Jim to speed out of control like a runaway train. Can the damage be repaired before they both crash and burn? Jim angry with Blair

Like a Bridge

Katie Jim and Blair have a philosophical disagreement that threatens their partnership. Jim angry with Blair
The Dancing Kristine Williams Fearing he's about to lose Sandburg to his first mentor, Jim impulsively catches a flight to Borneo to surprise his friend. What surprises them both are the things they've left unsaid.

Blair goes on a long expedition and Jim, whose afraid he won't come back, follows him.  The group found a cave with hundreds of bats and Jim zones on them one night.

The Centurion WIP Ismaro A Roman aristocrat acquires a unique new slave. Rated R for adult themes and violence typical for that era. Epoch stories
I'll Be Home for Christmas Crowswork Jim and Blair's trust in each other is put to the test by a beautiful temptress. Can Jim keep his friend from making a terrible mistake? Can Blair survive and keep his promise to make it home for Christmas? Blair visits friends in Montana
Nightmares Quietwolf Jim comes to Blair's rescue, but can the Sentinel save his guide from himself? A mechanic injures Blair
The Panther Adventures Brate

What if superheroes were real? Cascade has one...

Panther is coming
Calling the Beasts K. Ryn Blair's in trouble again and this time he's not alone. When a ruthless thief targets a museum exhibit for its priceless artifacts, Blair and a group of elementary school children become unwilling participants in his plan. While Jim and the rest of Major Crimes race to the rescue, the fledgling Shaman spins an ancient tale of adventure in a desperate attempt to save all of their lives. Panther is coming
Symbiosis Calic0cat An alternate history in which Sentinels and Guides are known. Events bring Jim and Blair together as children. Young Blair
A Part of Me series Jess Riley A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide Young Blair
Steps Universe K-Lyn Jim and Blair meet in a very different way Young Blair
Raising the Shaman LKY Blair goes to Shaman school - Jim is left holding the kid. Young Blair
The Guide LKY A guide finds a sentinel Young Blair
Construction Series An AU in which sixteen year old Blair Sandburg meets Detective Jim Ellison just as his sentinel abilities are emerging.  Together they build a new relationship that is much more than Sentinel and Guide Young Blair
Sentinel Ficlets Patt


Fic announcement
Screaming Charlotte Frost Jim and a traumatized Blair try to escape from a waking nightmare. Blair is tortured
Dependence Magpie In a world where sentinels are known, Jim tries to find his place Evil Naomi
Patrol Jael Lyn Sandburg's assignment with Major Crimes is challenged and he is forced to transfer. Stories with happy endings
Western Saga Klair An AU set in Wyoming territory 1873 where war-weary veteran James Ellison has settled. His life changes drastically when he must take on the responsibility of raising an orphaned boy, Blair Sandburg URL request
It's Hot and I Hate You Jael Lyn Just a summer day in Cascade. If you want serious, I'm sure someone else will write it. Tax time
The Ides Plus Two Swellison It's tax time -- do you know where your W2 has gone? Tax time
Fieldwork series Toni After the events of S2P2, Blair and Jim get the chance to walk a mile (or so) in each others' shoes. Freaky Friday story
Dust and Lightening

Lightening Strikes Twice

KandaceK That fountain just won't go away Freaky Friday stories/Highlander stories
Outside These Walls


To Go Home Again

Jael Lyn Set in Cascade, with the usual cast of characters, but most would consider it an AU.

Ellison and Sandburg continue their journey together, continuing the story begun in Outside These Walls.

Jim doesn't meet Blair during Switchman


It's Not Just Academic Shallan


Blair at the academy - they think he's cheating
Perspective Sis


Blair kidnapped by a sentinel
Blinded by the Light Laura Picken A betrayal forces Jim and Blair to deal with one of their worst nightmares: the public, unplanned revelation of Jim's Sentinel abilities. This revelation leads to a showdown that could change Cascade forever. Super Shaman
Mark of the Beast Ysone A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances. Supercop sentinel abuses Blair
Who Are You? Kyanoswolf An AU series of vignettes. What if the Sentinel finds out
his Guide isn't who he thought he was?
Blair and Naomi are spies
Kaleidoscope Eyes Jess Riley A week before Christmas, Blair comes home to recover from a car accident that nearly claimed his life. During his convales-cence, a past that he thought he'd left behind comes back to haunt him and both men discover a new depth to their friendship. Blair goes to a commune
A Misguided Sense of Duty Gemini


Blair hunt
The Longest Journey Begins Shedoc The longest journey begins with a single step. Blair as a shaman
Trials Shedoc Someone threatens the children, sending Sentinel and Guide into a desperate chase Blair as a shaman
Taggert Says

Rafe Says



Blair is a shaman
Happy Birthday, Blair T. W. Lewis Just a little drabble about birthday traditions Blair in a gym
Safety Zone Swellison Tag to Rogue. After their encounter with Brackett, Blair is determined to learn all he can about Jim's zone-outs Fic announcement
Runner's High TAE Unlike the Darwin Award Candidate, Jim does not zone on running Jim and Blair in a marathon
Evolution of Friendship series Annie Season one Smarm stories




Donna Gentry/Ysone One story, told from two points of view. Heartspeak, the first part, is told from Blair's perspective as he over-hears a conversation that is not intended for his ears.

 Soulspeak, Jim's side of the story, attempts to show that things aren't always as they seem

Smarm stories
Chasing Rainbows Panik

Blair disappears and when he's found he's in a psychological fugue state. Jim tries to help him out of it

Smarm stories
Florence Ellison Sandra McDonald Jim examines his nurturing side Smarm stories
White Elephant Betty Plotnick The one where Blair shops for archaeological purposes Smarm stories
Brain Drain Shedoc Jim is undercover on a case and Blair is in trouble. Smarm stories
One Guide, Slightly Chilled Captain Outrageous After being chased by a Mad Moose, falling off a cliff and wading through a ton of snow to get back to the truck, you'd thing a guy could take a hot shower in peace. But Jim just won't leave Blair alone. What's up with that? Smarm stories
Cold Comfort Magnetic North Sometimes the boys can communicate just fine, thank you Smarm stories
Surveillance LRH Balzer A short piece in answer to the July '97 Smarm Challenge Smarm stories
An Embrace Without Walls Robyn


Smarm stories
Making it Better Michelle Gussow

Blair is hurt and Jim comes up with an unique way of taking care of the injury.

Smarm stories
The Road Taken TAE Blair is sick and he's having this really strange dream Smarm stories
Just One of Those Days TAE Blair drives (alone) to Seattle for a seminar. Murphy's Law abounds Smarm stories
After the Mean, Nasty Test Robyn Blair has post-test syndrome. Smarm stories
Reflections Rebel Jim receives a special gift Smarm stories
Commiseration Loves Company Ceryndip Sick Blair, sick Jim, a meddling Captain, an iced-in ex-wife and a desperate need for Jell-O and straws. Jim and Blair sick
Grail Martha


Jim sleeps with Blair because he's sick/ hypothermic
Different Start series Magpie This time the sentinel seeks help from a reluctant anthropologist Blair doesn't want to guide and has a snake