Please Don’t Believe Me.

By: Sineag

He curled up in a ball next to the wall trying to block the blows as much as possible, his mind racing madly as he tried to figure out what he had done this time. He never really knew what he had done to cause her to get so angry. He found himself getting angrier and angrier each time he felt the pain across his back, The shirt and boxers that he was wearing to sleep in offered little if any protection to the never ending blows.

" You are so stupid " she screamed at him, "just like your father."

"Then let me leave" he sobbed

"And where do you think you would go" she sneered. "Do you think that he would want you, he did not even fight for you Face it I am all you have?"

"I don’t believe you he yelled".

"Don’t you dare speak to me in that tone you little shit. If he wanted you where is he."

"You’re so pathetic, just like he is." You will never be worth anything."

"No he roared" as he staggered to his feet. "Don’t you talk about him like that."

If possible her face got even angrier.

"You are going to pay for that" she snarled

He felt frozen with fear as he saw what she grabbed of f of the table.

"I’m sorry Mommy please don’t he sobbed hysterically"

"Get that shirt off "she snarled

"Please Mommy don’t" he begged

"You don’t want me to have to do it for you" she warned in a voice that was so cold, that the boy lost control of his bladder, while he was trying to unbutton his shirt. He was so terrified that his fingers refused to cooperate."

He looked up at her and the look of hatred on her face caused him to be paralyzed with fear.

She lost all sense of control, grabbed the back of his collar, and yanked and the shirt ripped down the back. She quickly ripped the rest of the shirt off, grabbed the waistband of his boxers, and ripped them off as well.

The boy just stood there still unable to move. All he could do was pray that he passed out or even better died, and end this hell he was in.

She grabbed hold of the whip that was made out of multiple lengths of electrical cord, and began strike him with it, not caring where they landed. He tries to protect his face and other vulnerable parts of his body but to no avail.


"You are so stupid and na´ve, you are nothing," she screamed as she brought the cords down over and over for what seemed like forever, the pain was so strong that he felt like he could not breathe.

In slow motion, the boy saw himself rise up off the floor and shoved her across the room where she hit her head on the wall and then crumpled and hit the floor with a terrible thud.

The boy stared in shock as she lay there without moving.

//Oh God I killed her he thought wildly to himself. I ‘have to get out of here. //

Grabbing a pair of sweat pants, he pulled them on and raced down the stairs and out the front door, not even noticing that he had not put on a shirt, or shoes. For a while the boy just ran and did not feel the cold.

He tried desperately to figure out what to do where to go.

All of a sudden, he knew who he could call. He looked around for a telephone but did not see one. He realized that he had no idea where he was He started to run searching for a phone All of a sudden the adrenaline that had given him the strength to escape deserted him. He had to force himself to keep taking steps. Finally he saw a telephone, and realized he did not have any money. He did not want to call the police; he wanted to call someone who would know what to do. Grabbing the telephone he dialed the operator and made a collect call.

//Please pick up, he thought to himself, Please accept the charges. //

The ringing of the phone at 2:a.m. jerked him awake. With his heart beating quicker than normal he stumbled across the room to the phone. Nothing good ever came from phone calls in the middle of the night.

"Yeah" he said into the telephone.

"Will you accept a collect call from Daryl Banks" the operator asked?

//Daryl Blair thought with alarm God is it Simon he wondered to himself//

"Excuse me Sir will you accept the charges."

"Yes of course" he replied quickly.

At that moment, Jim started down the stairs alarmed by the racing of his partner’s heart and speech.

"Go ahead caller" the operator spoke into the telephone.

"Blair you have to help me" Daryl cried into the telephone, barely able to make himself understood.

"Daryl what’s wrong" Blair asked?

"Promise you won’t call my Dad "the child begged tears running down his face.

"Daryl no matter what has happened your Dad will help you" replied Blair "you know he will."

Jim quickly turned away and ran back up the stairs. He quickly dressed in warm clothes and then went to his partner’s room and grabbed some for his partner, while listening to the phone conversation. Somehow, he knew that they were going to need them.

"I killed her" Daryl choked into the telephone, "I don’t want him to have to be the one to arrest me."

Darryl broke into hearwrenching sobs; "I killed her Blair, "what am I going to do."

