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Title Author Description** Requested Theme
Daring Deeds Nancy Taylor "A weekend seminar in Las Vegas ends with Blair wanting to prove himself to be one of the gang. It's a weekend he and Jim aren't likely to forget. Included are a few too many drinks, Blair in drag, a wedding chapel, and compromising positions. Oh, and did I mention dares...? " Drunk Blair or Jim
No Going Back Alberte "A "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" Missing Scene " -
Priorities Sandra McDonald "A hospital bombing separates Jim from a wounded Blair and sends the Sentinel on a desperate search." -
Darkness Karly ? Blair in an accident
Extraction Sheila Paulson "Blair has a tooth pulled. Jim has a worse day." Blair in an accident
Other stories in series
XMagicalX "Nothing can separate a Sentinel and Guide forever, neither force, nor time, nor fear. Two sides of a soul will always find their way to reunion." Blair slits his wrists
Absent Silver Rain Warning: Death Story Blair slashes wrists
Beneath the Surface Kari "A surprise party ends in tragedy for the Major Crimes gang." Blair and Daryl in accident
Hilltop Hour Jet "Jim must become Blair's guide to help him recover after a serious accident. Plenty of h/c; angst; with a touch of plot thrown in for good measure... " Blair hit by a car
Excess Energy Cascade Times Crew A completed round robin Drunk Blair or Jim
Star Rangers - Awakenings CrystalPhoenix ? -
Child's Play Inkling "It's poker night at the loft, but the final game of the evening turns out to have much higher stakes than anyone imagined." h/c with Jim hurt and Blair providing comfort
Mark of the Beast Donna Gentry "A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances." -
The Traces Collection starting with Miracles of Life D.L. Witherspoon "Post- Sentinel Too angst for both guys." -
The Day of the Jackal Ceridwen "(Stargate SG-1 crossover) Blair is invited to lead an excavation in Egypt. But when an old university friend of Blair's shows up, accompanied by a group of Air Force soldiers, Blair suspects that he's found more than just a simple pharaonic tomb. " WIP -
The Great Escape Hephaistos "Blair escapes protective custody once too often, so the detectives at Major Crime take drastic action" -
Extradition +
Many other stories
Tae "Jim has been kidnapped and Blair receives help from some unlikely visitors from Chicago" Due South X-Over
Raising Blair Michka "Stories from Blair's childhood" Happy Blair childhood
Minding His Ps and Qs Nancy Taylor Jim discovers that Blair has been keeping a secret. Blair has dyslexia
Reunions Wyndewalkers "The boys run into some old friends when they attend a conference in Cascade, Washington. Secrets, old and new, come to light." M7/TS X-Over
That's What Father's Do Anneack ? M7/TS X-Over
Of Hostage Situations And Hospital Stays Wyndewalker "Team 7 is attending a conference in Cascade, WA when they run into some old friends. Old enemies surface as well and two of Team 7 must face their greatest fears while dealing with one deals with a sudden change in his life. " M7/TS X-Over
Survival Episode DawnC "Blair and the chopper." Blair, panic attack hanging under a helicopter
I Fought the Law Charli and Andi Charleville "The ATF boys of team 7 follow a lead that leads them to Cascade. There, they meet the Sentinel of the Great City. Will they be able to catch the work together to catch the bad guys? Crossover with Magnificent 7 ATF universe." M7/TS X-Over
Buried Tapu "Blair is trapped in a collapsed building." -
Synchronization in Chaos Cindy Combs "When a photojournalist gives a federal agent a lift, what could happen? When it's Sam Malloy and Ezra Standish, it will take all their friends and family to settle the resulting chaos." M7/TS X-Over
Refuge Cindy Combs "When an ATF agent is on the run and believes his teammates are dead, who else is he going to call but his former Ranger C.O. -- James Ellison. (modern-day M7 x-over)" M7/TS X-Over
Team Building Tae "Major Crime is scheduled for a Team Building course, only to be dumped in the wilderness with only the contents of their pockets and Blair's ever present backpack." -
Despair DawnC "Jim is presumed dead." -
Kalabar/Cintoban SERIES Marlene "Ever wonder how Blair seems to instinctively know exactly what to do to help out his Sentinel?" Mage Blair
The Edge of Seventeen Jennie Keen "AU: A young boy named Blair Sandburg is taken away from his mother Naomi, and is forced to go to a military boarding school. He must find his destiny and happiness but must go through some obstacles to get there first. " Blair's Childhood
