By any other name.

By Sineag

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Warnings, not betaed, only spell checked

Stands alone but is part of the Jim's Journal Series.

Jim sighed as he lay bed and listened to the sounds of the city and more importantly the sounds of those who meant the most to him. He could hear the pages of Blair’s book turn softly and almost indistinct murmuring which meant that Sandburg had found something interesting in whatever he was studying tonight. While Blair no longer lived in the world of academia he still continued to study every chance her got. His senses moved on to the small room that held his heart. He could hear the soft sounds of his daughter as she hummed to herself in her sleep. This was his favorite part of the day listening to the calming night sounds of the people he loved. He thought back to earlier in the day and marveled at the differences that had taken place over the past couple of years. Today had been the best Thanksgiving he had ever experienced. His whole family those of his heart and those of his birth had all gathered in the loft to share Thanksgiving day.

He had never thought that the sounds of children laughing and playing would be a part of his home. He never would have thought that he and Steven would ever spend time together much less both be Uncles to each other’s children. He had been worried how Sigh would handle all of the people in the home and especially his father. He had also been worried that his father would reject his daughter but he should have known that Blair would have known that would not have happened or he never would have let his Dad into his home. Blair was just as protective of Sigh as he was. Blair had obviously worked his magic with his Dad and had met him for lunch several times since they had brought Sigh to live with them a few months ago and had smoothed over the issues the senior Ellison had had with Sigh’s mother and got him to see that the little girl was her own person and that this was probably his last chance to have a relationship with his son. There was an unspoken understanding that if William had rejected Sigh he would never have a relationship with his oldest son.

Once Sigh had laid her eyes on the older man there was no question of him rejecting her. She decided she liked the idea of a Grandpa and promptly drug him off to show him her room and one thing led to another and when Jim had snuck back to check on them he almost choked holding back his laughter as he saw his father and his daughter with paintbrushes in their hands painting a picture on the little red easel. Luckily he managed to get the camera and sneak a picture with both of them being none the wiser. This would be a treasured moment that captured the beginning of a new family.

Jim smiled to himself as he grabbed his journal and began to write.

Sandburg has been called many things in the years since we met. Neo hippie punk, witchdoctor, and those were just in the first hour. Regretfully I failed to also mention lifesaver. He has also been called aggravating, annoying, the kid, most of those by Simon, “ Hairboy” by Henri, the “professor” by Rafe, “Sandy” or“Mate” by Meagan, and a multiple of other names not all of them complimentary. There were names he did not deserve to be called the worst one’s were the ones that I have called him either out loud or in my thoughts, liar, manipulative, traitor disloyal, these are names that even years later still cause me to feel ashames of myself when I think of how much I have hurt him.

There have names that were made in fun such as the energizer bunny the bouncing machine, the master of obsufication, nature boy and one who loves wood chips rather than use the spray.

He is known as the teacher, the doc, the adviser. My father called him weird, and a threat to the family name, as if our name needed protection, my brother calls him amazing, and unstoppable, his children call him Uncle Bear, or the great storyteller.

The heart of my life calls him Uncle Blair, and recently started calling him Daddy Blair, she also sees him as the one who makes the best lunches, the best chocolate chip cookies, and gives the best piggyback rides. He is her best playmate, and fellow artist and often the partner in the latest pranks they come up with, and her partner in telling horrible jokes.

I have called him many things and a lot of them have been painful, but the names that come to mind for me is my “guide”, “shaman”, “scientist”, my sanity, the director of my senses my best friend and “my brother”.

But today I realized he had a new name and purpose he can now be called ”The Bridge”. He was the bridge that led from a painful, lonely, anger filled past of two boys and a father to the future promise of a family with nephews, uncle’s and Grandpa, and maybe even a Naomi.

But no matter what name or descriptions are used to describe Blair to me they all mean the same.