"Who did you kill Darryl?" Blair asked quietly, while quickly putting on his clothes

"My mom" the boy wailed. "I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t take it any more."

"Where are you at Daryl, Jim and I will come and get you. We won’t call your Dad until we get there" he said in a calm voice that did not betray the fear running through his body.

Darryl didn’t reply just he just kept sobbing.

Jim used his cell phone, called the precinct, and ordered a trace on his telephone. He then called Joel Taggart at home and filled him in. After his initial shock, Joel promised to go to Joan Banks house and check on the situation, and call Jim.

"Daryl I need you to tell me where you are" Blair said again more firmly

"I don’t know" the boy sobbed

Jim listened at the telephone while Blair was talking to Daryl trying to get a clue of his whereabouts by background noises. All he could hear however was the pounding of Daryl’s heart, the ragged breathing, and occasional sounds from Daryl that indicated he was in pain.

"Daryl" Blair asked "can you read me the number on the telephone,"

"No there isn’t one" he cried.

"O.K. what about street signs or businesses."

"There is an old building with the name Louis’s ribs, but it's boarded up."

"I know where it is" said Jim.

At that moment, his cell phone rang and the dispatcher gave him the street location of the phone and the number. Jim told her to dispatch a patrol car to the area, but not to approach. They were to observe far enough back that they wouldn’t panic the boy but close enough to intervene if Daryl attempted to hurt himself, or to leave the area. He did not tell the dispatcher Daryl’s name, to avoid it being broadcast to all patrol units. He didn’t want Simon and Daryl to have to deal with the rumors, and it ensured that Simon would not hear it on the police scanner in his home.


"Ask him to hang up and you will call him on the cell phone" Jim whispered to Blair.

"Daryl " Blair said softly I want you to hang up the phone and I am going to call you back on the cell phone."

"No don’t hang up" he cried

"Daryl I can’t come get you if you don’t let me call you on the cell. How about this, if I do not call you within 60 seconds after you hang up, you call me back collect on my cell number. It is 555-4565. Can you remember that he asked quietly?"

"Yes" Daryl replied.

"O.K. Hang up now Jim has already dialed the number and will hit send as soon as you hang up."

Daryl quickly hung up afraid that they would not call him back. The phone rang almost immediately,

"Blair" he asked timidly afraid that the voice on the other side of the phone would be that of a stranger.

"Yes Daryl it’s me we are on our way out the door now. We will just keep talking o.k. Were about" he looked at Jim questioningly

"Fifteen minutes" Jim said as they reached the truck. Jim put the flashing light on the dash as he peeled out of the parking lot towards the wharf area.

"Daryl,: Blair questioned softly "are you hurt?"

"God Blair it hurts so bad. She has never hurt me like this before, but I swear I didn’t mean to hurt her."

Jim looked over at Blair and spoke softly to him. "Do not ask him for specifics until we figure out what happened", he said we want to make sure we can protect him and see that he has a good lawyer."

Blair nodded and turned his attention back to Daryl. "It’s going to be ok Daryl" he said quietly "I don’t want you to say anything about what happened until we know what’s going on. Jim is sending somebody to your house now."

"Not my Dad please" Daryl begged.

"No it’s not your Dad" Blair reassured the boy, "just hang in there Daryl we will be there soon."

"Maybe I should leave" Daryl choked out," I don’t want to go to jail, even if I did hurt her."

"Daryl just hang in there ok you can’t run no matter what happened. Let us help you."

//As Jim listened to the conversation between Blair and Daryl, he was worried about what was going to happen. How could the boy have killed his Mother that was just not possible that the boy he knew would have done that.//

The ringing of his cell phone disturbed his thoughts.

"Ellison" he barked into the phone

"Jim it’s Joel, I am at Joan’s house, she’s not dead, she has a slight bruise on her forehead, she said that Daryl pushed her into the door. She want’s to press charges. Jim something is very wrong here, I have never seen her this angry and vindictive. There is also blood on the floor and the wall of Daryl’s room. I tried to call the crime scene Tec’s but she denied access to the house, and kicked me out as soon as she said she wanted to press charges".

"Joel go back in to the house and arrest her. Take her to the hospital and have her checked out. Call the Tec’s back to process the scene. Do not let her or anybody else contact Simon until I know what is going on."