Little Boy Lost Sequel to 'Suicide Watch' Emerald "Blair's cryptic words at the hospital were just a hint at the horrors of the past. Now Jim must watch as the nightmare returns and threatens to take the young man away forever. Will the support of their colleagues be enough to prevent any more harm? (The story picks up one week after 'Suicide Watch'.)" Blair's Childhood
Suicide Watch Emerald "Was it a suicide attempt, or something else. Jim and the men and women of Major Crimes face the possibility that they don't know their favorite observer as well as they think they do. Will they find out the truth in time to save him?" Self-injury
Counting in Fives Shelley "A backward look through Blair's life." Blair's childhood
Midnight Cascade Lorelie "A little something different. My take on how Jim and Blair's relationship would appear to a complete stranger." -
Blair Childhood Stories Ysone "Quick glimpses into the childhood of Blair Sandburg, future Shaman and Guide." Blair's childhood
Gone Tae "There was a landslide and Jim is missing, presumed dead. Blair calls for help." X-Over with Due South Simon taking care of Blair
How to Warm Up a Slightly Damp Guppy Red Soprano "A Sentinel Too, Part 1 epilogue. Blair's experience in the fountain comes back to him in a harrowing nightmare. Includes a look at the softer side of Simon." Simon taking care of Blair
101 Anonymeek ? Simon taking care of Blair
Accessible Ysone "With Simon's help, Sentinel and Guide struggle to deal with the life-altering results of a devastating accident." Simon taking care of Blair
Just A Bit More Sammi "Simon and Blair find that a simple camping trip leads to something more." Simon taking care of Blair

Rimilod "Will learning the identity of Blair's father change everything between Blair and Jim?"
"Steven's first one-on-one time with Blair."
Blair finds his Dad
Maze Cindy Combs First in a series of stories that feature MacGyver as Blair's father Blair finds his Dad
Reconciliation Series Alicia Four stories in this series dealiing with William Ellison as the father and Stephen Ellison & Simon's reaction to the news. Blair finds his Dad
All Things Being Equal + others Tae "A mission goes wrong in Peru." S-Over with The Equaliser Blairs meets his Dad
Strategic Depth mace m and wax jism ? Blair finds his Dad
The Father Figure Discipline Series Amethyst Story One: "Blair suffers an injury that affects his sense of security and control over his life. First time discipline." General Warning: "Many stories contain corporal punishment. This is a non-slash relationship between Jim and Blair. Be Warned." Blair being overly insecure, has a very low self-esteem, and or low opinion of himself.
For Our Sins Lucy Hale Blair and Rafe are abducted, forcing Rafe to take drastic measures to save Blair's life. -
Drowning Sorrows DCStreets "Friendly groups of bystander stevedores are not always to be trusted. " Blair drownings
Oops, Sorry About That Tae "Rafe nearly gets shot, in the locker room." -
Cascade Wolf Guide "A story from the POV of the city itself." Recommendation
Sense Ability Shedoc "Jim turns the tables on Blair and observes the observer for a change. At first it seems to be a quiet time at the University. " Jim meeting others with one heightened sense
Destinies Entwined Mackie "Blair is poisoned as part of a Chinese crime lord's plan to set up shop in Cascade." Poisoned coffee (although tea in this story)
Jet Ride Jael Lyn "A new and deadly designer drug is the latest case for Detectives Ellison & Sandburg. Unfortunately, an unknown player within the department makes Blair a victim as well as an investigator." Poisoned Coffee
It's All Relative Tae "Simon decides to never, ever, send Jim toanother seminar, not no way, not no how. One of himis generally more than enough. *snicker* (TS/H/D)" The District Crossovers
Casualties of War
(Covert Operations Series)
fyresong "AU. Who does Blair know in San Diego? Will Jim ever find the mop? And does AT&T or MCI have the best state to state call rates? Post Sentinel Too, part 2." SG-1 Crossovers
Retreat Crowswork Sentinel and Guide reflect on just how their partnership was destroyed and their lives torn apart. AU Xover with The District
Excess Energy Various "A complete TSFF round robin by various listsibs" Drunk!Jim
Full Circle TAE "This is AU. Set about fifty years from now. Cloning and gene splicing has become commonplace, although most of the gene splicing is done by the government. They've been working on creating the perfect soldier... " A little bit of everything. slash/het
Soldier Mary J Shadinger "Anthropolgist student Blair Sandburg discovers his Holy Grail is a mentally distrubed homeless man known as Soldier. Rated PG Some may find theme distrubing" Brain damaged Jim