"What am I supposed to arrest her for" asked Joel.

"Child abuse, endangerment, and assault to start with."

"Child abuse what the hell is going on Jim?"

: I am not sure Joel" He replied as he turned into the parking lot of Louis’s. His eyes quickly found Daryl; he gasped as he made out the blood and bruises that were already forming on the boy.

"Joel we will meet you at the hospital, Daryl looks like he has been hurt pretty bad. I’ll talk to you there."

He threw down the cell and he and Blair were out of the truck almost before it stopped. Blair reached the phone booth first and opened the door just as Daryl collapsed into his arms.

"I killed her Blair I killed her the boy sobbed brokenheartedly."

"Shh Blair said as he held him close, it’s going to be o.k. we’ll take care of it."

"Daryl Jim said softly, it’s o.k. your Mom is not dead, Joel just called me, he is at the house."

He noted Blair calling for ambulance, speaking in a low voice, trying to avoid panicking the boy anymore than he already was.

"Your lying "Daryl said wrapping his arms around himself "you just want me to do what you want."

"Look at me son" Jim said quietly, reaching out and placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

Daryl turned his face so he could see Jim; Jim could feel the anger that was threatening to overtake him as he saw the bruised and battered face of the child before him.

"She is not dead, buddy I just talked to Joel."

Daryl searched the older man’s eyes wanting so badly to believe him.

"Promise" he asked his voice trembling.

"I promise" Jim replied softly. "I would never lie to you about something like this."

Jim watched the acceptance of his statement show on the boy’s face.

"What am I going to do" he whispered. "She is going to hurt me so bad" he sobbed once again burying his face into Blair’s embrace. He grabbed fistfuls of his shirt almost as if he was trying to wrap it around him as some sort of protection.

"Shh" Blair said to the boy, he looked at Jim and there were tears in his eyes.

Jim could feel the agony coming off the boy and his guide.

//This situation was bringing up all of the shit that had happened with his Mother in the last few weeks. Shit that his partner had refused to deal with. //

"Daryl you are going to be o.k. I promise" Jim told the boy. "We will not let anybody hurt you anymore, and neither will your Dad."

"No you can’t call my Father" Daryl cried in alarm," He can’t know this happened. Promise me Jim please."

"I can’t do that son, he needs to know what is happening."

// A horrible thought crossed his mind, but he quickly pushed it away. //

"Why didn’t you tell your Dad what was happening Daryl, you have to know that he would help you."

"Because it would just make things worse."

"What do you mean asked Blair?"

"He will hate me, he will know how bad I really am," he sobbed. "This is my fault. If I had just been good none of this would have ever happened."

"Daryl I don’t know exactly what happened but none of this is your fault." Blair reassured him, "you’re just a boy, your Mom is the adult."

"But I keep making her mad."

"Daryl," Blair began to say, just as the ambulance rolled up. Greg and Shauna two of the best paramedics in the city hopped out of the bus. They were also close friends, so he knew that the boy would be treated with compassion. Shauna was currently dating Rafe, and Greg had known Jim since high school Jim let out of sigh of relief that it was them and not some other unit. Greg and Shauna hopped out of the ambulance. Noticing the way that the boy was hanging on to Detective Sandburg, Greg knew that this was more than just a simple accident, or a fight. He approached the three slowly, and looked at Jim.

"Hey Jim what have we got," he asked in a low voice?

"This is Daryl Banks; he is 10 years old."

"Banks, is that Simon’s boy"


Shauna approached the young boy hiding his face in Detective Sandburg’s jacket.

"Hey Daryl my name is Shauna, it looks like you have had a pretty rough night, how about you let me check you over," she asked softly?

"No Don’t touch me" the boy screamed, and pushed against Blair. Blair was not expecting the shove and ended up falling backwards losing his hold on Daryl.

Daryl took off running //he had to get away, if they took him to the hospital his Mom would find out, or his Dad. He knew that his Dad was going to hate him because he had been so bad. He had to get away. //

Daryl had gotten less than 10 feet away when Jim grabbed him. Daryl began to scream and fight, and doing everything to get away.

"No please don’t hurt me anymore, I’m sorry I promise to be good" he screamed as he found himself being gently but firmly held by Jim.

Jim just held him tight murmuring nonsensical reassurances to the boy. Finally, he felt the boy collapse against him with huge sobs that tore at Jim’s heart. Jim noticed that the boy was shaking and it was getting worse.

He picked the boy up and carried him to the stretcher that Greg had pulled out of the ambulance.

Daryl began to look for Blair, and found him sitting on the ground, with tears running down his face.

"Blair" he asked softly holding his hand out to the young detective.

Blair stood up and took Daryl’s hand.

"Are you guys going to make me go to the hospital" he asked fearfully?

"You need to go Daryl; we have to make sure your ok".

Daryl looked at Jim, "Are you going to call my Dad?" he asked softly

"Yes" Jim replied compassion in his voice and his eyes. "It will be o.k."

"Please tell him I tried to be good, honest", Daryl cried as the hysteria began to rise again.

Blair knelt next to the stretcher, and whispered to Daryl

"Just take some deep breaths, Daryl" he coaxed the boy using the same voice that he used with Jim when he was in a zone. "You’re going to be o.k. I promise."

"Will you come with me he asked softly?"

Blair looked at Shauna, who nodded her head.

"Yeah I’ll go with you he said" as he continued to hold the boy’s hand, and got as near to him as was possible.

"I’ll meet you at the hospital Blair" Jim said. "I am going to call Simon to meet us there."

"O.K." Blair said softly

Jim was concerned at the paleness of his partner, the elevated heartbeat, and the look of abject sadness in his eyes. He walked over to him, put his arms around him, and pulled him close against his chest.

"Are you going to be ok? Blair he asked softly I can ride with him if this is to hard for you."

"I’m ok" Blair said quietly, "I need to go with him. I understand what he is going through, and I do not want him to feel abandoned. I know how terribly hard it was for me when I ended up in the hospital as a kid and nobody was ever there. I am not going to let that happen to him."

Jim’s gaze softened and he nodded in understanding as he stepped back. "O.K. but when this is over were gong to have to talk about the last few months."

"I know" Blair said, "I just don’t know if I can handle the memories again."

"It’s different this time chief, you have me and you are not alone."

Blair nodded as he climbed into the back of the ambulance.

Greg started the engine and Jim shut the door and stood in the lot watching the ambulance drive away.


"Please Don't Believe Me" 2/2


After a few minutes, he grabbed his cell phone to make a call that he did not want to make.

//As he started to dial, he changed his mind, and decided that he would tell Simon in person and drive him to the hospital. //


Jim reached Simon’s house, and sat in the truck for a minute. //He dreaded having to tell his captain and his friend what had happened to his son. Jim also was trying to get his anger under control. How could this have been happening and Simon not know. He knew that he was not being fair. Simon loved his son very much, and if he had known what was going on then he would have stopped it. //

He finally got out of the truck and went up to the house. The house was dark, and the neighborhood was quiet. Jim rang the doorbell and he was able to hear Simon muttering to himself as he got out of bed and came down the hall. Simon opened the door and knew immediately something was wrong just by looking at his friend’s face.

"What’s wrong" he asked quickly "is it Blair?"

"Simon I need you to get dressed and come with me."

"Why what’s going on," Simon growled.

"I’ll tell you on the way Sir please just do as I asked."

Simon looked at his best friend for another minute then returned to his room and got dressed. He quickly returned wearing a pair of jeans and a Jags sweatshirt. They walked out to the truck and as Jim started the truck and as they headed for the hospital, he looked at his Captain, out of the side of his eye.

"Simon Daryl called us about an hour ago, he said that he had killed Joan, and didn’t know what to do"

Simon started to interrupt,

"Please sir just let me finish and I will try to answer any questions."

"When he told Blair what had happened I called Joel and he said he would go to Joan’s house while Blair and I went to Daryl. When we found Daryl, he' been beaten badly, and was hysterical because he thought he had killed his Mother. He didn’t want to call you because he didn’t want you to be the one to arrest him."

"Oh my God" Simon said, as tears slowly rolled down his face.

"Joel called me and said that Joan was not dead but she wanted to press charges against him for assault. "

"After Daryl told me that the bruises and cuts were inflicted by Joan, I had him arrest her and have her taken to the hospital. Blair went with Daryl to the hospital."