Wings of Fate Lorelie "Blair's flight to Chicago ends under tragic circumstances." Plane Crash
Destruction Laura Schomberg "This is a story about the aftermath of the rape of one of the main characters." Blair Self-Injury
Ordeal Martha ? Blair Self-Injury
Rain Anonymeek ? Post Blair shot in the leg
Brotherhood Danae "An old "friend" needs Jim's help but Jim is not too thrilled to see him. Reluctantly, Jim and Blair get drawn into a web of betrayal, redemption, and guns for hire." Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
The Agency Danae "Hate crimes at Rainier teach hard lessons in tolerance and the true meaning of brotherhood. " Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
Borneo Eyes Kitty & Martha A disgruntled student tries to get his PhD with the only means left to him - Violence. Blair gets in the way. Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
Drowning Sorrows D. C. Streets "Friendly groups of bystander stevedores are not always to be trusted." Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
Hilltop Hour Jet "Jim must become Blair's guide to help him recover after a serious accident. Plenty of h/c; angst; with a touch of plot thrown in for good measure... " Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
More Phene Kikkimax "Blair is shot and has an unusual reaction to morphine. Jim has problems of his own as he is unable to shake a recurrent dream. " Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
The Whole Connection Jackie Lang "This is a story of friendship and realization. Jim comes to understand just how much Blair, his friend, means to him, and that it's okay to say it. It's a story of loss, of choices; a choice to drink and drive, and a choice to sacrifice everything for a friend. It's also a story about Sentinels and Guides, and the equality in that special partnership. I hope you like it, and that it will make everyone think twice before drinking, and getting behind the wheel of a car." Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
The Wrong Target Margie ? Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
Legend Kris Williams ? Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
Deja Vu Danae A fatal attraction from Blair's past comes back to haunt both the guide and his Sentinel. Blair in a car accident, drowned, shot, or stabbed?
Random Patterns Gayle Smith Blair is in a multi-car road accident. -
Trust Anne Murdoch "Blair fits the profile of a the victims of Cascade's latest serial killer. Reluctantly Blair, volunteers to act as bait." Blair kidnapped, dumped in a sewer
Survivor Guilt SiviB "Blair meets old friends and new and Jim has aworld-view altering experience during an undercover assignment." Blair as an Immortal
Acceptable Men Jael Lyn "What starts out as a relaxing camping trip takes a deadly turn." Primal Blair
Payment Rhonda Lash returns. -
One Thoughtless Act Starzy Blair goes into 'Blessed Protector' mode when a colleague takes upon himself to prove that Jim is a sentinel. Primal Blair
River's Edge LRH Blazer ? Emotional pain for Blair
A Hint of Peace Brook 'Cypher' missing scene. Emotional pain for Blair
High Rise Mackie Blair has to overcome his own fear of heights after Jim is maced and is stuck on a high rise building construction site. Jim maced at the top of a half built constructed high rise
A Dark and Endless Night
Darkest Before Dawn (Sequel)
XmagicalX "Sentinel/Forever Knight x-over A new danger stalks Cascade, and the greatest threat is to Jim and Blair..."
"Though the vampire may be gone, the changes he wrought still haunt Cascade - and nothing can be the same for Blair and Jim. "
Forever Knight Cross overs
The Stockholm Syndrome CarolROI "This is an AU set during Sentinel, Too. I wondered, "What if Alex couldn't kill Blair?" This is the result." Alex Barnes & Blair as thieves
Acquainted with the Night D.L. Witherspoon "An enemy from Jim's past appears in Cascade." Jim and/or Blair as criminels. Like as an assasin, thief, embezzler, mercenary.
Eyes of a Killer, Eyes of a Saviour Jaguar "Jim = International Assassin. Blair = The Target." Jim and/or Blair as criminels. Like as an assasin, thief, embezzler, mercenary.
Beggar's Ride Inkling "It's late March, 1998, and things are a bit slow in Cascade for the guys. Between dreams and late night phone calls, Blair's beauty sleep is suffering. Jim is digging through old files looking for a case to solve, and no one is surprised when his trek through Cascade PD's archives turns up a bit more than dust bunnies... " Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme...
I Am the Enemy, My Friend Batty ? Jim hurts Blair
True Confessions T. Isilwath "Blair goes on a National TV talk show." Abused Blair