"Oh God Jim my baby," he said, as he broke down and started to sob.

Jim pulled into the hospital parking lot, and found a space pretty close to the ER. He turned off the truck and put his arm on Simon’s shoulder. He did not try to make his stop crying, but just sat with his friend, fighting the tears back that he wanted spill.

Finally Simon got his emotions under control and growled so low that even with his enhanced hearing he could barely hear him.

"I am going to kill that bitch he vowed."

"Simon if you go after Joan and end up getting arrested then who is he going to have to help him with this. For now try to put Joan out of your mind and focus on what is important here, and that is your Son. He needs you to be strong, and I know from experience that if you let your anger at Joan gain the upper hand, it will only make things harder."

"God this is just like Blair " Simon said sadly

"It has one big difference Simon. Daryl has you, and you will be able to make sure that it does not happen again, and you will be there to hold him when the nightmares come, to reassure him that it was not his fault. He is a strong boy and he can get through this, if he has his family supporting him. By family, I mean all of us in Major crimes. We consider him to be as much a part of our family, just like you all see Blair as a part of your family. We can all help him to deal with this and get behind it. We will get him the help that he needs."

Simon did not say anything but just stared out that window. "I’m scared Jim, I know what you have gone through with Blair, what all of us have gone through trying to help him. But God Jim this is my son. MY SON" he yelled, and slammed his fist into the dash of the truck.

Jim did not say anything and just sat there.

"God I didn’t mean that the way it sounded, I don’t mean to trivialize what has happened to Blair."

"It’s o.k. Simon of course it is has a bigger impact and is much more painful. What happened to Blair was in the past, what is happening to Daryl is right now, and Daryl is your son, so you will feel it much more intensely. How bout we go try to find you’re Son."


Simon and Jim entered the emergency room. Simon’s emotions were very close to the surface and Jim could feel and sense the pressure that his friend was exerting in an attempt to stay in control. He steered Simon over to the information desk.

"Hello Jim" the nurse said with a smile. "Please don’t tell me that Blair has been hurt" she said quietly.

"Hi Marta, no we are here to see Daryl Banks. This is his father Simon Banks. "

Marta looked up the information in the computer, "he was just moved to the pediatrics ward." She gave him the room number and smiled at Simon. "Moving him to peds this soon means that he is not seriously hurt sir, she said reassuringly.


Simon nodded his head to her and then headed to the pediatric ward. Jim followed him, trying to prepare himself for Simon’s reaction once he saw Daryl. He had a feeling that once he saw him it would take everything he had to keep him from going after Joan.

Simon stopped outside of room 467. He looked at Jim, with fear in his eyes.

"What am I supposed to say to him Jim," Simon asked in a very shaky voice.

"What he needs, right now," Jim said, "is somebody to hang on to and reassure him that it was not his fault. Just let him know that you love him, he said reassuringly".

As Simon put his hand on the knob to open the door a women dressed in a dark blue suit came up behind him. "I’m sorry sir, but you can’t go in there."

"What do you mean I can’t go in there lady that is my son. Who the hell are you?"

: I am Marissa McDonald, and I work for Child Protective Services" she said showing her card. "Until I know what is happening the only adult that can be with him is Detective Sandburg, and that is only because he won’t let go of him. I need to get your statement before I can determine whether you can see the boy."

Simon looked at her with ice in his eyes and voice.

"Lady that boy is my son, and I need to see him. At this point, I don’t know what the hell is going on. I will be glad to answer any questions you have later, but right now, I am going to see my boy. "

He started to push the door open, but Marissa moved to block his way.

"I’m sorry sir I know this is difficult but I am just following the regulations."

Jim stepped in before the situation became worse.

"Miss McDonald I appreciate the fact that you are just doing your job. Certainly, the safety of Daryl is of the highest priority, but I was with Detective Sandburg when we found the boy. One of his biggest fears was that his Dad would hate him, because he was so bad that his Mother had to do this. I think if would be very beneficial if he could see his Father and realize that his Dad doesn’t blame him. There will be two detectives in the room, surely that would ensure the safety of the boy."

"I understand how difficult this is but there are rules and I have to follow them."

"What if you came in the room with us Jim replied. Then you can be sure that the boy is safe, and you will get to observe the interaction between them"

"Well I guess that would be o.k. but I want you word that you will intervene on the boys behalf if necessary."

"You have my word."

With that Simon pushed the door open and entered the room. He gasped when he saw the condition of his child. Daryl was laying on his side his back to the door, looking at Blair. His back was covered with bruises, and burn marks.

When he heard the gasp Daryl rolled over, and saw his Father standing at the door.

"Daddy" he said and held out his arms sobbing quietly.

Simon moved quickly to the bed and took the boy into arms.

"Sh……he said its o.k. son, Daddy is here."

"I’m sorry Daddy he cried, I didn’t mean to be so bad. I didn’t mean to make her mad."

"It’s o.k. Son this is not your fault" Simon said his own tears falling on his Son’s hair. "Do you hear me this is not your fault. I am so sorry Daryl, I should have realized this was happening."

‘It was not your fault" Daryl said in a low voice. "I made sure that you never knew, and Mom made sure not to leave bruises that could be seen. You could not have known, and I never told you."

Simon just held him close, "Daddy please don’t make me go back to her. Can I come and live with you please."

"That’s a given son, and there is no way I will let you go back to her. You’ll come and live with me. Nobody will do this to you again. I promise." Simon sat back on the bed and pulled Daryl onto his lap.

"Look at me son."

Daryl just stared at the floor scared of what he would see if he looked at his Dad.

"Daryl please look at me" he said again softly. Daryl raised his head and saw the promise of safety in his Dad’s eyes. "You are my son, and I will make sure that you won’t be hurt again. I promise."

Daryl saw the truth in his Father’s eyes, and for the first time in months, he felt protected. All of the anxiety and pain came out in heartbreaking agonized sobs, as he wrapped his arms around his Dad’s neck, and laid he head on his Dad’s solid chest. Simon just held his son close and picked him up, holding him as he did when he was very young. He moved to the head of the bed and sat down leaning against the headboard, and pulled his son on to his lap and just held him while he continued to sob. Finally, the sobs started to reduce and soon after Daryl fell asleep. After a few minutes he carefully stood up and softly laid his son on the bed and tucked him into the bed.

He turned to Blair and suddenly pulled him into an embrace.

"Thank you for being there for my son" he said softly. "I know this has got to be hard for you."

"Not nearly as hard as it is for you," Blair responded.

Simon released him and stepped back. "Could you stay with him while I talk to Ms. McDonald for Social Services"?

"You don’t even have to ask" Blair said firmly.

Simon turned back to Ms. Macdonald and motioned her out to the hall. Jim followed him out the door.

"O.K. Ms. McDonald what do you want to know?"

"Let’s go to the family room, it should be empty," she replied. "And please call me Marissa."

Once they settled in the family room, Marissa set down a stack of photos.

"These were taken when your son was brought in. I need you to look at them. "

Simon picked up the stack of photos and regretfully began to look through them. All of a sudden he jumped up and dashed to the small restroom. The sound of retching was heard in the small room.

Jim looked at Ms. Macdonald, the anger evident in eyes.

"Why in God’s name did you do that to him. Do you have any idea of the pain that you just put him through? Damn it" he roared, as he stood up and began to pace about the room. When he heard the sobs coming from the small restroom, his anger overruled his normal control. He slammed his fist into the wall punching a hole into it. He did not even flinch Ms. Macdonald noticed, despite the scratches on his knuckles, and the scrapes and bleeding.

"Please sit down Detective Ellison," she asked softly. "I know that it seems cruel, and I do know what I put him through, believe me. However, I had to make sure that he was not a part of this. I deal with cases like Daryl daily and it is not unusual for the child who has been abused to lie about who is doing this to them. I had to know that he was not aware of the abuse, or worse a partner to it."

"Well it is a shitty way to find out," he snarled. He struggled to contain the angry feelings that were rising inside of him. One of the youngest of his tribe had been attacked, by a person who was supposed to love him.

"Yes it is," she said sadly. "This is not something that I enjoy, any more than I enjoy burying a child because we failed to discover who was really hurting the child."

Simon stood in the doorway watching the argument between the two.

"Enough" he said, "this does not matter. Jim I know that you feel like this was additional trauma, and you wish to protect Daryl and I, and I thank you for that, but she is right. While her methods may have let a lot to desire, the main thing is that my Son is safe, and that we get him the help he needs."

"So Miss McDonald can I take my son home with me?"

"I have to file a report with my supervisor, but I have no doubt that by the time your son is ready to leave the hospital that full custody will be transferred to you."

"What about my ex-wife."

"Well I imagine your officers have already arrested her on felony child endangerment I have no idea what will happen to her, whether she will be found guilty, go to jail or a hospital. It is not my call. I can assure you that we will do all that we can to make sure your son is safe. When full custody is given to you, we will also provide you with any resources that you need to help him. We will give you referrals to therapists that work well with abused children. "

"That won’t be necessary" Jim said, I have a friend "Dr. Samantha Waters who is a psychologist, and consultant to the FBI. She just bought a cabin up at the lake, and is planning to move up here for the next six months or longer if necessary. I know that she will work with Daryl."

"May I suggest that you all work with her. Child abuse effects everybody that is involved in the child’s life, and you will all need help to get through this. "

"I am aware of that" Jim said quietly, "I had already asked her to come before any of this with Daryl occurred. I have a close friend who is just now remembering what happened to him as a child, so we both know very well the devastation that this causes."

"Well gentlemen I need to be going. Please feel free to call me Captain Banks if there is anything I can do to help you and your son work through this. Detective I hope that you can help Detective Sandburg work through his own pain as well."

Jim looked at her, "I never told you who it was" he stated.

"You didn’t have to. Watching him with Daryl it is very clear that he knows what Daryl is going through. He can be very helpful in this situation, but make sure that he does not ignore his own pain in the process. All of you including Daryl have a very good friend. Take care of him."

With that, Ms. Macdonald left. Simon looked at Jim,

"God Jim how am I going to handle this, how do I explain to my baby why his mother did this".

"I don’t have any easy answers Simon, I wish I did. All I can suggest is that you do what your heart tells you. You have always been able to do that, and you have provided Blair with a great deal of comfort these past few months. Most importantly, Simon you are not alone. You know that Rafe; Brian, Rhonda, Joel, Blair and I will always be here with you, when you feel like you cannot stand it any more, call one of us. If you need someone to be at your home so you can sleep, one of us will be there. We all love Daryl and feel horrible about this. In addition, Sam is one of the best therapists I know; even you liked her, which has to say something. "

Simon looked at Jim his sadness and anger, his concern for his son, and his gratitude that they would not have to deal with this on their own was very evident in his eyes.

"Thanks" he said quietly putting his arm on Jim’s shoulder.

Jim smiled and pulled him into a hug.

"Thanks are not needed," he said quietly. "He is a part of our family and we take care of our own Blair and Daryl have been hurt, but as a family we can provide a place that they can run to not away from. If you need us, we will be there. If you don’t need us, we may be there anyway."

Once again, Simon found himself in tears again. Jim just held him, understanding the sadness, agony, and helplessness that Simon was feeling.

"We will get Daryl through this Simon, he is strong, and he has a Dad who loves him very much. Don’t sell yourself short."

Jim felt the tears slowly stop, and just held him for a few minutes longer. Finally Simon looked at Jim and nodded.

Jim smiled at him the sadness still evident in his eyes.

"Let’s go see your son," he said as he steered Simon out of the room.

Jim knew this was not even close to the pain that was going to come, but for tonight, they had done all that they could do. His tribe was safe for now, and for this moment that was enough.


"Please don’t believe me"

Jimmy's walking home from school talking with his friend

But when they get to Jimmy's house he can’t invite him in

Jimmy says his mom's not well and tells his friend good-bye

He keeps a secret as he slowly walks inside

Cause Mom's been drinking and right now she doesn't care

About this awful burden her child must bear, he's begging

Please don't believe me when I say I'm ok

Look a little deeper for the words that I can't say

I'm too small to stand-alone; I sure could use a friend

Help me learn to trust someone again

Don't leave me

Please don’t believe me

Oh the years fly by for the ones who survive

Till they look like grown ups, and nobody hears them

Nobody hears them cry


Author Unknown